At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 390

In the examination room, two little girl maids, were carefully helping up Jung Hyun Ah who had just finished her examination.

“Oops, that hurts! What’s going on? You’re so clumsy! I’m still carrying the third young master’s baby in my belly, can you be more careful!” Zheng Hyun Ah slapped her hand and hit the little girl next to her on the face.

That little girl, her cheeks instantly turned red and her eyes filled with tears, but of course, she didn’t dare to say anything, she could only suffer in silence.

“Also, I’m hungry, you guys hurry up and have the kitchen cook me some food, I want to eat sea cucumber and lobster, I’ll have the kitchen make it!” Jung Hyun Ah ordered again.

It was at this moment that she looked up and Lu Beike and Hua It walked in.


As soon as Hyunya Jung saw Lu Beike, her mouth immediately turned a few shades sweeter.

Then, she saw a syringe in Hua It’s hand again.

The syringe was very long and thin, as long as an arm, and it looked very intimidating.

Seeing this qualified, Jung Hyun ah also did not help but be horrified in her heart.

Can’t help but body shrink, said noisily, “This, what is this for.”

“That, Hyun Ah, we’re going to give you an examination.” Lu Beike looked a little embarrassed, but still opened his mouth to tell the matter to Hyunya Zheng.

Of course, Lu Beique was embarrassed to say that the colour of her body revealed that she had had intimate relationships with more than seventeen men.

After all, she’s not really his daughter-in-law.

He can’t control what he likes to do.

In fact, at first, he wanted to hide the fact from Hyunya.

It wasn’t difficult to do so.

He could have asked Hua to find an excuse to draw some blood for her.

But then Lu Beike thought about it, that would also be disrespectful to Jung Hyun Ah, so it was better to just tell her in a big way.


Jung Hyun Ah instantly, her face was just frosty, “Grandpa you doubt me?!”

“It’s not suspicion, Hyunya, it’s just a routine bar.” To be honest, Lu Beique also felt a bit embarrassed.

“Still saying it’s not suspicion, you guys are obviously not believing me!” Hyunya Zheng’s voice was cold, “You must have thought I was lying to you! You think I’m not carrying Neo’s child, don’t you!”

“You don’t even think about it, I’m a girl, how could I tell such lies, how could I do such dirty things! I have a reputation to uphold, too! What’s more, I’ve always been a good girl, and this time I was taken by Neo for the first time, and you guys still suspect me!”

“Why would I lie to you? Do you think I’m lying to you because I want to get into the gentry? If that’s what you think, then you’re wrong, very wrong! What do I want for Hyun-Ah Jung? Is it because your Lu family is rich and powerful? I’m telling you, I don’t need to be rich, I don’t need to be rich and vain, the most important thing is to live a peaceful and stable life!”

“Seriously, do you think I want to come to Tiandao, in fact I don’t want to come to Tiandao at all you know, what’s good about it, I came here, so lonely, so sad, I miss my family, you know, but just to give birth to the child for Neo, that’s why I stay here, I sacrificed so much, all for your Lu family, and now this result, it really makes me cold! I’m so cold-hearted, you know!”

Zheng Hyunya roared at the top of her lungs.

In the room, there was silence, only the sound of her roaring alone.

“Hyun Ah, I understand how you feel ……,” Lu Bei Ke sighed and said.

“No need to say it, come on!”

Hyunya Jung rudely interrupted Lu Beique, “There’s no need to say anything, do whatever you guys want, come on!”

Lu Beike also said nothing more, Hua it then stepped forward and first gave local anesthesia to Jung Hyun Ah, then with a thin needle, he probed into Jung Hyun Ah’s body and extracted the embryo’s blood tissue.

Jung Hyun Ah, on the other hand, kept a cold face the whole time and didn’t say a word.

Her face was as frosty as ice, and she looked very frightened.

“Alright, Da Dangjia.” After Hua it took the blood of the fetus, it was immediately taken to the lab instrument for testing.

“You guys take care of Hyun-ah.” After Lu Beique instructed the two young girls, he also immediately followed Hua It to the lab instrument.

“This is the blood sample left behind by the Third Young Master, I just need to extract the dna of these two bloods and compare them, then I will know if the child Miss Zheng is carrying, is the Third Young Master’s.” Hua it explained, “Moreover, you can rest assured, Eldest Master, DNA can never be faked, if this child is indeed Third Young Master’s, then the dna of this fetus can only be matched with Third Young Master’s blood.”


Lu Beique nodded gravely.

Time passed by minute by minute.

“Eldest Master, the results are coming out.”

