At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 409

Although Neo had partially awakened, his memories of the past were still vague, as if he was looking at flowers in a fog.

He did not remember that he had been to Penglai Immortal Island, nor did he remember the glorious deeds he had once done.

However, he only knew that since he could once step through Penglai, he was, today, not afraid of anyone from Penglai Immortal Island.

He only knew that since he had once been able to obtain Yao Guang and Xuan Gui from Penglai Immortal Island with his own hands, then today, the Immortal Mother of Ling Miao would never snatch them from his hands!

He took a step forward and quietly looked at Immortal Mother Lingmiao.

At this moment, he had no fear in his heart, and was full of fighting spirit.

For he was standing in front of the person he was guarding.

As long as he guarded this inch of land, there would always be a barrier in front of his loved one’s body!

“Sword Immortal.”

Neo spoke softly.

“Young master, receive the sword!”

The Sword Immortal had already known that the sword in his hand had already flown towards Neo as soon as his words were spoken.

He knew that this great battle belonged only to the two of them, Neo and Immortal Mother Lingmiao, and that no one else was worthy of joining this battle in the amount of strength they had.

As if it was a ray of light, the sword was instantly grasped by Neo.

His left hand flicked on the scabbard, a green light shot out, and in an instant, Neo’s right hand was already glowing in his grip, and for a moment, his whole being, too, seemed to light up.

That day, holding the Sword of Namelessness, he slowly raised his eyelids, looked at the unprecedentedly powerful enemy before him, and calmly said, “Come on.”

“Tian Xuan, do you really think you’ve ever swept away my Penglai Immortal Island?” Immortal Mother Lingmiao looked at Neo with cold contempt, “Wrong! That day, I led all my disciples to leave Penglai Immortal Island, and there were lowly servants and children on the island, the day after my disciples and I left Penglai, and then by mistake, we barged onto the island and injured my lowly The day after my disciples and I left Penglai, we accidentally barged onto the island and injured our lowly servants and stole the two swords from my stove boy, thinking that we had wiped out Penglai? If we had stayed for seven more days, when I, or any of my disciples, returned to the island, we would have been told to understand what it means to have our souls scattered in the three worlds and our spirits divided into nine domains!”


Neo was instantly frozen, didn’t he step through Penglai back then, just bullying the lowest level of other people’s little monsters? It was absolutely impossible!

At least, Zhang Jiu would never lie to himself!

“Young master, I was also at the beginning, heard back to tell me, told me at that time, disgusted with what the people on Penglai Immortal Island did, in a fit of anger, injured everyone on the island, snatched back two swords, when leaving, no one on the island dared to stop ……” Zhang Jiu’s face looked and was a little uncomfortable.

“Oh, Tian Xuan, injured my island’s most lowly servant, how dare you talk about wiping out Penglai, bragging about yourself, really like that old devil Zhuang Zhou’s Kun Rider, at this point in time, I’m afraid that his men are all in disgrace for it! Fine, if you really have the guts, come and stop me!”

With these words, Immortal Mother Ling Miao’s body moved and she was already lunging towards the stage.

Her stance was light, and as she lunged, it was as if the wind had, in an instant, unfolded from behind her.

In the air came her bellowing order, “Without further ado, sinful sword Xuan Gui, be captured at once!”

As soon as the voice arrived, her figure, instantly soared, as if like a cloud hanging in the sky, floating, her person had already reached her.

A huge pressure, as if it were blinding sunlight, pressed heavily on Neo and on the whole stage!

The cold smile on the corner of the Spirit Miao Fairy Mother’s mouth, and the trepidation of Zhou Yun behind Neo were the most heart-wrenching and furious scene Neo had ever seen.

“Don’t even think about it!”

Neo’s voice, just short from his throat, he couldn’t speak in time, his person, had already stabbed out diagonally to meet the huge figure in the air.

That sword light.

As if it were a stubborn glow in the dark night!

It was only when striking that one knew the might of the opponent.

The force came from all directions, and Neo was like a small boat in the waves, being flung around, he could not distinguish his direction, and could only let the waves smash against him.


Neo fell heavily to the ground, and the sword in his hand was long lost in the boundless waves of the sea.

The corners of his mouth were stoned with blood, as if it were blood flowing from his heart.

He watched as Immortal Mother Lingmu grabbed Zhou Yun, as if she was grabbing a small bird, and she did not show the slightest bit of pity, as if, as if Zhou Yun was really just an insignificant sword, a thing.

He lifted his head with difficulty and stared intently at Zhou Yun.

It was as if he would lose his beloved if he didn’t look away for just one second.

“Neo ……” Zhou Yun was also looking at him, she kept looking at Neo, her gaze was filled with the poignancy of parting, she shook her head gently because she knew that there was no power to change, all struggle, was futile.

This power, there was no way to resist.

“Zhou Yun!”

Neo gritted his teeth as he tried to get up from the ground, however, it was as if his body was slapped into sections that no longer belonged to him, his body, as if it was senseless.

