At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 413

“By the way, Third Young Master, Hu Tie Fu has said that he has a very precious gift to give.” Li Wuxin took two steps, tapped his head, turned back to look at Neo again, and said hesitantly, “Third Young Master, see?”

“No need.” Neo waved his hand, seemingly unwilling to say any more.


Seeing Neo’s poor complexion, Li Wuxin also became frightened in his heart, no longer daring to say another word, he got into the car and left.

Neo knew very well in his heart that this Hu Tie Fu was a big family in Jincheng and invited himself, just because he wanted to climb up with the Lu family, although Neo did not despise this kind of behaviour, but for one thing, he was not the kind of person who liked to eat, drink and make friends for the sake of profit, and for another, now that his mind was in a mess, he was not in that mood.

“Young master, although Lyon is dead, however, it is not as if he has gone to the end of his rope.” Seeing Neo like this, Zhang Jiu also frowned tightly, and with these words, it was obvious that he said them with caution.

It seemed to be said only when it came to the point where it had to be said.

“Then how do I have to find Caiwei?” Neo said with a bitter smile, he knew nothing about Caiwei, the world was so big, how easy was it to find someone he didn’t even know?

“No, young master, it is not finding Caiwei, but ……” Speaking of this, Zhang Jiu could not help but have a bit more emotion in his tone, “Alas, young master, it seems that fate is pushing into the demonic path step by step. ”

“What does that mean?”

“Young Lord, there is actually another way to find the Penglai Immortal Island, and that is for us to go to the Continent of the Valley and return to the Demon Race.” Zhang Jiu said.

“Return to the Demon Clan?”

“The Devil Clan’s main base is in the Land of Yaxia on the Continent of the Valley, it is a place where the sun does not shine, with billions of years of black water swamps, dark forests, and black flame mountains, in the centre of the Land of Yaxia, legend has it that there is a Fallen God Altar, if you can resist the devouring of the God Altar, you can fall into the world’s purest Devil Spirit, with the power of the Devil Spirit, you can break through the immortal-mortal obstacles, not to mention Penglai Immortal Island, even the Purple Sky Cloud Temple, the Nether Heavenly Pond, or even the Seven Star Spiritual Terrace Mountain, where the top gods and goddesses of legend reside, can come and go as they please.”

“Could it be that the immortals in the legendary stories are all true?” Neo was all but frozen, but after seeing the Spirit Miao Fairy Mother, Neo had to believe that immortals actually existed in the world.

“Whether it’s true or not, no one actually knows.” Zhang Jiu said, “And the reason why I joined the Demon Race back then was actually to control the Demon Race to stay in the Shadowlands of Yaxia on the one hand, and on the other hand because I wanted to find the Altar of Corrupted God and corrupted into a Demon Spirit to search for the legendary Immortal Realm, because that was the only way to find the Immortal Realm in the mortal world.”

“Ah ……” Neo was stunned and could not help but reveal a few moments of shame, “If that’s the case, then wouldn’t I be cheating the thirteen Ancient Jedi who voluntarily committed suicide back then so that they could let me join the Devil Clan, after all, back then they did it so that they could the Devil Clan to stay in the land of Achaea and not come out to wreak havoc before they committed suicide.”

“No, Young Lord, there was no deception to them, in fact, the search for the Altar of the Corrupted God was also the will of those thirteen Ancient Jedi, it was a plan that the fourteen of us unanimously discussed!” Zhang Jiu said.

“The meaning is that it was also the idea of the thirteen Ancient Jedi to let me find the Altar of the Corrupted God back then and then corrupt into a demonic spirit and then go in search of the Immortal Realm?”

“That’s right.”

“Why?” Neo did not understand, why did the Thirteen Ancient Jedi do this?

“Young master, have you ever experienced some thoughts like this, for example, your life always seems to be manipulated by someone, this world always seems to be bound by some principles, making it feel as if even if you try harder, you always fail to reach your ideal, as if no matter how fast things made by humans are, they will never go faster than the speed of light, no matter what, this world always feels like there’s a limit.” Chapter 9 said.

“This?” Wasn’t that how he and Zhou Yun had known each other? Always splitting up, each reunion being torn apart by unexpected things, as if there was an invisible force swaying it all, never ending.

“Young Master, at that time, and the Thirteen Ancient Jedi also both felt this, we were both the most powerful people in the world, our cultivation had reached its peak, so we saw places in this world that ordinary people could not see, and made us touch the ceiling of this world, making us even more eager to understand this world, to see if there were still stronger areas and more authoritative in this world of the law. And to find this out, it is necessary to use the altar of the fallen gods, and only by falling into a demonic spirit can we have the power to find the answers.”

“Because it was a top secret plan, the Thirteen Ancient Jedi and the Thirteen Ancient Jedi never mentioned it to anyone, and they also knew that even if they mentioned it to anyone, no one would believe it, after all, the Altar of the Fallen God is located in the centre of the Demon Race, and to go to the Altar of the Fallen God, one must join the Demon Race, and as soon as one joins the Demon Race, one will definitely suffer the hatred of everyone. Demon Race, everyone thought that they had defected to the Demon Race, but no one knew how much pressure and secrecy was endured at that time.”

