At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 387

This was greatly out of everyone’s expectation.

There were some women in the Lu family’s crowd who were completely stunned by this sudden change at this point and sat down in shock. It wasn’t scary that Jung Hyun ah had dropped, what was scary was that Jung Hyun ah was pregnant with Neo’s child!

And Lu Beike, almost at the same time, rushed towards the cliff.

However, he was too slow and too late.

When he reached the cliff, all he could see was Jung Hyun-ah, who was falling rapidly, and the waves lapping against the rocks below the cliff, Lu Beique’s heart almost broke.

This fall, must have fallen into pieces!

“Save me, save ……”

Zheng Hyunya’s terrified face had completely changed shape, her hands flailing in the air, yet to no avail, the sea breeze blowing against her voice, sounding a terrifying and mournful sound effect.

Lu Beike knelt at the edge of the cliff and looked down, watching as Jung Hyun-ah plummeted, the grief in his heart at the thought that his unformed great-grandson would soon be smashed.

However, just at that moment.

A grey shadow came running swiftly from a distance, his speed was unbelievable, and although there was seawater and jagged rocks beneath his feet, he was walking like the ground was flat.

In an instant the shadow had raced below the cliff, yet without slowing down, the shadow stepped straight up onto the cliff’s cliff’s clipping surface!

Hyun-ah Jung fell vertically, while The Shadow stepped on the vertical face of the cliff and rose swiftly.

The moment they crossed paths, The Shadow directly caught Jung Hyun-Ah, who was already terrified and pale.

Steadily, he landed on the reef.

On the cliff, Lu Beike watched this and had long since burst into tears of excitement.

“Mo Da, haha, what a coincidence that you came!” Lu Beique couldn’t help but laugh out loud while shedding tears.

Yes, the person who had come was none other than Mo Da.

It could only be Mo Da, the only one who could save Zheng Hyunya and who had the skills to do so was him.

When Mo Da came up with the frightened Hyunya in his arms, the crowd hurried to pick her up.

“Quick, check it out properly.”

Lu Beike ordered his family and took Jung Hyun Ah to have her body checked.

Then turning back, he held Mo Da’s hand tightly, “Mo Da, it’s lucky to have you! Lucky to have you!”

No more words were said.

An hour later, Jung Hyun-Ah finally, leisurely woke up.

“Ah, the baby, my baby!”

These were the first words that Jung Hyun Ah woke up with, and the woman hurriedly touched her stomach, until she felt that the bulge was normal, and only then did Jung Hyun Ah feel relieved.

It was also true that for her, this child, was more important than her life, it was the bargaining chip to wealth and prosperity, and without the child, there was nothing left.

Jung Hyun ah touched her stomach and sat there in a daze.

It seemed to be calming down.

“How’s it going?” Lu Beike also walked in with a worried face at this time.

“It should be fine.” Someone replied.

Jung Hyun-ah raised her head and saw Lu Beike coming.

“I don’t want to apologise, I don’t want to apologise!” Suddenly, she shouted again.

The emotions started to get emotional again.

“Hyun Ah, don’t get excited!” Lu Beike hurriedly went forward to comfort her, “It’s alright, kid, let’s not go apologize, don’t get excited, just feel at ease, calm down your mood ah, no apology, you don’t have to go apologize.”

Yes, seeing Hyunya Zheng in this state, how could Lu Beique still let her go to apologize?

If there was an accident, there would be no place for Lu Beique to cry.

The scene on the cliff just now, before Mo Da appeared, Lu Beique really experienced the pain of losing Neo’s orphan.

This was something that he would never want to experience again.

After pacifying Hyunya for a while, Lu Beique came out with a full heart.

Although the fact that Zheng Hyunya’s mother and son were safe had calmed Lu Beique’s biggest fears, it was clear that new problems had arisen.

How to deal with the Shang Opera family?

This time, the Shang Opera family would definitely take the opportunity to exaggerate this matter, thus claiming both Jiangnan and Jiangxia.

Lu Beike could not help but have a cloud of worry.

“Grandpa, do you really want to give the ruling house away if you don’t let Zheng Hyunya apologise?” Lu Tianzhi came to Lu Beique’s side at some point, “Grandpa, this matter must not be done, the Shang Opera family is a greedy snake, giving a little benefit will only feed their all appetite, we cannot open this mouth.” Lu Tianzhi said, “What’s more, the people of Jiangnan Institute are all carefully selected talents of our Lu family, Jiang Chunnan is also your old subordinate, these people are full of loyalty to our Lu family, if Jiangnan Institute is given to the Shang Opera family, I am afraid that they will also be cold-hearted from now on.”

“This I naturally know in my heart.” Lu Beique was, likewise, frowning, “However, this matter is not that easy, we still have to see how the Shang Opera Family’s attitude is, they will not push us into a desperate situation for the time being, of course, they are bound to reap a little benefit as well, in short, this is a game.”

Saying that, there was an indefinable loss deep in Lu Bei Ke’s gaze, “In every game, there will be a key point, and for our Lu family, where is the key point?”

At this moment, the room.

“Alright, you all go out.” Zheng Hyun Ah waved her hand and said to the others in the room.

“Miss Hyun Ah, we are going to stay here and take care of looking after you, as ordered by the Grand Master ……” the maid said.

“Get out when you’re told to, what are you wasting words with me!” I just almost fell to my death, can’t you leave me alone for a while? Are you guys trying to piss me off?”

“I’m sorry sorry Miss Hyun Ah, we’re going out now.”

As soon as the crowd saw that all of them were furious, they didn’t dare to stay.

