At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 415

“Twenty million?!”

A buzzing sound rang out from the scene.

“This kid really dares to say that, does he know what 20 million is?”

“This guy is paranoid, isn’t he, he’s really mentally ill, he won’t shed a tear until he sees the coffin? How dare he call the bluff with President Hu, let him pretend, he can’t pretend anymore later, just beat him to death.”

Hu Tie Fu was already going to ignore Neo, when he heard Neo’s words, he stood still and looked back at Neo, there was already a hint of displeasure in his gaze, “It’s good for young people to be crazy, but don’t be too brainless, today is my party, I don’t want unpleasant things to happen, I hope behave yourself.”

“Twenty million, is it for sale?”

Neo didn’t have the time, nor the need to be here, 20 million was no money at all to him, besides this price wasn’t exactly being an ingrate.

After all, although Hu Tie Fu only spent 10 million, but to buy Lyon, which owes all sorts of favours, the cost of relations, converted into money, is also worth a lot of money.

So, although 20 million was a premium, it wasn’t too much.

Seeing that Neo did not budge at all, Hu Tie Fu’s gaze also shrank.

What was the origin of this kid?

Although many people here were worth over a hundred million, it was not that easy to come up with twenty million all of a sudden.

What’s more, using 20 million to buy a dying lion.

Could it be that it was really an enemy sent to smash the venue and cause trouble?

For someone like Hu Tie Fu, there are naturally enemies.

This kid was one he hadn’t seen before, but could he be cannon fodder ordered by his enemies?

“Kid, no matter what the origin is, who ordered this, but in Hu’s place, there is no room for jokes, at Hu’s party, a mouthful of spittle is a nail. Hu Tie Fu’s face was extremely cold at this point.

The crowd saw that Hu Tie Fu had become angry and for a moment their eyes were focused on Neo.

“This kid is now dumbfounded!”

“I think this kid is just trying to attract attention and hype himself, but I didn’t expect that he would play a big game now, President Hu is now angry, I’m afraid he will be unlucky now.”

“What kind of a person must be to offer $20 million out of the blue? I’m afraid that one tenth of those sitting here don’t have that ability, this kid is also foolish enough.”

The crowd all looked at Neo like he was a joke.

“But it’s possible, look at that kid’s face of confidence, it seems that he hasn’t shown any fear even at this point.”

“That’s true, this kid really looks calm enough, could it be, he’s not lying?”

“It’s also possible, nowadays, in China, it’s unfathomable, many families can become bullish overnight, as the saying goes, there are people outside of people, and there are still many powerful people in China. This kid might be the son of some mysterious family.”

“Yeah, if you say so, it’s a real possibility! If that’s the case, then things will be interesting.”

When someone mentioned this, the crowd slowly felt that things were not that simple.

Zheng Jie was caught in the crowd, listening to the people’s discussion, she couldn’t help but sneer in her heart, a bunch of fools, to think that Neo, this hanger-on, was some mysterious family, really laughing.

I’m afraid no one here knows this hangman better than myself.

For three years in high school, this kid had been a hangman, there was no male son of a mysterious family that would hide for three years!

What’s more, since meeting Neo in Wujiang City, Zheng Jie had also seen a series of things about Neo, including working in the library of Wujiang University, mixed up like that, how could he be the son of a rich family?

Therefore, at this time, Zheng Jie listened to these words of the people who had not seen the world, a feeling of superiority arose in her heart, a feeling of being awake when everyone is muddled.

At the same time, her mood was also vaguely excited.

Neo, this hangman, didn’t know what kind of medicine he had eaten wrong, and now that he had reached this point, even Mr. Hu was getting angry and serious, so this time, this hangman would definitely have no good consequences.

Zheng Jie searing gaze at Neo, heart sneering, see how this hangman next pretend.

“No problem, the two-dimensional code to me, I directly scan the code.” Neo said, opened his phone, and directly swept Hu Tie Fu’s Alipay.

“It’s here, check it out.”

Alipay was fast, it arrived instantly.

Neo said, taking a screenshot of the arrival on his phone and bringing it in front of Hu Tie Fu.

Hu Tie Fu looked at Neo’s phone dumbfounded, and sure enough, it showed the transfer of twenty million dollars.

He was instantly dumbfounded.

“Really, really transferred 20 million?”

Hu Tie Fu simply felt unbelievable, who is this kid?

When he bought the lion himself, even if he had an acquaintance to pull strings, he was very cautious when he paid 10 million, he even signed a contract and asked a middleman to be a witness.

However, this kid’s $20 million was transferred just like that?

Originally, many people at the bottom were waiting to see Neo’s joke, waiting for Hu Tie Fu to become furious and ruthlessly treat this ungrateful psychopath to get rid of his anger.

