At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 389

The door opened.

Hyun-ah Jung looked at the youth in front of her with displeasure, not recognizing him.

“What’s wrong with you?” Jung Hyun Ah reprimanded very nonchalantly, “I’ve said that I don’t want anyone to disturb me right now, I want quiet, are you deaf! Who are you, believe it or not I will tell the Lu family to fire you and kick you out of Sky Island!”

Of course Hyunya Zheng didn’t know Lu Nan.

Seeing Lu Nan standing alone at the door, she merely took Lu Nan as a servant of the Lu family.

After all, apart from Lu Nan, she had met most of the core members of the Lu Family.

“You are Neo’s girlfriend?” Of course Lu Nan wasn’t afraid of her at all, not only did she not leave, but she took a step further inside.

“You get the hell out of here right now!”

Zheng Hyun Ah became even more furious, damn, what kind of servant is this, he doesn’t know the rules at all!

What kind of servant is this?

“I’m warning you once again, I almost died, I need to calm down alone now, I don’t want to be disturbed by anyone, I need to nurture my baby, if I delay my nurture, if something happens to the baby I’m carrying, you’ll be dead, so now, immediately, get out of here!”

With that, Jung Hyun Ah even pushed her big belly up, this was her glory, her authority!

However, this time, Jung Hyun-ah guessed wrong again.

Not only did the other party not leave, but they locked their eyes on Jung Hyun Ah’s stomach.

“This is Neo’s child?” Lu Nan’s gaze was laced with an indefinable gloom, while the corners of his mouth were floating with an odd smile.

“That’s right, this is young Lu’s child! You stay away from my stomach!” Zheng Hyunya’s face showed a lot of smugness and arrogance again, mother with son, “Let me tell you, my child is golden, when he is born, in the future, he will receive thousands of favours from the family, he will have an honorable status, and no one will disobey him when he calls, he may even become the future head of the Lu family!”

“Is that so?”

It was fine if Lu Nan didn’t listen, but when he heard Hyunya Zheng say that, his face suddenly became even more gloomy.

Without any further ado, he barged in straight away.

At the same time, the door to the room was slammed shut.

“You, what are you doing, alone man and woman, you get out with me!” Zheng Hyun Ah’s voice trembled with anger as she shouted.

Of course, for her, she was not angry at the lone man and woman, but at the fact that Lu Nan dared to disobey her orders, that a lowly subordinate dared to disobey herself, this was something Jung Hyun Ah absolutely could not stand!

“Do you know who I am?”

Lu Nan’s voice, with a few chills, came out of the room in a blur.

Half an hour later.

The door to the room finally opened.

Lu Nan walked out of it slowly with a satisfied face.

“How does it feel?”

Walking out with Lu Nan was the black cloak, who opened his mouth at this point and asked.

“Haha, great.” Lu Nan’s face, looked very satisfied at this point, but then frowned, “That’s just it, to be honest, I wonder if what we just did, will it hurt this Hyunya Jung too much? If that happens, it would be to our disadvantage instead.”

“Don’t worry about that, it won’t cause too much damage, nothing will happen to her.” The black cloak said.

“But, she bled so much just now, I feel quite worried.” Lu Nan added.

“With that kind of thing, there’s bound to be bleeding, this is normal, but don’t worry, her body is fine, everything is fine.” The black cloak said.

“Just, do you think, if I do this, will I be sorry to grandpa, after all, right, how grandpa said, he really wants a son of Neo’s.” Lu Nan thought for a moment, and his face surprisingly showed a few moments of regret.

“You can also repent? Isn’t that exactly your style? Remember, you are Lu Nan, that’s what you are, and only by doing so will you get the Lu family.” The black cloak said, “Remember, the good show is slowly starting and you will soon succeed!”

“Haha, yes, people don’t do it for themselves, I, Lu Nan, was born to be such a person!” The corners of Lu Nan’s mouth floated up with a small smile.

Inside the room.

Zheng Hyunya sat dumbly on the bed, looking disheveled.

In just half an hour, too many things had happened, completely disrupting her original plan.

Not only was there a lot going on, but things were so odd and scary.

The sudden appearance of people in black cloaks in the room, the things they did to the baby in her belly ……

It was at this time that Jung Hyun-ah realised how scary Lu Nan was.

He was scarier than everyone she knew.

Her bottom card was gone, stripped away by Lu Nan.

But she didn’t dare to hate Lu Nan yet, because the shadow he had cast on her was too deep and she was afraid of this man.

At this moment, in the study of the Sky Island Manor.

Lu Beike was sitting in front of the window, holding the baby care manual in his hand.

He had been sitting here for over half an hour, yet the book in his hand, hadn’t turned a page.

Yes, he was looking out the window and fretting.

The fact that Jeong Hyun-ah was fine had put his mind at ease.

However, the matter of asking Jung Hyun Ah to apologise to the Upper Drama family was now dead to Lu Bei Ke, and he would never dare to take another risk, lest Jung Hyun Ah have another accident.

