At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 403

Lu Beique looked at Lu Tianzhi at the door in disbelief, unable to figure out why Lu Tianzhi was doing this.

He had grown up watching Lu Tianzhi, and of course he knew Lu Tianzhi’s character. Although he was arrogant and impulsive on the outside, he was actually soft and obedient in his bones.

Therefore, when he saw that it was Lu Tianzhi, Lu Beique was truly dumbfounded for a moment, and his heart, received a heavy blow.

If even Tianzhi had stood against him, then he was really isolated and helpless.


Was it just because he had reprimanded him a few times this morning?

Lu Bei Ke thought that after his reprimand, Lu Tianci would come to his senses and understand what he had done.

Who knew that now, not only did he not understand himself, but now he had even staged such a big fireworks feast, intensifying the situation?

Is he really going against himself?

“Haha, can you all see, even the Lu family’s people themselves can’t stand it anymore and have started setting off fireworks!”

“Yes, it’s indeed too much, Grand Master Lu, what else do you have to say now!”

“What else do you call him, Grand Master Lu, he used to be Grand Master Lu, but now he’s Lu Bei Ke!”

The crowd’s anger grew even more vigorous for a moment.

“Grandpa, what are you talking about, what betrayal of the family?” Lu Tianzhi had just arrived at Tiandao and did not yet know what was happening, of course he did not understand what Lu Bei Ke meant, he also ignored what the others said, still with an excited look on his face, he pointed to the entrance of Tiandao Manor, “Grandpa, it’s too late to explain more, you can see it first!”

Before Lu Tianci could finish his sentence, bang!

There was another explosion in the sky, a huge smoke and fire that could be seen clearly even under the clear and sunny sky.

The sky was filled with fireworks, as if it was a meteor shower, slowly descending.

A long tail was still trailing behind them, leaving a splendid trail in the sky.

Countless trails of fireworks sprinkled almost the entire Heavenly Island, even as they slid down around the crowd.

“Tian Chi, what the hell do you want! Didn’t I tell you ……” Lu Beique was anxious and angry.

Seeing that these people were being agitated, and now his own grandson had come to add fuel to the fire, if this went on, Heavenly Island would be in danger!

“Grandpa, look!”

Lu Tianzhi pointed to the doorway.

A human figure, was slowly walking.

Behind him, there were two other people.

One had white hair and was an old man who was extremely thin, while the other had a thin figure and shrewd eyes, looking like a man who was good at talking and coming to terms with things, but at this moment, his face was in a majestic posture, looking a bit strange.

Lu Beique then felt a shudder run through his body, this is!


The one who came in was none other than Neo.

“Neo’er ……”

Lu Beique was all but dumbfounded, frozen there, staring blankly, but when Neo came to the front, Lu Beique also completely confirmed the arrival of none other than Neo, who had long been thought to be dead.

“Grandfather, you are much more haggard than I remember!”

Neo came forward and could not help but hug Lu Beique tightly.

On the way here, in the helicopter, from Lu Tianci’s mouth, Neo also knew some of the situation on Tiandao, and knew that everyone thought he was dead.

He also knew how sad his grandfather was.

At this moment, seeing his grandfather, who was still quite powerful when he left, but now with a deep sunken face and a haggard look, Neo was really heartbroken.

“Neo’er, you’re fine, you’re really fine! That’s great, that’s wonderful!”

Lu Bei Ke excitedly hugged Neo and looked him up and down as if to confirm once again.

“Grandpa, do you like it?” Finally, the two of them slowly stabilised, and Neo asked.

“Ah, like what?”

“The fireworks just now, did you like them, grandpa?” Six years ago when you had your 60th birthday, so many people came to Tiandao, it was so lively, I was just a high school student at that time, seeing so many people come to congratulate you, bringing all kinds of exotic gifts and so many performers, I really felt proud to be born in the Lu family at that time. After your 60th birthday, Tianzhi and I secretly made up our minds that on your 66th birthday, we would send you the biggest fireworks in the world! Thank you for raising us, Grandpa! This is a wish that Tianzhi and I made six years ago, and today, it has finally come true in time!”

“Ah, so, so it’s like this ……”

Lu Bei Ke was filled with hot tears while a pleased smile appeared on his face, he looked at Lu Tian Chi again, “Tian Chi, so you and your third brother, had made an appointment for this day long ago, no wonder you dared to take the initiative to offer to celebrate my birthday in the morning, so this was your wish all along.”

“Yes, grandpa, otherwise how would I have mentioned this matter!” Lu Tianzhi said aggrievedly, “Only because this matter, is the wish of me and third brother many years ago, so, when today is your birthday are, I thought of the plotting with third brother six years ago, I know, this is not only my wish, but also the wish of third brother, so, in the morning, I just …… ”

“I was so wrong to blame you.” Lu Beique patted Lu Tianzhi’s head.

Looking at Neo again, “Great, it’s good that you’re back, Neo’er, we’re all together as a family, so we’re not afraid of anything!”

Lu Bei Ke looked at the crowd and said, “Thank you all for coming to celebrate my birthday today. I declare that today, on the island of Heaven, you can eat all the meat and drink all the wine you want! Let’s all be happy and do whatever tricks we can!”

At once, some people in the crowd cheered.

