At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 394

Compared to the solemnity and grandeur of Heavenly Island, Peach Blossom Island has a more casual and comfortable feel to it.

“It’s wonderful, it’s almost exactly what I had in mind.”

Stepping out of the helicopter, Hyunya Zheng looked at the blue sky, green grass and tall coconut trees in front of her, refreshed and refreshed, a beautiful southern island landscape.

“Welcome Miss Hyun Ah!”

In front of him, a middle-aged man, who looked relatively stable, bowed solemnly in welcome.

Behind him, stood several men and women dressed as servants.

“Which one are you?”

Zheng Hyunya was holding her stomach and her attitude was a little arrogant.

This was not true, although she had not been in the Lu Family for long, she had more or less learned about the Lu Family.

Knowing that Sky Island was the main island of the Lu Family, Peach Blossom Island was just one of the many other islands of the Lu Family.

Although Zheng Hyun Ah preferred the beautiful scenery of Peach Blossom Island, it was however obvious that Peach Blossom Island was a level lower than Heaven Island.

And on Sky Island, Zheng Hyun Ah was already close to being lawless.

Now that she has come to Peach Blossom Island, there is certainly no one here who can control herself, so of course, Hyunya Zheng is even more arrogant.

What’s more, in order to protect her, Lu Beike had even sent Mo Da to protect her day and night.

How many people could there be in the Lu family for such treatment?

“I am the head of Peach Blossom Island, my name is Lu Qian, Miss Hyunya must have had a hard time riding all the way in the helicopter, the meal is ready over here, please. Mr. Mo Da, you too please.”

This man was none other than Lu Qian.

Although his surname was also Lu, he was not a core member of the Lu family, so of course his status was not as high as those like Tianzhi, but no matter what, he was also related to his family, so he made it to the head of Peach Blossom Island.

For Hyunya Zheng, Lu Qian still had some scruples in his heart.

Because he received a call from Lu Beike himself, telling him to take care of Hyunya Zheng.

A call from the Grand Master himself was not a trivial matter.

What’s more, Mo Da was with Hyunya.

Of course, Lu Qian knew the status of Mo Da in the Lu family.

From these two points, one could see the status of Hyunya Zheng.

“I’m exhausted, I want to eat caviar with red wine, red wine from the 39° North latitude, because the red wine made from the grapes there can completely stimulate the phenolics in the caviar.” Jung Hyun-ah elegantly rubbed her stomach and said, her face smiling with smugness and happiness.

At that moment, she felt like she had become a real noblewoman.

Yes, only a true high society person would care so much about the pairing of ingredients with each other and have such an exquisite pursuit of life.

At that moment, Jeong Hyun-ah felt that she was cutting herself off from her former life.

In the past, she was just an ordinary girl with a little money, who still had to hesitate to buy a bag or have a big meal.

And now, she is no longer able to talk about the ingredients for a casual meal that costs tens of thousands of dollars.

“Okay, Miss Hyun Ah.”

Lu Qian hurriedly nodded his head and sent the island’s chef off to prepare.

At this time, the western suburb of Peach Blossom Island.

This was the quieter side of Peach Blossom Island, where huge banyan trees grew among the rocks of Peach Blossom Island, with a wide canopy that looked like huge green umbrellas from afar.

A girl, sitting beneath the banyan tree, is looking down at the vast sea in front of her.

She is sitting under the banyan tree, on a patch of grass, with a scattering of wild flowers opening up around her, and she looks as if she is one with the environment.

Not far from her, there were two girls with a barbecue set up, busy on it, and the tantalizing aroma, already mixed with the fragrance of flowers and herbs, had already spread out.

“Miss Zhou ……” the taller girl, with a skewer of grilled wings in her hand, ran over to the girl under the banyan tree, but as soon as the words were out of her mouth, she spat out her tongue again, as if she was embarrassed by herself. “Oh no, you said not to call you Miss Zhou, Yoon Yoon, it’s done, you can eat it!”

Zhou Yun finally withdrew her gaze and looked at the girl with long hair and a tall figure, “Xiao Cang, I’m not hungry, you eat.”

“Then, then I’m not hungry either.”

When Cang saw Zhou Yun like this, a depressed and sad feeling welled up in her heart as well, and she sat down close to Zhou Yun.

She really didn’t eat either and put the barbecue in her hand, carefully placing it on a leaf next to her.

Accompanying Zhou Yun, she silently looked at the sea in the distance.

“Neo ……” Zhou Yun suddenly spoke, her voice soft, “He, did he come here too?”

