At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 417

This woman, just in her early twenties, is at the height of her youthful beauty.

With her long chestnut hair falling to her shoulders, she looks gentle and s*xy, her eyes bright and flirtatious and amorous, her pretty face, her delicate make-up, her matte lip colour giving her a little more mystery, and her pale Chu-coloured eye shadow looking a little more mysterious.

In short, a woman like this will attract a lot of attention wherever she is.

Even in this extravagant, Vienna hotel with its high dome, slender European windows and gilded mantle, such a woman, in front of the other noble and pompous ladies who came and went in the hotel, did not lose a single point.

“Kiss, hurry up!”

“Hurry up, the couple is still afraid to put their mouths down?”

The table was huge, a large revolving round table for twenty people, men and women, young and old, who were all looking at the young couple sitting together at the moment.

“No need for that.” The man’s face flushed and he looked a little embarrassed, but he still stole a glance at the woman out of the corner of his eye, and his gaze seemed to carry a little expectation.

“Kiss it, kiss it! Come on, we’re all waiting!” The crowd didn’t care, they kept on urging.

The woman’s face looked a little embarrassed and shy, but she turned to the man and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek!

Instantly, the man was completely stunned as if he had been struck by lightning.

“You kissed me! You kissed me!” Finally, a look of ecstasy appeared on the male’s face, and after the ecstasy, there were tears in his gaze, as if he had waited for this day for a long time.

The way he was excited made people look at him and feel a little bit of heartache.

“I, I’m going to the bathroom!”

The man, perhaps self-conscious that he had lost his temper a little, bowed his head and said goodbye to the crowd, and hurriedly left the seating area.

When he came to the washroom, he could hardly contain his emotions, his fists clenched tightly and waved fiercely into the air a few times, his gaze, already weeping, “A year, a whole year, finally, finally it’s going to work! At last, Caiwei’s love for Tianxuan has been awakened! As long as I awaken Caiwei, I will be able to find Zhou Yun!”

“Zhou Yun, I’m about to find you, don’t worry, I’ll find you, for sure! In this year, you and Yaoguang, are you still, okay?”

The man was so emotional that his body was out of control, and he involuntarily fell to his knees, muttering to himself.

Yes, this man was Neo.

Since he had found Lyon in Jincheng City a year ago, he had taken Lyon and Zhang Jiu, all the way to the southwest, and with Lyon’s guidance, he had finally found Caiwei’s present life.

Yes, the woman with the long chestnut hair was none other than Caiwei.

There was absolutely no mistaking that, after all, that was what Lyon had recognised.

The people in the washroom, all looking at Neo on the floor like he was a psychopath, cautiously walked around him.

Neo didn’t give a damn what the people around him thought of him.

He had spent so much energy and effort to find Zhou Yun, how could he care about what the world thought.

Slowly, waiting for his mood to return to calm, Neo took a deep breath and walked outside.

Just after stepping out of the washroom and arriving at the sink outside, Neo suddenly stopped.

Stunned, he looked in front of him.

There was a woman standing in front of the washbasin.

Slender and upright, with long chestnut hair that curled slightly at the bottom and a thin waist, one was tempted to stand behind her and give her a warm hug.

It was Caiwei.

Caiwei, who had kissed him earlier.

When he saw Caiwei, there was nothing else in Neo’s heart, only gratitude.

Neo slowly walked towards Caiwei’s back.

At this moment, Caiwei was bending down, head down, washing her hands under the tap.

“Thank you, Qiushui.” Neo said gratefully, of course, Caiwei’s has her own name in this life, which is Guan Qiushui, “Thank you for doing that to me just now ……”

Yes, Neo was really grateful that she had just kissed herself, it was the most important, groundbreaking step in awakening Caiwei.

Before he could finish his words, Guan Qiushui had already turned around.

Her gaze, right into Neo’s gaze.


On Neo’s face, he received a fierce slap.

“Don’t thank me! Neo, you don’t deserve to thank me either!” Guan Qiushui looked at Neo and hummed contemptuously, “Don’t think that I kissed you of my own free will!”


