At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 386

What’s going on!”

Lu Beike was so shocked at the news that his soul almost flew away in fear.

Of course, he was not the kind of person who panicked when things went wrong.

But when he heard that Hyunya was beaten up, he really panicked, because she was pregnant with Neo’s child!

Usually, even if Zheng Hyun Ah was quietly at the manor, Lu Bei Ke would have someone accompany her at all times, just in case she fell and touched her.

Now he was even beaten up?

He didn’t have time to ask more questions, so he let the maid lead the way and hurriedly left the study.

Shang Xiong was also interested and followed behind.

When the maid led Lu Beique to the front courtyard, where the Shang Xiu family was entertaining guests, Lu Beique’s face became even more grave and his steps became even more hurried.

Shangxiu, on the other hand, could not help but have an indefinable smile floating out of the corner of his mouth at this time.

At this moment in the courtyard, the previous bustle of laughter had long since disappeared.

It seemed very quiet.

It didn’t even look like a party was being held here either.

And when Lu Beique saw the scene in front of him, he froze in his tracks.

“Hahaha.” Hyunya Jung’s hair was scattered at this point, but her expression was cocky as hell, “Let’s see if any of you dare offend me again! How about that, now you’ve gotten a lesson! Now you know who you are standing in front of! You know you can’t afford to mess with them! I’m telling you, I, Jeong Hyun-ah, can make you all die here today!”

In front of Jeong Hyun-ah, the upper play Fei-lung’s face and head were covered in blood, and his arms were all covered in a single wound.

Li Luoluo was also as scared as if she was dumbfounded, looking at Hyunya Jung with fear and dread in her gaze.

“Hyunya, are you alright!”

Lu Beike, not caring about others, snatched a step ahead and held Hyunya Zheng.

“Grandpa! You came just in time, these trash still want to bully me, you tell the people to arrest them all and throw them into the sea!” When Hyun-Ah Jung saw that Lu Beike had arrived, her anger was instantly heightened.

On the other hand, Shangxiu Xiong also came to Shangxiu Feilong’s side.

“Hey, kid, what’s going on, why are you injured, what a disgrace to our Shangxiu family!” Shangxiu Xiong frowned and looked at Shangxiu Feilong.

“It’s all because she caught me, a good man doesn’t fight with a woman, not to mention she claims to be the young lady of the Lu family.” Shang Play Fei Long grunted and said.

“Lu Dangjia, what do you think about this, what should we do?” Shangxiu Xiong frowned at Lu Beique, despite his face looking embarrassed, Shangxiu Xiong’s heart was happy.

Just now, he was worried about how to find an excuse, and now the two families were at odds.

Although Shangxiu Feilong was wounded, Shangxiu Xiong was not worried at all, after all, with Shangxiu Feilong’s physical quality here, just those few scratches on his body were just like scratching an itch to Shangxiu Feilong.

However, although Shangxu Fei Long was not hurt at all, he did seem to be injured, after all, he was beaten by someone from the Lu family.

This time, naturally, there was an excuse.

“I’ve said it before, both our families live here, and with so many people, it’s inevitable that some conflicts will arise. Lu Dangjia, you see it now.” Shang Xiong sighed and said.

Lu Beique’s heart thudded.

As soon as he came in just now, his mind was all on Zheng Hyunya’s body, concerned about Zheng Hyunya’s physical safety, but he didn’t think much about it.

Now when he heard Shang Xi Xiong say that, Lu Bei Ke suddenly thought of the conversation in the study.

Yes, ever since the Shang Opera family came to Tiandao, he himself had been teaching the Lu family’s children to be patient and try not to clash and contradict with the Shang Opera family’s people.

It was so that the Shang Opera Family would not find an excuse to claim the Lu Family’s territory.

However, he had been defending himself day and night, but now he had been stabbed by Zheng Hyunya.

“Lu Dangjia, look, my son, he’s been beaten up like this.” Shangxiu Xiong pointed at Shangxiu Feilong and said.

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong with beating him! Who told him to be rude to me!” Before Lu Beike could say anything, Zheng Hyunya shouted in a high and mighty voice.

