At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 388

The room was dim.

“Are you sure Neo is dead?” Lu Nan sat in his chair, his gaze deep as he looked across the room, “I know him, he’s had a hard life since he was a little boy, he could never die.”

“I still remember the adults saying that when Neo was first born down, the eldest uncle and his wife went to the North Pole, and that Neo was brought up by the family’s nanny.”

“They said that when Neo was almost three months old, his nanny took him to sunbathe on the lawn outside the estate and everything was normal, but, unbeknownst to them, a lion was slowly approaching them at that moment. Yes, because that day Grandpa had invited a team of the world’s top beast trainers to Tiandao, just to let our Lu family children gain insight and exposure to the various fierce beasts that are normally rare to see, and it turned out that a lion had been left unlocked and sneaked out of its cage, just in time, to bump into Nana and Neo.”

“When Nana looked up and saw the lion, which was bigger than an ox, charging over, she was stunned and fainted, and later the crowd found Nana and Neo, only to find that Nana had been bitten off an arm and Neo was unharmed.”

“Of course, that’s what I heard from the adults; after all, at that time, I hadn’t been born yet.”

“And then, only two months later, almost when Neo was five months old, I think, something else happened. That day Neo was also pushed out to play, Neo was sitting in the stroller, which was fixed, but somehow it opened, and the stroller just, slid out, all the way to the edge of the cliff of the sky island, and fell down, when everyone was terrified, and went around from side to side, and managed to reach the bottom of the cliff, only to find that the stroller had fallen under the cliff and broken, while Neo was sleeping in it nicely. ”

“These are all things that happened when I was a child, they are all said by adults, and it is difficult for me to distinguish between truth and falsehood, but if they are true, it is evident that Neo’s life is really hard, and he is still alive and well when everyone thinks that he is bound to die.”

Lu Nan spoke a lot in one breath.

However, the opposite side did not speak.

“Why don’t you say anything, do you think my conjecture is ridiculous?” Lu Nan frowned and added, “Of course, this is only what I heard from the adults before, so perhaps it is not very credible.”

“But you may not know that Neo once offended Murong Ruo Lan, and Murong Ruo Lan even tried to kill him. With Murong Ruo Lan’s ability, killing him would be as easy as a snap, not to mention that at that time, Neo had already left our Lu family and was even more unprotected.” Lu Nan continued, “However, until later because of the marriage between Lu Ling and Shang Xi Shirt, Neo could go back to the family, and at that time he was still alive, which is incredible, isn’t it? Murong Ruo Lan wanted to put him to death so badly, but it turned out that he was still alive and well.”

“I know that.” The other side finally spoke, in a strange voice, as if it wasn’t coming from his mouth, as if it was coming from all directions.

“You know?” Lu Nan instead had a few strange looks on his face, “But when we met in Wujiang, at that time Neo had already left the family, how could you know about this matter?”

Yes, this matter, only people from the Lu family knew about it too, ah.

“Oh, of course I know.” The other side said, “In fact, I’m afraid I know more about him than you do, I’ve been following him since a long time ago.”

“Well, if you know, that’s even better, save me the trouble of telling you all about it in detail.” Lu Nan nodded and didn’t delve deeper because he knew that the person opposite him was mysterious, “So by now you should also know that Neo’s life is very hard right, he experienced two crises as a child and was unharmed, he was chased by a top expert like Murong Ruo Lan and was not hurt at all, moreover, there was that time on the Yangtze River Bridge in Wujiang City, Neo was hit by a sports car and as a result He didn’t die in the end.”

Speaking of this, Lu Nan’s face, there is a vague indignation that cannot be said.

Yes, Neo’s life, how could it be so big.

“Oh, that car accident, it was my design.” The voice on the other side was still so strange, but appeared to have a few pleasant tones, “I originally wanted to frame the Jincheng Ji family, to make the whole accident look, completely without a trace, who knew, that kid could still survive, it was also a miracle.”

