At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 392

There must be a way to fix Mo Da.” Shang Xiong’s brow, too, twisted into a rope.

It was just that despite saying so, he had nothing good to do for a while.

Although the Shang opera family also had power in the Original Continent and possessed a portion of adherent families.

This time, a gathering was held on Heavenly Island, and the various Shang opera clans spread across the Original Continent were also invited to get together and bond to strengthen their cohesion.

However, the power of these clans is naturally no match for that of the Lu family.

Therefore, if we rely on power alone, it would be impossible for the Shang opera families to compete with the Lu Family for the time being.

Then, on this Heavenly Island, sooner or later, force would have to be used.

And Mo Da was, without a doubt, a formidable opponent.

“Sooner or later, we will all have a bigger conflict with the Lu Family on this Heavenly Island, and when that time comes, this Mo Da’s presence will be a really tricky thing to deal with.” Shang Xi Xiong looked at Shang Xi Fei Long gruffly and said, “Do you have a better solution?”

“Still the same words, just finish him off, an old man, what’s so scary about it, big deal, I’ll lose both of us!” Shangxiu Fei Long’s hand, still clutching the knife at his waist.


Seeing his son like this, Shang Xiong just laughed and didn’t say anything. After all, he certainly knew what kind of character his son had.

Only, in his heart, he could not help but still be sad about this moment.

At this moment, someone rushed in again.

Suddenly, someone rushed in again, “Report to Master Zhuang, someone wants to see you.”

“Who? Lu Bei Ke?” Shang Xiong said offhandedly.

It was also true that at this time, on this Heavenly Island, who else in the Lu family would dare to come to see him, apart from Lu Bei Ke?

“It’s a youth, we’ve never seen him before, but he claims to be the Lu family’s grandson.”

“Oh? The son of the Lu family?” Shang Xiong’s heart stirred, could it be Lu Ling?

Lu Ling was engaged to his daughter, so it would make sense for him to visit him.

Other than that, Shang Xiong could not think of any other person who would claim to be the son of the Lu family to come to see him.

“Let him in.” Shang Xiong said.

Not much time passed.

A youth was brought in.

“You are?” Shangxiu Xiong took a look and had never seen this youth himself.

“Hehe, good day Shangxiu Zhuangmaster, I am Lu Nan, also one of the grandsons of the Lu Family’s Heavenly Character Life.” Lu Nan said, “It is true that Lord Shangxiu has not seen me before, but I have admired Lord Shangxiu for a long time, and have always wished to see him in person, and when I see him today, he is truly majestic, and is indeed exactly as I imagined!”

The person who came was none other than Lu Nan.

“Oh, huh, did your grandfather ask you to come?” Shang Xiong frowned.

Naturally, Shang Xiong didn’t have any good feelings towards people from the Lu family.

What’s more, he didn’t know the details of this Lu Nan himself, so he suddenly came to find himself, could it be that he was sent by Lu Bei Ke to probe his mouth?

“No, I only represent myself.” Lu Nan shook his head, with a smile still on his face.

At once, Shang Xiong just stared.

If Lu Nan had been sent by Lu Beike, then it would have been quite reasonable.

But now Lu Nan was actually saying that he was the one who wanted to come by himself, which made Shang Xiong really unable to figure it out.

He himself and Lu Nan did not know each other, and it could be said that they did not have any encounters, so what could he have to do with coming to him all of a sudden?

“What do you have to do?” Shang Xiong said with a frown, “I’m not available.”

Obviously, Shang Xiong had given an expulsion order.

After all, he and Lu Nan, a junior, had nothing to talk about.

“Oh, I’m here to have a talk with Lord Shangxiu.” Lu Nan was still smiling slightly, seemingly not even seeing Shang Xiong’s attitude, “I heard that the Shang Xiu Zhuang Master wants our Lu Family’s Jiangnan Firm and Jiangxia Firm.”


Shangxiu Xiong hadn’t given any thought to Lu Nan and was just about to kick him out.

At this moment, when he heard him suddenly mention this, Shangxiu Xiong’s heart naturally could not help but be moved.

“I hope that Lord Shangxiu Zhuang, will give up claiming our Lu Family’s Jiangnan Jiangxia.” Lu Nan said with a smile.


Shangxiu Xiong was instantly furious.

Jiangnan House and Jiangxia House, at this point, seemed to him to be a nail in the coffin that belonged to him.

Now this kid was actually coming to ask himself to give up Jiangnan Jiangxia?