Moreover, they had already checked on Jung Hyun Ah just now and knew that her health condition was normal and there was nothing wrong with her, so they all hurriedly went out.

In the room, only Jung Hyun Ah was left alone.

“hello, Lulu, Xi Xi.”

Jung Hyun Ah opened WeChat and sent a video to Li Lulu.

“Wow, Yaya, where the hell have you been! We haven’t heard from you for so long, we’re so anxious, we thought you were missing, we almost called the police!”

Across the room, it was her girlfriends Li Lulu and Shen Xi, both of whom looked very surprised to see Hyunya Zheng.

“Hehehe, it’s fine, look guys.”

Jung Hyun Ah said, pointing the camera of her phone at the table of tableware in front of her.

This was the nutritious meal that the maids had brought up just now.

“This, this cutlery is made of silver? It’s too high-end!”

“What’s in that, bird’s nest?! Caviar?”

Across the table, Li Lulu and Shen Xi, their eyes widened in disbelief as they looked at the exquisite silver cutlery on Jeong Hyun Ah’s table, and the extremely fine bird’s nest that looked like curd in the cutlery, which they had never eaten before, but had seen on TV!

“Hee hee, don’t make a fuss, look at this again guys.” Jung Hyun Ah said as she got off the bed and walked to the wardrobe in the room, then, slowly pulled it open.


In the video, Lulu Li and Shen Xi, both of their eyes just got even bigger.

The wardrobe was full of beautiful dresses, exquisite clothes, elegant hats, and noble bags of various styles.

“This, is Vimy’s lingerie, my goodness! The rainbow goddess model!”

“A gucci bag, the same model as Taylor Swift!”

Hyunya Jung pulled the camera in while letting the luxury logo on the bag’s clothes show.

Li Lulu and Shen Xi, on the other side, looked completely dumbfounded.

“No way, ya ya ya where are you!” Li Lulu and Shen Xi, the two of them had gazes that were filled with envy at the moment, as well as a kind of yearning.

“Do you guys still remember Neo, the third young master of the Lu family who we used to treat as a hanger-on.” Jung Hyun-ah said, “I’m on his family’s island right now, and for your information, this island is completely owned by their family and doesn’t belong to any country, impressive, right, and it’s said that there are thirty-six other islands like this!”

“Lu, Neo?” Li Lulu and Shen Xi both couldn’t help but be stunned.

“Remember that time, that night, I was with Neo ……,” Hyunya Jung smiled slightly before pointing the camera at her stomach.

“Ah, you’re really pregnant!”

“Wow, so envious!”

At once, Lulu Li and Shen Xi understood, and both of them naturally remembered that day, when they had gotten Neo drunk and then made him and Hyunya Jung go to a room.

To be honest, thinking about this, the two of them had a few moments of regret in their hearts.

Yes, if they had known that they would be treated so well when they were pregnant, they should have entered the room together.

And they were, in fact, also kept in the dark.

After all, Jung Hyun Ah didn’t tell them the truth.

“How about that, envious, hehehe, but don’t worry guys, we’re good sisters, so naturally I won’t forget you guys when I get rich, be patient, when I find the chance, I’ll have someone fly a helicopter to pick you up too!”

“Really, great, Ya Ya Ya!”

“Long live Ya Ya Ya!”

Looking at the two of them, Lulu Li and Shen Xi, who were so excited, a smile surfaced at the corners of Hyunya Jung’s mouth as well.

Yes, it was time to find a way to get Lulu Li and Shen Xi to the island as well, yes, after all, she couldn’t do it alone, and with Lulu Li and Shen Xi here, she would have a helping hand.

With their wisdom and ability, and the treasure in their bellies, they can definitely get more of what they want!

Even, power.

Thinking of this, Zheng Hyun Ah’s heart was too happy to contain itself.

There was an indescribable contrast between the smiling face of Hyunya Jung in the room, and the sad face of Lu Bei Ke Lu Tian Chi outside the room.

And at this time, the sky island seaside.

A helicopter, is slowly landing in the seaside tarmac injury.

The helicopter was parked and a young man slowly walked out.

He looked at the blue sky and white clouds of Tiandao, and a smile could not help but emerge from the corner of his mouth, Hey, after many days, I am finally back again.

“Young Lu, you’re back!”

A servant hurriedly came forward to greet him.

“How many times have I said, on Heaven Island, no calling me Young Lu, call me Young Master Nan.” Lu Nan frowned, there was something to be said about how the big families were addressed.

In the Lu family, only the three people, Lu Cang Lu Ling and Neo, could be qualified to be called Young Master Lu.

Everyone else, could only be addressed by their first names.

“Yes, Young Master Nan!” This servant was Lu Nan’s beloved, and at this moment, his heart understood God and hurriedly said.

“Alas, after that kind of incident with my original brother, grandfather he must be having a hard time right now.” Lu Nan said.

Lu Nan had previously been busy in Wujiang City and hadn’t been back to Tiandao for a long time.

And naturally, he had heard about Neo’s accident, so he had returned to Tiandao for the purpose of, well, keeping Lu Beique company, after all, he knew that Lu Beique, at this time, must be very vulnerable, and he could just show himself.

“The Grand Master is indeed having a hard time.” The beloved hastily said, “But when the Third Young Master’s child is born, perhaps the Grand Master will be a little better off.”

“My original brother’s child?!” Lu Nan frowned, looking at his beloved in confusion.

“Yes, the Third Young Master actually has a woman, and is pregnant.” The heartthrob said hurriedly.

“Ah, where is it?!”

“It’s on the island.”


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