At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 396

Anyone can see that Jung Hyun Ah is pregnant.

But no one could understand what Jung Hyun Ah was trying to do with this move.

“Stay away from Yoon Yoon!” Cang didn’t know what Jung Hyun Ah was up to, but seeing her acting strangely, she hurriedly stepped in front of Zhou Yun, “What, you think we’ll give in to you just because you’re pregnant!”

“Don’t think that just because you’re pregnant you’re lawless, you’re a woman who’s really nuts, talking shamelessly about being the Third Young Master’s real girlfriend while carrying a big belly, you’re not just insulting Yoon Yoon, you’re insulting the Third Young Master, what a shame, if you don’t get lost, I’ll give you a big slap on the ear! I’m furious!” Xiao Cui was irritated to the core.

Where did this crazy woman come from?

“Oh, Zhou Yun, you don’t need to answer, I can also see that you don’t have one.”

Zheng Hyunya simply ignored Cang and Xiao Cui.

After all, with her current status, she didn’t even put Xiao Cang and Xiao Cui in her eyes, hehe, these two lapdogs of Zhou Yun, there will be plenty of opportunities to clean you up later.

If I, Zheng Hyun Ah, want to clean you up, isn’t it just a matter of casually moving my mouth?

At this moment, Zheng Hyun ah only stared at Zhou Yun’s belly.

She could see that it was flat and there was no sign of it.

Zhou Yun was not pregnant.

It was true that she was carrying Neo’s only “offspring” in her belly.

Zhou Yun, had no capital to compete with herself!

“No …… what?”

Zhou Yun was stunned and muttered.

But, although she didn’t fully understand for a moment, when she saw Jung Hyun ah’s stomach and thought of what she said just now, her heart trembled, and a very terrible feeling that she couldn’t tell suddenly surged to her heart.

“Zhou Yun, do you still want to pretend? Or are you afraid to face the truth?”

Zheng Hyun Ah sneered and looked at Zhou Yun, “Then I’ll tell you directly, the child in my belly is Neo’s!”

Ah ……

Zhou Yun then felt her brain shake, a strong shock that made her body shake a few times.

“Impossible, never ……”

How is it possible, Neo has never been with Zheng Hyun ah, how could Zheng Hyun ah be pregnant with Neo’s child, moreover, Neo has never loved himself, he wouldn’t hide it from himself, he wouldn’t go behind his back, no matter what, this is impossible ……

“You woman, not only do you insult Yun Yun, but you even dare to insult the third young master!”

Xiao Cang and Xiao Cui were really utterly furious with Zheng Hyunya at this point.

Xiao Cui was even more furious as she raised her hand and ran towards Zheng Hyunya, “No matter what your origins are, today I have to give you a few slaps in the face fiercely!”

“Mo Da!”

Zheng Hyun Ah didn’t panic at all, and shouted without hurry.

As soon as her words fell, a grey figure, from the other side of the garden, arrived in front of the crowd in an instant, like a whirlwind.

Before Xiao Cui could react, her wrist was instantly grabbed in a deadly grip.

“You, you ……”

Although Mo Da hadn’t spoken yet, Xiao Cui couldn’t help but have a few cold thoughts in her heart.

At the same time, she also recognized that this was Mo Da, the personal servant beside the Grand Master, and although he was not a member of the Lu family, his status was still quite high.

Now, Mo Da was actually protecting Jung Hyun Ah?!

“Mo Da, throw her out!” Hyunya Zheng was so proud, this Mo Da was really good.

Wherever he was, as long as he called out, he would almost instantly rush over.

And usually when nothing was going on, Mo Da seemed to be as silent as if he didn’t exist.

This made Jeong Hyun-ah feel good, and for the first time she had a feeling of truly having power.

At this moment, Jung Hyun Ah felt like an ancient Queen Mother, who could take charge of killing life and death with just one order!

“Remember, no one is allowed to approach Miss Zheng, let alone make a move against her. Any action against Miss Zheng will be considered a threat by me, and if I see a threat the next time, I will simply remove it for Miss Zheng.” Mo Da said with an expressionless face as he rushed towards Xiao Cui.

His voice was cold and icy, as if it was cold ice, causing Xiao Cui to breathe cautiously and her entire body to shrink a few degrees in fear.

