At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 407

Sky Island, Secret Cave.

“Neo’er, this is the Xuan Gui Sword.” Lu Bei Ke handed the pale yellow scabbard on the shelf to Neo’s hand carefully.

This was the first time Neo had seen the Xuan Gui sword sheath.

He gently pulled out the sword and, as he expected, it was empty inside, with only the hilt and the scabbard, no sword body.

“According to reason, these two swords of our Lu family, Yao Guang and Xuan Gui, are both treasured swords handed down from the ancient times and will never corrode, only that the Yao Guang that we gave you last time, and the current Xuan Gui, are all without their bodies, which is really strange.” Lu Beique said.

“Grandpa, I want to stay here alone for a while.” Neo stroked Xuan Gui’s scabbard, and surprisingly, he felt something vaguely in his heart, and some vague imagery appeared in his mind.

Where was Xuan Gui?

Zhang Jiu said that he had to find Xuan Gui before he could know where to go next, while Master Ku Rong said that if he found Xuan Gui, he had to find Zhou Yun first.

At the time, Neo did not understand, but now, he finally understood what Master Kurenai meant.

Bai Ling Yu must have shown that something was going to happen to Zhou Yun, so Master Kuyong asked himself to take care of this matter and find Zhou Yun, only then could he go and find Gui Gui with peace of mind.

Neo had a premonition that he would definitely find Xuan Gui.

This was because Zhang Jiu had said that only when he found Xuan Ji could he know what to do next and the future could unfold.

So, one would definitely find Gui.

And if one could find XuanYun, then ZhouYun would definitely not die.

Because, if Zhou Yun were to die, one would no longer have the heart to find Xuan Gui.

So since fate would let him find Gui, then at least until he found Gui, Zhou Yun would certainly not die.


Lu Beique nodded and left the secret cave, and here, Neo was the only one left.

Neo gently stroked the guilloche sword, he closed his eyes, his hand, slowly moved along the pattern of the guilloche scabbard, as Neo moved over the pattern, he seemed to be able to foresee the direction and pattern of the next pattern on the scabbard.

Once again, those vague intentions appeared in Neo’s mind, as if they were blurred slides, as if he could see some people and some things, but like waves of water in a well, always not quite understandable, with some abstraction.

Suddenly, there was a steep redness in front of him, as if it was the lava of a volcano, with waves of heat rolling over, and Neo felt as if he had fallen into a huge coal furnace.

He was startled in his heart and hurriedly opened his eyes.

Then, he froze.

In front of him, a young girl, squatting on the lattice of the shelf, was looking at him.

“Yao Guang!”

Neo looked at this young girl in surprise, “You, back!”

This young girl, was none other than Yaoguang.

“Hmm.” She glanced at the guilloche scabbard in Neo’s hand, a hint of indefinable longing flashed in her gaze, then she looked up at Neo, “She’s not dead.”

“She?” Neo froze and looked down at the scabbard in his hand, “You said, Xuan Gui?”

Yes, Yao Guang and Xuan Gui were a pair of swords themselves, and now that Xuan Gui was missing, she, of all people, should know where Xuan Gui was.

“No, it’s not Xuan Gui.” However, Yaoguang shook her head, “It’s her ……”

Neo was stunned for a moment, then his heart fluttered and he all but shouted out in surprise, “It’s Zhou Yun! You know where Zhou Yun is! You’re the one who saved her! Where is she, take me quickly!”

That’s right, Yao Guang was talking about Zhou Yun!


Yao Guang heavily nodded her head and turned around to walk outside the secret cave.

Neo followed closely behind Yaoguang until he came to the western outskirts of Peach Blossom Island, followed the slope next to it down to the sea, swam around the island and came inside the cave below the cliff where Zhou Yun had fallen that day.

Neo looked at the place in amazement, before he could speak.

Because she heard footsteps outside, Zhou Yun came out of her habit, “Yao Guang ……”

She only said one word before she saw Neo, and at once, Zhou Yun felt a jolt and almost fell over.

“Zhou Yun!” Neo hurriedly stepped forward and held Zhou Yun.

