At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 382

Miss Hyunya, you can’t go!” The two serving maids who were following the woman hurriedly stopped her.

This woman was none other than Hyun-Ah Jung.

Ever since she arrived at Tiandao, her life has been much more comfortable, she has been served every day, she can eat all kinds of lobsters and sea cucumbers that cost thousands of dollars in the city, and there is everything at Tiandao Manor, professional masseurs, nutrition experts, all kinds of archery and horse riding and golf courses, but now that she is pregnant she can’t play these things, she is so greedy in her heart that she is only prepared to wait for the baby to be born, she must make a good creation.

Of course, Hyun-Ah won’t be too bored either, as the Lu family will invite any celebrity in the world to come and chat with Hyun-Ah if she wants.

For example, there is a certain domestic flow star, yesterday Zheng Hyun Ah was his brain-dead fan, squeezing her head to the ground without being able to take a single frontal shot of him.

A few days ago, that star was received into the sky island, respectfully accompanying Hyunya to chat with her, not even daring to cough, sitting upright, his palms sweating with nervousness.

The poor star, I’m afraid, never imagined in his life that he was scared to death of this “young lady” of the Lu family, who, a month ago, could only search for gossip about him on Weibo for fun.

“Get lost!”

When she saw the maid blocking her, Zheng Hyun Ah’s face sank, “You dare to stop me! Are you looking down on me!”

“We wouldn’t dare, Miss Hyun Ah!”

The maid trembled with fear.

After all, even though they had only been here for a week or so, they had heard a bit about Hyun Ah’s personality.

They knew that this Miss Hyun-ah had a very strong temper, not only was she sensitive and irritable, but she would also lose her temper at the slightest thing, and several of the maids had already been injured by her.

Now the servants of the Lu family, to be honest, have all cast a shadow over Hyun-Ah Jung.

After all, most of the people in the Lu family they had been serving were peaceful and treated people equally.

But this Miss Hyun Ah, it was as if she was an invasion of an alien species, without natural enemies, lawless and wantonly abusing the biosphere.

“Then get lost!”

Jeong Hyun-ah roared, “Eyeless things, don’t even look at what I am! I tell you, don’t think I don’t know what you lowly slave girls are up to, you must all look down on me in your hearts and think that I’m a wild chicken turned into a phoenix once I’ve flown the nest. I tell you, I, Zheng Hyun Ah, am now a member of the Lu family, a noble master, if you dare to look down on me and I catch you in the act, I will let you know that you will end up miserable!”

Zheng Hyun Ah was indeed very upset.

It was because she had an inferiority complex.

Yes, although her family was not bad in Jinling, how could she compare to the Lu family, it was like fireflies and daylight.

So, suddenly when she arrived at Tiandao, she had almost reached the top of the world all of a sudden, which made her status and her eyesight very mismatched, especially because those core people of the Lu family had cultivated their temperament and cultivation in the real gentry, which Zheng Hyunya was far from being able to reach, which made her heart very inferior, and because of her inferiority, she became sensitive again.

She even felt inferior in front of the servants of the Lu family.

That wasn’t true, if it wasn’t for this relationship between her and Neo, she wouldn’t even be qualified to come to Tiandao, and the servants of the Lu family were, of course, much more noble than the ordinary rich kids.

Of course, this inferiority complex was buried in her heart and would not show itself.

It was also because of this inferiority complex that she was so rude to the servant, as if this could alleviate the inferiority complex within herself.

“Miss Hyun Ah, it’s really not possible, you’d better not go in there, it’s not for you.” The two maids were afraid of Hyun Ah Jung, but they knew the rules.

The Upper Drama Family had informed before that this was a party for their internal faction, and the Lu Family was not allowed to enter.

“What do you mean it’s not for me? Get the hell out of my way!”

Zheng Hyun Ah exploded.

The speaker had no intention to say it, but the listener had an intention to hear it.

This was clearly a party at the Lu family, and you say it wasn’t prepared for me, what does that even mean?

