At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 397


Knock! Bang! Bang!

Zhou Yun was awakened by the sound of banging.

She sat up rubbing her eyes out of habit, just as she always did when she woke up.

But something was wrong!

This was not her bedroom; she was sleeping in a cave, and underneath her were large leaves from a coconut tree, which were still fresh and had obviously been plucked only recently.

It must still be near the sea, for she could smell the salty smell of sea water.

How had she ended up here?

Wait, hadn’t she jumped off the cliff last night!

Who was it, who had saved herself?


Bang! Bang!

The sound of banging came from the mouth of the cave, mixed with the sound of the sea rushing towards the shore.

It was as if someone was banging on something outside.

Zhou Yun’s heart stirred and he gently came outside.

At once, there was a flash.

In front of him, was a young girl.

The young girl was wearing a blue and white dress, her figure looked relatively light and slender, and was crouching on a reef with her back to her, her shoulders swaying slightly, obviously tapping on something.

Bang, bang.

“You, hello ……”

Zhou Yun couldn’t help but say that the other party was a teenage girl, which made Zhou Yun drop his guard somewhat.

The young girl immediately turned around.

Zhou Yun looked at her in surprise, this young girl she had not seen before, Zhou Yun also lived on Peach Blossom Island for some time, the people on Peach Blossom Island, basically, have also met, but, never seen this young girl.

How could she appear on Peach Blossom Island?

When the young girl saw Zhou Yun, her face did not change at all, as if the two of them seemed to have known each other for a long time and had lived here all along.

She didn’t say anything either.

It was just that she sent something in her hand, towards Zhou Yun.

It was a conch picked up from the sea, the shell of which had been cracked to reveal the red and white flesh inside.

It turned out that the bang-bang sound just now was the sound of this young girl knocking on the shell of the conch.

“I don’t want it.”

Zhou Yun didn’t know what the young girl wanted, but seeing the raw meat of the conch, Zhou Yun had a few moments of resistance in his heart.

“It’s edible.”

The young girl said, grabbing a handful of conch meat and shoving it into her mouth, chewing it for a few bites and swallowing it, her expression was natural, neither looking like she was enjoying it nor looking like it was hard to swallow.

Zhou Yun looked at her in surprise, this young girl, so cute looking, was so heavy-handed?

“Did you save me?” Zhou Yun said.

The young girl was not polite and nodded her head.

She stared at Zhou Yun, her tone had a questioning tone, “Why did you kill yourself! After so much suffering, so much hardship, so much difficulty to come into this world, yet to give up your life so easily, why did you do it! Why did you kill yourself! Can you stand up to yourself and to the people who worked so hard for your life!”

When Zhou Yun heard that, he couldn’t help but shudder.

Yes, back then, his mother had fled with him in the cold and snow for himself, and in the end, he had even fallen off a cliff and died in order to lure away the enemy.

And his adoptive mother had taken himself, fled all the way, suffered so much in order to raise him to adulthood, and died without even enjoying the blessings. Zhou Yun felt that Wang Lian’s death must have been due to the reason that she had worked too hard in the past, and in the end, it was still because of herself.

So many people had given their lives for their own sake.

And he, himself, just died? That would be too sorry for them!

“Thank you, I… I won’t do such stupid things again.” When Zhou Yun finished speaking, she couldn’t help but feel a little more grateful and good towards the young girl in her heart.

She looked at the young girl, “You’re not from Peach Blossom Island, are you, what’s your name?”

“Yao Guang.” The young girl said.

“Ah, Yaoguang, a very nice name, my name is Zhou Yun.”

“You haven’t even heard of me.” Yaoguang muttered, looking a little depressed as if Zhou Yun should have heard of the name Yaoguang.

Yes, this young girl was no other than Yaoguang.

“Shall I send you up?” Yaoguang pointed upwards.

Only then did Zhou Yun realise that he was at the bottom of a cliff on the western outskirts of Peach Blossom Island. Below this cliff, eroded by the sea over the years, had long since formed a cluster of caves connected vertically and horizontally, and coming out of the caves, there was the reef and the sea in front of him.

It is not easy to get up from here either.

The entire cliff is vertical and at least thirty metres high, so climbing directly would not be possible at all, and both sides are also obscured by protruding mountains, so trying to get around to the other side of the island to ascend to Peach Blossom Island is also simply impossible.

Unless one swam around it from the sea.

Up there?

Zhou Yun shook his head. On Peach Blossom Island, there was already Hyun-Ah Jung, who had taken over everything for herself.

The lover’s tree he had planted, his Neo, all of it, had been seized by Jung.

What’s the point of going up there now?

It would be better to stay here, in this undisturbed place, and live in peace!

From now on, I would have no desire, no need, and spend my life in peace and quiet, that’s all.