“But, did I succeed?” Neo said entranced, in fact, when he said these words, he already had the answer in his heart.

Yes, if he had succeeded, could it have been this result?

“Young master, it didn’t completely succeed, but it did reach the altar of depravity and initiated depravity, only, just like at the Ascension Platform, it didn’t completely deprave, it only partially depraved, because there was a trace of pure to the extreme goodness in the body, so it couldn’t completely deprave, and naturally, it couldn’t become a demon spirit.” Zhang Jiu continued, “But it has been partially corrupted, so its power has also increased tremendously, and it is already enough to step into the border of the Immortal Realm, so that it can reach Penglai Immortal Island.”

“So that’s how it is.” Neo murmured, “Do I really have to go and find the land of Yaxia in the Valley Continent and degenerate into a demon spirit?”

Then, what kind of life would that be?

“Young master, let’s eat first, this matter, needs to be considered in the long run.” Zhang Jiu pointed to a restaurant next to him and said.

This restaurant was doing a brisk business, there were several long queues at the entrance, and some people were taking pictures with their mobile phones and the shop, just like the internet’s internet celebrity shops.

Neo nodded and was just about to go in with Zhang Jiu.

“Oops, sorry everyone ah, we have something today, now we are closing, really sorry everyone, please understand us ah, for those who are already eating, we will not charge for the meal, sorry everyone.”

The owner of the restaurant and the owner’s wife came out with an apologetic face.

“Uncle Zhao, Aunt Xiu Hua?”

As soon as Neo saw the two, a look of surprise that was hard to see was revealed in his gaze.

Seeing that Zhao Jisheng and Aunt Xiuhua were now living a much better life than before, Neo was also very relieved in his heart. He had also heard from Tianzhi that Tianzhi had given Aunt Xiuhua a set of storefront houses, and it seemed that this was the restaurant.

“Xiao Lu! It’s really Xiao Lu! Xiao Lu, nothing has happened, great, great!” Aunt Xiu Hua took Neo’s hand, her eyes flooded with tears.

“Where’s Yoon, didn’t he come with us?”

Neo was stunned.

Then he smiled, “No, Zhou Yun is on the island, he didn’t come with us.”

“Great, that’s wonderful. This child, Zhou Yun, has suffered for the first half of her life, now she has met someone like Xiao Lu, she is really lucky, for the rest of her life, she must be very happy!” Aunt Xiu Hua put her palms together in excitement and looked up at the sky, “Wang Lian ah, in heaven, this should also be relieved now!”

Zhang Jiu looked at Neo and felt a pang of sadness in his heart too, but said nothing.

Of course he could see why Neo had lied, it was just to keep Aunt Xiu Hua from being upset!

After all, if Aunt Xiu Hua knew that Zhou Yun had disappeared and been taken away to suffer, I’m afraid she wouldn’t be able to feel at peace after this.

“The first thing that I want to do is to get married. Aunt Xiu Hua’s face was smiling at this point, obviously in a good mood.

“This wife, Xiao Lu and Xiao Yun are not in a hurry, what’s the hurry.” Zhao Jisheng said, except that, on his face, he was obviously happy too.

“I… We’ve already been married.” Neo squeezed out a smile with difficulty, “I’m sorry, Aunt Xiu Hua, Uncle Zhao, because I was too busy and too far away, I didn’t even invite them.”

Yes, himself and Zhou Yun were already married!

Even though at that last moment, it was ruined by Immortal Mother Ling Miao, but in Neo’s heart, he had already given Zhou Yun a name!

It was just that, when uttering these words, the thought of tramping alone, while Zhou Yun did not know how to be a sight at this time, that sadness, I don’t know how deep it was.

“Aiya, where’s the matter! We’re all country people, it’s a shame to go.” Aunt Xiu Hua rubbed her hands excitedly, obviously hearing Neo say that she had been married made her even more excited.

“By the way, Xiao Lu, it’s for dinner, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but if Auntie Xiu Hua has something to do, go ahead and get busy.” Neo said, “We’ll find another place.”

“It’s alright, come on Xiao Lu, since we’ve met, how can we go hungry, come on, Auntie Xiu Hua will take us to eat! Eat good food!” Aunt Xiu Hua was so happy and excited that she grabbed Neo’s hand as if he would fly away.

On the way, Neo finally found out what had happened from Aunt Xiu Hua’s mouth.

It turned out that after Zhao Jisheng and Aunt Xiu Hua opened the restaurant with the frontage given by Tianzhi, because they were good cooks and pure Sichuan-style farmhouse food, they soon became famous and became a famous restaurant in Jincheng.

The restaurant is especially famous for its rural cooking, which is very authentic.

Because of this, they are often invited to cook a few dishes when some rich people have a party.

This time, it was someone who invited them to cook at home, and that was why they closed.

