At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 401

The knife in his hand was gone!

Everything happened so fast, almost in an instant, that Ye Wushuang and the others couldn’t react at all.

Where was the knife?

“Young Ye, look!” A bodyguard pointed at the doorway.

At this moment, there was an old man with white hair standing in the doorway, his long beard flowing and immortal, an ancient long sword in his hand, pointing diagonally into the air.

In his hand, a long, simple sword pointed diagonally into the air. On the sword’s body, several long swords were strewn across it, clinging to it.

His form and spirit are like those of a man of the world!

Beside him, there was also a youth standing.

As soon as Lu Tianzhi saw the youth, his body shook, “Third Brother!”

“Third brother, it’s really you!”

Lu Tianzhi’s entire body instantly seemed to be swimming with electricity, and his mood was indescribably excited for a moment.

Yes, these days, because of Neo’s departure, the entire Heavenly Island had become sad and gloomy, as if all the bad things happened one after another the moment Neo left.


And today, even Grandpa didn’t even celebrate his birthday. Seriously, even though Lu Tianzhi understood what Grandpa had in mind, even though he didn’t want to see all the hustle and bustle happening on Tiandao without his third brother.

However, when Lu Beike said that he would not even celebrate the birthday, Lu Tianzhi still had a feeling in his heart that his grandfather had collapsed, Tiandao had collapsed, and the Lu family had all collapsed ……

The whole sky of the Lu family is gloomy, not seeing the day.

And it would be gloomy forever, because Third Brother would never return.

And yet, Third Brother had turned up!

Seeing that Lu Tianzhi was safe and sound, Neo’s heart finally breathed a long sigh of relief.

When he heard just now that the one who had fallen was Lu Tianzhi and that he had been caught up by a group of people, Neo’s heart was really anxious.

“It’s okay, Tianzhi.” Neo patted Lu Tianzhi’s shoulder and looked coldly at Ye Wushuang, “I’d like to know who was so daring as to make a move on a Lu family son in this continent!”

“Grass, pretending to be a god with an iron-sucking stone, give me a go!”

Ye Wushuang didn’t put Neo and the Sword Immortal in his eyes at this point, and charged forward with his men.

“All swords return to their places!”

The Sword Immortal immediately blocked in front of Neo, and with a shake of his long sword in his hand, whoosh!

Several long swords on the sword instantly burst out!

Ye Wushuang then felt a chill on his cheek, a wind brushed against it, he couldn’t help but reach out and touch it, his hand was instantly flecked with blood, so scared that the guy immediately stood still, panicking.

All the others stood still in fear, and in an instant, everyone’s face was covered in colour.

Only one reckless bodyguard, at that moment, rushed to the old man.

“Old man, pretending to be a ghost!” The bodyguard blasted his fist over.

Before his fist reached him, the sword in the Sword Fairy’s hand was already blocked out horizontally.

With only a gentle hitch at his waist, it was as if it was a suction stone, sucking the bodyguard right in.


The old man let out a short bellow.

The long sword picked up the bodyguard and flung him out.


The bodyguard flew seven to eight metres in the air and finally hit the wall head on, falling to the ground and tumbling in pain.

This time, Ye Wushuang was even more frightened and almost fell to the ground.

He was originally a young man in the capital, with an illustrious family, so he naturally came into contact with many powerful people at his disposal.

But he had never seen anyone like the Sword Immortal, who was so skilled.

This old man, he was a bully!

“You’re the Neo from the helicopter explosion?” Ye Wushuang’s eyes rolled, “If I’m not wrong, the reason why you survived was probably saved by this high ranking person.”

Ye Wushuang said and smiled fawningly towards the Sword Immortal, “This high person, you must have been fooled by this kid, although the Lu family is very powerful, but that was before, now the Lu family will soon be replaced and reduced to a small third-rate family, haha, hello this high person, my name is Ye Wushuang, I am the young master of the Ye family in the capital, with your skills, as long as you obey our Ye family, in the future You’ll definitely be able to enjoy glory and wealth!”

“Is that so?” The Sword Fairy smiled faintly, “Then I’ll have to ask the young master if he agrees.”

“Yes!” Ye Wushuang’s face lit up with joy when he heard that there was a play, but he couldn’t help but feel a twitch in his heart, such a powerful old man, to have a young master!