Hua it’s voice, there wasn’t much excitement, after all, this wasn’t some event like launching a satellite, this was about whether or not the child was Neo’s ah.

“Here’s the percentage of matches.” Hua it pointed to a set of numbers on the screen that were bouncing around, being starting from 1%, 2%, 3% ……10% ……50% ……90%… …

All of Lu Beique’s attention was focused on top of that screen at this point.

95%, 96% ……

It was still going up and up.

All the way, up to 99%……

One hundred percent!

A perfect match!

At this moment, on Sky Island, in Lu Nan’s room.

“Hahahaha, I really didn’t expect this, I really didn’t expect it to be this result, haha!” Lu Nan laughed loudly, laughing arrogantly and letting loose.

This was his room, a private place, and he could do whatever he wanted naturally.

“Hey, hey, now that Hyunya Jung has become your pawn, I’m afraid that’s something I didn’t expect.” Across the room, the black cloak looked a little surprised as well.

“Yeah, I originally thought I would have to get that woman killed or get rid of the baby in her belly, and to be honest, it’s not really an easy thing to do that on Sky Island, not to mention, she’s now become our Lu family’s baby.”

Lu Nan said, “However, I never thought in a million years that that woman would be a heartthrob, she was carrying a child that was not Neo’s, haha, and she even gave Neo a green hat, I’m laughing my ass off! Neo died without even knowing that his woman had given him a hat and brought it to Sky Island. I’m so happy just thinking about the look on Hyun-Ah Jung’s face when you revealed it, ha, that woman was looking so hung over before, and then the look on her face when you said the baby in her belly wasn’t Neo, it was just really wonderful.”

“By the way, how did you know that the child in her belly was not Neo?” Speaking of this, Lu Nan couldn’t help but be curious.

“Oh, this is very simple for me.”

The black cloak did not tell Lu Nan in detail, “But the process is troublesome to explain, so it is better for you not to need to know.”

Although the Black Cloak spoke politely, the unquestionable rejection in his tone was still very obvious.

Lu Nan obviously had a few scruples about him too, and hearing him say so, he did not continue to ask.

“It’s just that, you were in the room just now, doing that to her, bleeding so much, I was really frightened. Luckily we ended up cleaning up all that blood, or else grandpa would have found out and there might have been trouble.” Lu Nan said again.

“Oh, you’ll understand this soon.” The black cloak said, “Don’t forget, your grandfather is not stupid, the reason he has been blinded by Zheng Hyunya is because he is too eager to want Neo’s child, so he is easily overwhelmed by the excitement, but once he calms down, he is bound to make absolutely sure that the child in Zheng Hyunya’s stomach is Neo’s, he will definitely ask the doctors on Tiandao to verify the dna. ”


When Lu Nan heard this, she couldn’t help but be shocked, “Then, if grandpa really did that, wouldn’t it be the end, revealed?!”

“Don’t worry.” The black cloak said, “That’s why I used the Blood Swap Technique just now!”

“A blood exchange technique?”

Lu Nan froze again.

“Yes. The blood of the fetus in Zheng Hyunya’s belly was replaced with blood that would match Neo’s.” The black cloak said.

When Lu Nan heard this, she couldn’t help but stare, “That powerful?! In that case, then, that fetus, has really become Neo’s child?!”

“Not really.” The black cloak added, “The fetus itself is not Neo’s child, the entire body’s genetic structure doesn’t match, and it’s impossible to turn him into being Neo’s child, I just temporarily changed the child’s blood, and the blood circulation renewal, the human body is almost three months, which means that after three months, the blood I changed in, will be replaced by the new blood produced by the child. That means it will only last for about three months.”

“That means that if Grandpa examines Hyun-Ah Jung’s fetus within those three months, the results are all a match for Neo?” Lu Nan said.

“That’s right.” The black cloak said.

“It’s just that where did you get the blood that could actually match Neo’s?” Lu Nan asked, not without curiosity.

Yes, this was too strange.

Neo was already dead.

There must be no blood left.

And although there were samples of everyone’s blood in the family, firstly, it was stored extremely tightly, so it was impossible to just get it, and secondly, it was that the blood samples were actually very small, and even if they came to give the fetus a blood change, there simply wouldn’t be enough.

“That, is a secret.”

The black cloak refused to answer again.

Only, when he said those five words, his voice, too, seemed to have a few difficulties, and no one knew what was going through his mind, exactly.

“Haha, good, I won’t ask.” Lu Nan was still in a great mood, “No matter what, now that this handle, Zheng Hyunya, is in my hands, she will listen to me from now on, control for me, do things for me, even if her child is born, even if she is favored by grandpa, that child, in fact, is still my pawn!”


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