At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 400

The voice was all too familiar.

It was Third Brother’s voice!

Lu Tianzhi’s heart rolled over abruptly, and he hurriedly turned back.

But in front of him were the faces of the group of people who had just gathered around, where was there anyone familiar?

Lu Tianzhi shook his head and laughed bitterly in his heart, how could it be?

The first time he thought of this, Lu Tianzhi’s heart sank a little bit, sighed and turned around to go back.

But as soon as he turned around.

There was a tap on his shoulder.


A laugh sounded behind him.

Lu Tianzhi couldn’t help but turn around.

He was instantly dumbfounded.

“Damn, it’s really this kid, this kid isn’t dead! Brothers!”

The other party was none other than Ye Wushuang’s men, at this moment, with a greeting, a group of men rushed up and held Lu Tianzhi down to death.

“Damn, this kid is really lucky, he didn’t fall to his death, he still tried to escape just now, didn’t he?

This group of people were all Ye Wushuang’s bodyguards, a group of people rushed up, Lu Tianzhi was no match at all ah.

“Go, go up!”

“Damn it!”

“Get in!”

The group of men escorted Lu Tianzhi and entered the lift.

On the other side, Neo had already led Zhang Jiu and Sword Fairy away from the crowd.

“What’s wrong, Zhang Jiu, what were you doing just now, dragging someone to tell fortunes again? How many times have I told you, don’t buy by force, if someone is willing you can tell their fortune, if not then let go, you are pulling someone hard, that’s not good.” Neo did not care who Zhang Jiu was holding onto, on the one hand, Lu Tianzhi’s back was turned and he was being blocked by Zhang Jiu, on the other hand, Neo would never have thought that person was Lu Tianzhi.

The old man’s favourite trick was to catch people telling their fortunes.

When he was on the train, he caught quite a few young girls trying to touch their wrists to tell their fortunes, scaring them so much that they called the head steward, and almost sent Zhang Jiu back to Neon City the same way.

“Young master, you’ve misunderstood me this time, it’s like this ……,” Zhang Jiu hurriedly told the story of what just happened.

“So that’s how it is.” Neo looked a little embarrassed, “The Sword Fairy saved that youth, it’s normal for you to ask for some reward. Unfortunately, it was messed up by me just now, so it’s out of the question.”

“It’s alright young master.” Zhang Jiu smiled thievishly, “That kid is all dressed in international brand names, he looks like the son of a rich family, and just now he even announced his family name as something like Lu Tianci, this information is enough for me to find out about him, after I’ve been busy with Young Master for a while, I’ll come back and ask for payment, I can’t get away with that kid anyway, haha!”

“Heaven, Heavenly Gift?!”

Neo couldn’t help but tremble, “You said that young man’s name is Lu Tianci? And he fell down from upstairs?!”

“Yes, young master ……” Zhang Jiu was momentarily confused as to why Neo suddenly reacted so strongly, then he tapped his head, “Lu Tian Chi, also surnamed Lu, could it be that he and young master are family?! ”

“Go back!”

Neo directly turned around and went back.

Zhang Jiu and the Sword Immortal, of course, did not move an inch and immediately followed.

A sense of anxiety and uneasiness grew abruptly in Neo’s heart.

He was not surprised that Tianzhi was in Wujiang, because Lu Tianzhi was just wandering around playing outside every day.

But Tianzhi had fallen down the stairs, and if it hadn’t been for the Sword Fairy being downstairs, Tianzhi would have fallen to his death!

What the f*ck is going on here!

And Zhang Jiu and Sword Immortal weren’t stupid either, they had guessed at this point that Lu Tianzhi and Neo were related, and then once they thought about Lu Tianzhi falling down from upstairs, the two of them also had steep serious faces and followed Neo closely, back to the open air tea room.

“Ah, you mean that young man just now, he was taken to the lift by a group of people again.”

“That group of people is quite fierce, I think that youth is in a bad way.”

Neo and the three of them had wanted to inquire which direction Lu Tianzhi had gone, but someone had seen the scene of Lu Tianzhi being caught just now.

“Go upstairs! Split up and look for them!”

Neo was even more anxious at this point.

It seemed that something had definitely happened to Tianci, and since this building had almost twenty floors, it would be a waste of time to find it!

“Young master, the eighth floor.” The Sword Fairy suddenly spoke up, “When I caught him just now, the force of his fall was almost like he fell from the eighth floor.”

At this moment, in the bar on the eighth floor.

“Your kid’s life is really tough, he fell from the eighth floor without any problems?” Ye Wushuang circled around Lu Tianzhi and said with a cold smile.

“Our Lu family’s lives are already hard.”

