At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 416

Really, really received 20 million ……

Zheng Jie was instantly dumbfounded.

The ps screenshot of the successful payment can be made at will, but the money was really received on the account, this, this can not be faked.

Where did Neo get the 20 million capital to scam people?

Even if it was a scam, to be able to manipulate 20 million dollars to scam people, this is not something ordinary people can do!

What is going on?

Zheng Jie, who was still confident in his words, was completely struck by lightning and stood there, dumbfounded, and the words he had intended to ruthlessly expose Neo’s true nature were nowhere to be seen, swallowed back.

“I have given you the money, this lion should be returned to me.”

In Neo’s heart, he could more or less guess Zheng Jie’s psychological state at this time, but Neo did not take the opportunity to sneer at Zheng Jie, he did not need to, nor did he have the time.

At this time Neo only cared about Lyon’s physical state.

“This ……”

Hu Tie Fu frowned, even though Neo had given him 20 million, he really didn’t want to sell.

After all, he wasn’t someone who was short of 20 million, not to mention that this lion was too special.

Just now he hadn’t even thought that Neo could afford it, which was why he had said that.

Now, it was clear that Hu Tie Fu was hesitating inside.

“Mr Hu, it can’t be sold!”

The people at the bottom, too, all shouted.

These people, I guess, were all surprised by Neo taking out 20 million in one go at this point, though.

However, they were about to eat the whole lion banquet, how could they spit out the meat that was in their mouths.

Hu Tie Fu’s heart moved, right, can not sell ah.

He had already invited so many people here and had just said that he would treat them to a whole lion banquet, so what was said was water that was spilled, and it would not be easy to take it back.

If I hadn’t said that I would treat everyone to a full lion banquet, then it would have been fine.

It’s just that he had already said that he had given the crowd a hope, and now he suddenly doused everyone’s thoughts again, then his prestige, his credibility, would be seriously affected.

Although the people here, in terms of status and prestige, are no match for himself, Hu Tie Fu also understands that what people in business want is a kind of prestige and connections.

He must not lose his prestige.

What’s more, the people at the bottom were already agitated, and if these people were to make a scene, it wouldn’t be a good ending.

“Sorry, this lion, I’m not selling, money, I’ll refund you.”

Hu Tie Fu knew in his heart that he would rather offend Neo than all the people underneath, and he could not joke about his credibility and prestige.

After saying that, he transferred the money back to Neo.

Then, directly at the few butchers, he shouted, “Alright, do it!”

Those few men, who had been waiting for Hu Tie Fu to give the order for a long time.

After hearing this, they drew out their foot-long knives and stabbed at the white lion.

Neo did not expect such a turn of events to occur.

Seeing that the knife was about to stab the white lion in the throat, he was too late to stop it, but in his heart he was so anxious that he hurriedly shouted, “Lyon!”

Before his voice could fall, the white lion on the flatbed truck’s tiger body shook as if it had been struck by electricity, and all the muscles in his body tensed up.


There was an explosive sound.

A cable tied to Lyon, the thickness of an adult’s arm, exploded straight away.


With a succession of explosions, all the ropes that bound Lyon broke apart.

The butcher who had been stabbing Lyon with his knife had not even touched him when a rope exploded and bounced directly onto his wrist.

How strong must that force have been?

The sound of a fracture was heard!

The strength contained in the exploding rope was no less than a bear’s slap.

Directly the knife in his hand also flew away and his arm was broken.

A roar!

A roar of fury!

On the flatbed, a behemoth, majestically standing up, where was the half sickly look?

It was only when Lyon stood up that the crowd really realised how terrifying this beast really was.

With a body length of nearly five metres and a height of more than two metres, a beast comparable to a Shepherd SUV standing in front of you, imagine what the experience was like.

The fur is as white as frost and the tail is like a nine-sectioned whip leaping slightly in the air.

Even more damning is the aura, the aura of the king of all beasts.

Although Lyon had been seen in the zoo before, it was, after all, in a zoo, with managers and bars.

