At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 398

The train sped on.

The car has just left Neon City.

This is the deserted section between Neon City and the rest of the city.

Outside the window is a vast grassland, warm yellow light from the setting sun, warming the whole grassland, even the tall windmills in the distance, reflecting a golden glow.

The whole world seemed so quiet and peaceful.

Neo leaned back in his chair, but in his mind, he was thinking about what his red-haired self had said about the demons invading the Valley Continent. Once the Valley Continent fell, how long would it take before the war burned here?

This world was far from as peaceful as it seemed.

“Young Lord, where are we going now?” Zhang Jiu and Sword Fairy sat opposite Neo.

“Let’s go to Wujiang City first.” Neo pondered and said.

“To Wujiang?”

“I want to find Master Kurenai once more and ask him to divine me once more.” Neo mused, “Last time, he was very accurate in his calculations, and all of them were right.”

“Hey, that old fellow, he is only relying on the white spirit jade he is holding.” A hint of peer-to-peer contempt surfaced on Zhang Jiu’s face.

But since the young master had made the decision, Zhang Jiu naturally wouldn’t oppose it anymore.

Wujiang Railway Station.

It should also be more than half a year, at this moment to return to Wujiang, Neo’s heart can not help but have some unexplainable emotions.

I wonder how Cao Qian Cao Feng and their two sisters are doing now, how are they doing.

Only, Neo really doesn’t have time to visit them now.

“You guys have been riding all the way, you’re quite tired too, just wait for me here with a cup of tea, I’ll go for a trip and be back soon.”

There was no need to ask Zhang Jiu and Sword Fairy to accompany him to the Green Snake, although both of them were capable, they were both elderly after all.

Neo let the two sit in an open-air, relaxing tea room to rest, and took a taxi himself by the way.

Half an hour later, it was time to arrive at the Green Snake Mountain.

Green Snake Mountain, hardly different from the last time Neo arrived, was still bustling with tourists everywhere.

Puxin Temple.

“Young Lu, please.”

To Neo’s surprise, the middle-aged monk at the entrance, unexpectedly remembered himself.

“Many thanks to Master Hui Qing.”

Neo also politely returned a sentence, lifted the curtain of the door, inside was still more or less the same as last time, quiet and elegant, the futon was simple, and a roll of sandalwood incense was slowly dangling in the corner.

“Young Lu, we meet again.” Master Ku Rong smiled faintly, “This time, what does young Lu want to divine?”

“Master, don’t you want to know if the divination you gave me last time was spiritual?” Neo couldn’t help but ask, yes, the last time he searched for Zhou Yun, the master could say that he had predicted things like a god.

“Young Lu, I never look at the results of my divination to see if they are spiritual or not, because when I say the results of my divination, whether they will be fulfilled later or not, but at that time, they are correct, and whether they should be fulfilled or not is not what I am after, I will just give you the direction of guidance.” Master Kurenai said.

Neo nodded thoughtfully and said, “Master, this time, I am still looking for someone.”

“Oh, looking for someone again?” Master Kurenai said, “Young Lu was looking for someone last time, so, this time, what is the name of the person you are looking for?”

“Xuan Gui.”

“Good, Young Lu, please extend your hand.” Master Ku Rong, once again, took out the White Spirit Jade.

Neo had already had the experience once, and at this point, he did not need Master Kurenai to say more, and placed his hand on top of the white spirit jade himself.

His heart, too, could not help but feel a little more anticipation.

Yes, would it be possible to find the guilloche or not?

What was Xuan Gui like? Why didn’t it appear with Yao Guang?

Also, why did Zhang Jiu say that he had to find Xuan Gui for sure?

Perhaps, this time, Master Kulong, would give himself some instructions.

“Young Lu!”

Master Kourou only took one look at the White Spirit Jade and immediately put it away, which Neo found a little strange.

At the same time, the tone of Master Kure Rong’s voice also gave Neo a shock in his heart.

“What is it, Master Kurenai?”

“The last time you came to look for that girl, did you find her?” Master Kurenai said.

“Zhou Yun?” Neo froze, “I found it.”

“No, you haven’t.” Master Kurenai shook his head and said.

“How?” Neo was stunned, Zhou Yun, right now, should be in Jincheng, with Aunt Xiu Hua and the girls.

Honestly, Neo was not too worried about Zhou Yun now, after all, Zhao Qian and the girls more or less knew about his identity and would not do anything to Zhou Yun, moreover, Uncle Zhao and Aunt Xiu Hua would also take care of Zhou Yun.