“Is that so, I heard that you have a cousin who seems to have died in the helicopter explosion, isn’t it? Huh, how come his life isn’t hard anymore? Not only is it not hard, I’m afraid I can’t even find a whole corpse, right?” Ye Wushuang laughed heatedly.

“Ye Wushuang, I’ll f*ck you up!”

Lu Tianzhi’s anger instantly exploded straight to full, and he directly blasted towards Ye Wushuang with a punch.

But of course Ye Wushuang’s bodyguard was not a vegetarian.

“Grass, how dare you f*cking do it!”

A group of people rushed up and directly stuck Lu Tianzhi in a deadly position.

“Damn it, kneel down for Young Ye!”

“Kneel down!”

The crowd pressed against Lu Tianzhi.

But he was dead straight, the upper half of his body was bent, but his legs froze upright.


A bodyguard kicked him directly in the bend of his knee.

Lu Tianzhi could no longer support himself and fell to his knees.

But the moment he knelt down, his man also flung himself on the ground. Yes, even if he was on the ground, I, Lu Tianzhi, would not kneel for anyone.

However, those few bodyguards, who had already grabbed his upper body, wrenched him up hard, two of them pressing his calves and two of them jamming his upper body.

As if they were ropes, the four men tied Lu Tianzhi up in a kneeling position.


When Ye Wushuang saw Lu Tianzhi kneeling in front of him, he steeply laughed out loud, so smugly and wantonly, and even with a bit of nerves.

As he laughed, Ye Wushuang reached out and put his arm around the black silk woman next to him, “Baby, do you know who this man kneeling in front of me is?”

“Honey, who is he?”

The black silk woman asked cooperatively as she nestled nicely into Ye Wushuang’s body.

“Haha, he is the grandson of the world’s number one family, the Lu family, Lu Tianzhi, their family, is said to possess half of the world’s wealth, the grandson of their family, can act as a majestic figure anywhere in the world, no one dares to rise up against it, this Lu Tianzhi, in China, is even welcomed everywhere he goes, saluted and worshipped, do you think he is awesome? ”

“Awesome my ass, still kneeling in front of you, if you want me to see, the most powerful one is you.” The black silk woman glanced at Lu Tianzhi contemptuously, seemingly no longer willing to take a second look, her gaze then moved to Ye Wushuang’s body.

“Hahahahaha, well said baby, the son of the world’s number one family is actually kneeling in front of me, Ye Wushuang, hahahaha, I, Ye Wushuang, am also at the top of my life, hahahaha!” Ye Wushuang also looked very excited.

“Ye Wushuang, are you f*cking crazy, do you think that if I die, our family will let you go?”

“Lu Tianzhi, anyway, today you are dead on your feet, so I am not afraid to tell you, I will tell you that today on your grandfather’s sixty-sixth birthday, something will happen to your Lu family, something very big, so big that from now on you will be nothing more than a dog in front of me!” Ye Wushuang said contemptuously.

“Impossible, my grandfather is not even celebrating his birthday today!”

“Hehe, it’s not up to your grandfather to say whether he’ll have it or not, what if we all fly to your family’s Heavenly Island and force him to have it?”


Lu Tianzhi was instantly shaken, suddenly waking up like, “You guys, being the lackeys of the Shang Opera family?! You want to force grandfather? Let go of me!”

“Oh, Lu Tianzhi, the words have come to this, do you think I can still let you go today, I think, why don’t I properly record a deathbed video for you today, as a congratulatory gift for your grandfather, later on, play it at your grandfather’s birthday, hahahaha! , come on, baby, you record the video.”

Ye Wushuang really let the black silk woman turn on her phone to record.

Then, he swiped out a knife.

Brush brush brush brush!

His men, each of them also drew out a knife, and instantly, the surrounding area was steeply chilled!

The brightly shining knives in each man’s hand formed a circle, all aiming at Lu Tianzhi.

“Lu Tianzhi, are you regretting what you did to me on the cruise ship in the first place? If you hadn’t humiliated me like that in the first place, I wouldn’t have broken up with Kim Dae-san! Your retribution has come!”

With that, Ye Wushuang waved his hands and slashed his head towards Lu Tianzhi!

The others, with swords in their hands, also fell!

“Long live the Lu family if Tianzhi doesn’t die!”

Lu Tianzhi’s body was trembling at this moment, death was a death sentence, but even if he was to die, he would die in a dignified manner!

Pieces of sword light flashed.

Lu Tianzhi closed his eyes.

“All swords return to the clan!”

Suddenly a pale, violent shout from the doorway!

Abruptly, a stern feeling seemed to fill the entire hall at once.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

In an instant, several rays of light, as if they were chasing after the stars, quickly flew towards the doorway.

In an instant, these rays of light converged in one place and trembled slightly in the air.

Ye Wushuang and the others, their eyes widened as they stared blankly at their empty palms.


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