At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 395

“Cang, what did you do to it, you made Yoon Yoon cry again.”

At some point, another girl, with a barbecue plate in her hand, came over, and in the plate, were delicious slices of cucumber and potatoes, slices of green peppers and mushrooms, and grilled aubergines!

“It’s okay, Xiao Cui.”

Zhou Yun wiped her eyes, “It’s none of Cui’s business, thank you, let’s eat together.”

Zhou Yun knew that if he didn’t eat, they wouldn’t eat either.

To Xiao Cang and Xiao Cui, Zhou Yun was grateful and surprised.

Being able to run into people she had seen before on Peach Blossom Island was not a comfort to Zhou Yun now.

On that previous occasion, she had spent a week recuperating from her injuries on Peach Blossom Island, and it was Cang and Cui who had looked after her during that time, so after all, she had gotten to know them a little.

“By the way, Yun Yun, this is for you.”

As if she suddenly remembered something, Xiao Cui pulled out something from her bosom and handed it to Zhou Yun.

“It’s a diary.”

Zhou Yun took it and was shaken.

She recognised it as her own diary.

It wasn’t the one she had written when she was in Jincheng, it was the diary she had written when she was in Jinling, the one that had been lost at the airport.

“It was found the last time Young Master Tianzhi went to Jinling to help Yunyun with your former things.” Xiao Cui said, “This diary is in the third young master’s room.”

Zhou Yun took it.

She casually turned a page and then just stared at it steadily.

Even though it was only a page, she looked at it for a long, long time.


There was a dripping sound of water and a tear, dropping onto the paper, quickly stained away.

“Yoon Yoon, you’re crying again.”

Cang and Xiao Cui were in a flurry of hands and feet.

“See, Xiao Cui, still talking about me, you made Yoon Yoon cry too!” Cang said.

“It’s okay, it’s none of your business, it’s this diary.”

Zhou Yun said, pointing to the paper side of the diary, “It’s here, look here ……”

The two of them, Xiao Cui and Xiao Cang, looked at the diary carefully.

They could see that on that diary, there were faint traces, very faint, but quite a lot.

“This is?” Cui couldn’t help but feel a twitch in her heart.

“It’s tear marks.”

Zhou Yun covered his mouth, “It must be Neo’s tear marks. He must have been reading my diary when I disappeared, he cried and these are the marks of his tears dripping down on the diary.”


Both Xiao Cang and Xiao Cui couldn’t help but shudder.

An indescribably moving feeling.

“Yun Yun, I told you, Third Young Master really loves you, you are the only girl in this world that he loves, for his sake, you must live a good life.” Xiao Cang said.

“Yes, Yun Yun, the Third Young Master also wants to see you live a good life, you must pull yourself together, in the future, perhaps, you will also meet ……”

When Xiao Cui said this, her heart sank and she couldn’t say any more.

However, she knew Neo, the third young master was not the kind of person who was very possessive, he was in heaven now, he must want Zhou Yun to have a life of her own in the future.

But, although Xiao Cui knew she must have guessed correctly, she could not go on.

“No, I won’t fall in love with anyone else.” Of course Zhou Yun understood what Xiao Cui meant, she looked at Xiao Cang and Xiao Cui, and then at the beautiful scenery of Peach Blossom Island, “This is a place where Neo used to come too, and with you guys with me, I, I like it here, I will always live here! With the Neo who used to be here!”

“Miss Zhou, it’s not good, the tree you planted, it’s been dug up!” Just at that moment, on Peach Blossom Island, a young gardener girl came running in a hurry.


“Who is it?”

Zhou Yun was stunned.

That tree, was the lover tree, the one that Neo had planted on Sky Island.

At that time, when it was on Sky Island, it was cut down by the Upper Play Flying Dragon.

Zhou Yun was worried that on Sky Island, this tree would be destroyed again in the future, so he had it transplanted to Peach Blossom Island, and usually took good care of it himself, and the lover tree slowly grew up again.

Looking at the tree every day, thinking that Neo had once planted it with his own hands and now he was taking care of it himself, Zhou Yun’s heart felt very sweet.

Yet, now, how could someone dig it up!

“Who is so bold, don’t you know that this is what Yoon Yoon planted!” Xiao Cui Xiao Cang also stood up at once.

“It’s a new Miss Zheng, she said it was a nice tree and had to be removed to her yard.” The gardener looked terrified as well.

“What kind of bullshit Miss Zheng is that! What kind of a thing is that! It was planted by Yoon Yoon, the third young master’s girlfriend! She’s a woman with a foreign surname, how can she compete with Yoon Yoon, why don’t you guys stop it!” Xiao Cui said angrily.

“I, we wouldn’t dare, she hit someone ……”

“Let’s go!”

Seeing that the gardener couldn’t speak clearly either, Xiao Cui was quick on her feet and she jumped straight up and darted towards the island.

Zhou Yun and Xiao Cang also took the gardener and hurriedly followed over.

Xiao Cui ran as fast as she could, leaving Zhou Yun and Xiao Cang behind, and ran to the garden inside the island in the first place.

At this moment, there were quite a few people gathered in the garden, but they were all standing there with confused and panicked faces, and no one came forward.

Next to that lover’s tree, a woman with a big belly was ordering two gardeners to dig it up.

“Hee hee, this tree is quite a sight, the leaves are actually heart-shaped, it must be very rare!”

“You guys dig faster! What …… afraid of breaking the roots of the tree? What are you afraid of? It’s not like you won’t survive if you dig it up a bit. Hurry up, I order you, I tell you!”

The woman is still beside her and keeps pushing and chattering.