Mo Da, was really protecting this Hyunya Zheng!

This woman, her status was so high? How could her status be so important?

Yes, of course Mo Da had to protect Hyun Ah Jung.

Although Mo Da didn’t have a good impression of Zheng Hyun Ah either, after all, although he was a ghost and usually didn’t speak, he wasn’t stupid, and he had seen all of Zheng Hyun Ah’s usual persona in his eyes.

But the account given to him by Lu Beike, and it was Lu Beike’s plea!

When Mo Da accepts a task, he will do his best to do it well and to the best of his ability!

What’s more, although Mo Da did not like Zheng Hyun Ah, he also knew that Zheng Hyun Ah was carrying Neo’s child, and for the sake of this child, Mo Da would definitely do his best to protect Zheng Hyun Ah from any abuse.

Perhaps, even, he would give his life to do so.

To be honest, he was also uncomfortable with the way Zheng Hyun-ah had just treated Zhou Yun, disliking her overbearing irritation, scorn, and mockery.

However, he still had to obey Jung Hyun Ah’s orders.

Only, just now, when Jung Hyun Ah went too far in her request to throw Xiao Cui out, such request, was ignored by Mo Da.

At this moment, Lu Qian also obtained the news and hurriedly walked over quickly.

“Miss Hyun Ah, are you alright? You don’t want to get angry, don’t move your fetus.” Lu Qian was beside Hyunya Zheng, talking nervously and with concern.

It was also true that Hyunya Zheng’s current status was not trivial, not to mention the fact that there was the Third Young Master’s child in her belly, and while the Lu Family had 36 islands, Hyunya Zheng had come to Peach Blossom Island, so Lu Qian felt extremely responsible!

He must do his best to protect and take care of Hyunya Zheng!

“Don’t make Miss Hyunya angry, you know!” Lu Qian glared at Xiao Cang and Xiao Cui, as if reminding and admonishing them, and said, “Now that Miss Hyunya has the Third Young Master’s child in her belly, if something happens to her, can you afford to take charge of it!”

Only, after saying that, Lu Qian was also all a bit embarrassed to look at Zhou Yun again.

After all, Zhou Yun had come to Peach Blossom Island for many days, and Lu Qian also knew the relationship between Zhou Yun and Neo, and after so many days, Lu Qian had also understood Zhou Yun’s character more or less.

In his heart, he felt that this girl was not bad.

On the other hand, although Hyun-Ah Jung had just arrived for a few hours, Lu Qian could see that she was a very poor person and did things very badly.

Despite his heart leaning towards Zhou Yun.

But, after all, Zheng Hyun Ah’s status was there, and she was pregnant with the Third Young Master’s child!

“Third, the third young master’s child ……”

Xiao Cang and Xiao Cui were really dumbfounded at this moment, this, is actually true?

Zhou Yun, on the other hand, was even completely flabbergasted in place all of a sudden.

Zheng Hyun ah, pregnant with Neo’s child?

What is this?

This can’t be!

For a moment, Zhou Yun’s head was in chaos, as if so many things had lost their original appearance all of a sudden, as if, the world was not the same as he had imagined.

“Well, Miss Hyun Ah, let’s go and rest for a while, I’ve asked someone in the kitchen to make you some black chicken soup, it should be ready now, go and have some.”

Lu Qian could see that Zhou Yun was a bit out of sorts.

Of course he understood the connection, at this point he couldn’t bear to see Zhou Yun in this state, so he thought of taking Zheng Hyun Ah away, after all, if Zheng Hyun Ah stayed here, it would only make Zhou Yun even more sad and upset.

“You go away.”

Zheng Hyun Ah, however, pushed Lu Qian away very nonchalantly and took another step forward.

Her gaze, wandered over Zhou Yun’s face.

The gaze was cold and smug.

“No way, this can’t be ……”

Zhou Yun shook her head and looked at Jung Hyun Ah incredulously, and when she saw Jung Hyun Ah’s proudly bulging belly, she turned her head away as if she was stung by something.

It was impossible, yeah, how was it possible?

“Oh, there’s nothing impossible, Neo he likes me, always has, and this child, is the fruit of our love.” The corners of Jung Hyun ah’s mouth smiled slightly, her hand, gently roaming over her belly, that was her pride, her glory, and her weapon.

