At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 410

On Sky Island, the red haze was so bright that it was as if a flaming asteroid had fallen from the sky, reflecting the redness of the whole island.

In the midst of this red light, a figure slowly stood up from where Neo was lying on his back.

Neo was originally lying on the ground, but now it was as if he had stood up on his own.

The figure only raised its head slightly, and the man already rushed up against the huge Phoenix Sword.


A tremendous blasting sound was heard as it blasted away from the clouds.

In that instant, the storm clouds brought about by the phoenix’s sound in the sky, and the red haze brought about by the red-haired youth, were blown away as if they were clouds of smoke in a gale.

Waves exploded from the core, layers and layers of energy waves, spreading out in a steady stream into the surrounding void.

The waves lifted almost simultaneously, unlike the usual waves, which at this point were propagating in the opposite direction from the sky island to the depths of the sea.

It was as if a huge hole had appeared in the sea and the sea water was pouring out into the depths of the ocean.

All around Sky Island, the reefs that had been submerged and hidden by the sea water were exposed, and at that moment, the size of Sky Island was doubled.

The sea was raging with huge waves, but in the middle of the island, it was quiet.

The crowd looked at all this in shock, at the red-haired youth who had suddenly and magically appeared standing right next to Neo.

His appearance was almost identical to Neo’s!

Only his hair, soft and smooth, covered his eyes, and beneath the silky strands of hair, his gaze was biting and cold.

“It’s Tian Xuan?!”

Immortal Mother Lingmiao was in shock, as if she had seen the most terrifying thing in the world, “Since it was a mortal, of a past life, how could it possibly appear in this life! Under the Heavenly Dao, this is never possible!”

She looked at Neo, and then at Tian Xuan, and muttered, “This is impossible, impossible …… that they should meet ……”

Yes, mortals, have their own rules of reincarnation.

Past lives and present lives, will never meet, this is the law written down from the beginning of heaven and earth Hongmeng!

The lowest law in the world, a law that not even immortals can break!

“Nothing is impossible in the world! If only one knew that there was still love in this world.” As Tian Xuan spoke, he looked at Neo and Zhou Yun, his gaze, vaguely gentle.

It was as if he was a person, looking through the sweet videos that used to be on his phone and seeing the person he once was.

Yes, he hadn’t thought either, that Neo could suck the 35,000 year old version of himself hard into this place, that Neo could break the underlying laws, so imagine how great the energy around him was back then!

How much one must love someone to surround oneself with such appalling and monstrous energy, and how strong one’s heart must be to keep holding on and not be swallowed up by this enormous energy.

At that time, when he was on the Ascension Platform of the Nine Immortals Mountain, the energy around Neo was building up, it was as if he was the centre of a storm, with countless energies, building up around him.

An ordinary person would have been swallowed up by this huge energy long ago.

But Neo kept on holding on, he knew then that he had no way back, he knew that Zhou Yun would not turn back, but he was still holding on ah, he was not backtracking, he just wanted to make the process of full awakening a little bit slower, a little bit slower.

He just wanted to remember Zhou Yun for a little while longer, a little longer.

Because he knew that once he succumbed to the energy, once he awakened, he would never be able to remember this feeling again.

And because of this, the intensity of the energy gathered around Neo gradually surpassed the regulations of the underlying laws, for even the underlying laws did not anticipate that a person could be surrounded by such powerful energy, that a person could be in between such a large amount of energy without being annihilated.

So, when the energy goes beyond the prescribed boundaries, there is a paradox in the laws, and there is a disruption in space-time, and order is broken, and everything, everything is possible!

At this moment, as Tian Xuan spoke, his gaze suddenly flinched again and stared at Immortal Mother Ling Miao, ”Immortal Mother Ling Miao, leave Yao Guang and Gui Gui behind and go! Just pretend that you have never been here, forget about Yao Guang and Gui Gui, they no longer belong, set them free.”

“No, can, can!” Immortal Mother Ling Miao squeezed these words out of her teeth, her expression arrogant, “The Spirit Sword will always be something on Immortal Island, one day, every day, no mortal is worthy of any spirit object in the Immortal Realm, Tian Xuan, nothing more than a petty thief who stole something, who is qualified to dictate here!”

“I am not a thief!” The red-haired Tian Xuan seemed to be enraged for a moment, his gaze was bloodshot as he stared at Immortal Mother Ling Miao, “Ling Miao, the spirit swords are the stuff of the Immortal Island, but when I arrived at Penglai Immortal Island, I saw with my own eyes the people on the island preparing to melt these two spirit swords into the refining furnace! Since they knew they were spirit swords, why did they treat them so cruelly!”

“Oh, of course they should be punished for their mistakes, when the Heavenly Rule is just for show, when it was made to increase employment opportunities!” Immortal Mother Lingmiao said disdainfully.