“I’m curious how you designed that car accident, you know, that night, the whole city of Wujiang was in chaos, the sky was falling debris, no one dared to go out, under those circumstances, how on earth did that Ji Min think, to drive a sports car out, and that Ji Min seems to be going back to Jincheng, right, but if back to Jincheng, the best route should be the Yangtze River But if she was going back to Jincheng, the best route would be the Yangtze River Bridge, not the Yangtze River Bridge, so why would Ji Min go out at that time and pass the Yangtze River Bridge?” Lu Nan was really quite curious.

“Oh, you don’t need to know this, you wouldn’t understand even if I told you.” The other side said.

“That helicopter explosion, it seems that it should not be an accident, it was also designed by you.” Lu Nan said.

The other side laughed heatedly, this time, without speaking.

“Good job, but I’m worried that grandpa will send someone to investigate the helicopter explosion, if we find out traces of it and find out that Neo’s death is related to me, won’t that be the end of it?” Lu Nan said worriedly.

“Don’t worry about this, what I’m doing, there is absolutely no way to find out any traces.” The other side said, “Even if it is investigated, in the end it will definitely be attributed to an accident, but well, that helicopter manufacturer might be finished, your grandfather might be angry with them and make them go bankrupt, for them, it is considered an undeserved disaster, hehehe.”

“So this time, Neo must be dead, exploding high in the sky, he won’t survive. Even if he has a hard life, he will have to submit when he meets you, as the saying goes, one thing subdues another, you were born to restrain him.” Lu Nan said with a spring in his step.


The other side just laughed and didn’t say anything further.

“But, although Neo is dead, how come there is another Hyunya Jung, who is this woman to Neo?” Lu Nan remembered what his beloved had told him, “And she’s pregnant with Neo’s child, what’s this woman’s origin.”

“I don’t want that boy Neo to still have offspring.” Lu Nan frowned, “Think about it, he was originally grandfather’s most beloved grandson, and now he’s still dead, grandfather must be very sad, in order to make amends, and to comfort himself, grandfather will definitely put all his love for Neo on that child, maybe even deeper than his love for Neo. In that case, wouldn’t my interests be squeezed out again?” Lu Nan looked irritated, “No, I must not let this happen, under my nose.”

“Hehehe, then you can use your best means to deal with this matter.” The other side hemmed and hawed.

“My best way?” Lu Nan froze.

“Kinslaying, hehehe, wasn’t your aborted brother killed by you? Since you can kill your own brother, then of course you can also kill your unborn nephew.” The other side said.

“You, how do you know that?” Lu Nan instantly looked at the opposite side in unbelievable shock.

His face was a few shades pale.

He knew that the person opposite was very powerful and mysterious, but how could he have ever thought that the person opposite would be so mysterious that he could know about his childhood!

Moreover, it was still a secret from his childhood!

A secret that Lu Nan had always thought that absolutely no second person would ever know!

“Hey, I’ve just told you, I was concerned about that kid Neo a long time ago, so naturally, I could have been concerned about you a long time ago as well.” The other side said.

Lu Nan was instantly shaken again, looking at the opposite side in disbelief.

For a moment, he had a deep sense of terror, the person opposite, what on earth was he!

Yet, he had been helping himself again.

“Kill your brother, so that you are your parents’ only child, so all the favours are concentrated on you, and there is no one to grab your parents’ wealth with, one less competitor, hey, this is still a good deal, give it to me, I would do the same.” The other side said.

“If a man doesn’t do it for himself, the sky will be destroyed.” Lu Nan said in a low voice.

“That’s right, so, this time, you’re going to take out your nephew?” The opposite side laughed heatedly, “Then, let’s begin.”

With that, the opposite side first stood up from the sofa and walked in front.

This man, with a thin figure, his whole body completely hidden inside a wide black cloak, it was impossible to see him clearly, except for the occasional snow-white teeth that could be seen in his heated smile.

It seemed that the light stopped reflecting when it reached him.

“Be careful, don’t let anyone find you out.” Lu Nan hurriedly reminded.

“Hey, hey, don’t worry, as long as I don’t want to, no one can find me.” The black cloak said.

The two of them went out of the room and soon, they arrived at the door of another room.

Knock, knock, knock.

Lu Nan knocked on the door.

“I told you I need to be alone and quiet, can you all leave me alone! I’m still pregnant with my baby!” In the room, came the voice of a cranky woman.


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