At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 385

Lu Dangjia should have also seen that this period of time, our Shangxiu family has been living in the Heavenly Island, to be honest, because there are too many people in the family, I can’t manage it, there are always some people, and your Lu family’s people, have made some friction, this, in my opinion, for a long time, is not a solution.”

As Shang Xiong spoke, his gaze kept glancing at Lu Bei Ke’s face.

Lu Beique’s heart couldn’t help but move.

What should come, could it be, has finally come!

What he had been worrying about, was it really coming!

But despite the turmoil in his heart, on the surface, Lu Bei Ke still had a calm face.

“What does the Upper Opera Master mean?” Lu Beique said without moving a muscle.

“This, haha, is that I hope that Master Lu can do his duty as a landlord and give a little bit of resources to our Shang Xiu family, after all, our family is so large in number, it is not an easy thing to feed such a large family.” Shangxiu Xiong laughed heatedly, “I heard that you have thirty-six islands and seventy-two houses, so I hope that Master Lu can share a few ruling houses with us, so that our Shangxiu family can move out of the Heavenly Island, so that we can also avoid the friction and conflict of some juniors in our family on the Heavenly Island.”

Lu Bei Ke sighed in his heart, indeed!

Shang Xiong had really come to ask for land.

This was the thing that Lu Beique was most worried about.

“Lord Shang Xiong is overly worried, you are guests of our Lu Family when you come to Tiandao, how could there be frictional clashes? These days, as you can see, even if there are some frictions, they are all insignificant and very small, they will soon pass, you have stayed on Heaven Island well, why do you need to leave now again, wait for a while.” Lu Beique said, “After a while, I will find a place for you to settle down.”

Lu Beique knew very well in his heart that Shang Xiong had always coveted his family’s thirty-six islands and seventy-two houses.

It was normal for this fellow to have such thoughts, after all, the thirty-six islands and seventy-two houses were the foundation of the Lu family passed down over hundreds of years, each island and each ruling house could be said to have been carefully selected and the locations finally determined after hundreds of years of trials and tribulations, the great waves panning out the sand.

It is the core of the Lu family and its heritage.

How could they be casually given away?

Moreover, the thirty-six islands and seventy-two ruling houses are connected vertically and horizontally, forming an extremely optimised and rich overall network.

If any one of the islands or the ruling houses were to be eliminated, it would affect the efficiency of the whole and the interplay between them.

These islands and rulers will never be given to anyone.

Lu Beique knew very well in his heart that Shang Xi Xiong would definitely claim them.

Therefore, as soon as the Shang Opera family appeared, Lu Beique began to secretly send people around the world to search for locations, preparing to pick a good piece of land for the Shang Opera family.

This way, if the Shang Opera family asked for the Lu family’s island or domicile, they could politely refuse and give them the place they had already chosen.

But it is not easy to find a good place in the world.

Perhaps for an ordinary family, finding a good place is simple.

But now that this is the Shang Opera family, Lu Beiq knows that it is not easy to find a very good place with good scenery, rich products, well-developed transportation and a developed economy.

It is not something that can be found all at once.

What’s more, once a good place is found, there may be a house to build. After all, the Shang Opera family has several hundred people to live on, and the building out should be a manor house, which is also a huge amount of work.

What’s more, the Shang Opera family has only just appeared for a week, within a short period of time, it is impossible to find such a place so quickly.

However, Lu Beique was actually not in a hurry.

This was because according to his estimation, Shang Xiong should not be able to make this request so quickly. After all, it was always impossible for this request to be made for no reason.

Unless there was a very serious conflict between the Lu family and the Shangxiu family, on Tiandao, resulting in the two families not being able to live on the same island anymore.

In such a case, only then would Shang Xiong have a reason to make this request.

Therefore, this was why Lu Beique had always adopted a stoic and gentle approach, and this was why Lu Beique had just taught Lu Tianzhi to remain calm.

This was also why Lu Beique could tolerate the Shang Opera family having a party on Tiandao and not allowing the Lu family to participate.

Everything, it was all about patience.

It was all about restraint, all about avoiding conflict as much as possible so as not to give the Shang Xiu family an excuse.

However, now Shang Xi Xiong actually opened his mouth directly and brought it up.

Lu Beique’s heart was all a little strange.