“That’s what the Grand Master looks like!”

“That’s right, that’s more like it!”

For a moment, the entire Heavenly Island was surrounded by an overflowing buzz.

Although some clans were already under the control of the Upper Drama Clan, they didn’t dare to act rashly for a while when such a change suddenly occurred.

“Right, grandpa, sister Wan’er is also on Heaven Island, right?”

Neo remembered Lu Wan, it had been a long time since he had seen Wan Er’s sister, not even the day he left the family, at that time Neo thought he would never see her again.

“Yes, Wan Er has gone back to her room, you should go over there!” Lu Bei Ke said with a smile, he knew the bond between these grandchildren and it made him quite happy and proud.

Without saying a word, Neo immediately ran towards Lu Wan’s room.

And at that moment, inside Lu Wan’s room.

“What are you doing! This is the Lu family, how dare any of you do it! Do you know that you have intruded into a forbidden area!” Lu Wan looked at the youths in front of her with a cold face and a look of awe and inviolability.

Only, in her heart, she was panicked to the extreme.

What was this?

These guys, all originally from the Lu Family’s affiliated clans, how could they have barged into the Lu Family’s core staff living area, which was a forbidden area for them!

“She’s Lu Wan?”

“She’s really good looking.”

“The status is still so noble, the eldest miss of the Lu family, hey, for us, this is the white rich beauty in our eyes, right?”

“Haha, that’s right, we usually play with the white rich beauty in the minds of the hangers-on, we’ve never played with the white rich beauty in our own minds, we’re blessed today!”

“You guys, shut up! Come on, someone!”

Lu Wan was furious and scared as she heard their nasty words.

She didn’t know what was wrong, how did these people barge in and where did they get the guts to do so?

Then she thought of the grim expression on her grandfather’s face when he told her to go back to her room just now, and the madness of those families outside just now, Lu Wan’s heart, abruptly understood something, which made her heart, even more scared.

“Stop screaming, Miss Lu, oh no, Wan’er, haha! It’s useless for you to scream, the servants here have all been knocked out by us.”

“Don’t you mess around, your clan will all suffer if you dare!”

“Hahaha, Wan’er, do you know that outside now, it is likely that we have taken control and your Lu family, too, has been replaced by the Shangxiu family.”

“That’s right, did you hear the sound of the fireworks outside just now? Hahaha, that’s what we put up, your grandfather said again and again that he wasn’t allowed to entertain, but now that we’ve put up such a big firework, it’s obvious that Heaven Island is now under our control, haha, if you’re smart, now instead of threatening us, you’re pleasing us, haha!”

As these people spoke, they greedily approached Lu Wan.

Although they were all what the world would call top-notch second generation rich people, but, compared to Lu Wan, their status was dimly irrelevant.

Lu Wan, too, was the white rich beauty in their hearts.

At this moment, how could they not be excited to have a kiss with the rich white beauty in their hearts.

“Don’t come over here, you guys!”

Lu Wan put her hands up to block in front of her, seeing these people getting tighter and tighter, she screamed in fear.

It was at this time.

In the corridor, there was the sound of footsteps again.

It was getting closer and closer.

“Help!” Lu Wan’s heart fluttered and she hurriedly shouted.

The door opened and a figure, standing in the doorway.

The men hurriedly stopped and looked back at the visitor.

Immediately, a smile piled up on their faces, “Young Master Fei Long, hello, hello.”

The person who came was none other than Fei Long from the upper play.

Lu Wan’er’s heart, on the other hand, sank fiercely.

Shang Play Fei Long’s gaze was fixed on Lu Wan’s body, and that gaze, as if flies were crawling on her body, made people extremely uncomfortable.


The door was heavily shut by Shang Xi Fei Long.

Neo was running.

He ran through the grass, through the forest of flowers, all the way to Lu Wan’s room.

Sister Wan’er, how long has it been since I’ve seen you?

Two years? Three years? Four years?

I couldn’t remember, but in any case, it had been a long time.

In the past three or four years, sister Wan’er must have changed a lot.

Neo remembered that Lu Wan was a little girl of 14 or 15, but now, at 17 or 18, she had grown into a big girl, haha!

Finally, Neo reached the aisle in front of Lu Wan’s room.

Sister Wan’er, he wanted to shout.

But he held back, because he wanted to give Lu Wan a surprise.

Just then, a young man whom Neo did not know also came from one end of the aisle, with a fierce gaze, a dark braided hair, a full beard and, surprisingly, a few traces of blood on his face!

This guy walked straight towards Neo, the two crossed paths, the youth’s shoulder hit Neo’s shoulder heavily, Neo dodged a little, the youth grunted very dominantly and walked away without looking back.

Neo’s heart just froze for a moment and he didn’t think any more about it.

He quickly walked to Lu Wan’s door.

“Sister Wan’er ……,” Neo called out.

Inside the room, however, there was no sound.

“Wan’er sister ……” Neo called out several times in succession, but there was no sound inside.

His heart moved, hurriedly pushed open the door, and saw the room’s floor, the wall, he saw several blood.

“Sister Wan’er!” Neo was suddenly in a great hurry.

“Brother Neo!”

Just then, behind him, a pair of soft arms embraced him and a joyful voice rang out behind Neo.


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