He was simply asking for discomfort!

Shang Xiong’s gaze suddenly turned cold as he stared at Lu Nan.

He was already very fierce and tall, and when Lu Nan stood in front of him, it was as if he was a child, or to exaggerate a little, it was like that whoever was standing in front of Yao Ming.

To be honest, at this moment, Shang Xiong really had the urge to strangle Lu Nan by the neck.

He had exactly the ability and the capital to do so.

“Get lost.”

However, Shang Xiong still did not make a move.

He completely lost patience with Lu Nan at this point and directly drank.

After all this, it turned out that this kid was still doing it for the benefit of the Lu Family.

Who would have expected that not only did Lu Nan not leave, but instead, he actually still had that very calm smile on his face.

“Lord Shang Opera, I know what you have in mind, you want to become the number one family in the world, right?” Lu Nan said.

Shangxiu Xiong was instantly shaken again.

It wasn’t that he was surprised that Lu Nan could see his own mind, after all, I was afraid that his own mind was more or less visible to the Lu family.

It was just that he didn’t expect that Lu Nan would dare to say it outright!

“If you really want to, then my advice to you is to give up the Jiangnan Institute and the Jiangxia Institute.” Lu Nan didn’t wait for Shang Xiong to reply and directly added.

“Don’t get excited, listen to me slowly tell you ……”

An hour later.

The corners of Lu Nan’s mouth, with a satisfied smile, left the Sky Island guest room.

“You’ve really convinced Kamikaze Yuu.”

In Lu Nan’s room, the black cloak’s voice, as always, was deep.

“Hehe, give people what they want and they will naturally be willing to work with you.” In Lu Nan’s voice, there was a bit of smugness.

“So, you’re really working with the Shang Opera family?”

“I have no choice, even though Neo is dead, to become the future head of the Lu family, I still have Lu Ling and Lu Cang both ahead of me.” Lu Nan said.

“Since I can take out Neo, I can certainly help you get rid of them as well.” The black cloak said.

“But think about it, Neo is already dead, if Lu Ling and Lu Cang die one after another, no matter how seamlessly you do it, no matter how innocent I am, however, someone will always suspect me, after all, I am the fourth heir of the family, when they die, the succession of the family will go to my head, I am the only one with a vested interest in the death of the three of them. ” Lu Nan said, “What’s more, the Shang opera family is powerful in force, in the future our Lu family will definitely not be his rival, instead of fighting them, it would be better to submit and cooperate, in this way, although the Lu family will no longer be the number one family in the world by then, at least it can still be preserved and I can inherit.”

As Lu Nan spoke, his eyes were shining brightly, giving a sense of co-ordination of tightly deduced calculations.

At the end of the sentence, he added with a faint smile, “Besides, Shang Xiong promised me this matter, so I can show it in front of grandfather.”

At this moment, inside the study of Tiandao.

Lu Beique was sitting in front of his desk, his face had a flat expression, but, in his gaze, he could still see so a deep inseparable sorrow.

After a long while, he bent down and opened the cabinet under the desk.

He took out two stacks of thick volumes and put them on the desk.

The bottom of the folders were yellowed, and from the bottom to the top, the colour gradually changed, the top looked recent and the colour was still white.

Lu Beike flipped open the dossier.

He looked at it intently for a long time.

He closed the dossier, gently stroked the cover and sighed.

“Is the foundation of the Lu family’s ancestral lineage really about to change hands? These histories, are they going to disappear from now on?”

Yes, these two stacks of volumes were the historical records of the Jiangnan and Jiangxia Institutes, respectively, which had been in existence for hundreds and thousands of years.

Every year of staff changes, every year of history, the evolution of the functions of the institutions ……

The history of the two institutes is a very important part of the history.

But, obviously, there is no use in letting go of it at this point.

You can’t force Hyun-Ah Jung to apologize anymore, and you will definitely have to sacrifice Jiangnan Institute and Jiangxia Institute.

Just at this time.


A person, walked into the study.

“Lu Nan?”

“Grandpa, I’ve heard about what happened this morning, and I’ve also learned about the Upper Drama Family’s claim to Gangnam House and Gangnam House.”

Lu Nan said and clenched his fist, “Grandpa, I don’t know what you think, but I feel that I absolutely cannot give the Jiangxia Institute and Jiangnan Institute, away to the Shang Opera Family! That is the foundation of our Lu family for many years, how can we just give it away! Why should we?”

