At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 402

Although the Lu family did not have any involvement throughout, these families who came were prepared for the event, and when they came to the Sky Island, they brought everything they needed to bring.

Soon, on the Heavenly Island, there was a joyful atmosphere, and everywhere was buzzing with activity.

Lu Beique looked at everything in front of him, without a half smile on his face, only an indescribable helplessness.

Looking at the crowd cheerfully as if it was New Year’s Eve, his heart really felt bad.

Last time, when the Shang Opera family had held a party, Lu Bei Ke could at least hide in his study at that time.

This time, however, he had nowhere to hide.

Because he was the party, he was the birthday boy!

He did not want to stay here, but Lu Beique also knew that he could not be capricious, after all, this was not a child’s game, this was an interest and interaction between the great families, and he was thinking about the interests and fame of the whole family.

So, he had to be here.

“Are you sure that your grandfather will fall for the plan today? As far as I know, your grandfather’s patience is still very strong, he’s a man with a lot of experience, he can’t just get carried away.”

And at this moment, in the centre of the guest room on Heavenly Island, Shang Xiong was staring at the youth in front of him, and at this moment, his face, all of which looked a bit excited.

“You can rest assured about this!”

The youth heatedly smiled, “You should know, that kid Neo is my grandfather’s favorite grandson, although I can’t figure out now why grandfather values him the most, that kid looks useless cowardly and incompetent and indecisive, born to be a waste.”

“So, when the boy died, grandfather was devastated.” The youth continued, “Grandpa is like an old stubborn man who can’t see happy things anymore, if your family wasn’t still on the island, I think grandpa would have ordered Heaven Island to ban all entertainment and turn this place into a monastery-like boring place. So, with those clans making a scene today, Grandpa will definitely be irritated, and as soon as he falls for the ruse and gets in a mood, that’s your chance.”

“Hehehe, that’s right.” Shang Xiong smiled, “Your grandfather is a man who does things with a lot of city spirit and easily doesn’t break, but this time, I think it will hit his soft spot.”

Speaking of this, Shang Xiong’s expression was again austere as he glared at the youth, “But let me tell you, you can’t lie to me, you know, success or failure is at stake, I was going to wait for some more days to get everything in place and then strike together, but today is indeed an unexpected day, only, if things don’t work out today, then startle the snake, it will not be good to look for opportunities in the future.”

“Don’t worry about this on the play Zhuang Lord, this morning, that trash, Lu Tianzhi, even offered to come and celebrate grandpa’s birthday, only to be scolded by grandpa, even grandpa treated Lu Tianzhi like this, it already shows that he really doesn’t want to have any celebration.”

“Good, haha.”

“By the way, Lord Shang Opera, there is no more problem on grandpa’s side, the key is are those clans reliable? There are dozens of clans coming this time, will they really go for it?” Lu Nan also asked worriedly.

“You don’t need to worry about this, the effort I put into the Dragon and Tiger list in each city before has come in handy, now the Dragon and Tiger list in each city are all my people, and seventy percent of the families that came this time are under my control, some are threatened, some are bought, as long as these people once make a scene, the remaining thirty percent, will also be driven, even if there are a few Even if there are a few without eyes, it doesn’t matter, it won’t be easy to kill them when the time comes.”

“That would be great, that, up-play banker, when you guys take over the world, then I ……”

“Don’t worry about it, I won’t treat you badly.”

“Many thanks to the Upper Drama Banker!”

“Hey, Lu Nan, you’re the smartest person I’ve ever seen in the Lu family.”

And at that moment outside.

Lu Bei Ke locked his eyebrows, looking at the crowd that was laughing and drinking happily in front of him, and in his heart he only hoped that this farce would pass quickly.

Just then.

Suddenly, there was a sound of gongs and drums being beaten.

Lu Bei Ke frowned and looked up.

He saw that the crowd in the venue had all stood up and looked towards the entrance.

As the sound of the gongs and drums grew louder and louder, there was a sudden shout of approval from the crowd at the entrance, and then a lion, straight away, sprang out.

It wasn’t a real lion, it was a dancing lion.

The crowd suddenly gave way, and in the atmosphere of cheerful gongs and drums, a festive lion dance came to the centre of the venue, shaking its head and performing.

The crowd was so excited to watch it that they shouted their approval.

But Lu Beike’s brow furrowed even more, what was going on?

