At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 404

The fragrant scent, as if it were the fragrance of an April flower, fresh if nothing, but refreshing, filled Neo’s nose and heart and lungs.

The one holding him was no longer the skinny little girl of 14 or 15 years old, but a soft body, as if it was a lotus flower in June, when it was gradually blooming in full.

Neo turned around, and before his eyes, a beautiful young girl with eyes that were no longer just pure and ignorant, but had long since gained a bit more consideration and warmth from the human world.

“You’re back, brother Neo …… I knew it, I knew you would come back …… because there are so many people who love you, so many people who need your care… . you will never die ……”

Lu Wan hugged Neo tightly, her hair buried in Neo’s arms, and Neo only felt his chest become moist and warm all of a sudden.

He knew that it was Lu Wan’s tears that had moistened his chest.

Neo gently stroked Lu Wan’s hair, and the softness of his hand brought a feeling of strength and tenderness to his heart.

A young girl is a fragile and beautiful piece of glass that needs someone to protect her.

And when she called herself brother, when she was still a toddler and gave her hand to him to hold for the first time, he was her protector for the rest of her life.

A long, long time, so long that it was outrageous.

“Wan’er, are you all right? I ran into a stranger when I came here just now, and the blood in this room, what happened?” Neo looked up and down at Lu Wan with concern, but in the end he was relieved that Lu Wan did not look injured in any way, and the expression on her face told Neo that nothing had happened to her.

“No, it’s alright, brother Neo.”

Lu Wan said, her face showing a slightly thoughtful, pensive look.

Just now, those few small family dudes had blocked her in the room and were about to make a move, when the up-playing Fei Long also came.

At that time, Lu Wan was really completely terrified, as a girl, the kind of covetous eyes of Shang Xiu Fei Long, she had felt it long ago.

Moreover, the respectful attitude of those few family dudes towards Shang Opera Fei Long also indicated that they were all in cahoots! It was never a good thing for Shangxiao Feilong to come over suddenly.

She had thought that she would not be able to escape, but who knew that Shang Xiu Fei Long had actually chopped at the necks of those few people with a single slash.

He moved so fast that those few people might have died without realising what had happened.

Just one slash, one slash was enough.

With his ability, it would not take much effort to deal with these people.

It was only when the blood splattered out that Lu Wan realised what had happened.

She was still scared, because at that moment, Shangxiu Feilong was still in her room.

She didn’t know what Shang-xiao Fei-long was about to do next.

Then, Shang Xi Fei Long threw the bodies of the men, straight out of the window onto the lawn downstairs, and then, with Lu Wan looking on in surprise and disbelief, left the room.

During the whole time, Shang Xi Fei Long did not say a word.

Lu Wan couldn’t believe it.

This barbarian had actually done nothing to her, and merely, just saved her?

Neo listened, and Lu Wan looked downstairs. The bodies that had fallen on the lawn had long since been dragged away by Upplay Fei Long, and on the lawn, there were still obvious dragging, long traces.

The death of a few people was by no means trivial, but they had been killed for violating Lu Wan, which was nothing to be ashamed of, and even if their family knew about it, they would not have any objection.

At this moment, the Sky Island guest room centre.

“The plan has been cancelled, up-playing the banker?” Lu Nan asked with a frown.

“Didn’t you say that that Neo had died? How come he’s actually back today, now that your grandfather has fully recovered, as long as he’s in a good mood, with his years of leadership experience and ability, it’s a simple matter to mobilize and comfort these clansmen, even though some of the clansmen have been persuaded by us to turn against them, your grandfather still has the ability to stabilize the situation, now on Sky Island, your grandfather has already made a big feast and feasted his guests. In this situation, we are not sure that we can agitate the crowd. We can only take our time and wait for our chance.”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect that Neo had survived either ……” Lu Nan still couldn’t believe it until now, after all, that was a helicopter explosion.

At the same time, a bad thought, also flashed in Lu Nan to the mind.

Now that Neo is not dead, then the child in Zheng Hyunya’s belly, is it not of little value?

It was a small matter that all his efforts were wasted.

The point is, if the collusion between himself and Zheng Hyunya was exposed, it would be detrimental to himself.

Lu Nan’s heart is chagrined, yes, originally, Zheng Hyun Ah should be a pawn of his own, but now it has become a tricky burden that cannot be shaken off, which is a bit troublesome.

The most important thing is to come up with a foolproof plan.

As for Neo, as much as he wanted to accompany his grandfather through the birthday party today, there were obviously more important people waiting for him.

Peach Blossom Island.

A helicopter, landing on the tarmac.

“Welcome Third Young Master! Hello Third Young Master!”