“Neo, you, you’re alright ……” Despite being provoked by Zheng Hyunya, Zhou Yun thought that Neo did not like herself, however, when she saw Neo, she realised that feelings, were beyond her control.

“I know everything, Jung Hyun Ah lied to you and to my grandfather, she lied to all of us ……” Neo naturally knew what happened between Jung Hyun Ah and Zhou Yun from the people on Peach Blossom Island, now, he hurriedly explained the matter.

“Really? You still like me?” Zhou Yun said.

“Master he really likes you!” Before Neo could say anything, Yao Guang, who had never spoken much, suddenly spoke up.

“Really, Yaoguang?!” Zhou Yun looked at Yaoguang in surprise, she had lived with Yaoguang for this period of time and knew that although Yaoguang did not talk much, she was a very simple and straightforward young girl, one who never told lies.


Yao Guang nodded vigorously, and then, she turned away and walked herself to a high rock nearby, hugging her knees and sitting quietly, looking, after all, a little forlorn.

Only, at this moment, Neo and Zhou Yun, who were immersed in the joy of meeting each other, neither of them noticed Yao Guang’s emotions.

“Promise me, Neo, don’t just leave me again, leave me without a greeting, you’re like this, I’m so worried, so scared ……” said Zhou Yun, hugging Neo, his head resting on Neo’s chest.

“I promise you, Zhou Yun, I won’t leave you again.” Neo took a deep breath, “Because, I want to marry you!”

A week later.

Tiandao, the day of the third young master of the Lu family’s big wedding.

Yes, today is the day that Neo and Zhou Yun will get married. When Neo was at the entrance of the cave, saying to Zhou Yun that he would marry you, the day he had planned in his mind was tomorrow.

But of course, the family had to prepare.

Hundreds of hot air balloons, the size of the World Trade Center, were raised on Sky Island early in the morning, all over the island, as if it were a fairy tale world.

Top chefs from all over the world, led by Sky Island butlers, also did their morning exercises on the grass early in the morning to warm up for the busy day ahead.

The guests who came were some of the top and oldest families from every country in the world, families with 100 billion dollars in assets like that had no business being here!

“That old man Lu Beike told me that today is the big wedding of his grandson who came back from the dead, and he has already found an island in the Er Sea for our Shangxiu family, hoping that we will move there after his grandson’s wedding, it won’t be good if we leave the sky island.”

In the guest room centre, Shangxiao frowned and said in a meeting with the family members.

“The last Lu Beike birthday was a good opportunity to stir up emotions in the others, but who would have thought that Neo would come back alive!”

“Damn it, it’s all that kid’s fault, or else, this time, we’ll just make a big fuss about his wedding!”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Shangxiu drank, “This time, the top families in the world are all here, definitely don’t do anything out of the ordinary without a good reason, know that no matter what you do, you have to be famous, otherwise, you’ll only make a mess of it, and then our Shangxiu family’s reputation will be gone!”

Speaking of this, he sighed, “It seems that this time, we are really going to be driven away by Lu Bei Ke.”

In the twinkling of an eye, it was also noon.

“Please welcome the bride and groom!” The master of ceremonies shouted from the stage.

The crowd smiled and all looked towards the door.

Neo and Zhou Yun, hand in hand, were walking towards the stage.

They were not a Chinese wedding; Zhou Yun was wearing a white wedding dress that trailed long.

Over there, Shang Xi Xiong was sitting distractedly beside Lu Bei Ke, his mind racing with thoughts of what his next step would be if he left Tiandao. As the boss of the Shang opera family, his status was almost on a par with that of the Lu family, so naturally he was also sitting on the main seat.

Just at that moment, he looked up and saw Zhou Yun.

“Murong Ruo Lan!”

He was almost taken aback, after all, when the Murong family was overturned, only Murong Ruo Lan was not there.

But then he also saw that it wasn’t Murong Ruo Lan.

But this, without a doubt, was definitely someone from the Murong family!

Shang Xiong’s shock was palpable, the Murong family actually had a remnant?

“Please exchange the rings between the two parties, after exchanging the rings, you will officially be husband and wife.” On the stage, the master of ceremonies said with a smile.

However, just at that moment.