“Xiao Lu, I know it’s a rich family’s grandson who has eaten all kinds of mountains and seas, but this time, we’ll go over with Aunt Xiu Hua, and I’ll cook a few of my special dishes for you, I promise I’ve never eaten them before.” Aunt Xiu Hua said.

“Yes.” Neo nodded his head.

It wasn’t long before they arrived.

A very luxurious manor house, it seemed that the owner was also very rich.

“Let’s go in by the side door.” Aunt Xiu Hua and Zhao Jisheng, who came to the door to help, had a special side door.

There was also a gatekeeper at the side door, but Aunt Xiu Hua said that Neo and Zhang Jiu were here to help with the work, and the gatekeeper didn’t say anything and let them in.

When Aunt Xiu Hua and Zhao Jisheng arrived in the kitchen, they immediately started to cook four dishes and one soup for Neo and Zhang Jiu, and only after that did they start preparing the food for the party.

Half an hour later.

“Hey, are you ready yet, the guests are about to be served, why are you so slow, do you not want to be paid for your work.” Someone came to hurry up, pointing to the dishes that were ready on the board next to them, “These are ready, bring them over right away!”

“Okay, okay.” Aunt Xiu Hua and Zhao Jisheng promised, only both were busy at the moment, with other cooking in their hands really, and both were in a bit of a hurry for a moment.

“Aunt Xiu Hua, let’s do it.”

Neo said getting up.

“Little Lu, how can you trouble ……”

“No trouble, Aunt Xiu Hua, if it wasn’t for Uncle Zhao cooking for us just now, there wouldn’t have been so much delay, it’s only right that I help, Zhang Jiu, hold the case board, let’s go over and serve the food.”

“Yes, young master.” Zhang Jiu promised, but he had already started to serve the dishes, and together with Neo, they went to the other side of the parlour.

In the parlour, there were almost twenty tables of people, and it was very lively.

Neo and Zhang Jiu, the two of them divided into two ways, and started serving food one table at a time.


When Neo split into one of the tables, a woman tugged on his sleeve.

“Zheng Jie?”

Neo was also stunned, how did he run into Zheng Jie again.

“Oh, so you’re working here as a runner serving food to people?” Zheng Jie looked at Neo with everlasting contempt, “But a part-time worker who spends more than five hundred dollars just to look at a white lion, just to follow the trend and pretend to be a pussy? I think if we hadn’t gone to the zoo today, the white lion wouldn’t have died, it’s all because of this hanger-on, born with a bad life, that killed the white lion!”

Zheng Jie’s words were, of course, angry words.

After all, she had gone to the zoo today to see the white lion and pray for good luck.

She had gone to the zoo today to see the white lions and pray for good luck, but instead, such an incident had happened, and she had seen nothing and got nothing.

She was angry at Neo because she despised him.

However, the person who said it had no intention to hear it.

Neo had been upset about Leon’s death, and in his heart he had even felt that he had killed Leon, because if Tian Xuan had not died, Leon would not have died.

And it was for himself that Tianxuan had died!

It could be said that it was himself who had killed Leon, and that was true!

At this moment, when it came out of Zheng Jie’s mouth once again, Neo felt an uncontrollable feeling of remorse, and could not help but shake his body.

He couldn’t help but shake. The plate in his hand was unsteady and fell onto Zheng Jie.

All of them fell on Zheng Jie’s body.


Zheng Jie’s face instantly went all black, her face turning blue with anger, “Do you know how much money I spent to qualify for this party! I spent half a million dollars to attend this party just to make more contacts here! How am I supposed to socialise with people after getting my clothes like this! This punk, do you know how much money, opportunities and contacts it cost me! How can I afford to pay for it!”

“Quiet, everyone.”

Just then, a man on the stage, suddenly spoke up.

This man was in his mid-forties, stout-looking, and wore an Armani polo shirt with copper dollars on it, displaying an air of wealth.

“Thank you all for your kindness in coming to my party today, Hu Tie Fu. In fact, I am hosting this party to give a reception to a big shot, but unfortunately, that big shot couldn’t make it, or else we could all look up to him. I have also prepared a very precious gift for him, but unfortunately, he didn’t come, so I’m going to give it to everyone here today. Everyone gets a share! I promise, this is a gift that we have never seen in our lives, and it is also the most precious gift that we have ever received!”

With that, Hu Tie Fu snapped and clapped twice.

At the door, there was the sound of wheels.

A flatbed cart, pushed in by eight strong men.

The flatbed truck was huge, as big as a lorry carriage, covered with a big piece of cloth, bulging underneath the cloth, not knowing what it was.

The curiosity of the crowd was raised, and at that moment, all eyes were focused on the cloth.


The cloth was uncovered.

What was underneath was revealed.

At once, the crowd let out a gasp of surprise, and Neo, too, could not help but be stunned.

A huge white lion was being tied up on a flatbed cart.

The lion lay dishevelled on its side as if it were dead, but its abdomen, however, was still slightly heaving together.


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