At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 405

In a flash, the eyes of the crowd were all focused on Zhang Jiu behind Neo.

The crowd did not know Zhang Jiu and the Sword Immortal, nor did they know what their identities were, and Neo did not introduce them.

“Old thing, what did you say!”

Zheng Hyunya’s face instantly changed, and even though she showed a kind of anger at being wronged, she still couldn’t help but feel a sense of panic in her heart at being exposed.

After all, she knew she was lying.

No matter how well she disguised it, deep down she was still always worried about being found out.

The crowd, even Neo, looked at Zhang Jiu curiously.

Not knowing why Zhang Jiu said that.

“Admit it, the child in your belly is not the young master’s!” Zhang Jiu’s tone, decisive, without a hint of hesitation!

“Old man, you dare to talk nonsense here! What proof do you have.” Jung Hyun-ah said angrily.

“It’s simple.” Zhang Jiu said unhurriedly, “Because the young master can’t have children.”


The crowd all seemed to have heard a thunderstorm abruptly, and Lu Qian even looked at Zhang Jiu with a bit of dissatisfaction, “Sir, you must not speak nonsense.”

Yes, this is a curse on the Third Young Master for not being able to have children!

However, Zhang Jiu ignored the other people’s glances, still looking coldly at Zheng Hyunya, and forced a step closer, “You know very well whether it’s true or not, and you still don’t admit it?!”

“You, don’t come any closer!”

When Zheng Hyun Ah saw how confident Zhang Jiu was and how he was so confident in his words, she was also panicked in her heart.

She no longer looked at Zhang Jiu, but sneered at Neo, “Oh, Neo, I see, you’re doing this on purpose, right, deliberately instructing a psychopath to say such things, but to avoid responsibility for me, am I right! Think what you like, it’s your business to think what you like, but you better remember that everything you do and say, you better live up to your conscience!”

With that, Jung Hyun Ah turned around and went back into the house, closing the door with a bang.

Neo also froze there for a moment, after all, he didn’t understand why Zhang Jiu said that.

“Zhang Jiu, did you, just now, say that on purpose?”

At this time, Neo had already returned to the lounge at Peach Blossom Island, his heart was quite confused, on the one hand, it was about Zhou Yun disappearing once again, and on the other hand, it was about Zheng Hyun Ah being pregnant with a child.

Thinking about what Zhang Jiu said just now, Neo still didn’t understand exactly what Zhang Jiu meant and why he said those words.

“Young master, it’s true.” Zhang Jiu shook his head and said.

“Ah?” Neo’s face instantly changed and his mouth was open all of a sudden, not knowing what to say.

After all, he was also a man, and he couldn’t have children himself? What was this, this was too damaging to his pride.

“But you don’t need to be too upset, Young Master.” Zhang Jiu added, “Young master you are not unable to procreate at all, you are merely unable to procreate with ordinary humans.”

“Young master I think you should also realise that you are not an ordinary human.” Zhang Jiu said.

Neo was stunned, after experiencing so many things, he had certainly accepted his identity a long time ago, and since he had such an incredible past, it was certainly easy to realise that he was not an ordinary human.

“Young master you are not an ordinary human, so an ordinary human woman would not be able to withstand the energy needed for your offspring to grow within her body, thus resulting in your offspring not being able to be normally conceived within an ordinary woman’s body.” Chapter 9 continued to explain.

“This …… turns out to be the case …….”

Neo breathed a sigh of relief and was shocked, he really thought that he couldn’t have offspring.

Only, looking at it this way, then what Zheng Hyunya is carrying really must not be her own child!

“But, just now Uncle Qian told me that Grandpa also suspected this, so he had Hua it do a dna test of the fetus at that time, and the result was an exact match with mine, what’s going on?” Neo said with a frown.

Of course he believed Zhang Jiu, it was just that this matter was contradicting itself by this point.


Zhang Jiu’s body shook with disbelief when he heard that.