The most powerful weapon of all.

Sure enough, Zhou Yun was suddenly shaken.

The intense stimulation overwhelmed her.

“You guys, how is it possible ……”

“How is it not possible? Oh, let me tell you, just on the night you disappeared, Neo and I, in the hotel, had a wonderful night, and it was on that night that I was lucky enough to get pregnant with Neo’s baby, ah, I can never forget that night ……” A kind of intoxicated memory appeared on Jeong Hyun Ah’s face The look on Jung’s face was one of intoxicated remembrance.

Ah ……

Zhou Yun let out a soft cry.

His body swayed a few times and he couldn’t help but take a step back.

The day he disappeared?

Neo and Jung Hyun Ah were in the hotel ……

In an instant, Zhou Yun’s heart, cracked open.

She couldn’t believe it, but had to.

If she couldn’t bear it, she really couldn’t bear it.

Of course she remembered that day, the day she came back from Hangzhou, the day she had been apart the longest since she and Neo had met, the day they had made an appointment and Neo had picked herself up at Lukou Airport.

It was supposed to be the day she ran to Neo at the airport and jumped into his arms.

However, Neo was actually in the hotel with Hyunya Jung ……

Zhou Yun could not imagine that scenario, nor did he dare to think about it.

That day, he was hit by a car ……

Under those circumstances, Neo was still flirting with Hyun Ah Jung.

How could that happen?

“No, it can’t be, I don’t believe it ……”

Zhou Yun shook her head desperately, suddenly, her heart moved and she stared at Zheng Hyun Ah, “No, the child in your stomach, it’s not Neo’s!”

“What did you say?!” Zheng Hyun Ah was also jolted.

She already had a ghost in her heart, and at this moment, she was also frightened by Zhou Yun’s sudden seriousness and a decisive look.

“Neo told me that he would only do that on the day he got married, so he would never be in the hotel with you in advance, having that kind of thing, and what you’re carrying, is never Neo’s child!”

Zhou Yun remembered, remembered that time in Jincheng.

The night when Neo finally recovered.

Originally, that night, Zhou Yun’s heart was not clear, but he had also made preparations.

However, that night, after Neo just did a thousand sit-ups, the two of them cuddled up and slept together, and nothing happened.

Zhou Yun clearly remembered Neo hugging himself and saying that he would only do that kind of thing on his wedding day!

“Jung Hyun-ah, you’re lying, the baby in your belly, it’s not Neo’s! You’re lying to us!” Zhou Yun’s gaze steepled and bravely met Jung Hyun Ah’s gaze.

In Jung Hyun Ah’s heart, she couldn’t help but stutter a little.

Especially when she saw that Zhou Yun was speaking so resolutely, as if she had iron-clad evidence in her hands and everything was solid.

This made Jung Hyun Ah’s heart get scared as well.

After all, she really was lying.

However, Jung Hyun Ah was not the kind of person who was easy to deal with.

Things have come to this point, there is no turning back!

If we go forward, it’s glory and fortune, but if we go back, it’s death!

Jung Hyun-ah will not stand by and wait for death!

What’s more, now that Neo is dead, this Zhou Yun is the only one left to deal with.

I was able to make you look so good that you almost died, so today, I can still do it!

“Oh, Zhou Yun, are you going crazy with jealousy?” Jung Hyun-ah didn’t panic and laughed disdainfully, “Is it fun to make up some falsehoods? Neo never said anything like that! Oh yeah, maybe he did say it, but it must have been to you, not to me!”

“Think with your head, why would he say something like that to you?” Jung Hyun Ah laughed coldly again, “That’s because he doesn’t really like you, he doesn’t want to have a relationship with you, he doesn’t even consider you his girlfriend!”

“Hahahaha, you’re so pathetic, Neo really isn’t interested in you, that’s why he’s not interested in your body, men are only interested in the people they like!”

These words instantly crushed Zhou Yun.

Could it be that it was really like that?

Neo had never really liked me? That’s why that night, it was ……

Thinking of this, the feeling of inferiority that she once had, returned to Zhou Yun in an instant.

She seemed, once again, to be that timid girl with low self-esteem.

The girl who was alone in college, the girl who would always be bullied and not liked by anyone.