Then wouldn’t his young master be even more powerful!

“It would be even better if the tall man could convince your young master to join our Ye Family together!” Ye Wushuang said with another heated smile.

“Young Lord, what do you think of what he said?”

The Sword Fairy turned back and said respectfully to Neo.


Ye Wushuang’s eyes almost didn’t stare out, this young master, it was him?!

In an instant, Ye Wushuang’s heart sank.

“Ye Wushuang, our Lu family has not been kind to you either, but you almost killed Zhou Yun on Elizabeth that day, and you almost killed Tian Chi today.” Neo looked at Ye Wushuang coldly, “I won’t spare you today anymore.”

“Neo, you, don’t be cross, your Lu family is about to be finished, if you dare to lay a hand on me, our Ye family will pay you back in the future!” Although Ye Wushuang’s mouth was still hard, her voice was already trembling.

“Heh, is that so?” Neo’s tone was austere, “As long as I, Neo, am around, the Lu Family will always be the number one family in the world! Sword Fairy, throw him down!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

The Sword Immortal promised, and with a reach of his hand, he grabbed Ye Wushuang just like a rabbit.

Those bodyguards, which one dared to move at this moment? The one lying on the ground was their example.

Ye Wushuang didn’t even have time to beg for mercy, directly, the man flew down through the window.

“Third brother, you heard what Ye Wushuang said just now, let’s hurry back to Tiandao, sister-in-law I also received Peach Blossom Island.” Lu Tianzhi briefly told Neo what happened, of course, the matter of Zheng Hyunya, he didn’t say anything for the time being, after all, that matter, it was really a bit hard to talk about it for a while.


Neo said, taking Sword Fairy and Lu Tianzhi downstairs.

Downstairs, Zhang Jiu was grabbing Ye Wushuang’s hair, at this moment, Ye Wushuang’s face was white and he was kneeling on the ground, trembling, his body was shaking like sieve chaff.

“What a f*cking waste, when Laozi fell down just now, he was caught by the Sword Immortal and didn’t even breathe a single breath, you fell down and were caught too, and you are scared like this.”

Lu Tianzhi looked at Ye Wushuang with contempt and said disdainfully.

“Let’s go, Zhang Jiu, come back to Heaven Island with me.”

It turned out that just now Neo had only gone upstairs with the Sword Immortal, leaving Zhang Jiu downstairs, and at that time it was also to prevent the people above from throwing Lu Tianzhi down again, so he let Zhang Jiu stay down there just in case.

Although Ye Wushuang had done a lot of bad things, it was not so bad to kill him, it was enough to teach him a lesson once.

The crowd arrived at the Wujiang helicopter base, boarded the helicopter and made their way to Sky Island.

At this moment, on Sky Island.

“First of all, I, Lu Beike, would like to thank you all for remembering my birthday and coming to Tiandao today, I understand all your feelings, but today is a special occasion, I really don’t want to celebrate my birthday with a big feast, so please go back, I can only apologise very much for what happened this time, I will definitely make amends to you all one by one in the future.”

At this moment, in the Sky Island Manor, Lu Bei Ke looked at the representatives of the various families in front of him and said sincerely.

Yes, he really did not want to hold any birthday party.

“Lu Dangjia, that’s not good, we’ve all come here.”

“That’s right, we also came all this way after all the hard work, and you’re just going to kick us back?”

“I heard that it should be because one of your grandsons left, so you don’t want to hold a birthday celebration, right? We understand your feelings, but is it really right for you to do this?”

“Yes, you are the head of a family, leading so many of us, how can you put the public interest of us all at risk because of a little personal matter?”

“You are too petty to do so, you don’t have the grace of a chief at all.”

There were a few representatives of the family, questioning up from below.

As soon as they opened their mouths, others listened and nodded their heads in agreement.

Gradually, the crowd was in a mood and all looked a little agitated.

As Lu Bei Ke watched the crowd’s reaction, he couldn’t help but feel a little anxious in his heart.

It seemed that he had to take a step back.

Thinking of this, Lu Beique said, “Alright then, but let me tell everyone, that is to simply have a casual meal, without any fanfare or celebration!”

Things had come to this point, and there was nothing else Lu Beique could do.

Just saying these words, he couldn’t help but feel a few hard feelings in his heart.

Soon, in the Sky Island Manor, tables and chairs were set up.


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