“This is impossible!” Zhang Jiu frowned and shook his head, “It’s never possible! Young master, Zheng Hyunya is just an ordinary woman, she definitely can’t withstand the energy needed to conceive your offspring, there must be something odd here …… strange, this is too strange ……”

Zhang Jiu muttered to himself, obviously, a judgment he absolutely believed, but the dna match, too, was an unexplainable phenomenon.

Suddenly, Zhang Jiu’s face suddenly turned white, “Could it be, it’s him, he’s here …… yes, it must be him …… and only him, he can …… ”

“What’s wrong, Zhang Jiu? Who are you talking about?” Neo looked at Zhang Jiu’s appearance curiously and had an indescribable shock in his heart, knowing that this panicked and frightened appearance of Zhang Jiu now was something that rarely appeared.

“Young master, I can’t tell you who he is.” Zhang Jiu looked at Neo, and in that gaze, it was as if there were too many secrets buried, “But one day, you will know who he is. Because one day, he will come looking for you.”

At this time, Sky Island.

In Lu Nan’s room.

“Since Neo has come back alive, then even if Zheng Hyunya’s child is still treated as Neo’s, his status will be reduced, in other words, that child will at most be clothed and fed in the future, on the same level as Lu Tianzhi, and will not have much power. It’s a pity that what was an ace in the hole has now become an ordinary card.” Lu Nan paced back and forth in depression.

“Hey, it’s not just an ordinary card, it should be a waste card now.” The man opposite, still hidden in his black cloak, sat by the window, “Jung Hyun-ah is about to reveal himself, that boy should know that the child is not his own.”

“How is that possible?” Lu Nan couldn’t help but stare, “You didn’t do the trick, the dna tests all matched, how could that kid possibly suspect.”

“That kid won’t suspect, but that old man he’s following around will.”

“The old man with white hair and a sword on his back, looking like a Taoist master?” Lu Nan’s brow furrowed, “When I first saw that old man, I was also extremely shocked, that old man is definitely a worldly master, I just don’t know what kind of trickery that kid Neo used to trick that old man, even if that kid Neo might have worshipped that old man as his teacher, if so, Neo will have one more backer.”

Speaking of this, Lu Nan couldn’t help but rub his hands together, an indefinable stifled expression on his face.

“Hehehehehehehehe ……”


“That you are wrong, that old man with white beard is a three-legged goods, I am talking about the other one who is thin and short with a few lewdness.”

“Ah, that one?” Lu Nan was stunned, “That old man looks like nothing more than a charlatan who walks the streets and cheats, what means could he have to see that the child in Zheng Hyunya’s belly is not Neo’s?”

“Hey, he doesn’t need the means to see that woman, he just needs to know that kid.” The black cloak said and suddenly stood up, “Before I leave, I’ll give you one last piece of advice, you get rid of that woman early, after all, she already knows about you, keeping it is a curse.”

“You, you’re leaving?” Lu Nan’s face changed, this black cloak’s origin and all, he had no idea at all, but ever since he found himself on that night of the city-wide disaster in Wujiang City, he had been the one who had been secretly helping himself against Neo.

With him by his side, it was as if everything had become so easy.

Now that he had to leave, Lu Nan naturally couldn’t let go.

“Not only is that kid still alive, he has that old man by his side, it’s getting worse and worse to deal with, it seems that I need to go and find help.”

With that, the black cloak pulled open the door and walked straight out.

“High man, be careful, everyone is outside for grandpa’s birthday ……” Lu Nan couldn’t help but blurt out, but then as if he thought of something, he stopped speaking again.

Only eyed the black cloaked man and walked out of the door with great dignity.

Outside the door was the lawn of the Sky Island Manor, which was now filled with laughter and bustling with people.

The black cloak was so striking and peculiarly dressed, yet, until he reached the gate of Sky Island and his figure disappeared, the people around him did not even glance at him, as if he was an invisible person.


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