It means that everyone else is eligible to attend this party, but not me?

I am now the “young lady” of the Lu family, how dare you say I am not qualified to attend, this is obviously a deliberate attempt to look down on me!

Seeing the fury on Zheng Hyun Ah’s face at this moment, the two maids were also scared.

To be honest, they only knew that this party was not for the Lu family and it was best not to go in, they didn’t understand the exact stakes.

They didn’t dare to stop them either.

The girls didn’t understand what was at stake, but now that they saw Jung was like this and insisted on going in, they didn’t dare to stop her.

When she entered, her eyes lit up.

The venue was huge, with more than a dozen tables set up, all with top-notch ingredients, main dishes, sashimi, barbecue, gumbo, desserts, fruits, everything, on each table, there was a wide array.

“Wow, it’s fantastic!”

Jeong Hyun-ah looked at the dishes in front of her with surprise, each dish here would have caused a sensation when sent to her friends, any dish that would have been treated as a headliner in the middle in other places.

However, here, there was a table full of such dishes.

It wasn’t as if she hadn’t eaten these top dishes before since she came to Tiandao, but she hadn’t attended a party of this level and hadn’t seen such a grand spectacle.

Jung Hyun-ah was not polite, so she casually found a table and sat down.

And at that moment, in the guest house building of the Sky Island Manor.

This was the housing used by the Lu family to receive guests.

However, at this time, it had become the Shang-jiao family’s flat, and several hundred mouths of Shang-jiao family personnel came at once, almost overcrowding the place.

This was a small parlour.

At this moment there were already four or five people sitting inside.

A tall, burly man, propped up on his elbows, reclined on his side half-lying on a couch in a very domineering posture, was none other than Shang Jie Xiong.

“How is it, everyone, how is it going now?” Shang Xiong’s gaze swept over the crowd before him.

“It’s going very well! Everything is going according to Lord Shang Xiong’s plan! The Chuanyin family has sent twelve family experts into the underground fighting arenas in a total of twelve cities in South China, Southwest China, and Central China, and all twelve Chuanyin family sons and daughters have topped the underground fighting dragon and tiger rankings, and almost all of them have caused a stir. ”

The man who spoke was a short man in his forties, although he was not large in stature, his gaze appeared to be shrewd and his whole person gave off an impression that he could not be underestimated.

He was none other than Chuan Yin Liang, the head of the Chuan Yin family.

“Very well.”

A faint look of satisfaction appeared on Kamisuke’s face, but he was already fierce-looking, and even with the happy look on his face, he still could not dilute his naturally fierce expression.

“Every city in China has an underground fighting ranking Dragon and Tiger list, as long as we can occupy the top of this list, we will attract powerful people from the underground of each city to come and join us, if the Dragon and Tiger lists of the three hundred and eighteen cities in China were all controlled by our three clans, it would be equivalent to controlling the underground world of China, with this power, what can’t be done? ” When Shang Xiong said this, the smile on the corner of his mouth, looked even more obvious.

But when he said this, Shang Xiong suddenly looked straight, “By the way, the sons and daughters of your family who participated in the Dragon and Tiger Ranking competition used aliases, right?”

“Don’t worry about this, Lord Shang Xiong, they all use pseudonyms.” Chuan Yinliang nodded hastily and said, “This we noticed from the beginning.”

“That’s good, using an alias will avoid unnecessary exposure.” Ujio said, and his eyes turned to another short, chubby-looking man in his fifties, “Brother Hiro, how is your Nangyi family progressing?”

“Well, our Nan Yi family has also sent thirteen of their sons and daughters, mainly to the southeast, Jiangnan, a total of ten cities’ underground fighting arenas, all of which have also topped the Dragon and Tiger Rankings, they are now gradually taking control of the underground fighting world, I believe that when the time comes, whatever we want to do, they will echo to assist.” Nan Yiguang hurriedly said, obviously, he couldn’t afford to fall in front of the Kawayin family either.

“Well, that’s good.”

Shang Xiong nodded his head, obviously satisfied as well.