“Hmm.” Xiao Cang looked at Zhou Yun’s side face heartily, “Yes, Yun Yun, before Third Young Master went to university, he also came to Peach Blossom Island for a while, at that time, he came here with Young Master Tian Chi for leisure and fun. Every time Young Master Tianzhi came, he would bring a lot of women with him, and he and those women would go to the swimming pool to play, and all the other young masters did the same, only Young Master Three thought they were too noisy and would come somewhere alone, and what he liked most was to read a book here by himself.”

“By the way, the third young master’s favourite place to sit is also the same place where you are sitting now, Yun Yun.” Xiao Cang said.


For a moment, Zhou Yun’s gaze revealed a feeling of joy.

It was only fleeting though.

“Well, Yun Yun, if you close your eyes and feel carefully, imagine that the Third Young Master is also sitting here, and he sees the same scenery as you see, smells the same grass as you do, and the shade of the trees sprinkles on his body, which is also so cool, you will have a feeling of sitting here with the Third Young Master and looking at the sea together.” Cang said.

Before she could finish her sentence, Zhou Yun had gently closed her eyes.

She tilted her face slightly, her pointed and small nose seemed to be like a genie, bathed in this sea breeze and flower fragrance, her side face had soft yet noble curves, and her long, beautiful hair, gently ruffled with the wind in her ears.

She closes her eyes, as if she is in a trance, feeling, feeling, the feeling of the person who once sat here too.

In that one moment, it was as if time and space were, no longer boundaries.

The corners of her mouth, slowly curved out into a light smile.

Although it was very light and shallow, but as Cang watched, an indefinable and immense emotion welled up in his heart. That smile seemed to move one’s soul more than any other smile in the world, or even than any other expression in the world.

This was the first time a smile had appeared on her face since Zhou Yun had come to Peach Blossom Island.

As Zhou Yun continued to close her eyes slightly, the curve of her mouth curved a little more, and at that moment, it was as if the sunlight was shining through the cracks of the leaves onto her face, and her face, faintly, seemed to have an extra layer of light.

Suddenly, a tear fell from her eyes, which were slightly closed.

The tear, along her gelatin-like cheeks, gently slid down her cheeks and fell silently down.

The moment Zhou Yun opened her eyes, tears filled her gaze, filling her entire eyes.

At that moment, no one spoke.

But, at that moment, Cang also lowered her head in sadness.

Because, she also understood that when Zhou Yun closed her eyes that beginning, it was all just a beautiful dream, a beautiful dream that temporarily made her forget the reality.

How beautiful the dream was.

How cruel and painful it was to wake up.

“I’m the one who wronged him, I’m the one who hurt him, he should hate me, I hope he hates me ……” Zhou Yun murmured, tears sliding down her face and onto her lips, tasting bitter.

“No, Yoon, don’t say that.” Cang hugged Zhou Yun heartily, “Third young master he won’t hate you, he loves you, the very loving kind, do you remember the first time you came to Peach Blossom Island, you shouldn’t know that because at that time you were already unconscious, you were unconscious in third young master’s arms, he personally carried you, came down from the helicopter, carried you all the way, walked to the convalescent room and personally put you on the bed .”

“Midway through the journey he didn’t ask anyone to help him, at that time he was also extremely weak, I could see that his clothes were all dirty and torn, his face was covered in blood and stains, and his whole body was weak and trembling as he held you. After he had placed you on the bed in the convalescent room, he could no longer support himself and collapsed on the floor of the convalescent room.”

“He was so weak at that moment, as if he were a butterfly in a storm. But even though he was on the floor, he didn’t pass out. Many of us helped him and tried to take him to be examined and treated, but he insisted on staying in your convalescent room until the doctor who examined you said you were fine, and only then, as if he was really drained of his last strength, he fell into my arms. and yet so light.”

“It was then that I realised that he had held on and not collapsed because he wanted to know that you were safe and sound, and you know, when he finally passed out, he still had a smile on his face.”

“Yun Yun, you don’t have to doubt the Third Young Master’s love for you, he really loves you, I still remember that time when someone came to Heaven Island to join with the Third Young Master in marriage, that family was so powerful that the Third Young Master had to retreat from the clan in order to refuse, that day, I was not qualified to be at Heaven Island to watch that retreat ceremony. And when the news reached Peach Blossom Island, Xiao Cui and I both cried very sadly, the Third Young Master was one of the few young masters in the family who treated me and Xiao Cui, the subordinates, equally, and we wondered then why the heavens had treated him like that, but, at that time, we also learned that the Third Young Master loved a girl, and did that because he loved that girl.”

“Yun Yun, do you know that Third Young Master has never brought any girl to Peach Blossom Island or to the family except you, you must believe him, the person he loves most is you, you are his most loved and only one.”

“Well, Xiao Cang, thank you, I, I know.”

Zhou Yun hugged Cang tightly, and had long been sobbing uncontrollably.


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