“Master Kulong, how do you know I don’t have one?” Neo asked in confusion, “Why don’t we put off the matter of Zhou Yun for a while and you help me divine whether I can find Xuan Gui first?”

Of course Neo knew that he had found Zhou Yun, so there was no rush.

When he left the Green Snake Mountain later, he could also make another trip to Jincheng himself.

“This is the result of divination, young Lu.” Master Ku Rong said.

“Ah, what, what result?” Neo did not understand for a moment.

“The White Spirit Jade has a memory function.” Master Kurenai said, “Just now I used it to divine whether you could find a girl called Xuan Gui, and the result given by the White Spirit Jade was that you hadn’t found the girl you wanted to find the first time.”


“Master Ku Rong, you mean that I divined whether I could Xuan Gui and the result came out that I hadn’t found Zhou Yun yet?”

“Yes, young Lu.”

Neo was shocked in his heart.

No way!

Could it be that something had really happened to Zhou Yun?!

That was right, since the helicopter accident, he had been away from Jincheng for a while, and during this period, it was inevitable that something would happen!

Thinking of this, he was really anxious, if something happened to Zhou Yun, then what was the point of everything?

At this moment, Tiandao.

“Grandpa, what’s wrong with Brother Tianzhi today, his face is very bad, he doesn’t even want the pilot, he drove off by himself in a helicopter.” In the study, Lu Wan looked at Lu Beique, who also did not look very good.

“He said he wanted to celebrate my sixty-sixth birthday, and I didn’t agree.” Lu Bei Ke said, “Your third brother has only been gone for a short while, so how could I have the heart to celebrate a big birthday? So I scolded him a few times, I said he was really brainless, Neo’er had just left and he wanted to celebrate my birthday, I also said he had forgotten when Neo’er was so good and so caring to him when he was a child.”

“Grandpa, you’re wrong to say that about Tianzhi, he’s really sad about Huan’s departure, he’s, probably even sadder than I am, he actually doesn’t want to celebrate either, it’s just that you’re his grandpa after all, he has to say that he’s celebrating your birthday, it’s filial piety, just, I think, when Tianzhi said it, he must have been very conflicted in his heart too, because according to his thoughts, he actually doesn’t want this time for laughter and blowing around on Tiandao.” Lu Wan said.

Lu Bei Ke’s face also steeped in a kind of guilt and apology, “Alas, it was me who was in a bad mood and said the wrong thing for a moment, he is now flying the helicopter to go, let him go to take his anger off, when he comes back, I will give him a proper apology.”

Lu Wan didn’t say anything, but, in her heart, a few moments of sadness welled up.

Ever since Brother Neo had left, a sad atmosphere had been pervading the family, everyone seemed to have something on their mind, everyone, unable to be truly happy.

“Alas, Brother Tianzhi has a bad temper, he must be very sad now, I wonder what he will get into? I hope nothing happens to him.” Lu Wan muttered.

At this moment, a certain bar.

“Get lost! Get the hell out of my way!”

A young man, sitting on an expensive card table at the bar, the table was piled with all kinds of expensive XO, Martell vodka, Black Label Jazz, Blood Queen of Hearts and other famous wines, and the light on the string of Lamborghini keys between the famous wines was shining under the bar’s lights.

This young man, dressed in a top Versace designer label, ordered a hundred thousand or so famous drinks as soon as he arrived, and coupled with the luxurious sports car, he himself immediately attracted the attention of many people in the bar.

Some netizens, young models, anchors and seventh-tier starlets who mingled in the bar immediately had their eyes lit up.

With their glasses in hand, they twisted their waists, their postures and their styles, as if they were wild bees, and flocked to the youth’s side.

The youth, however, didn’t eat this at all!

“Get lost!”

The youth roared impatiently again.

Picking up a glass of Black Label Jazz and pouring it into his mouth, he poured so sharply and so quickly that almost half of the wine was spilled.

The sultry women were all in pain, that was two thousand dollars a glass, a casual spill would be more than a thousand wasted.

“Go on, another ten glasses!” The word heartache was not in the youth’s dictionary at all, and he immediately ordered another ten cups.

“Third brother, oooh, I really didn’t forget you, grandpa wrongly blamed me, I just ……” The youth was Lu Tianzhi, at this moment, he was crying profusely while he kept pouring wine into his mouth.