When he said this, Lu Nan had a righteous expression on his face.

Lu Bei Ke could not help but be stunned.

Yes, he had not expected Lu Nan to say such a thing.

After all, Lu Beique had grown up watching Lu Nan, and knew how Lu Nan was, always careful in doing things, and rather smooth.

Those words just now were more like Lu Tianzhi’s tone of voice, and never Lu Nan’s.

To be honest, Lu Nan’s words, whether or not they were effective.

At least, it gave some comfort to Lu Bei Ke’s heart.

The men of the Lu family were not without guts!

It was just that even the most passionate words were useless in this situation.

Lu Beique let out a bitter laugh, “Now that things have come to this point, this is something that can’t be helped. The Lord of the Upper Opera has been coveting Jiangxia and Jiangnan for a long time, how can he let go of this opportunity? I’m afraid it’s harder than heaven to get him to change his mind.”

“They are bullying others with their power, I will go and talk to them!” Lu Nan said boldly.


Lu Bei Ke hurriedly stopped him and laughed bitterly, “Even I can’t do anything about it, so how can you make it work.”

“Is that so?”

Lu Nan suddenly smiled faintly, “Grandpa, I’ve actually already gone to see the Upper Opera Village Master.”

“Ah?!” At once, Lu Beique was stunned.

Immediately afterwards, he had a few moments of panic, “You ……”

It was also true that Lu Nan went to Shangxiu Xiong or said that he would refuse to give the matter of Jiangxia Institute and Jiangnan Institute, this was obviously going to anger Shangxiu Xiong ah.

“Grandpa, don’t worry, I’ve already convinced Shangxiao Zhuang master.” Lu Nan said.

“What?!” Lu Bei Ke simply couldn’t believe it even more.

How could this be possible!

Lu Beique was aware of Shang Xi Xiong’s mind, don’t expect him to spit out the fat meat that had arrived in his hand.

“Lu Nan, you can not joke ……”

Before Lu Beique could finish his words, the phone at his hand, suddenly rang.

“…… Lord Shangxiao?” The phone call, it was none other than Shangxiu Xiong who called.

When Lu Bei Ke hung up the phone, his face looked even more incredulous.

“Lu Nan, you actually convinced the Shang Opera Zhuang Master?” Lu Beique muttered.

“Grandpa, don’t forget, I’ve been training in Wujiang City for most of the year, I’ve long since learned how to deal and negotiate with others, I’ve grown a lot compared to before.” Lu Nan said.

“Good, very good, worthy of being my good grandson!” Lu Bei Ke looked at Lu Nan with a few moments of surprise in his gaze for the first time.

Yes, Lu Nan was his grandson.

However, it had never been taken seriously by Lu Bei Ke because he knew Lu Nan’s person and character.

Yet unexpectedly, this time, it was Lu Nan who had convinced Shang Xiong to save the Jiangnan Institute and Jiangxia Institute and defuse the crisis.

“Grandpa, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first. Don’t worry, as long as I’m here, I will share our worries and solve our problems for the Lu family!”

After leaving the study.

Lu Nan’s mood was excited.

“Hehe, it seems that your grandfather’s impression of you should have improved quite a bit.” On the road, Black Cloak said from the side.

“Haha, not only has my impression score improved by a lot, but also, grandfather should trust me even more!” A look of excitement appeared on Lu Nan’s face, “As long as grandpa trusts me, it will be much easier to do things in the future.”

With that said, the two arrived at Lu Nan’s room.

Pushing the door.

“You’re back, how was it?” Shang Xiong was clearly in Lu Nan’s room.

He was sitting on the sofa and looked like he had been waiting for quite a while.

“I’m sure your grandfather would have appreciated you all after he heard me on the phone call I made just now, telling him not to Jiangnan Institute and Jiangxia Institute and that this matter was over here.” Shang Xiong laughed heatedly.

“Haha, that’s right! This is still thanks to the cooperation of Shangxiu Zhuang master! Haha ……” Lu Nan said with a big smile, in a good mood.

However, he did not have to laugh for long.

Shangxiu Xiong’s hand, already pincer-like, grabbed his neck.

“Well, boy, now that I’ve helped you, shouldn’t you start helping me now?” Shang Xiong stared coldly at Lu Nan, “You know, I lost two of your family’s best cures to help you, and I tell you, if you can’t give something in return that is greater than that value, I guarantee that sooner or later, you brat will be just like that dead Neo!”