She certainly knew nothing about the background of the Shangxiu family, and at this moment, she pointed at Shangxiu Xiong and cursed, “It’s you trash who are beaten up, do you know whose territory this is! In our Lu family, you have to behave yourselves! Otherwise, you’ll be killed like an ant! Believe it or not, I’ll have you all arrested right now!”

With Shang Xiong’s character and status, whoever dared to say such things to him would be dead.

However, now Shang Xiong did not have any expression of anger on his face, his face had a flat expression, not only that, his heart, at this moment, was even happier.

“Lu Dangjia, what do you think should be done about this matter?” Shangxiu Xiong said.

“Master Shangxiu, this matter is really embarrassing, I will first make amends to you.” Lu Beique was also secretly screaming in his heart at this moment.

Honestly, he had thought that if someone really had a conflict with the Shang Opera family, most of this person would be Lu Tianzhi. So Lu Beique had been trying hard to calm Tianzhi down.

However, how could he have expected that the one who had caused the conflict was Zheng Hyun Ah.

“Grandpa, why make amends with them, they don’t deserve it at all!” Zheng Hyun Ah continued to flaunt her authority, “Our Lu family is the most powerful family on earth, these trash are not even worthy to lift our shoes!”

Of course Hyun Ah Jung was not willing to show her weakness, knowing that now her former enemy, Li Luo Luo, was also in the crowd, the Li Luo Luo who used to be superior to her and bullied her was in front of her.

So of course, Hyun Ah wants to show Lee Lolo that she’s not what she used to be, that I, Hyun Ah, am now, long ago, someone you can’t climb up to and look up to, that I’ve entered the number one family in the world!

“Okay, Hyun Ah, you go back first, don’t move the fetus, the baby is the most important.” Lu Beique’s heart was in turmoil at this time, this time Hyunya Zheng had really caused a big problem for himself.

If it was Lu Tianzhi, Lu Beique would have kicked him long ago.

But this was Hyunya, a woman who was pregnant with Neo’s child, a girl who had been forcibly possessed by his own grandson, and Lu Tianzhi could not be angry with her, no matter what.

The two maids hurried up and spoke nicely to persuade the exasperated Hyunya Jung to leave.

“Lu Dangjia, as you can see, originally, our Shangxiu family’s party was held properly, and as I said before, this is our private party, but that girl came in just now and ruined everything, this party has been completely ruined, what do you say?”

Shang Xiong said unhurriedly, “Besides, you see, although we elders live in harmony with each other, these juniors are all bloodthirsty and it’s inevitable that there will be some friction, Fei Long has injuries all over his body as you can see, he didn’t fight back, all of them were beaten by that girl just now.”

Lu Beique frowned, listening to Shang Xiong’s words, for a moment, did not know what to say.

And when Shang Xiong saw Lu Bei Ke like this, he was secretly happy in his heart.

Just now in the study, he himself had been dumbfounded by Lu Bei Ke, yet now, the situation had been turned around in an instant.

“Don’t worry, Lord Shang Xiong, I will give you an explanation for this matter.” Lu Bei Ke said in a deep voice.

“Okay.” Shang Xiong also knew that it was impossible to discuss a result right away, he nodded and said meaningfully again, “Master Lu, if possible, I hope it is, Jiangnan Institute and Jiangxia Institute.”

Lu Beike’s body shook.

Sure enough, Shang Xiong’s aim was still the Lu family’s ruling house!

He also knew that Jiangnan and Jiangxia were two of the best ruling houses for the Lu family. After all, one was the affluent Jiangnan and the other was in the middle of China, Jiangnan and Jiangxia, forming an angle with each other, had the most convenient transportation links, and were connected to the most developed Yangtze River economic circle, so it could be said that getting these two ruling houses was controlling the centre of China.

Lu Beike did not say anything more.

Leaving the courtyard, he returned to the Lu family’s backyard estate.

“I’m so angry! It really pisses me off!”

In the living room, Hyunya Jung sat on the sofa, slamming the porcelain bowl in front of her.

The two maids, as much as they could, calmed her down.

But they were also on tenterhooks, worrying if she would suddenly drop the bowl on herself.