“Use your head and think about it, if he liked you, why didn’t he go looking for you the first time you disappeared? Let me tell you, actually during the time you were missing, Neo he was with me the whole time I was with him! In fact, in his heart, you really aren’t as important as you think! Now you understand!” Seeing Zhou Yun’s appearance at this moment, Jung Hyun Ah knew that her words had worked.

Why not take advantage of the situation and strike one more blow!

A feeling of sadness suddenly came over Zhou Yun’s heart, Zheng Hyun Ah was right, Neo really didn’t look for himself at first!

Could it be that he really wasn’t that important in his heart?

“But he still went looking for me, and ……” Zhou Yun murmured.

“Oh, what does that mean? It’s not like he’s looking for you because he loves you, he just felt sorry for you and sympathized with you so he had to find you and take care of you, that doesn’t mean anything, it only means that Neo he’s very loving and kind!” Hyun-ah Jung continued to swindle.

“But, the tear marks on this diary ……” Zhou Yun pulled out the diary that he used to keep and unfolded it in front of Jung Hyun Ah.

At this time, she was too late to grieve because she wasn’t willing to, she was still fighting it, as if, if she just convinced Jung Hyun Ah, Neo would be the one to love her.

“Haha, you’re so silly, who said that was a tear stain, that was just a trace left by the rain that Neo threw in the yard, if I hadn’t been kind enough to pick it up for you, I’m afraid this diary would have been washed away by the rain!”

Hyunya Zheng took one look at Zhou Yun’s diary and recognised it.

It was because when she was in Hangzhou, later on, she deliberately got close to Zhou Yun and ingratiated herself with him, and she also knew that Zhou Yun had a diary.

At that time, in order to know her enemy, Zheng Hyun Ah also secretly read this diary and knew that the content inside was probably about Zhou Yun recording some bits and pieces of things that happened between him and Neo.

Now that Zhou Yun suddenly took out this diary, of course Jung Hyun Ah understood what she meant.

“And let me tell you, when Neo read this diary of yours, not only did he not cry, he was still laughing, he even said that what you wrote was childish, pretentious and disgusting!” Jung Hyun-ah added.

“No way, he couldn’t have said that ……,” Zhou Yun said in a feeble parting shot.

“Oh, how is it impossible, I was sitting with him in the courtyard of the villa, he even read your diary to me, while reading it, he said you were childish and ridiculous, after reading it he casually threw it in the courtyard, why, you still don’t believe it, do you want me to recite it to you now!”

Saying that, Jung Hyun Ah really recited a passage from the diary to Zhou Yun.

After all, she had peeked at those diaries back then.

This time, Zhou Yun was completely devastated.

“Oh, Zhou Yun, you’re so pitiful, Neo never loved you, he merely treated you like a sister. Moreover, you are not qualified to love him, because you can’t give him anything. He loved me, and I was the only one who gave him warmth and left him offspring!”

With that, Hyun-ah Jung stroked her belly again, a kind of warmth on her face, “Although Neo left, he stayed in me in a different way, and here, is something that you can never really give him, Zhou Yun, please don’t ever call yourself Neo’s girlfriend again, because you don’t deserve it! Especially in front of me, and especially in front of Neo’s child! You don’t deserve to do that!”

“But I won’t kick you out, you can stay on Peach Blossom Island, just that, from now on, Neo has nothing to do with you!” Zheng Hyunya said coldly and arrogantly.

At this moment, she knew that she had truly become the master of Peach Blossom Island!

“Uncle Qian, please have someone dig this tree back up and plant it in my courtyard.”

At this moment, as if she was about to declare herself victorious, Zheng Hyunya ordered.

Yes, she was victorious, she could do whatever she wanted to do on Peach Blossom Island.

“That, that’s the …… tree that Neo planted for me,” Zhou Yun murmured, looking at the lover’s tree.

She still vividly remembered how she felt when she first arrived on Tiandao and stood under the lover tree, remembering the feeling of the falling leaves falling on her body in the sky.

She also remembered the heartache she felt when the lover tree was cut down in front of her.

She also remembered that she had carefully dug the lover tree out of the Heavenly Island and transplanted it to the Peach Blossom Island, taking good care of it and watching it grow back to life little by little.

Yet, at this moment, Jung Hyun-ah wanted to dig it up.