“They made a mistake? What mistakes did they make?!” The red-haired Heavenly Mystic looked even more furious when she saw the appearance of Immortal Mother Lingmu, “Under my questioning, the people on the island told me that it was only because the Niu Devil Girl, the daughter of the Lord of the Western Ox He Continent, came to Penglai Immortal Island to play and was curious about the two spiritual swords, Yao Guang and Xuan Gui, and clamoured to play with them, but she forgot that cows are even-hoofed animals and cannot hold something as light as a sword. She was so angry that she was angry at the innocent Yao Guang and Xuan Gui, and as the owner of Penglai Island, she blamed Yao Guang and Xuan Gui in order to appease the cow demoness and to win the love and forgiveness of the Lord of Xiniu Hezhou, and even sent them to the refining furnace to be melted down and turned into nothingness!

“Fortunately, I arrived in time to save them, otherwise, they would have died unjustly! Spirit Miao, bending to please, not distinguishing between right and wrong, such a person does not deserve to have a spirit sword! And I, Tian Xuan, am telling today that I never stole the Spirit Sword either, I saved them, from the gloomy and dirty Penglai Immortal Island!”

“Stop it! That cunning little thief!”

Immortal Mother Ling Miao was so furious that her face turned into a pig’s liver, and in a frenzy of rage, she held the Phoenix Sword in both hands and slashed straight at the red-haired Heavenly Mystic!

At this moment, a hurricane came from the sky!

The wind stirred up heaven and earth, and the trees on the sky island, shaking and trembling in the wind, leaves flying all over the sky, tumbling and crashing violently in the air.

The gigantic sword-light of the Phoenix Sword casts a huge shadow from the sky, blinding everyone and bringing the gloom of death!

“Come on.”

The red-haired Tian Xuan’s body catapulted out in a flash, countless leaves in the air narrowly wrapped around him, encircling him, and the moment he rose to the highest point, countless leaves exploded away, as if he was breaking out of his cocoon into a butterfly!

As if in the far reaches of the sky, the black figure threw itself into the light of the giant sword without a second thought!

Neo was lying on the ground, he raised his head with great difficulty, he had to bend his head so hard to look into the air, tears, sweat, mixed with dust, almost completely blocked his eyes.

Vaguely, he could see the figure in the clouds, which was appearing and disappearing in the light of the Phoenix Sword.

Suddenly, Neo was in a trance, he also seemed to feel the biting wind in the air, the murderous sword light, the violent heartbeat ……

That was the red-haired Tianxuan, Neo sensed Tianxuan.

Tian Xuan was fighting for me, it was as if he was a brother who appeared at the most crucial moment and took over everything!

Neo was smiling inwardly, while on his face, there were only tears.

Suddenly, all he felt was a pain in his arm.

It wasn’t very serious, as if it was just a mosquito bite.

However, it was at this time that the movement of the figure in the sky became much more sluggish.


A sound of falling wind.

A drop of water, snapped and fell on the side of Neo’s face.

It was raining?

No, it was blood, red-haired Tian Xuan’s blood.

Neo’s heart, violently, lifted.

“Punk, get up, come on, side by side! I can’t carry it anymore, together we’ll screw this old demon woman Spirit Miao to death! Hahahahaha!” In the air, Tian Xuan’s voice was faintly heard.

“Here it comes!” Neo’s heart stirred abruptly, and his heart exploded with vigorous anger as he got up and stood up.

Neo’s figure moved and in an instant, he was involved in that battle in the air.

“Revolt, revolt, today I will do justice to the heavens!” Although the Immortal Mother Ling Miao had wounded Tian Xuan, she had delayed defeat and was anxious in her heart. At this moment, seeing Neo also coming up, her face was even more impatient and angry.

“If this is the way of Heaven, then let me go against the Heaven!”

Right, who cares about the heavenly path if it is so inhumane.

All Neo knew was that by defeating Immortal Mother Ling Miao, he could be with Zhou Yun!

In that case, let’s do it!

“Come on!” Neo shouted.

“Come on!” The red-haired Heavenly Mystic shouted!

“Come on!” The Phoenix Sword in Immortal Mother Ling Miao’s hand suddenly pointed towards the sky!

“Brilliant Thunder God, help me with the power of the heavens! Kill them here and never be reincarnated!” A voice cried out from her mouth.

A lightning bolt that was dazzlingly bright even under the white sun, as if it were a tangle of hundreds of vines, silvery-white sparks exploded continuously in the air, leaking straight down from the air where no end could be seen, as if it were the pouring of the Milky Way above the nine heavens, or as if it were millions of steeds chasing me, raising dust that blotted out the sky.

The speed of the lightning was incomparable, but to the crowd below, it looked like a slowly descending lantern, slowly, but inexorably, descending and descending again.

Finally, the moment the tip of the Phoenix Sword and the lightning touched, it was as if the earth and the sky had made contact for the first time, and at that moment, it seemed that all the energy between heaven and earth was concentrated at that point.

“Thunder God Chop!”

That sword was the most terrifying sword Neo had ever seen, even the sword of the Phoenix Sword was surrounded by sparks, as if the air was on fire.

This sword, chopped at Neo!