However, if Jung does not apologise, then this matter will have to be remedied in another way.

Do we really have to pay the Jiangnan and Jiangxia offices?

Honestly, Lu Beike couldn’t let go, he really couldn’t.

This is his ancestral foundation, Jiangnan has always been an affluent place, since the Spring and Autumn Period, there has been a saying that Jiangnan is the land of fish and rice, Jiangnan Institute has always managed the Jiangnan area, now give up to the Shang Opera family, it is really difficult to do.

However, what else could be done?

Lu Bei Ke could only let out a long sigh.

“Grand Master.”

Just then, the person opposite, a kind-looking middle-aged man in his fifties, “I have one more thing that I would like to remind Grand Master about.”

“Speak up, Old Hua, what is it?” Lu Beike brought his gaze back to the window and looked at the man opposite him.

The man opposite was called Hua It, the Lu family doctor on Sky Island, his medical skills certainly went without saying, a top doctor with over a dozen papers published in The Lancet, and not only that, he was a general practitioner who knew everything.

“Today Miss Zheng fell off a cliff, although in the end Mr Mo caught her without causing too much damage, but pregnancy is after all something that requires a lot of care, I think it would be better for me to give Miss Zheng’s fetus, a full examination to ensure that it is safe and sound, what do you think?”

“Well, I’ll trouble you then, I’ll send someone to get Hyun Ah to the examination room.” Lu Beique thought about it for a moment.

Besides, it had been so long since Hyunya Jung had arrived, and she had never had a full check-up.

Thinking, Lu Beique sent someone to fetch Hyun Ah Jung, and he and Hua it, went to the examination room.

Not long after, the two girls also helped Hyunya to the examination room.

At this moment, hearing that the fetus was to be examined, Jung Hyun Ah’s face looked vaguely nervous.

She couldn’t help but recall what Lu Nan and the black cloak had just done to her.

“Hello, Miss Zheng, please lie down.”

Hua it told Jung Hyun Ah to lie down on the examination bed.

There were a few moments of reluctance on Jung Hyun Ah’s part, but there was no suitable reason to refuse at this point.

After Hwa It made Jung Hyun Ah lie down, it carefully gave Jung Hyun Ah an ultrasound or something like that with the instrument, and then gave Jung Hyun Ah some gynaecological examinations.

Although Hwa It was a bit unhappy that Jung Hyun Ah was a man, but she didn’t say anything, after all, he was a doctor, there was nothing to say.

During the examination, of course Lu Beike couldn’t be around, he was waiting in the next room the whole time.

Honestly, if Hua It hadn’t mentioned this matter of examination, Lu Beique wouldn’t have felt anything.

But at this time, when Hua started to check on Hyeon-ah, Lu Beique was a bit nervous.

He was worried that the baby might have an accident or something.

He was in the waiting room, pacing back and forth, looking very nervous.

Until Hua it came back from the examination room, Lu Beique hurriedly greeted him.

“How did it go, Hua?” Lu Beike was eager.

“Da Dangjia, it’s not a problem, the child is healthy.” Hua it said.

“That’s good, that’s good.” Lu Beique’s nervous heart finally relaxed.

“However, Grand Master, there is one thing, I don’t know if I should say it or not.” Hua it thought for a moment, an inexpressible expression on his face, wanting to say it, but seemingly not daring to do so.

“Old Hua, you don’t have to worry about anything in front of me, just say what you have.” Lu Beique was happy in his heart at this moment and said.

Hua it heard Lu Beique say so, and was quite relieved.

And at the same time, he had been in the Lu family for so many years and had received so many favours from the Lu family, at this moment, having made a discovery, out of duty, it could not help but say.

“Grand Master, I just did a gynecological examination on Miss Zheng, and from the colour of her body, it was found that she has had intimate relations with at least seventeen men, even with the third young master, but could it be ……” Hua it said here then stopped, did not say more, but, that meaning, very clear.


Lu Beique was instantly shaken.

How could he not understand what Hua it meant.

Hearing this, it was as if he had come to his senses.

Yes, it seemed that he himself had never thought about this layer ever since Zheng Hyunya had come to Heavenly Island.

What Jung Hyun Ah was carrying, was it really Hara’s child?

Even though Tianzhi had admitted the evidence that Neo had indeed occupied Hyunya Zheng after he came back, that didn’t prove that the child could definitely be Neo’s ah.

Because of Neo’s death, Lu Beique was too sad.

He also wanted too much for Neo to have a child.

Therefore, when he heard that Zheng Hyunya was pregnant with Neo’s child, Lu Beique was so excited that he could be said to have lost his normal judgment.

And now, Hua It’s words had obviously reawakened his sanity.

“Grand Master, of course, I’m just guessing.” Hua it saw Lu Bei Ke’s face all changed, also hurriedly said, “But the possibility is not very big, I just need to do a dna test, you see ……”

“Good, let’s do it then.”


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