And now, with no cover, a huge male lion was exposed to the crowd, with a roar so full of power that it made almost everyone’s legs tremble with fear.

“OMG, it’s over, it’s over!”

“Just now we were talking about a whole lion feast, but now we’re all going to be used as food for drinks.”

Everyone’s teeth chattered and they looked at Leon on the flatbed with trepidation.

People living in modern society have long forgotten what life was like in the jungle during the days of their ancestors, but when such a huge beast appeared up close in front of them, the gene of the cruel jungle struggle between the best and the worst was awakened in their bones, and when faced with the king of the beasts, humans were no more than apes who bowed down.


Another lion’s roar like a tiger’s whistle!

Leon stood on the flatbed truck, towering over the crowd as if he were an emperor, his torch-like gaze slowly scanning the crowd as if he were looking for something.

Only, that gaze was so oppressive that the crowd did not dare to meet it and lowered their heads, as if they were pupils in a classroom facing a teacher’s question.

“This, what’s going on here, didn’t they all die just now, how come they’re alive again!”

“Who knows, gosh, it’s horrible, does it think it’s too cheap for only 20 million, so it’s standing up in protest!”

“I feel like it’s looking for something, don’t look up!”

“What to do, what to do.”

The crowd clutched their bodies and kept their heads as low as possible, lest they anger the behemoth.


Just then, a shot rang out!

The security team finally rushed in.

A reckless security guard shot directly at Lyon, but he was also too nervous and the shot, only grazed Lyon’s fur.

Angered by this, Leon lunged at the guard!

Although its body was huge, it moved, faster than a falcon, whoop!

When it leapt up, it was like a fishy storm of blood.

Everyone fell to the ground in fear, and the guard was completely stunned by the tiger’s power, frozen in place as he watched Lyon’s huge forepaw blast towards him.

Leon’s front palm was even bigger than his head, and this slap was no different from hitting a ripe watermelon with an iron bar.

The crowd was completely stunned and watched as this bloody scene was about to happen.


Just at this moment, Neo shouted again in haste.

At this moment, there had long been no half-hearted sound on the scene except for Lyon’s roar, and Neo’s shout was clearly audible.

At once, Lyon’s huge lion paw stopped hard in the air, then his millstone sized lion head turned back with a jerk, and finally, in the crowd, his gaze met Neo’s.

Leon’s head tilted slightly, as if it was thinking about something, and the next second, it suddenly dropped the guard, flung its limbs wide and ran frantically towards Neo.

It was like a forgetful dog, bobbing its head, wagging its tongue, and just frantically running towards the only target in its eyes.

It forgot about the gun on its back.

“This is a good opportunity, shoot!” The security chief saw the opportunity and hurriedly led these guards to raise their guns to fire.

But before they could raise it, the crowd felt a blur before their eyes, their wrists went numb, and an old man suddenly appeared and surprisingly disarmed them all in an instant.

At this moment, everyone’s mouths were open wide as they stared blankly at Leon who was running towards Neo.


As Neo watched the white mythical creature getting closer and closer, an indefinable sentiment unknowingly filled his heart, a feeling as if he had seen an old friend.


Another lion roar!

But this time it was not an angry one, but a feeling of excitement.

With this lion’s roar, Lyon had scurried to Neo’s front.

At that moment, an inexplicable thought popped into Neo’s head and he involuntarily, or rather like a reflex, leapt up.

As he leapt up, Lyon ran right up to his hips.

Neo landed firmly on Lyon’s back and everything was as natural as a flower blossoming and falling.

The crowd were all dumbfounded, what was this?

“Mr Hu, I’ll take this lion away, 20 million, as agreed earlier, although you transferred it to me again, but I’ll give it to you again.” Neo was riding a white mythical creature at this time, looking at the crowd, all with a feeling of condescension, after all, Lyon are more than two meters tall!

“This ……” Hu Tie Fu looked at Neo and Lyon dumbfounded, he too was stunned by the phenomenon before him.

“Mr. Hu, this lion is now alive, that value is not something that can be measured by ten or twenty million dollars, don’t be fooled by him!” Just then, Zheng Jie started to compare in Hu Tie Fu’s ears again.

