At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 393

Lu Beike sat dumbfounded in his study.

Zheng Hyun Ah had already gone back, but his worries were only just beginning.

The thought of the Upper Drama Family going after the baby in Jung’s belly made him sweat coldly.

And thinking about Jung Hyun Ah’s pitiful look just now, Lu Bei Ke’s heart, too, did not feel good.

What should we do now?

For a moment, Lu Beique was at a loss for words.

Just at that moment.


At some point, Lu Nan entered the study.

“Lu Nan, you’re here.”

Ever since the last time Lu Nan took the initiative to oppose giving away the Jiangxia Institute Jiangnan, Lu Beique now had a much better impression of Lu Nan than before.

“Grandpa, what’s going on?” Lu Nan came in and got straight to the point, “I saw Hyunya Zheng in a bad mood when she went out from your study just now, and there were faint tear marks on her face, what’s wrong?”

When Lu Beique heard this, he could only sigh.

He told Lu Nan again what Jung Hyun Ah had just said.


Lu Nan was shocked when he heard this, “This, this Shang Xi Fei Long, what does he want!”

“I think it’s very likely that the Shang Opera family is trying to make a move on the child in Hyunya’s belly.” Lu Beique’s expression was grave, “No wonder the Shang Opera family agreed so easily last time not to have Jiangxia Institute and Jiangnan Institute, it turns out they still want revenge!”

“Those bastards!”

Lu Nan cursed angrily.

“So what does grandpa do now?”

“Nowadays, it seems that we can only let Hyunya hide.” Lu Beike said, “I’ve thought of many ways, but the best, is to send Hyunya away, so that she can leave Heavenly Island.”

“Well, in order to protect her, that seems to be the only way.” Lu Nan nodded and said, “But, Grandpa, if the Shang Opera family really wants to make a move on Third Brother’s child, I think that even if they send Hyunya away, they still can’t be careless, if they send someone to follow Hyunya Zheng and wait for an opportunity to make a move, won’t it be troublesome?”

“You’re right.”

Lu Beique sniffed and frowned, “I’ve thought about this issue as well, and this is what I’m worried about.”

“If you ask me, you must need to find a trustworthy and powerful person to protect Zheng Hyunya!” Lu Nan said.

“Mo Da!”

Lu Beike blurted out.

Yes, there was only Mo Da.

Mo Da was the strongest person on Tiandao, and only if he was allowed to protect Zheng Hyunya could Lu Beique feel at ease.

Only Mo Da could protect Zheng Hyunya, and the Shang Opera family would have no chance.

What’s more, Mo Da had saved Zheng Hyun Ah once before right next to the cliff.

As much as Lu Beique wanted Mo Da to stay on Tiandao and stay by his side. After all, he was the only one who could directly fight against the Upper Drama Family.

Lu Beique relied heavily on Mo Da.

He needed this assistant.

However, to protect Zheng Hyunya, it was also necessary to use Mo Da.

For Zheng Hyun Ah, she needed Mo Da even more at this point, at this time.

“It’s not too late.” Lu Beique said contemplatively, “I will have Mo Da protect Hyunya and leave Heavenly Island as soon as possible. Although we leave Heaven Island, we can’t go to the major metropolises, nowadays, every metropolis in China has eyes of the Shang Opera family, nowadays, the best thing to do is to go to the other 36 islands, well, let’s go to Peach Blossom Island! It’s a good place there, most suitable for resting the body and mind, and it will do a lot of good to the fetus inside her.”

“Then it seems that’s the only way to go.” Lu Nan nodded and said.

“However, there is another problem!” Lu Beique frowned again, “Now that the Shang Opera family are all on Tiandao, I’m worried that Hyunya will be targeted by them when she leaves, it’s best if someone can stall the Shang Opera Master so that the day Mo Da and Hyunya leave Tiandao, the Shang Opera Master will be entangled.”

“Leave it to me!” Lu Nan spoke up.

“You, you can?” Lu Bei Ke looked at Lu Nan, “It’s dangerous, Lu Nan, do you know, if the Upper Opera Villa Master finds out that you’re deliberately stalling him, he might take out his anger on you! Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes. This dangerous matter, just leave it to me. After all, someone always has to do the dangerous things, doesn’t it? If I can exchange my safety for the safety of all of Third Brother’s children, then it will be worth it for me.”

As Lu Nan spoke, a few moments of determination appeared in her gaze, “Although the Shang opera family has been harbouring evil intentions and secretly coveting, I believe that our Lu family will be able to fight off any external threats as long as we are of one mind!”