But despite this, he did not panic, because after all, the Lu Family and the Shang Opera Family, right now, did not have any major conflicts.

Therefore, one could have every reason to refuse Shang Xiong.

“This ……”

Shangxiu was stuck in a shell, speechless.

Yes, of course he actually understood that he had been too reckless and adventurous, and really shouldn’t have made this request at this time.

He also knew that right now, his own family and the Lu family, did not have any major conflicts, not to the point where his family had to leave the Heavenly Island.

In fact, Shang Xiong had been looking for and creating this opportunity all along.

Just like at the beginning, when he first arrived at the Lu family, his son, Shang Xiu Fei Long, clashed with Lu Wan, only that, unfortunately, in the end, the Lu family chose to hold back.

Later, when Shang Opera Fei Long cut down the tree planted by that what’s-his-name Neo, Lu Tianzhi was furious at the time, which could have triggered the conflict, only that in the end, Lu Bei Ke appeared and the Lu family again held back.

In the past week or so, the family has repeatedly “unintentionally” provoked the Lu family, but unfortunately the Lu family has always failed to take up the fight.

This time, they deliberately held a party on Tiandao Island, inviting the Shang Opera family’s clique and clans from all over the world to gather on Tiandao Island, and they even called it a private party that no one from the Lu family was allowed to attend.

This was certainly their way of bringing people together, but it was also actually meant to irritate the Lu family’s people.

After all, having a party on their turf, using their drinks and servants, and not allowing them to attend, was an excellent provocation.

Unfortunately, no one from the Lu family took the bait after all.

Shang Xiong understood that it must all be because of Lu Bei Ke.

Lu Bei Ke had ordered the Lu family to remain calm, so naturally no one dared to disobey the ban.

And in fact, originally Shang Xiong had planned for the long term, knowing that it was impossible to create a conflict in such a short period of time, so he had been waiting.

Only, today it happened that he learned that Nan Yirang had died.

This matter really irritated him.

It made him think that it must have been done by someone sent by Lu Bei Ke, which made Shang Xiong’s brain burst into a rage, feeling that he had suffered a loss, and in a moment of anger, he thought of finding the balance.

In his furious mood, he came to the study in a rage, just to ask Lu Bei Ke for the seventy-two houses so that he could make up for the loss he had suffered.

But now, he had nothing more to say.

Yes, although both of them knew very well in their hearts what was in each other’s minds.

But, at least now, on the surface, the Lu family and the Shang Opera family, still seemed to be on good terms and there was no conflict whatsoever.

Under such circumstances, how could one have the courage to say that one was moving away from Tiandao, and to ask someone for a cure.

For a moment, Ueshiro was speechless.

His heart was suddenly annoyed.

Fuck, what a blunder!

It was because of Nan Yilang’s death that he was suddenly angry and his brain got hot, so he came to Lu Beique to ask for favours.

As a result, not only did he run into a soft nail, he also exposed his own mind.

This time, it really took a stupid path.

“Lord Shangxiu, I think this matter need not be mentioned for the time being, our two families get along well, if you mention such matters, it will hurt the peace.”

Seeing that Shang Xiong had nothing to say, Lu Bei Ke also took the opportunity to hastily say again.

However, his heart was also secretly alarmed.

It seemed that he had been right in guessing that Shang Xiong had always had thoughts about the 36 islands and the 72 islands.

Fortunately, he had always adopted a strategy of concealment and had not come into conflict with the Ujima family.

Otherwise, he would have had no reason to refuse him.

And if one had no reason to reject him, then the Lu family might really have to lose a few islands and a few ruling houses.

Thinking of this, Lu Bei Ke’s palms, too, were slightly sweating.

“Haha, what Lu Zhuangzhuang master said is true, it was me who overthought, haha, this matter, from now on, will not be mentioned!” Shang Xiong had nothing more to say, he could only smile sarcastically.

He was just chagrined in his heart, he shouldn’t have been so adventurous.

“Haha, well said, well said.” In his heart, Lu Beique let out a long breath.

Just at that moment.

At the door of the study, another maid suddenly rushed in in a hurry.

She was running out of breath.

Seeing Lu Bei Ke, she immediately said in a panic, “Grand Master, it’s not good, Miss Hyun Ah has been beaten up!”


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