Shang Xiong suddenly jumped out and pointed at Zhou Yun, “They can’t get married, she’s a remnant of the Murong clan!”

“The Murong family colluded with the devil clan, conspiring to help the devil forces invade the Valley Continent! The crimes committed are too numerous to mention! And she is none other than the remnant of the Murong family!”

“…… I, the Shang Opera family, together with the three great families of South Arts, Chuan Yin and North Film, paid a great price to have the Murong family eliminated, so how can we now allow the Murong remnants to remain in the world and harm the world!”

“The crimes committed by the devil clan are unjustifiable in heaven and are the public enemy of the world, and the Murong clan, being the lackeys of the devil clan, all Murong clan members must be wiped out!”

Shang Xiong said, suddenly drawing the long sword behind him and pointing it at Neo and Zhou Yun, “The Lu family has gone so far as to join with the remnants of the Murong family in marriage, they must also be severely punished!”

“Fei Long, take down Neo, and the Murong remnant!” Shangxiu Xiong was very pleased with himself at this moment, this was really an opportunity given by God.

As soon as his words fell, Shangxiu Feilong grabbed the scimitar in his hand and rushed up.

However, a graceful figure flashed past in a hurry.


A ray of blood.

For the first time, his face showed a bit of horror as he saw a deep, long slash on his small arm, gurgling and bleeding.

In front of Neo, a young girl in a blue and white dress was gazing coldly at Shang Qiu Fei Long.

“Young master, I’m coming!”

At the same time, with two cries of harmony, Zhang Jiu and Sword Fairy, both of them swiftly swept up to Neo.

“Mo Da!” Lu Beique, at this moment, also hurriedly shouted.

The grey figure, also falcon-like, stood side by side with Zhang Jiu and the others.

“Haha, good, you guys even dare to resist, then don’t blame us for not being polite!” A smug smile appeared at the corner of Shangxiu Xiong’s mouth.

“Shang opera family, all the men, all draw your swords!” Shangxiu Xiong barked an order.

Brush! Brush! Brush!

Not only the Shang Opera family, but also the families including the Southern Arts and other families, as well as some of the families attached to Shang Opera, all drew their weapons.

Several hundred swords flashed.

This time, the faces of the Lu family, all changed.


The sword in Shangxiu Xiong’s hand waved.

The group of people, whooped and hollered, rushed up.


Suddenly, a loud shout was heard.

Neo’s eyes burst out with an eerily cold light.

That gaze was so cold that it was as if between heaven and earth, everyone froze, and all movements, stopped.

Everyone in the Shangxiu family, including Shangxiu Xiong, was completely frozen in place at this moment, not moving a muscle.

Not only them, but all the people and all the animals in the whole scene were frozen in a flash, unable to move even half an inch, and even the falling leaves, which were drifting, were stagnant in mid-air.

It was as if, it was a photograph, all things, had stopped moving.

“This is my domain.” Neo coldly looked at those people from the Upper Drama Family, in his eyes, at this moment, these people, at all, did not pose any threat.

As he buried Elder Xiong, he felt so many things return to him.

A surging ability, as if, there were infinite possibilities.

“Is that so?”

Just at this time, a woman’s voice suddenly came.

Neo was stunned when he saw in the air, a woman slowly floating down.

This woman, in her forties, was plump and graceful looking, dressed in a yellow dress, and in her hand, holding a sword on a shelf.

Neo couldn’t believe it as he watched this woman fall naturally and then unhurriedly walk towards him.

“You, who are you?” An ominous feeling suddenly welled up in Neo’s heart.

“Tian Xuan, you don’t recognise me? Didn’t you go around boasting that you had swept away my Penglai Immortal Island back then?” The woman said with a cold smile.

“Tianxuan? Penglai Immortal Island? You are?”

“Oh, I am the Spirit Miao Immortal Mother, the master of Penglai Immortal Island!”

“Then you came here ……” Neo, at this point, seemed to have his head emptied, and could only ask mechanically.

“I came here, of course, to retrieve my own things!” Said the Spirit Miao Fairy Mother, suddenly pointing at Yao Guang, “This Yao Guang sword.”

Then, she pointed at Zhou Yun again.

“And this Xuan Gui Sword.”


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