“Lord Shangxiao …… don’t get excited ……”

Lu Nan grabbed Shang Xiong’s hand with both hands, but he grabbed it only as a formality, as his strength was too close to Shang Xiong’s.

“Hurry up and say it. Hehehe.”

Shangxiong didn’t have the slightest intention of letting go, his mouth smiling coldly.

“I know that …… you, Lord …… Shangxiu Zhuang, are …… afraid of Mo Da …… right… …I can help you …… get rid of him ……”

Before Lu Nan could finish his words, he suddenly felt his breathing was much smoother, and Shangxiu Xiong had let go of his hand.

He took a big breath.

His face was suffocating red because of what he had just done.

“You can help me get rid of Mo Da?”

Shang Xiong’s face instantly lit up with joy.

“Yes, only.” Speaking here, Lu Nan paused, “Not really get rid of it either, except that I can make him no longer an obstacle to you!”

With that, Lu Nan lowered his voice and spoke a series of words to Shangxiong.

Shang Xiong’s originally puzzled and disbelieving expression slowly, surprisingly, became stretched out.

“Good, very good! Lu Nan, this is a good idea of yours, if it works, I won’t be able to spare you many benefits when the time comes, with my support, you can be said to be like a fish in water in the Lu family!” Speaking of this, Shang Xiong thought for a moment and then said, “I just don’t know if it’s good to handle the woman’s side you mentioned, after all, she is your grandfather’s key protection right now, I’m not even good at touching her, let alone trying to handle it.”

“Hey hey, Lord Shang Opera, don’t worry about that, since I found you and told you about this plan, everything is already under my control.” Lu Nan said, “However, Lord Shang Xiu, this matter, you must be patient, you must wait for a few more days, you must not rush.”

“Of course I know this, well then, I will wait and see!” Shang Xiong went away satisfied.

A week later.

Sky Island.

Lu Beique was in a good mood at the moment.

A week ago, when Lu Nan said that things had been resolved, Lu Beique was still skeptical, and even when Shang Xiong called and took the initiative to say that he didn’t want the two Jiangnan and Jiangxia cures, Lu Beique was still a bit unconvinced.

However, a week has passed.

Things were indeed quiet.

It seems that it’s all over, indeed.

How could Lu Beique not be happy that Zheng Hyunya was fine, that Neo’s child was fine, and that the Jiangxia and Jiangnan clinics were fine?

At this moment, he was sitting in his study again, holding the baby care manual and reading it with interest.

At this very moment.

There was a movement at the door.

A woman walked in.


“Hyun-ah, what brings you here? When it’s okay, you let the servants accompany you to the beach to walk more on the grass, don’t come to such a place.” Lu Beike said with concern.

That’s not true, this is about the safety of Neo’s child, since the DNA test confirmed that the child is Neo’s, Lu Beique all the suspicions have been put down.

“Grandpa, there is something that I have to tell you.” Zheng Hyunya’s face looked a bit flustered and also looked a bit terrified.

“What’s wrong?” Lu Beique hurriedly asked.

“That, is, when I went out for a walk today, a person from that Shang Opera family, and I met head-on, and that person stopped and asked me a few words.” Jung Hyun Ah said.

“Ah, what did he say?”

“He asked me how many months old the baby was in my belly, asked me if the baby was a boy or a girl, and asked me if the baby was moving in my belly or something like that ……” said Jung Hyun Ah, “He asked a lot of questions and kept looking at my belly. ”


Lu Beique frowned.

“Grandpa, I don’t know how, but I feel like he’s not being kind, and I think that he’s too interested in the baby in my belly.” Zheng Hyunya’s face was still terrified, “I don’t know exactly what he means.”

When Lu Beike heard this, he also couldn’t help but shudder, yeah, it did sound as if something wasn’t quite right.

“Who is that man?”

“It’s the same person who, last time, clashed with me.”

“Upplay Fei Long!” Lu Beique couldn’t help but blurt out, “Why is he asking you so many questions?”

“I, I feel, like he’s trying to be bad for the baby in my belly ……” said Jeong Hyun Ah.


Lu Beique was shaken again.

Suddenly, a coldness drove straight to his head.

Yes, why did Shang Xiong say that he didn’t want Jiangxia Institute and Jiangnan Institute in the first place, could it be that they were actually going after the child in Zheng Hyunya’s belly?!

“Grandpa, I don’t want to be on Sky Island anymore, I think, it’s a bit dangerous here, I’m worried, it’s not good for Neo’s baby.”


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