Just then, Lu Beiq came back.

“Grandpa, you’re finally back!” When she saw Lu Beike, Zheng Hyunya hurriedly ran over, “How was it, Grandpa? Did you teach those people a lesson? Those people really pissed me off, if it wasn’t for the sake of the baby in my belly, I would have beaten them to death!”

“They didn’t leave.” Lu Beike shook his head and sighed inwardly, he knew that Zheng Hyun Ah was completely confused about the situation.

However, it was true that the Shang Opera family had been offended in a solid way today.

This was no joke.

If not, the family would use this as an excuse to start a fight.

They would then be in a position to make a name for themselves.

“Huh? Why don’t you chase away these rubbish! They’re here, they’re really dirtying the environment of our Heavenly Island!” Jung Hyun Ah still looked like she couldn’t carry the situation of things.

“Hyun Ah, you don’t know how much trouble you’ve caused today.” Lu Beike said helplessly, “It seems that a family meeting needs to be held.”

“Huh?” Jung Hyun Ah froze at once.

A family meeting?

Could it be that things were really serious?

In her heart, for a moment, there were a few moments of fear as well.

Soon, the core members of the Lu Family who were currently on Sky Island arrived one after another.


Lu Tianzhi listened to Lu Beike’s account of what happened, and instantly became anxious, glaring at Zheng Hyunya, “You’re such a f*cking troublemaker, if you weren’t carrying Third Brother’s child, I’d beat you to death! The Shang Opera family may not be good people, but you’re not a good person either! What do you think you’re doing at their private party when you have nothing better to do!”

“That’s right, now the Shang Opera family has caught a hold of her.”

“Ugh, a girl from an ordinary family like hers just doesn’t have any rules.”

The crowd, I guess, quite a few people, in fact, were not used to seeing Jung Hyun Ah.

After all, they all know a little bit about Jung Hyun Ah’s identity, she is just an ordinary girl and, moreover, not Neo’s real girlfriend.

In addition, Zheng Hyun Ah is usually so high and mighty, as if she is really the young lady of the Lu family, which makes the crowd more or less uncomfortable.

But Lu Beike takes good care of her, so of course they can’t say anything.

What’s more, they all knew that Hyunya was pregnant with Neo’s child, and because of Neo’s relationship, plus the fact that Neo had passed away, the people missed Neo, so they turned a blind eye to many things about Hyunya.

“Now, the Shang Opera family has seized this handle and is using the excuse that our two families cannot live together on Tiandao and wants us to divide the Jiangnan Institute and Jiangxia Institute between them ……,” Lu Beique said as he looked at the crowd.


“No way!”


Lu Tianzhi was furious, “You think we are the Qing Dynasty! You think we are the Qing Dynasty? Jiangnan Institute and Jiangxia Institute are extremely important, they must not be given!”

Lu Bei Ke nodded.

The attitude of all the people made him feel relieved too.

“I have thought deeply about it all over again. This time, the main problem is that Hyunya broke into the Shang Opera’s party and injured the Shang Opera Flying Dragon, as well as a guest of the Shang Opera family.” Lu Beique continued, “There is only one way to resolve this conflict without giving up the Jiangnan and Jiangxia offices to the Shang Opera family.”

“What solution?” The crowd hurriedly said.

“Let Hyunya apologise to both of them, the Shang Opera Fei Long.” Lu Bei Ke thought for a moment and said, “Although this solution, definitely can’t completely eliminate the conflict, but at least if we apologize, the Shang Xi family won’t be able to use this matter as an excuse, after all, this is the only large-scale conflict between our Lu family and the Shang Xi family so far.”

Well, the crowd nodded their heads.

This was indeed a solution.

Then, naturally, the next step would be to look at Jung Hyun Ah’s attitude.

“How about it, Hyun Ah?” Lu Beike looked towards Hyunya Jung.

The gazes of all the people also looked at Hyunya Jung.

“Want me to apologise to them? That Upper Drama Fei Long, and that guest, is his name Li Luo Luo?” Jung Hyun Ah said.

Lu Beique nodded, “Well, it seems to be called Li Luoluo.”