Neo was instantly frozen.

“No, not voluntarily?”

Not voluntarily, then what was going on?

“Look at this!”

With those words, Guan Qiushui pulled out several envelopes from the bag she had with her and slammed them down hard on Neo.

“This, this is?”

Neo picked up the envelopes that fell on the ground, opened them and froze again, inside the envelopes were banknotes, some for five thousand, some for ten thousand.

“What is this?”

Neo still didn’t seem to understand what Guan Qiushui meant.

“You punk certainly don’t understand anything.” Guan Qiushui snatched those banknotes back from Neo’s hand again, “This is the bet that Guan Ping, Guan Shui Xiang, Guan Yu Han and the others lost to me!”

“A bet?”

Neo was getting confused about what was going on.

But seeing Guan Qiushui’s attitude towards himself, still more or less the same as before, Neo’s heart, too, went cold again in an instant.

He, himself, still hadn’t awakened Caiwei?

Just now she kissed herself, was it just a dream, or a game?

“That’s right, because a year ago when I married you, the trash, I made a bet with Guan Ping and the girls! It was agreed at the time that if I could still love and have no regrets after a year of marriage with you, they would each lose five thousand dollars to me, ten thousand dollars!” Guan Qiushui said here, shaking the envelope in her hand and staring at Neo with a cold smile, “So, Neo, don’t think that I kissed you just now because I finally fell in love with you, that was just me acting in front of Guan Ping and the girls! That’s just because, I want to win this bet, I want to win these thousands of dollars, I want to win these ten thousand dollars or so!”

I want to win this bet, I want to win this few thousand dollars, I want to win this ten thousand dollars!” Here, Guan Qiushui’s face showed an expression of pathos and heartache, “I think I used to be the third young lady of the Guan family, my beauty is the best in Qingzhou, a smile will make my country charm the city, I think I, Guan Qiushui, used to have Audi BMW, use dior lipstick, wear hm, these top brands, but since I married you, this trash, now I am not as good as other people in the vegetable market, I even have to pay for this. I even have to hold back my inner vomit to kiss you for this $5,000, this $10,000! Do you know why I kissed you? It’s not just to earn this amount of money, but because if I lose, I can’t afford to lose these tens of thousands of dollars! I, Guan Qiushui, how could I be reduced to such a state!”

With that, Guan Qiushui suddenly turned around and went to the washstand to get another glass of water, took a big gulp of it fiercely, and then with a wow sound, puked and spat it all out.

Neo was instantly frozen.

At this moment, he seemed to have suddenly understood, so Guan Qiushui came here to gargle, she kissed herself and felt disgusted, so she came to gargle.

Neo’s heart, instantly sank.

No, don’t ……

I thought I was going to wake Caiwei up, and then the truth turned out to be so cruel!

So, in this year, one has made no progress?

Zhou Yun, still out of reach?


How long would it take to find Zhou Yun? What would it take to wake Caiwei up?

“Caiwei, Caiwei ……” Neo muttered.

In his imagination, the woman that the red-haired Tianxuan loved to the point of madness must be a woman with a stunning face, yet gentle and wonderful, she must be pavilion-like and understanding. She must be like that Caiwei in the poem, elegant and fragrant, and in no way free from the tainted heart of the earth.

And yet, how could this be.

“Stop shouting!” Guan Qiushui glared at Neo in annoyance, “For the past year, you’ve been shouting something about Caiwei Caiwei every now and then, and it’s annoying me to death to hear it! Are you sick? Are you sick? You’ve been calling this shit all day long. Is this Caiwei the name of some b*tch? Why don’t you go find her?”

Neo’s heart sank completely.

His heart, it hurt so much.

If he couldn’t wake up Caiwei, he couldn’t find his true self. If he couldn’t find his true self, when and when would he be able to find Zhou Yun?

“I was really blind back then before I married you! This is the most wrong and unforgivable thing I, Guan Qiushui, have ever done in my life!”


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