“What was planted for you, it was planted for me!” Jung Hyun-ah reprimanded disdainfully.

At this time, Zhou Yun was no longer considered a rival at all in her heart.

She no longer put Zhou Yun in her eyes at all.

As she watched the lover’s tree being carried away in Jung’s arms, Zhou Yun couldn’t take it anymore and she walked back to her place in silence.

She didn’t cry because the shock of what had happened was so great that it had numbed her to the impact.

It was night.

Peach Blossom Island, the winding moon.

Zhou Yun, draped in her outer garment, sat alone on the edge of the island, dew and mist, soaking her clothes, and she was oblivious to it.

Everything that had happened during the day was, at the moment, as if it were a hangover, as if it were a paroxysm of pain that came in bursts, leaving her heart, cracked into pieces, piece by piece.

She looked at the Peach Blossom Island in the moonlight, the island that had once been so familiar, the island that had given her peace of mind and made her love it, but tonight it had become so strange again.

The giant rock protruding there, which Zhou Yun used to love to look at, she thought that it looked like a cute rabbit’s head in the shadow of the moonlight.

Tonight, however, the rock looked hideous.

She had fallen in love with Peach Blossom Island because of Neo.

However, today she realised that Neo didn’t really love herself.

He loved Hyunya Zheng.

Hyunya Jung was even pregnant with his child!

And he said to himself that he would only …… marry when he was married

When she thought of this, Zhou Yun’s heart, it hurt like stepping on it.

He doesn’t love me, so he doesn’t want me ……


Neo, why are you doing this to me?

Zhou Yun raised his head and stared in awe at the curved upturned moon above the sea, Neo, are you watching? Are you looking at me from the sky? If you are looking at me, can you tell me why you are doing this?

Why are you doing this?

Tell me!

Her eyes, stubbornly staring at the bent moon, as if she was really asking, really waiting for the bent moon’s answer.

A sea breeze suddenly blew.

A cloud, slowly obscuring the bending moon, obscuring, out of sight.

Finally, tears slowly blurred Zhou Yun’s eyes.

Neo, you are willing not to answer me.

Even this question, not even willing to answer me.

The sea breeze with the mist of the sea blew Zhou Yun’s body so cold that she could not help but shiver.

In her ears, beneath her feet, the sound of the waves lapping against the rocks rang out.

The sound was as if it was another kind of call.

Zhou Yun couldn’t help but look at her feet, yet the darkness beneath her feet, unable to see the bottom of the cliff beneath her feet, had an invisible attraction to her for a moment.

At this moment, Neon City.

“Zhang Jiu, what am I going to do now?” Neo said confusedly.

“Find Xuan Gui, young master, if your red-haired self, is correct, then the demons have definitely entered the Valley Continent, and you need to come and stop this havoc! If you must stop this havoc, you need to find Xuan Gui!”

“Just a sword?” Neo said in disbelief.

“The guilloche is very special, young master, you must find it.”

“But if Yao Guang was able to find me on her own, why has Xuan Gui been so slow to come looking for me?”

“Perhaps, Young Master, Xuan Gui may have gone to the Continent of the Valley, and it is your former self that she seeks.”

“I’m going to the Continent of the Valley to find Gui? But I can’t do that with just my current power.”

“So, you still need to continue to awaken, Young Master, you have only awakened a little bit, your power is so powerful, if you can awaken some more, your power, you can travel between continents with ease!”

“Continue to awaken?” Neo muttered.

And at that moment, on Peach Blossom Island.

Zhou Yun looked at the black abyss-like cliff beneath her feet, and she stared in a daze, as if she was hesitating.

But when she looked up, wanting to take another look at the curved moon, the dark clouds had completely blocked the last of the moonlight.

With a shudder in her heart, she leapt!

As if she were, a falling, light bird of prey.

In the darkness, a shadow, as if it were a ray of light

From the sea, it rushed over like an arrow, straight towards the falling Zhou Yun.

At the moment, Hyun-ah Jung was lying in bed.

“Mo Da!”

She suddenly called out.

“Miss Hyun Ah, what can I do for you?” Outside the window, a voice sounded abruptly.

“Oh, nothing, just seeing if you’re around, huh.” A hint of amusement floated to the corner of Hyunya Jung’s mouth.


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