“I’ll stay here!” Zhou Yun said.

“Then I’ll stay here too.” There was no expression on Yaoguang’s face, it seemed to her that it did not matter whether it was here or on top of the island.

Saying that, Yao Guang lifted the conch meat in her hand again and held it up to Zhou Yun.

This time, Zhou Yun did not hesitate.

She took it, and as if she had made up her mind, she shoved it straight into her mouth and chewed it up with a big bite!

Yes, if one lives here, then these are definitely the things one will eat in the future, one has to learn to apply ah.

And at that moment, above Peach Blossom Island.

“Yoon Yoon!”

“Yoon Yoon!”

Little Cang and Little Cui’s voices, stepping over almost all of the Peach Blossom Island, their voices were dumb with shouting.

It was clear, of course, that nothing had been found.

“What the hell is going on!”

Lu Qian was also in a sweaty hurry and yelled at the two of them, Xiao Cang and Xiao Cui.

“Yunyun is missing, we woke up early in the morning and tried to shout at Yunyun to get up for breakfast, but no one answered after shouting several times, we pushed the door open and took a look, Yunyun, surprisingly, was not in bed, moreover, all the clothes she usually wears were also in the house, only the nightgown was missing, she, she must have sneaked out in the middle of the night.”

“It’s all because of that Jung, Miss Jung has made YoonYoon angry!”

“Yoon Yoon mustn’t get into trouble ……”

Xiao Cang and Xiao Cui, both of them were so anxious and scared in their hearts at this time that tears were coming out of their eyes.


Lu Qian heaved a sigh, yesterday’s incident, of course he was well aware of it, after all, he also sympathized with Zhou Yun in his heart.

“Look again, look again, hurry up and look!”

Lu Qian shouted as he stomped his feet in anxiety.

“Master! Master!”

A servant on the island, suddenly came running wildly, waving something in his hand, “I’ve found it, I’ve found a slipper!”

“This, this is Yoon Yoon’s slipper!”

Cang was so anxious in her heart that she hastily picked it up herself, despite her respect, “Where did you pick it up!”

“Right on the beach!”

“Take us there!” Lu Qian’s heart trembled.

The crowd hurriedly followed the servant and made their way right to the seashore of Peach Blossom Island.

“This is the place.”

The servant pointed to a slipper print on the beach by the sea.

This was the seaside, before them, the boundless sea, the tide gently pounding the beach in front of the crowd from time to time, the seawater even spread out to their feet.

Xiao Cang and Xiao Cui, the two seemed to have suddenly understood something.

At once, their bodies went cold and they sat down paralyzed on the ground.

“Yun Yun she ……”

Lu Qian also couldn’t help but tremble, and for a moment, he couldn’t help but feel an unusual sourness in his heart.

No matter what, Zhou Yun had also come to Peach Blossom Island for some time, and he had always had a good impression of Zhou Yun.

Moreover, he also knew that Neo loved Zhou Yun very much.

As for what Hyunya Jung said that day, there was nothing Lu Qian could do about it.

He also didn’t understand why it was like that, didn’t understand why Neo liked Hyunya Zheng and got her pregnant, but the truth was in front of him and he had to believe it.

It was just that, at this point, this result really made him a million times sad as well. He murmured, “Miss Zhou, she, she ……”

“She’s dead.”

Suddenly, a cold voice came from behind him.

Zheng Hyun ah did not know when, also came behind the crowd, she looked at the sea in front of her, coldly smiled, “Neo originally did not like her, she falsely used the name of Neo’s girlfriend, here cheating food and drink and care, now I have been exposed, must be ashamed, so jumped into the sea to kill herself, this kind of person, and what is worthy of pity!”

“You, you woman, are really too cruel and vicious, the Third Young Master will never like someone like you!” Xiao Cui couldn’t stand it anymore and looked at Zheng Hyun Ah angrily.


Zheng Hyun Ah unceremoniously gave Xiao Cui a slap.

She moved with much more skill.

“Who taught you to speak to your master with such a tone!” Jung Hyun Ah hummed, “From now on, you two, are not allowed to be servants in the room, you are sent down outside, to clean Peach Blossom Island!”

With that, Jung Hyun Ah went away in triumph.

In her heart, she was giddy.

I didn’t expect that Zhou Yun would be so fragile to commit suicide, haha, that was great.

Originally, to be honest, Jung Hyun Ah was really quite worried about Zhou Yun, after all, what Zhou Yun said that Zhou Yun knew was the truth!

However, this woman is so fragile that she committed suicide, so now that Neo and Zhou Yun, the pair of bitter lovers, are all dead, there will be no one left to expose me, haha!

At this time, Neon City, the train station.

“Hello, three tickets.”

A young man said as he rushed to the window.


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