For a moment, Zhou Yun was filled with tears.

Her gaze, through the tears in her eyes, was completely placed on Neo’s body.

In that instant, Neo actually did feel a real warmth.

In that instant, he only felt as if there was a sweet spring inside him.

That was love.

The gaze of love.

In Zhou Yun’s gaze, at this time, there was no one, no thing, only Neo, she no longer hid, no longer concealed, her gaze was all love ……

The reason is that she knows that there is no more time, this is the last moment with Neo, the last moment of their lives.

She wanted to make remember Neo’s last look, the last glance, all of it.

She wanted Neo to know that she really loved him, that she loved him so much.

Neo also burst into tears, he also understood, understood Zhou Yun’s mind, understood Zhou Yun’s intention.

He too looked at Zhou Yun, his gaze, too, no longer hesitated, no longer hid!

All the passion, at this moment, was able to explode.

The eyes of the two, this moment, entwined in time, that moment, no matter how difficult and dangerous the outside world was, but this moment, belonged to them, until they parted, belonged to them!

Boing ……

A soft sound, as if the slenderest and toughest string was plucked.

Zhou Yun’s eyes, suddenly drifted, as if he had suddenly dozed off.

Neo’s heart jumped.

It was Immortal Mother Lingmiao!

The sound of the Phoenix Sword in her hand!

It was the voice controlling Zhou Yun!

Boing ……

Another sound.

Zhou Yun’s eyes, more than ever, were in a trance, and there was more than a little mist in his blazing, parting eyes.

Boing, boing ……

The sound was incessant.

Zhou Yun’s eyes became even more dazed, as if his soul had been drained away.

Watching Zhou Yun gradually lose control in himself, Neo’s heart, had cracked into pieces.

The Spirit Mist Fairy Mother looked at Zhou Yun and then at Neo, and the corners of her mouth could not help but float up in a cruel smile.

Boing, boing, boing ……

Why, to be so cruel, to deprive even the last parting.

Neo lifted his neck with force and difficulty, his gaze, still resting on Zhou Yun’s face.

No matter how Zhou Yun changed, he himself was going to keep looking at her until the last moment!

Warmth returned to Neo in a flash.

Zhou Yun’s gaze was abruptly reborn with truth and fervour, and her gaze, again, met Neo’s, as it had done on their many reunions.

Boing, boing, boing ……

The sounds continued.

With each sound, Zhou Yun’s face would throb, as if her heart was twitching, and her eyes would lax for a moment, yet, after each one, her eyes would be strong again and born with love, looking at Neo.

Neo bit his lips tightly, his eyes blurred with tears.

He knew that voice, for the sword spirit, each sound, should be like a pinprick, each sound, like a heavy blow to the entire brain ……

“Zhou Yun, don’t resist that voice, I, won’t blame it ……” Neo cried, murmuring.

Zhou Yun smiled faintly as she shook her head gently, still looking at Neo with renewed love in her gaze after each laxity.

“Sinner Tianxuan, listen up!” Immortal Mother Ling Miao saw that the Phoenix Sword was not working.

Her eyes steeped in a murderous aura as she stared at Neo.

“Violation of Heaven’s rules, one of which is trespassing on Penglai Immortal Island, violating the 52nd rule of Heaven’s regulations for mortals to set foot in the Immortal World! The second is to snatch the spirit sword, breaking the rule of mortals possessing spirit objects under Article 78 of the Heavenly Court’s regulations, and the third is to nourish the spirit sword, breaking the rule of nurturing spirits without a permit under Article 919 of the Heavenly Court’s regulations!”

“Three violations of the Heavenly Law deserve to be put to death! Today, I will, in place of the heavenly reincarnation, kill them here to show the magnificence of the heavenly dao!”

As she spoke, she wielded the most spiritual phoenix in the world, sweeping down like the six hemispheres of desolation, and cutting down into the wind!

As the Phoenix Ming sword cut down, the storm clouds between heaven and earth almost surged up.

“Feng Ming Feng Ming Ruoxi, help me with the Heavenly Dao!” With a chant from Immortal Mother Ling Miao, the Phoenix Ming Sword let out a clear sound, and in a flash it rose several metres, cutting down on Neo with a narrow wind!


In an instant, Zhou Yun’s whole body went limp.

Neo was lying on the ground, barely belonging to himself from the neck down, he couldn’t move a single inch, he just watched as the Phoenix Sword, which seemed to be half of the sky, pressed down heavily!

He did not close his eyes, he could not afford to do so.

“Zhou Yun! I’m sorry! I don’t accept this fate!” Neo’s last sound of pathos was instantly washed away in the clear chirping of the phoenix.

The sword, falling!

Almost at the same time.

A red light, as if it was a red mist that had been suppressed for too long, in an instant, erupted from within Neo’s body and instantly enveloped his entire body.

“It’s finally my turn to take the stage!” A voice, amidst the red light, shouted with wild pride.


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