On the parking lawn, Lu Qian, with almost everyone on Peach Blossom Island, came to greet him.

When the helicopter carrying Neo and the others all took off on Sky Island, the news had already reached the Peach Blossom Island side.

“Zhou Yun, Zhou Yun ……”

Neo had just jumped off the helicopter and was impatiently looking for Zhou Yun.

He had expected Zhou Yun to be the first to swoop up to greet him, however, before his eyes, there was only Lu Qian and other people from Peach Blossom Island, where was Zhou Yun’s shadow?

“Third Young Master, Miss Zhou she, she has disappeared ……”

Lu Qian did not dare to hide, so he told Neo everything about Zhou Yun, in order to take care of Neo’s emotions, Lu Qian did not dare to say that Zhou Yun had died, only that Zhou Yun had disappeared.

But in his mind, Zhou Yun had been missing for so long, and the slippers were still found on the beach, so it must have been the worst news.


Neo was instantly frozen, like a bolt from the blue.

What the hell had happened?

This was Peach Blossom Island, the Lu family’s own land!

It was arguably one of the safest places to be in, a place where nothing could ever happen!

“What’s going on! How could this happen!” Lu Tianzhi was also frozen, and he grabbed Lu Qian’s collar and roared.

Yes, he too had just found out.

“It’s like this ……,” Lu Qian hurriedly told the story of Zhou Yun and Jung Hyun Ah, again.

“Jung Hyun Ah?! She, how could she be here!” Neo’s head buzzed wide at once, and in his mind, he immediately pictured the way he woke up in the hotel, the way Jung Hyun Ah had spilled her guts in the Plum Grove Small House in the first place, resounded with the way Jung Hyun Ah had screamed to make himself regret when he left, and remembered the words that Feng Ling had said on the train ……

“Sango, I’m sorry, it’s like this ……”

Yes, Lu Tianzhi had been hiding it from Neo, after all, it was an ignominious matter and he didn’t want to distract Neo too much.

“Where is Jung Hyun Ah?” Neo said.

The crowd looked around and surprisingly, Hyunya Zheng was not here.

“Third Young Master, I’ll take you there.” Lu Qian led the way, Neo followed Lu Tianzhi, along with Sword Immortal and Zhang Jiu, and a group of people followed.

Since Sword Immortal and Zhang Jiu had also come to Heavenly Island with Neo, they naturally followed him closely to his left and right.

Soon, the group arrived in front of a detached villa.

“Miss Zheng, Miss Zheng!”

At the door, Lu Qian shouted.

“Don’t shout, I don’t want to see him!” Inside the door, Zheng Hyunya’s voice, finally, came out.

In her voice, there was a cold and hateful tone.

“Jung Hyun Ah! You come out!” Neo frowned.

He had nothing to say to Jung Hyun Ah, after all, he had done that kind of thing himself.

“Hyun Ah Jung, if you don’t come out, I will break in hard, don’t forget, this is our Lu Family’s Peach Blossom Island!” Neo was also angry.

The door, opened.

Hyunya Zheng walked out with a cold face.

To be honest, when he saw Hyunya Jung’s stomach, Neo couldn’t help but freeze for a moment.

“What’s with you and Zhou Yun! Why did you say those things to her! You know full well that there’s nothing at all between the two of us! I don’t even like you either, she’s the one I like the most! Why did you bully her so much!” Neo said angrily.

“You don’t like me, and I don’t like you, but you took my body in a solid way, and it was your child in my belly. But do you know how stressful it was for me to have a child for someone I didn’t like and who forcibly took possession of me when I was drunk! Of course I’m not happy after all the sacrifices I’ve made, and Zhou Yun is deliberately provoking me and irritating me because she’s jealous that I’m pregnant with your child, I’m under so much pressure, what’s wrong with saying some serious words to her! I was so stressed, I said a few words to her! Who told her to be so weak in her heart! I’m a victim myself, and you have the nerve to blame me!” Zheng Hyun Ah said coldly.

For a moment, Neo didn’t know what to say.

He suddenly hated himself, hated himself for getting drunk, hated himself for not resisting the temptation to have s*x with Jung Hyun Ah.

If that hadn’t happened, this situation wouldn’t have arisen today!

“I don’t care about your Lu family’s affairs! I, Jung Hyun Ah, just want to give birth to the baby in my belly now and get out of here! So please don’t bother me anymore!”

With that, Jung Hyun Ah turned around, and was ready to go back.

Just then.

“You’re lying!” Behind Neo, a voice suddenly shouted, “The child in your belly, no matter whose it is, could be anyone’s, but it can never be the young master’s!”


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