“Good, Lu Nan, worthy of being my good grandson!”

Lu Bei Ke heavily patted Lu Nan’s shoulder, “You’ve grown so much more than before!”

Yes, to Lu Nan, Lu Bei Ke naturally always knew Lu Nan very well, the previous Lu Nan was smooth and worldly.

It really didn’t occur to me that in just half a year or so, he had undergone a qualitative change as well.

This time, he would even risk his life for the sake of Neo’s child, to stall Shang Xiong.

In this instant, Lu Beique could not help but be greatly encouraged as well, as if he saw hope.

Yes, in fact, no matter how powerful the enemy is, as long as one can unite with the same enemy, then there will be no fear in one’s heart.

Let’s do it. It was better to do it sooner rather than later.

Lu Beike and Lu Nan agreed to move tomorrow night to transfer Zheng Hyunya to Peach Blossom Island, and Mo Da, of course, had to follow as an escort.

Lu Nan left after that.

Soon after, Lu Bei Ke invited Mo Da into his study again.

“Mo Da, this is how things are going to be.” Lu Beique looked at Mo Da, “Hyunya is entrusted to you, I hope you protect her well.”

“Grand Master, do you really want me to leave Sky Island? This is the first time in my life, I think, Tiandao needs me more.” Mo Da said.

“No, Mo Da, Hyunya needs your protection even more, the child in her belly is the only bloodline Neo left in the world, you must ensure that the child is born safely! You follow Hyunya to Peach Blossom Island!” Lu Beique said.

Mo Da pondered and bowed his head, as if he was still deliberating and hesitating.

His heart was still fluctuating.

Lu Beique stared into Mo Da’s eyes, “Mo Da, promise me that you will protect Hyunya Zheng to the best of your ability! I implore you!”

Mo Da couldn’t help but shake his body and looked up at Lu Bei Ke, “Grand Master, I have been by your side for ten years and you have never implored me for any single thing, I never thought that today you would implore me with this matter, good, I promise you, with this word from you, I will definitely protect her properly!”

“Mo Da, thanks a lot!” Lu Beique said.

He didn’t need to say more because he knew that since Mo Da had said so, then Mo Da would definitely protect Zheng Hyun Ah with all his heart and soul.

The next day’s evening.

The helicopter base on Sky Island.

An anti-surveillance helicopter, quietly parked on the ground.

Lu Beique personally took Zheng Hyun Ah and Mo Da with him, and the three of them headed towards the helicopter base under the cover of the night.

Along the way, Lu Beique was surprisingly vaguely nervous in his heart.

Yes, he was worried that at this point in time, he would be discovered by Shang Xiong.

Well, let’s hope that Lu Nan can complete his mission perfectly and stall Shang Xiong!

Yes, before Lu Beique left, Lu Nan had already left for the guest room, and this time, Lu Nan’s mission was to stall Shang Xiong, so that he would have no time to notice what was happening on Tiandao this evening.

At this moment, in the guest room conference room.

“Hahahaha, Lu Nan, you are really good at this, you actually swindled Mo Da away.” Shang Xiong had a smug look on his face at this moment.

Across from him was none other than Lu Nan.

“Hehehe, Lord Shangxiu, I said long ago that I would bring you greater benefits, now you believe me. By now, my grandfather, with Zheng Hyunya and Mo Da, should have already boarded the helicopter, and according to my grandfather, he has ordered Mo Da to protect Zheng Hyunya with all his might, and with Mo Da’s level of loyalty to my grandfather, and the level of care that my grandfather has for Zheng Hyunya, hey, I’m afraid that Mo Da can be said to be Zheng Hyunya’s personal bodyguard from now on, and will stay on Peach Blossom Island. So, there will be no one on Heavenly Island who can threaten you anymore. I still hope that when Lord Shang Opera becomes the number one family in the world in the future, don’t forget my Lu Nan’s credit today.”

“Haha, don’t worry! Naturally there are benefits for you!”

In the night, a helicopter, took off silently, all lights and radios, were in silence.

Lu Beique looked at the black shadow that was gradually disappearing into the night sky, and prayed silently in his heart.

The next day.

Over the ocean, it was clear.

White clouds lingered and the sea was blue.

“Miss Hyunya, it’s here.”

The pilot suddenly spoke up.

“Wow, it’s beautiful!” Hyunya Jeong marvelled as she looked at the island below the helicopter with its lush greenery, white houses hidden in the verdant greenery, bathing beaches and tennis courts galore.


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