Although she was also subdued by the sight in front of her, at this moment, in her eyes, Neo was still the same hanger-on as before.

That is, don’t you just know a little bit of weird stuff, your status is still there!

And when Zheng Jie said so, Hu Tie Fu was also moved.

The human heart is greedy, and besides, Zheng Jie is absolutely right, now that the lion is alive, it’s worth a lot more!

“Little brother, you’re a beast tamer? Then you stay and help me look after this lion, I’ll pay you a salary, how about it, I’m sure you understand who I am, follow me Hu Tie Fu, you’ll never follow the wrong person.” Hu Tie Fu said.

Zheng Jie heard that, bad, now instead of helping this hangman, follow Mr. Hu, this is how many people squeezed their heads but did not have the opportunity ah!

“Oh, you give me a salary?” Neo laughed, “This matter, you talk to Li Wuxin.”

“Li Wuxin? Li, Chief Li?!” Hu Tie Fu didn’t react at first, then he was stunned, wasn’t Li Wuxin the big man in the land of Bashu, General Manager Li?!

Today, he also dragged a lot of connections to find Mr. Li, hoping that Mr. Li could help introduce a top nobleman, Mr. Lu’s ……

The first time Neo finished speaking, a group of people entered the hall again.

When Hu Tie Fu took a look at the leader, he hurriedly looked respectful and quickly stepped forward to greet him, “Mr. Li, you are here ……”

Yes, the person who came was none other than Li Wuxin.

When Neo saw Lyon being pushed in, he sent a message to Li Wuxin to come over, this is called two-handed preparation, after all, Neo is also worried about the possibility of not being able to spend money to buy, in that case, it would have to reveal his identity, and if he reveals it directly, no one will definitely believe it, so he can only ask Li Wuxin to prove it.

As soon as they saw Hu Tie Fu’s respectful appearance, they knew that the person coming was definitely a man of high rank!

But Li Wuxin didn’t have time to exchange pleasantries with Hu Tie Fu.

He went straight to Neo and bowed down before him.

“Third Young Master!”

“Third Young Master! Is this the legendary Third Young Master Lu? The noble gentleman I’m going to invite!” Hu Tie Fu reacted and hurriedly fell to the ground in worship as well, praying for forgiveness.

“Forget it.”

Neo waved his hand and paid no more attention, taking Zhang Jiu and Lyon with him and leaving.

All that was left behind was the crowd who were stunned and shocked at this point, as well as Zheng Jie who didn’t know what expression to put on.

Neo, surprisingly, was that young master of the most mysterious and strongest big family in the community legend?!

“Ugh, I didn’t expect him to be the Third Young Master! What a loss, if I had just ingratiated myself and mingled a bit!”

“Alas, what a great opportunity, it’s just a pity that I won’t have such a good chance to get close to the Third Young Master in this life.”

“Hey hey hey, look, you guys, that woman, didn’t you just say she was a high school classmate of the Third Young Master, with that connection, she must know the Third Young Master, why don’t we go and curry favor with her ……”

“Forget it, you forget just now that woman to the third young master so contemptuous, a look is a vain woman, she offended the third young master, I’m afraid all law mixed, this kind of woman, avoid it!”

Zheng Jie stared blankly at the two people who were speaking.

She also knew them, they were both bosses who were much more expensive than herself, but of course, she knew them, they didn’t know her.

At once, a kind of infinite remorse surged up to her heart.

If she had never despised Neo, even if she had always gotten along with him indifferently.

Then, these two old bosses, whom they usually can’t even climb high, also came back to ask for help this time, if that, wouldn’t ……

But, there is no pill of regret in the world?

And at this time, the outskirts, two figures, a lion, gradually towards the distant dusk.

A year later.

“Give me a kiss, give me a kiss!”

In the opulent hotel, a table of people rose up and shouted.

The focus of the eyes was a man and a woman.

The man, thin and slim, could not be said to be very handsome, but he was quite a taste of his own.

The female, on the other hand, was too pretty.


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