“Gui young, come on, people feed you to drink, you drink yourself are wasting more than half.”

Although Lu Tianzhi told them to get lost, how could the women leave.

Where did this rich young man come from? He’s too top-notch, he’s spending a lot of money, he’s alone, and he seems to have something on his mind!

If they got their hands on him, they would be at the top of their lives.

“Get lost!”

Lu Tianzhi was furious.

Usually, he was a come-on, but now, he didn’t want anyone to disturb!

Snap! Snap! Slap!

Lu Tianzhi directly gave a slap to each of the women beside him, not leaving, right, beating and still leaving?


A black silk woman, by Lu Tianzhi fierce slap to the side.

“Damn you, I’m just passing by, I can’t even look at your table! How dare you hit me!”

The black silk woman, all in one piece, with a super explosive figure, wavy red lips and flowing eyes, was currently staring angrily at Lu Tianzhi.

There was a lot of fire in that gaze.

“Get lost.”

Lu Tianzhi was too lazy to care about her.

“Fine, you wait for me!” The woman huffed and walked away.

Lu Tianzhi didn’t even look at her squarely and continued to drink his wine.

“Honey, it’s him, he’s the one who hit me!”

Unexpectedly, not much later, the woman came over with a few people.

At this moment, those women who were still surrounding Lu Tianzhi, as soon as they saw the people brought by the black silk woman, they all turned pale and walked away.

“It’s over, this kid is finished now.”

“So that black silk beauty’s backstage is so hard!”

The crowd of women gathered around from afar and whispered.

“Kid, you’re the one who beat up my woman, you f*ck, come over here and kneel down!” The man at the head of the group, grabbed Lu Tianzhi and pulled him over, and was stunned, “It’s you?”

“It’s you?”

Lu Tianzhi looked at the man in front of him with disdain, “Ye Wushuang, you’ve got so much f*cking guts, what, you want me to kneel for you? Do you f*cking know me Lu Tianzhi!”

The person in front of him was none other than Ye Wushuang, the young master of the Ye family in the capital.

Lu Tianzhi was not afraid at all, after all, the four families in the capital were nothing in the eyes of the Lu family.

At the beginning, on Elizabeth, this guy was not even worthy to mention his shoes to himself.

“Hehe, Lu Tianzhi, do you still think that your Lu Family is strong?” Unexpectedly, Ye Wushuang laughed coldly and rushed to the bodyguards behind him, “This guy is going crazy with alcohol, throw him down from the window.”

“Don’t you f*cking dare ……”

Lu Tianzhi was instantly furious as he reached out his hand to strike towards Ye Wushuang.

Unexpectedly, his wrist was instantly caught by Ye Wushuang’s bodyguards, several of them came together, and Lu Tianzhi was unable to move.

He was carried to the window.

At this moment, Lu Tianzhi’s heart felt a bit more panic, he was annoyed with his grandfather, so he didn’t even have a bodyguard with him, and he came out alone in a helicopter.

This is going to be the end!

“Ye Wushuang, do you know, the strength of our Lu Family? And the consequences of offending the Lu Family?”

“Oh, Lu Tianzhi, you can pull back, the Lu Family is no longer the old Lu Family, there are many things that your Lu Family’s own people are still in the dark about, right, haha.”

Ye Wushuang laughed heatedly, “What are you still standing there for, throw him down!”

“This is the 8th floor, Young Ye, throwing him down will definitely kill him.” The bodyguard said.

“What are you afraid of, if I tell you to throw, you will!”

“How about it, Lu Tianzhi, do you want to beg for mercy?” At this moment, half of Lu Tianzhi’s body had already been pushed out of the window, and Ye Wushuang came closer and laughed heatedly.

“Fuck you!”

“Lu Tianzhi, remember, I am taking revenge, the revenge of the Elizabeth Cruise, I tell you, not only will I kill you today, I will also find that sister-in-law of yours, hehehe ……”

With that, Ye Wushuang suddenly pushed, Lu Tianzhi, man, fell ……

At this time, the open-air tea hall.

“How come the young master hasn’t returned after going for so long?” Zhang Jiu frowned, looking at the Sword Immortal across the table, suddenly said, “What are you doing ……”

Across the room, the Sword Fairy suddenly gave his body a lurch, and the man had taken to the air.

“Someone has fallen!”

The Sword Fairy’s voice, came from the air.


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