Neo only felt that this sword seemed to have sucked away the energy of heaven and earth, and also seemed to have sucked away all his own strength.

For the first time, he felt the terribleness of the heavenly might, the terribleness of the world in which the Spirit Miao Fairy Mother was.

The dread of the unknown.

“Come on!”

Just as the Phoenix Sword was about to fall, the red-haired Heavenly Mystic swept sharply into the realm surrounding the sword’s energy.

“Come on, come on ……”

The red-haired Heavenly Xuan looked at the huge Phoenix Sword as he muttered under his breath, but his eyes, as never before, were calm.


In an instant, the air waves exploded dramatically in the air!

All the windows and doors on Sky Island exploded almost simultaneously, and all the trees were cut down in unison.

All the sea water vaporised at this moment, and the continental shelf dried up like a desert.

The vapour condensed into rain, and in an instant, it poured!

Amidst the dark clouds, a slender black shadow shot out and shot through the clouds into the starry sky, without knowing where it was.

Immortal Mother Ling Miao looked at her empty hands in bewilderment, unable to believe that the Phoenix Ming Sword had been shaken out of her hands by Tian Xuan. The last thing she saw was a bit of the slender figure of the Phoenix Ming Sword left in the distant starry sky, and after that, it was never seen again.

“Good, good!”

The Immortal Mother Ling Miao, who had lost her Phoenix Sword, could only stomp her feet in hatred, and with a shake of her sleeves, Yao Guang and Zhou Yun were grabbed under her ribs and carried away by the wind!

Neo watched as she took Zhou Yun and Yao Guang away, but there was nothing he could do.

He lowered his head and hugged the badly injured, dying Tianxuan in his arms, crying out in pain, “Saved me, but ……”

Yes, in that round, Immortal Mother Lingmu lost Feng Ming, and Tian Xuan, lost all his chi.

“I’m going to die.” Tian Xuan’s voice, so weak.

“It won’t die, Zhang Jiu, Zhang Jiu ……,” Neo shouted.

“Don’t call that old boy, he can’t save me, no one can save me now.” Tian Xuan said softly.

“Young master!”

Zhang Jiu bit his lips tightly, grieving and guiltily kneeling beside Neo, tears welling up on his face as well.

Who knew who his Young Lord was calling, or perhaps, both.

“It should have been me who died, saving me and blocking the sword for me!” Neo choked out, “I’m such a waste, even!”

“Don’t cry.” Tian Xuan said, “I’m sorry for calling you a loser for so long, it’s not a loser, it’s yourself, call Neo, don’t be afraid, you’ll find Xuan Gui again, believe me, you will! We will definitely be together again!”

“But there is still Caiwei, still to find the Caiwei ……” Neo thought of what the red-haired Tian Xuan had once told him about Caiwei.

Yes, he loved Caiwei so much and Neo could relate to that feeling because he had also loved Zhou Yun.

He knew the pain of losing the one you loved, really, nothing would be more painful than that.

“It’s useless, I’ve long forgotten what she looked like.” In the corners of Tian Xuan’s eyes, there were faint traces of tears, and in his gaze, he could no longer hide that extreme sadness, “Because I came to the present, theoretically speaking, Caiwei and I did not meet in life, we, it is impossible to reunite.”

“Blame me, it’s all my fault! If I hadn’t been on the Ascent ……”

“No, I really don’t blame you at all, thanks for letting me see the love with Xuanwei, thanks for letting me see the kindness and warmth, for letting me know that there is still humanity inside of me Tian Xuan.” Tian Xuan’s voice was getting weaker and weaker, “Neo, I’m going to die, promise me two things.”

“First, to find Caiwei, first go to the Jincheng Zoo, find Leon, Leon will lead to find Caiwei, Caiwei she should be in the Continent of Origin. Must find her, not only for me, but also for myself, because only when I find Caiwei, will I truly find myself, and only when I find myself, will I be able to reach Penglai Immortal Island and find Zhou Yun, but I hope, find Caiwei, take care of her and care for her for me, even if it’s just for a while …… ”

“I promise!” How could Neo not promise, “I swear, as long as I live, I will always watch over her for her!”

“Okay, okay, second thing, never reveal the truth to Caiwei, let alone mention me, don’t let her know that there is a person like me in the world, even if one day she also awakens, don’t tell her that I once existed. For since my life and hers have been rewritten since I crossed over, and I have never really met her, and she and I do not know each other, I must not mention me to her either. Otherwise, she would be lost and confused.”

“Good …… I promise!” Neo nodded his head heavily.

Only, when he nodded, his heart, it hurt so much.

How could he not understand what Tian Xuan meant, he loved Caiwei so much, his last words were all for Caiwei, yet he could not let Caiwei know of his existence yet.

This kind of pain is never something that anyone else can understand!

“Good, great.” On Tian Xuan’s face, a satisfied smile finally appeared as he lay in Neo’s arms, his gaze, slowly lax.

In the end, he died in Neo’s arms.


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