What was wrong with these people?

He had clearly reminded them to just eat and not to entertain themselves, so why did they let the lion dance in?

Of course, Lu Beique knew in his heart that it was normal for lion dancers to appear at the birthday party, but now the situation was special and he had ordered it three times.

And now it was still there.

When he thought that Neo had just left a few days ago, the island was now like a festival.

Lu Beique’s heart really didn’t feel good.

However, he was also in a difficult position, after all, these people were also well-intentioned, if he did not word his words properly and his tone was not right, he would also hurt their hearts.

But at this moment, listening to the sound of the festive gongs and drums and watching the joyful lion dance, Lu Bei Ke really couldn’t stand it either.

He was hesitating whether to say anything.

Just at this moment.

A figure, suddenly scurried to the middle of the venue.

Directly, a foot kicked the lion dance, directly knocking it over and the performers inside fell out.

At once, the crowd gasped.

And the figure, obviously furious to the core, directly thumped the two lion dancers with two more kicks.

“Damn it, who told you to perform! Didn’t grandpa say, no entertainment!”

The man was obviously furious to the extreme, and said while still not stopping his feet.

“It’s only fair that you’re allowed to come to dinner, and you’re doing all this f*cking fancy shit, do you deserve it!” The man finally stopped, but his anger continued, and he pointed at the crowd without mercy, “I’m telling you, this is the Lu family, this is Tiandao, you are all vassals of the Lu family, you have to abide by the rules when you come to Tiandao, you know!”

“My cousin has only died a few days ago, grandpa is grieving, and you are all partying on Sky Island, what kind of people are you! What qualifications do you have! When you’re a junior member of the Lu family, you have to behave yourself! I’m telling you, all of you together are less than my cousin’s hair! When my cousin died, it’s not bad enough that all of you didn’t wear mourning and set up a funeral hall in each of your homes, and you’re still doing lion dances on Sky Island.

“If you don’t listen to me, if you don’t want to be part of the Lu family, get out! Remember, you are all inferior people, our Lu family is your master, now that one master has passed away, you have to grieve and cry, understand, and still play the lion dance, whoever dares to engage in entertainment again, kill without amnesty!”

At once, the crowd was dumbfounded, and there was silence, not a single voice.

Many people bowed their heads, only, some had anger on their faces and clenched their fists.

And in Lu Beique’s already tightened brow, who was sitting high up, there was a little more worry.

“Grandpa, although those people dancing the lion, too not take your words just now seriously, but isn’t it too much for Lu Nan to do this and say these words?”

Next to him, Lu Wan also frowned, looking at the scene.

“This boy, it’s probably also because Neo’er leaving has hit him too hard too.” Although Lu Bei Ke said this, there was also a slight surprise in his tone.

“It’s Lu Nan and brother Neo’s relationship that’s not good!”

“I know this, but they were cousins after all, and perhaps Neo’s death has awakened Lu Nan’s kinship, and that’s why he was so angry when he saw the lion dance.” A hint of relief appeared in Lu Bei Ke’s gaze, but then his brow furrowed again, “But, it was too reckless for him to do that. This, on the contrary, will anger them.”

Speaking here, Lu Beique looked around the circle below, his voice abruptly gruff, “Wan’er, you leave here now.”

“Grandpa?” Lu Wan didn’t understand for a moment.

“You go back to your room first!” Lu Bei Ke’s voice became even more gruff for a few moments and took on more of a commanding tone.

Seeing her grandfather like this, Lu Wan dared not disobey, and despite her reluctance, she had no choice but to leave.

And offstage.

“You, who are you to say that about us!” Suddenly, someone pointed at Lu Nan’s nose and questioned.

“That’s right, you, what you said is too much, now is, what era is it, you, how dare you treat us all like lowly slaves?” Another person said.

Of course, they also knew Lu Nan’s identity as a member of the Lu family, so when they said such things, they stammered because they were nervous and scared.

“Right! I recognise him, he’s the grandson of the Grand Master called Lu Nan, he’s so insulting!”

“That’s right! People from the Lu family are too domineering, so despicable!”

“Yes, so many of us, so many clans, having travelled so far, having come all this way to celebrate the birthday of the Grand Master, to get this result!”

“In the hearts of their Lu family, the efforts of so many of us are no match for a dead man!”