“That, no way!”

Jung Hyun-ah refused without hesitation.

Yes, one should definitely refuse.

Apologizing to them by herself?

Why on earth!

With her status, she needed to apologize to those trash?

And if one were to take a step back and apologise to that Upper Drama Fei Long, one could still barely agree to it.

But if she apologised to Li Luoluo, it was impossible for Zheng Hyunya to do so!

The two were already mortal enemies of each other in Golden University.

For a woman, once she became a sworn enemy, she must not bow down, it was a matter of face!

Previously, Zheng Hyunya had been oppressed by Li Luoluo, and had been holding her anger inside for a long time.

Today, the opportunity she’s been dreaming of has finally come, and at the party, she did make a big splash in front of Lee Lolo, showing her that I’m already a phoenix.

And, especially when she saw the look of fear and disbelief on her face, she couldn’t have been more excited.

The thrill of getting her revenge for years!

But, what? And now she wanted to apologise to Li Luoluo?

How could this be!

She wouldn’t do that even if she had to die!

If she did apologise to Li Luo Luo, Zheng Hyun Ah could almost imagine the look on Li Luo Luo’s face.

It would definitely be incomparably smug and mocking.

Thinking about it, Jung Hyun Ah simply didn’t dare to think about the following, because that image, she couldn’t even bear to think about it herself.

No, absolutely not.

She had already ruthlessly pulled one back in front of Li Luoluo, she must not give it away again!

“Why not!”

At once, the crowd was anxious, and so was Lu Tianzhi.

Yes, how could the crowd not have expected that Hyunya Jung would refuse.

After all, it was just an apology!

A matter of moving one’s lips.

“Hey, Hyunya Jung, have some B in your heart will you!” Lu Tianzhi was really anxious, “You caused the trouble yourself, and now our Lu family is wiping your ass, you don’t have to do anything, just go and apologize, and you won’t even do it, your face is really big! Grandpa said from the start not to go to the front yard, but you barged in yourself!”

“That’s right, an apology, what’s wrong?”

“If we don’t apologise, maybe our family will have to give up the Jiangnan and Jiangxia houses to others!” All the people also said.

“I won’t apologize, I just won’t apologize!”

Jung Hyun-ah suddenly burst out, shouting in aggression, “What did I do! You guys are forcing me like this! Why should I apologise! You said I was barging in, but I was barging in! I was just trying to feed the baby in my belly!”

“You think I wanted to cause trouble? They didn’t start it! They hit me, so of course I had to hit them back. What if they break the baby in my belly?”

“I did it all for the child, to protect it!”

“And now you want me to apologise? No way! What kind of person do you people in the Lu family think I am, Hyun-Ah Jung? Have you ever thought about my feelings? Have you ever respected my personality? Why tell me to apologise to them and not let them apologise to me?!”

“Good, I can see through you guys, you just treat me as a fertility machine, in your eyes, I’m not even a human being!”

“Fine, since you guys don’t respect me, then I’ll just leave!”

With those words, Jung Hyun Ah actually turned around and ran out of the living room!

The crowd was already baffled by Jung Hyun Ah’s long-winded speech just now.

No one was expecting this sudden move from Jung Hyun Ah.

When they reacted, Jung Hyun Ah had already run out of the living room.

“Quickly chase after her!”

Lu Beike instantly panicked.

The crowd also panicked.

They had to know that there was still a baby in Zheng Hyun Ah’s stomach!

If she ran out and made a mistake, then it would be too late to regret!

Everyone rushed out of the living room.

But outside, where was Hyun-Ah Jung?

“Look for her! Split up and look for them!” Lu Beike was really anxious and immediately ordered down, the crowd divided into a dozen small teams and started searching.

Heavenly Island was not too big to say, but not too small either.

But fortunately, Lu Beique and the others were already familiar with the environment of the island.

Half an hour later, finally, they found Hyunya Zheng.

However, although they had found Hyun-Ah Jung, they were even more anxious.

“Hyun Ah, don’t get excited! Don’t you move!”

Lu Beike was really anxious, so anxious that his eyes were red.

Staring closely at Hyunya Jung in front of them.