However, what he got was not Hu Tie Fu’s anger, but Hu Tie Fu’s shocked face.

“This kid really transferred 20 million?”

“It seems to be true, the screenshots were shown to Mr. Hu.”

“Crap, too, too awesome!”

“He just said he’d transfer it?”

The crowd at the bottom, all talking to each other, were naturally shocked by the fact that Neo had just transferred 20 million so quickly.

“How about it, I’ve already transferred the money, the lion should be sold to me now, right?” Neo said.

Hu Tie Fu was stunned, his brain was completely frozen at this point.

On the one hand, he did not expect Neo to really transfer 20 million dollars, and his heart could not react at once.

On the other hand, Hu Tie Fu did not intend to sell the lion, after all, he did not need the 20 million, and the lion was unique, just now he did not expect Neo could really transfer 20 million, so that’s why he said that.

And now that Neo had really transferred the money, Hu Tie Fu’s heart, for a moment, did not know what to do.


Just at this moment, a woman suddenly laughed out loud and walked onto the stage.

Originally, at this time, the crowd was subdued because they had not expected Neo to really transfer the money, and the scene was quiet.

Suddenly they heard someone laughing and saw an unfamiliar woman walking up.

So, of course, the attention all moved to this woman as well.

“Mr. Hu, this kid is cheating! He didn’t even give the transfer of 20 million, he was playing it from start to finish!” When the woman reached the stage, she immediately pointed at Neo and said loudly.

“Why, who is it? How come it’s so clear?”

Hu Tie Fu frowned at the woman.

He didn’t know this woman, which also meant that this woman must not have a very impressive background, and although this was a party thrown by Hu Tie Fu, it was impossible for him to know all the people who came.

After all, some people had asked for connections, or were introduced in by a friend of a friend.

Of course, with Hu Tie Fu’s status, as long as he didn’t know the people, nine times out of ten, they were all minor characters.

“I, haha, I couldn’t know this hangman better!” The woman, at this point, looked a bit excited and pointed a hand at Neo, “I’ve been classmates with him, for three years, and Mr. Hu said I could not understand him! He’s a complete and utter hanger-on, and he’s still hanging out with a charlatan, so I can be sure that he’s definitely cheating!”

That’s right, this woman was naturally Zheng Jie.

Zheng Jie had been in the crowd, maintaining a sober yet condescending attitude as she watched all of this.

Listening to the chatter of the people around her, whether it was those who despised Neo or those who believed in him, they all scoffed in Zheng Jie’s eyes.

Because, she was the only one here who knew what Neo was all about.

And especially now, everyone thought that Neo had already paid 20 million.

But only Zheng Jie knew in her heart that Neo was 100% lying, he definitely didn’t have 20 million, but even 2,000!

She knew Neo very well.

What’s more, at the zoo, she also saw Neo and Zhang Jiu hanging out together.

How could she not know what kind of person Zhang Jiu was?

After all, at the bottom of the Nine Immortals Mountain, she had seen Zhang Jiu telling fortunes and divinations. These days, the so-called fortune telling and divination is, to put it bluntly, not just a charlatan?

What’s more, Zhang Jiu did cheat her out of a sum of money.

So what kind of a bird can Neo, who is now hanging out with Zhang Jiu, be?

Needless to say, this guy is definitely a scammer and wants to make a fortune!

But this hanger-on’s conning skills were really good, acting so realistically and calmly, and now he had even fooled everyone at the scene into thinking that he had really paid 20 million.

But Zheng Jie knew very well in her heart that Neo was definitely cheating!

Thinking about this, Zheng Jie’s heart was excited.

This was a tremendously good opportunity for herself.

Now that Hu Tie Fu had been tricked by Neo and believed him, if she took the initiative to expose Neo’s scam at this time, she would definitely be impressed by Hu Tie Fu!

After all, this is a $20 million scam!

And if she was impressed by Hu Tie Fu, then she would be on her way to the top!

That was why Zheng Jie was so excited.

“He’s cheating me?” Hu Tie Fu looked at Zheng Jie and couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes, Mr. Hu.” Zheng Jie was so excited in his heart that he hurriedly said respectfully and curtly, “President Hu, the screenshot of the payment he showed was definitely a screenshot made by himself with ps software, it definitely wasn’t opened inside Alipay, there are many such scams now! This guy is just scamming!”

Yes, Zheng Jie decided in her heart that Neo must have used software to make a screenshot of the payment, what other way could there be other than this?

A real payment of 20 million?

It was simply a nightmare.

“Is that so?” Hu Tie Fu took out his own phone, “But on my account, it does show that I received twenty million dollars.”


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