“Oh, in their eyes, I’m afraid we’re all no better than a dog!”


The crowd gradually began to explode with the agitation of people with ulterior motives caught in the crowd.

“Sorry, sorry.”

Lu Beique, at this point, had long since hurried to the front of the crowd.

“Everyone, this has nothing to do with Lu Nan, it’s all my decision, I make amends to everyone, it’s just that, as I said earlier, someone from our Lu family passed away, it’s really not good to be having a big celebration ……”

Lu Bei Ke was secretly anxious at this point, but still explained patiently.

“Oh, Grand Master, don’t wash it, we know what person died, a scum called Neo right, I heard that he also raped a poor young girl!”

“Wow, you’re insulting us all because of this scum? Because of this scum’s death, so you let all of us get dragged down because of him? Have you ever thought about how we feel, do you really see us as an equal family, as equals?!”

“Right! Instead of banning celebrations when scum die, you should celebrate in a big way, right!”

“Yes, yes!”

“I also heard that the young girl was even taken by you to the island and put under house arrest, just because the young girl was raped by the scum Neo and had Neo’s seed in her stomach?!”

“It’s so dark! How inhumane!”

“The Lu family is not the old Lu family! Let’s all turn against it!”

At this, the crowd’s emotions abruptly rose even higher, and for a moment, the crowd suddenly surged forward in a frenzy, their voices extremely appalling.

The faces of the people from the Lu Family present also changed.

Yes, in all these years on Tiandao, they had never seen such a thing on Tiandao again!

After all, Tiandao was one of the safest places in the world.

Who would dare to cause trouble here again?

But today, someone had really caused trouble!

Lu Beiq’s heart thumped.

Even though he had seen big scenes, he had never expected this kind of change.

For a moment, he panicked.

“Stop!” Lu Bei Ke suddenly bellowed, not only did he not retreat, but actually took a step forward to meet the crowd and shouted even louder, “This is the Lu Family Heavenly Island, who dares to be reckless!”

Lu Bei Ke was as powerful as a rainbow, tilting his head and cold face, and in this instant, the aura of the leader of a great clan exploded from his body.

The lion was, after all, the king of all beasts.

At this moment, the crowd, which was still furious, could not help but really stop.

For a moment, the crowd’s aura suddenly subsided.

At this moment, Lu Bei Ke stood alone in front of the crowd of several hundred people.

It was as if he was a lion confronting hundreds of hyenas on the savannah at sunset!

The hyenas balked and did not dare to enter, not because the lion could kill hundreds of hyenas in seconds, but because of the lion’s natural kingly aura.

The scene is at a standstill.

Emotions are brewing in the hyenas.

And the male lion, outwardly calm, was beating wildly inside.

Lu Beike only felt his legs tremble a little, his head began to sweat, and his gaze took in the people in front of him, who had stopped, but some still had silent curses on their lips, some still had anger bubbling in their eyes, and some, with teasing and indefinable mockery on the corners of their mouths.

But no one moved.

The scene, tense as if it were a string.

No one seemed willing to back down, but no one could really defeat the other.

There was a stalemate, a constant stalemate.

Just then.


Suddenly, there was an explosion, and not far from the entrance to the manor, a firework burst into the sky, exploding into millions of golden flowers!



A series of fireworks, trailing long flames, scrambled straight up into the sky.

Under the turquoise blue sky, in that immaculate painted screen of the sky, exploding with extreme colours, the whole sky, as if it were a feast of paint!



In this instant, Lu Beique’s heart, abruptly sank.

Each explosion of fireworks was like a heavy hammer striking his heart.

It was over!

This firework was undoubtedly the stimulant, the opponent’s stimulant!

Lu Beique could only see that the emotions of the crowd in front of him were abruptly and completely ignited by the fireworks.

This firework was like an attack call on the battlefield!

Yes, what could be more exciting and entertaining than such grand fireworks?

At this moment, the emotions of everyone in these clans were on fire, and this firework was like the strongest protest and charge against the Lu Family!

At this moment, everyone was fist-pumping and ready to come out in a flurry.

And a clear voice came from the doorway, “How was it, did the fireworks look good …… Grandpa ……”

Hearing this voice.

Lu Beique couldn’t help but shake his body and burst into old tears.

“Tian Chi?”

Lu Beique murmured, “It’s you, you set off the fireworks, you, aren’t you going to betray the family?”


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