At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 406

Somebody, help me up!”

“Bring the breakfast!”

“Fill the bathtub with water!”

In the room, the woman lay stretched out on the silky bed, shouting loudly, her growing belly making her look very immobile.

At the moment, she had an angry look on her face.

It was no wonder she was angry; as was her custom in the old days, when she woke up on her own in the morning, the servants would fish into the room, draw the curtains for her and let the sunlight in.

The bath would have been filled with warm, suitable water, and several people would have carefully supported her as she bathed and bathed.

A hearty breakfast would be brought to her.

This had been a part of her life for some time now.

Today, however, no, not one came.

“I’m angry!”

The woman called out again.

It was at this moment that the door opened.

“I’ve shouted so many times for you to come so late today! Do you want to die? ……”

The woman’s voice stopped short as she got a good look at the visitor.

“Yes, it’s you ……”

The woman’s arrogance was suddenly gone, and she looked a little intimidated in the face of the visitor.

“What, no one is here to serve me today?” The woman asked reluctantly.

“Neo already knows that your child is not his, do you think you will still have the same status as before?” The visitor said coldly.

“But, last time, you did some tampering for me, the dna tests were all fine, even if he doesn’t admit it, it’s useless ……” the woman said reluctantly.

“Don’t be fanciful, you don’t know how scary the people around Neo are! This little trick can’t hide from him at all!” The person who came was none other than Lu Nan, and from what the black cloak said yesterday, it was clear that the old man beside Neo was definitely a very powerful expert.

Seeing that Lu Nan had said so, Hyunya Zheng, at once, was also out of ideas in her heart.

After all, she certainly knew that the child in her stomach was not Neo’s.

The only reason she could continue to be arrogant was because Lu Nan had given her a hand job, and she relied on Lu Nan for everything, and now that even Lu Nan had said it was useless, where did she have the capital?

“Then, what then?” Zheng Hyunya asked stupidly.

“What to do? You’ve lied to grandpa for so long, you’ve lied to our Lu family for so long, and now that the truth has come out, do you think you’ll end up well?”

With Lu Nan’s words, Zheng Hyunya was about to be paralyzed with fear.

Yes, this was the number one family in the world, she had played them like a monkey and for so long, this she wouldn’t even know how she would die!

“Save, save me ……,” stammered Jung Hyun Ah, not even knowing what to say.

“For the sake of you have also helped me, I will help you once, you now immediately leave Peach Blossom Island!” Lu Nan said.

“Ah, I, I don’t want to leave, can you please beg for me, I’ll stay here, even if I have to be a servant!” Zheng Hyunya really didn’t want to leave.

It was easy to go from frugality to luxury, but difficult to go from luxury to frugality.

During this period of time on Heaven Island and Peach Blossom Island, Zheng Hyun Ah had really seen the life of the top gentry, seriously, the servants on Peach Blossom Island, the food was better than those rich kids she had seen in Jinling.

“Don’t dream! You don’t know how powerful my grandfather’s methods are! He’s the head of the first family and he’s been cheated by you, do you think he’ll let you go? To tell you the truth, grandpa has decided that he will make you receive the harshest punishment!” Lu Nan said.

Hearing this, Zheng Hyun Ah couldn’t help but shiver.

“I’ve prepared the helicopter for you too, you’ll leave now, there’s a bag under the helicopter seat, there’s a million dollars inside, whether you have an abortion or a baby, it’s enough for you to live for years to come.”

“Don’t worry, it’s my people on the helicopter, they’ll take you straight to Jinling City, I’m taking you down the path to the tarmac now, no one will see us, hurry! Move now!”

Hyunya Zheng now understood that not leaving was not an option.

Staying here, was death.

And to go, there was a million more.

One by one, the two of them left the room, and on the way, they really didn’t meet anyone, and a helicopter was already parked on the tarmac.

With her big belly, Hyun-Ah Jung trudged onto the helicopter.

As soon as she sat down, she hurried to feel under the seat.

Sure enough, there was a paper bag under the seat, with stacks and stacks of brand new money inside.

She looked under the helicopter, gradually moving away from Peach Blossom Island, and touched the banknotes under her seat, regretting that there was some small comfort in her heart.