“Don’t you guys come over!”

Jung Hyun Ah cried out!

“Okay, okay, we’re not going over, you calm down, calm down!” Lu Beike was so frightened that he hurriedly stopped, not daring to take another step forward.

At this moment, Hyunya Zheng was standing on the edge of a steep cliff on the island side of the Sky Island, which was not high, just a small mountain sticking out to a piece on the Sky Island.

Below it was all seawater and reefs.

But although it wasn’t high, it was still more than ten metres high, and if she fell off, she would be shot to death, not to mention falling on the rocks, even if she fell on the seawater.

Not to mention, inside Hyun Ah Jung’s stomach, there was a baby!

“Hyunya, say something properly!” Lu Beike tried his best to make his tone softer.

“It’s all because you guys forced me, why are you forcing me! What the hell did I do wrong! You guys are forcing me to apologise!” Jung Hyun-ah hissed as she yelled towards the crowd.

“You guys act like I’m a bad person, like I’ve hurt someone!” Jung Hyun Ah continued to yell, “But don’t you forget that I’m the victim, I was raped by Neo! It’s you, it’s everyone who should apologise to me! Not me apologising to someone else! Do you understand!”

“I tell you! I’ll say it again, I was raped! I don’t even want the baby in my belly! I don’t want to give birth to a child for a rapist!”

“But I also look at you all with pity and sympathise with you for losing your loved ones, so that’s why I reluctantly agreed to you, enduring the pain and resistance inside me!”

Jung Hyun-ah looked around the crowd coldly, “But you can’t blackmail me with my kindness, you can’t let my kindness be abused by you, you can’t overdraw my goodwill! Understand!”

“A man, the most important thing is dignity, I have done nothing wrong, so I will never apologise! I won’t compromise!”

Zheng Hyun Ah stared at Lu Bei Ke, “If I must apologise, then I might as well die! I will use my death to defend my dignity and innocence!”

At this moment, Zheng Hyun Ah was standing on the edge of the cliff, and she looked agitated.

The sea breeze blew on her, causing her clothes to flutter up, as if it would blow her away at any moment, and it was frightening to see Lu Beique’s heart.

“Okay, okay, Hyun-ah, I promise you that I won’t force you to apologise, I was wrong, I’ll apologise to you, okay? I’m giving you an apology, come back, boy.”

Lu Beique’s gaze even took on a bit of pleading.

When the crowd saw Lu Beique in this state, they could not help but feel a little sad in their hearts.

Yes, had they ever seen such a lowly attitude of the Grand Master towards others?

All this, but for the sake of Neo’s orphan?

Lu Tianzhi was also anxious, he was also worried about his third brother’s child.

Only, he was even more upset with Zheng Hyunya at this point.

“Grandpa, do we really not want her to apologise to the Shang Opera family?” Lu Tianzhi asked in a dark, low voice.

After all, apologising was actually really not that difficult and was the best policy.

And if we didn’t apologize, the Upper Opera Family took hold of the handle, and the Jiangnan Institute and Jiangxia Institute, might be finished.

That would be too big a loss!

“Hm!” Lu Bei Ke clenched his lips and also nodded hard, “You know, she was forced by Neo’er, ah, in that respect, our Lu family, after all, owes her too much.”

“And, no matter what, not to mention the Jiangxia Institute and the Jiangnan Institute, even if I were to give away half of the cure, I would still want to keep Neo’er’s child!” There was determination and grief in Lu Bei Ke’s gaze!

Lu Tianzhi, too, dropped his head in a moment of grief.

“Good, that’s what you said.”

A hint of smugness flashed in the depths of Zheng Hyunya’s gaze.

Oh, the old mother doesn’t give off her power, when I hellotiy?

With that, Hyunya Jung finally, walked towards Lu Beique.

However, just at that moment, the sea breeze suddenly got a bit stronger, and her feet slipped on the rocks.


A miserable scream.

The last thing the crowd saw was Jung Hyun Ah’s terrified and panicked eyes, and the hand that reached out to grab the cliff!

However, she didn’t grab anything.

Jung Hyun Ah fell down!


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