Xiao Cui’s heart was on fire as she listened!

“Hey, stop it!”

Xiao Cui was furious and stepped forward to block the woman, “Who are you and who told you to dig up this tree! Who are you to do that!”

“How dare you speak to me, Hyun-Ah Jung, in that tone of voice?!”

The woman was naturally Jung Hyun Ah, she had finished her caviar and wine, and after resting for a short while, she came out to stroll around Peach Blossom Island, after all, she had just arrived and naturally wanted to stroll around in her heart.

When she saw this lover’s tree, she fell in love with it and wanted to dig it up and return it to the yard where she lives.

For Hyun-Ah Jung, this is all too common, after all, right now, one could say that on Heaven Island, one is the biggest! It’s not even too much to say a word about the Island Master!

When Xiao Cui heard this, she was furious and laughed at the same time.

“Oh, Zheng Hyun-ah, you’ve never even heard of that name, and besides, your surname isn’t Lu, so what’s the point of pretending, do you know whose tree this is?” Xiao Cui looked at Zheng Hyun Ah with cold contempt, thinking, later on when you know the owner of this tree, I’m afraid you’ll be scared to death!

“Whose is it?”

Zheng Hyun Ah was also happy, huh, I don’t care whose it is, it’s mine now!

“It belongs to the Third Young Master’s girlfriend!” Xiao Cui said.

The Third Young Master’s girlfriend?

Zheng Hyun Ah was stunned, and then she was even happier.

Isn’t that me!

Could it be that this tree was originally saved for me as a meeting gift, but this little girl didn’t know me, so ……

If she knew that, at this moment, standing in front of her was none other than Neo’s girlfriend, what kind of expression would she have.

Thinking of this, Zheng Hyun ah smiled smugly, “Sorry, I am Neo’s girlfriend!”


Just as she finished her words, Hyunya Zheng received a hard slap on her face.

Xiao Cui slapped her across the face.

How much anger did this slap carry!

“Shame on you! How can you take advantage of this!” Xiao Cui was really angry, yes, really shameless, how dare she claim to be the Third Young Master’s girlfriend.

The Third Young Master only had one girlfriend, and that was Yoon Yoon.

“You hit me?!”

Jung Hyun Ah was baffled and angry.

“Why shouldn’t I hit you, this tree belongs to Yun Yun, Yun Yun Yun is the third young master’s girlfriend!”

“YoonYoon?” Jung Hyun Ah hadn’t reacted yet.

Xiao Cui’s side had already hurriedly waved to Zhou Yun and Xiao Cang who had arrived by now, “Yun Yun, come here quickly!”

Jung Hyun Ah’s eyes only glanced towards Zhou Yun’s side, and she couldn’t help but shudder, a kind of chilling feeling, straight to her brain!

“Zhou, Zhou Yun …… you, you’re not dead?!”

Jung Hyun Ah couldn’t believe it.

Yes, she had always thought that Zhou Yun was dead, after all, she had seen with her own eyes that Zhou Yun had been hit by the car and sent flying for more than ten meters, moreover, even if he was not dead, I was afraid that he was still disabled and missing.

So, when she suddenly saw Zhou Yun, she couldn’t help but feel a chill in her body, after all, she had a ghost in her heart too!

However, it was only that momentary chill for Hyun-ah Jung.

Soon, a smile of smugness and disdain surfaced at the corner of her mouth.

I said who is Yoon Yoon, so it’s Zhou Yun?

If Neo was still alive, Zheng Hyun Ah was really afraid of Zhou Yun, but now that Neo was no longer alive, Zheng Hyun Ah was certainly not afraid of Zhou Yun at all.

She didn’t have Zhou Yun in her sights, after all, she had crushed him several times.

What’s more, she was in a position to do so!

Inside her own belly was Neo’s child!

“Zheng, Zheng Hyunya?”

Zhou Yun also froze.

She hadn’t expected to meet Jung Hyun Ah at all, and moreover, on Peach Blossom Island!

“You, how did you get here?” Zhou Yun muttered.

“How did I end up here?” Jung Hyun Ah’s gaze flickered and she smiled slightly, “I’m here in the capacity of Neo’s real girlfriend!”


Zhou Yun couldn’t help but be stunned, his heart contracting violently.

Jung Hyun Ah and Neo?

Zhou Yun had never thought of them together.

Not to mention that it couldn’t be true, even if it was Zhou Yun’s hypothetical thought, it was painful in his heart.

After all, one was someone he loved dearly, and the other was, someone who had hurt and schemed against him!


Xiao Cui got up in anger and slammed another hard slap on Zheng Hyun Ah’s face.

“Believe it or not, I’ll slap you to death, you shameless woman!” Xiao Cui was furious, yeah, where did this woman come from? Why is she like a psycho, specifically to piss off YoonYoon?

Although Jung Hyun Ah was slapped, but at this moment she was just sneering.

“No way! The third young master’s favourite person is Yoon Yoon, and Yoon Yoon is his real girlfriend! Xiao Cui is right, you woman is really shameless, how dare you say such things again on Tiandao, insulting Yun Yun, insulting the Third Young Master, you really don’t want to live!” Xiao Cui was also furious.

This woman, really crazy, you will have to cry in a moment.

Thinking, Xiao Cang took out his mobile phone and prepared to call Lu Qian.

“Is that so?”

Zheng Hyunya wasn’t flustered at all, a cruel smile steeply surfaced at the corner of her mouth as she stared at Zhou Yun who had a few moments of pain in her eyes at the moment, “Then Zhou Yun, please, do you have this?”

With that, she took a step forward.

Jutting out her bulging abdomen.


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