At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 411

A month later.

On the train, a young man quietly looked out of the window at the scenery that flashed by, he was terribly thin, his face was pale and his cheeks were slightly sunken, he even looked a little sickly, as if he had just recovered from a serious illness.

“Young master, dinner?” An old man across the street, pushed a high speed rail box lunch in front of the youth, “Fatty beef in sour soup! It’s delicious!”

“Mmm.” The youth was naturally Neo.

He took the boxed rice and slowly ate it, eating slowly but appearing to have a good appetite.

Zhang Jiu saw Neo like this.

A reassuringly relieved look of relief finally appeared on his face as well.

It had been more than a month, and the young master had finally started to eat normally.

What happened on Tiandao a month ago was still vivid in my mind, and since that day, Neo had barely stood up, he spent his days lying in bed, like a walking corpse without a thought.

No one blamed him, and no one bothered him.

After all, everyone knew the reason why Neo was like this.

Watching the one he loved most being taken away from him, watching his best mate die in his arms, such a blow was too great.

Both Zhang Jiu and Lu Beiq understood.

No one even said words of comfort.

Because everyone knew that at this time, any words of comfort would be pale and powerless.

No one could save Neo, only he could save himself.

Lu Bei Ke only had the best meals brought to Neo’s room every day, although most of the time the meals were taken away again, and Lu Wan and Lu Tian Chi would come and sit at the foot of Neo’s bed every day and stay with him for a while, they didn’t talk, they just kept Neo company.

The Shang Opera family had long since left Heavenly Island in disgrace and gone to a place by the Erhai Sea that Lu Beique had found for them.

After all, they had all seen the battle that day, and they had all seen Neo’s strength.

And so it went, day after day.

Until one day, Neo finally spoke, and the first thing he said was, “Help me up.”

“Tian Xuan is not dead, I am a part of him, I can feel it.” The second thing Neo said after he got up, was to Zhang Jiu.

“I will find Caiwei, and I will, and then I will go in search of Zhou Yun, and I will find her, and no one will ever take her away from me again.” These were Neo’s third words.

That day, Neo finally began to eat and his face finally regained its glow, he could not even see the sadness that was on his face, although he could not see the laughter either.

“Neo’er, ever since you were little, I knew you were a different child in the family, I never thought you would have such a mysterious origin, go and do whatever you want! I know you are powerful, but as long as you can use the family in any way, just say so!”

Before he left, Lu Beique looked at Neo with a gaze full of his grandfather’s love and pride.

“The train has arrived at Jincheng Station.”

With the announcer’s voice, Neo and Zhang Jiu, walked out of the station with the flow of people.

Looking at the prosperity of Jincheng City in front of him, Neo had a few vague feelings in his heart.

After all, this should be the city where he and Zhou Yun had spent the longest time together out of all the cities in China.

“Let’s go to Jincheng City Zoo.”

Neo and Zhang Jiu got into the taxi.

“Zhang Jiu, do you think Lyon can really find Cai Wei?” Neo said.

“Lyon is your mount, young master, you caught it yourself on Mount Xihua and tamed it, since then it has also been loyal to you, you and Miss Caiwei have travelled around many places together in it, it is familiar with Miss Caiwei, it will definitely be able to find it.” Zhang Jiu said.

“But I can’t remember Caiwei.” Neo said.

“Young master you were reincarnated, so you don’t remember, but Lyon has survived until now, it has been under the Nine Immortals Mountain, guarding the ring you wanted to give to Caiwei, the ring you, you gave to you before you died, so it has not forgotten Miss Caiwei, it will find it.” Zhang Jiu said.

Half an hour later, it arrived at the zoo.

When they inquired at the ticket office, there was really a huge white lion.

Because it was so special, it was not open to the public, and one could only buy a separate ticket to see it. The price was almost outrageously high, a ticket was over five hundred dollars.

But obviously, Neo did not care at all, Neo and Zhang Jiu bought two tickets.

They went inside the arena.

The arena was quite large and could hold at least a thousand people. When the two entered, it was almost full of people.

Everyone looked very excited.

They were talking excitedly about the White Lion that was about to take the stage.

“Crap, I saw the video online, it’s so dang big, bigger than the two lions in a normal zoo, our biology teacher said this lion is probably a prehistoric creature.”

“I think it’s a divine beast!”

“Definitely! It’s definitely spiritual! Did you see the video, that lion is very smart! It’s like it understands human speech!”

“I hope this time this lion will come to us after jumping through the ring of fire and doing a heel turn and perform a bow in front of us! Then we’ll be rich. I’ve heard that whoever the lion bows to will be lucky!”

“It’s better to come and rub up against us, didn’t a guy called Neoju tweet about it last time, he came to the show and the lion came and rubbed up against him and dropped a piece of lion hair on his leg, and he said the next day his beloved goddess confessed her love to him!”

“Yeah, anyway, I heard that if you can get close to this lion, you’ll get lucky, the closer the better!”

“It’s just that, damn, with so many people coming, it’s impossible for everyone to have a close encounter with the lion, I’m afraid there’s only a few lucky ones, let’s hope we’re one of them!”

Yes, most of the people who came here, apart from seeing this rare lion, came with that in mind.

Because of the spread of the internet effect, Lyon is as popular as if he has become the koi of the internet.

And what was even more amazing than the koi was that viewers who had close encounters with Lyon were really lucky.

So as word spread, more and more people came, and even though the tickets were as high as $500, they were still full every day.

“Zhang Jiu, what these people say is true? Contact with Lyon can really bring good luck?” Neo also listened to the people talking in front of and behind him, and he couldn’t help but be curious in his heart.

“Well. Although it’s not 100% good luck, it’s not false that Leon’s aura will bring good luck to the person who touches it.” Zhang Jiu nodded and said, “In fact, Lyon is not a lion, it is called a white mythical creature (suan), one of the thirteen mountain and sea monsters on Mount Xihua, and in legend itself is an auspicious creature.”

“It’s just that, is this really the mount I used to have? Why does it look a bit Erha?” Neo pointed at the screen of a person’s mobile phone in front of him.

On that person’s phone, a video related to Lyon on the internet was playing.

The video was showing this very arena.

In the video, there were several fire rings erected on the arena, and Leon was seen flinging his big head, jumping around excitedly in the fire ring, wagging his head and tail, and after he finished jumping through the fire ring, he started stepping on the basketball, from one end to the other, with extreme flexibility. ……

This guy, as big as two lions, with a head as big as a grinder, standing up is almost taller than Yao Ming, with spotless white fur, looking majestic, simply born to be a king.

And yet, to do this circus thing.

Not only did it do it, look at its tail wagging so happily, its tongue is sticking out so long, it looks as if it is quite happy and enjoying itself, this contrast makes people feel a bit contrasted indeed.

“Aigoo, isn’t that Neo?”

At this moment, someone behind him suddenly gave Neo a tap.

When Neo turned around, he was instantly stunned.

A woman behind him, dressed in a fashionable outfit, was holding the arm of a large-bellied man beside her.

“Zheng Jie, you, why are you here too?”

This woman, was none other than high school classmate Zheng Jie.

“Oh, are you pretending to be confused or what, why am I here, is there any need to ask? Of course I’m here to see that white lion, after all, it’s a lion that can bring good luck! What a businessman like me, who has hundreds of millions of contracts a year, needs most, is luck.”

Zheng Jie’s words carried an air of arrogance, and when she said that, she looked down on Neo, “But it’s you, who has the guts to buy such an expensive ticket to come in, why? I’m afraid the lion’s ass won’t even be willing to face you with this poor look.”


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