The helicopter spun in the air and flew off to the west.

“Big brother, how much longer to Jinling ah.”

An hour later, Hyunya Zheng couldn’t help but ask, by now she had already accepted the fact that she had left the Lu family and Peach Blossom Island, and in her mind she couldn’t help but start imagining her future life in Jinling again.

A million dollars was not a lot for a rich person, but for a woman who had just graduated, it was a lot of money.

Thinking of this, Zheng Hyunya’s mood, which had been depressed because she had been forced to leave the Lu family, turned out to be vaguely more than a little cheerful.

“It’s already here.”

The driver said.

“It’s quite fast!”

Zheng Hyunya’s heart was pleased and she looked out.

However, outside, the sea was vast, not to mention the city, not even land could be seen ah, as far as the eye could see, the sea was also in the distance.

“It’s not there, is it.” Jeong Hyun Ah laughed, the driver was joking.

“Here we are, this is Jinling, you should get off the plane.” The driver said again.

“Big brother, you’re joking, this is nowhere near Jinling.” Jeong Hyun Ah said with a smile.

“This is Jinling, you should get off, don’t delay, I have to return to the flight.” The pilot suddenly turned his head and looked at Jung Hyun Ah and said.

Jung Hyun Ah couldn’t help but jump in her heart.

This pilot looked serious and earnest, where was there any semblance of a joke?

“Big, big brother ……” Jung Hyun Ah’s voice couldn’t help but stutter, an unsettling feeling that made her body sweat.

“Look, isn’t that the Golden Hotel, you go down, just take a taxi, or, I’ll help you?” The expression on the driver’s face, looked extremely normal, not at all like a joke, neither fierce, nor cunning, as if, really arrived at the Golden Palace, and even, the driver’s expression, carried an indescribable look of good intentions of active help.

However, to Hyun-Ah Jung, such an expression had an indescribable weirdness and extreme terror.

“Big brother, please ……”

Jung Hyun Ah’s heart broke in fear as she looked out at the endless sea.

“Why beg me, aren’t you going to Jinling, you’re already there now, why don’t you go down, forget it, you’re pregnant, I’ll help you.”

The pilot said, setting the autopilot mode and then, picking up Hyunya Jung, he opened the hatch.

“Please, please ……” Jung Hyun Ah was trembling, tears and cold sweat coming out of her eyes.

How could she have ever thought that she would end up like this?

She had thought that she would prosper in the Lu family and that her mother would be honored by her son, yet she would die in an unknown place that no one even knew about?

If she died here, I’m afraid that no one in the world would know that she had died, and in this way, except for Lu Nan and this driver.

That would be so tragic.

“You should be happy to be home, why are you crying.”

The driver said, his hand loosened and Hyun-ah Jung fell in a straight line.

“Young Lu, it’s done.”

Back inside the cabin, the pilot dialed the phone and reported.

“Very well, the money is yours, it’s under the seat.” The caller said.

Hanging up the phone.

The driver reached out and grabbed a bag from underneath the seat where Hyunya Zheng had just been, opened it, and looking at the bundles of banknotes inside, a smile finally appeared at the corner of the driver’s mouth.

Sky Island.

“Oh, I really didn’t expect that we would be fooled by a girl doll.” In the study, Lu Beique laughed, but although it was self-deprecating, he appeared to be in a pleasant mood.

After all, Neo had returned.

In the presence of such happy events, whatever bad things happened would be washed away.

“Alas, grandfather, it’s all my fault for not investigating carefully.” Across the table, Lu Nan said with a look of remorse, “I even asked you to send Mo to protect her, it’s all my fault.”

“Forget it, but no matter what, Neo’er did that kind of thing to her, on this matter, it is Neo’er who has wronged her.” Lu Beique thought for a while and added, “So if she stays on Peach Blossom Island, then let her stay on for now, since the child is not Neo’er’s, it’s up to her whether she gives birth or whatever, wait for a while, send her back, give her a compensation fee, and forget about this matter.”

“Grandpa, I went to her today and she said she wanted to leave Peach Blossom Island, I gave her a sum of money and had her sent away.” Lu Nan said.

“Alright. This matter, that’s the end of it.” Lu Beique nodded his head and said.


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