But then, with a movement in his expression, he actually sat up and his body moved closer to Nan Yiguang, “Brother Guang, did you also get the top spot in the Neon City’s Dragon and Tiger Ranking? This city is the most important, and the strength of that city’s Dragon Tiger Ranking is the strongest!”

“Don’t worry, I understand this, so I sent Nan Yilang, Nan Yikun and Nan Yilei, three people to Nehong City so that they can look after each other. A few days ago, they informed me that Nan Yilang had already won the first place in the Neon City Dragon Tiger Ranking! Moreover, it seems that Nan Yilang has even been taken a fancy by the Jiang family, the number one family in Neon, and is going to the Jiang family today to join in marriage!”

“Hahahaha, great!”

Shang Xiong was instantly overjoyed, “Brother Guang, you’ve made a great achievement this time! Now that most of the underground fighting in the majority of China has been controlled by the experts of our three clans, and even the Neon City, there is no one in this Original Continent who is our rival. Brothers, in the future, when this rivalry falls to my Shang Opera Clan, I will not treat you all lightly!”

“Thank you, Lord Shang Opera!”

Chuan Yin Liang and Nan Yi Guang, at this moment, both had excited faces, filled with a look of longing.

Just at this moment.

Nan Yiguang’s phone suddenly rang.

“It’s a call from Neko! It should be a successful marriage! What a happy event!” Nan Yiguang said with a flourish, and hurriedly answered it.

Only a moment later.

His face was full of joy, and all of a sudden, he stiffened there.

“What’s wrong?” The crowd could see the change in his face.

“Nan Yirang, dead.”

Nam Ye-gwang, still holding the phone, murmured.

“Dead, how can that be!”

Shang Xi Xiong stood up violently in disbelief, knowing that just now Nan Yiguan had said that Nan Yirang had gotten the number one spot in the Dragon Tiger Ranking, how could he have suddenly died!

“Yes, it was killed by a kid from the Jiang family.” Nan Yiguang said dumbly.

“A conspiracy! It must be a conspiracy!” Shang Xiong burst into a rage and stomped his foot fiercely, “It’s a conspiracy by the Jiang family!”

“But why would the Jiang family do that? After all, we have no beef with them either.”

“It’s the Lu family’s doing! The Lu family must have sensed something and they joined forces with the Jiang family, who willingly became the Lu family’s lackeys! Killing our people!”

Shang Xiong’s gaze was rounded, his breath caught, and the fierce light on his face grew even brighter, “No, I’m going to find that old man Lu Bei Ke and find out what he has to say!”

“He killed my man, then I want to get some compensation too!”

With that, Shang Xiong didn’t even change his clothes, directly wearing slippers, and left the door.

And at that moment, at the party of the Shang-jiao family.

Jung Hyun-ah sat proudly at the table, having the waiter pour wine and serve seafood.

This life, what a happy one.

But just as she was about to start.

“Yo, isn’t this Jung Hyun Ah?” At this time, a voice came from behind her.

When Jung Hyun Ah heard the voice, she was shocked in her heart.

In a hurry, she turned back.

In front of her eyes was a woman about her own age.

Wearing a Wabi-sabi genteel blouse by Rinsong, she appeared to have a bit of a noble aura, appearing to have been carefully dressed, and her bags were all from top luxury brands.

“And it really is you little b*tchy b*tch.” The woman’s gaze, unceremoniously placed on Zheng Hyunya’s body to look at it wantonly, and despised, and a bit curious, unceremoniously mocked, “I just wonder, you poor b*tch, how can you be qualified to come to such a place? What an injustice, last time, was it nice to be slapped by me in the gym?”

Jung Hyun-ah didn’t say anything.

Just now, when she suddenly heard this woman’s voice and saw this woman, Jung Hyun Ah’s heart, indeed, was subconsciously scared.

Only, the fear was only subconscious and only lasted for a moment.

Now, in her heart, Jung Hyun Ah was laughing out loud.

A narrow path of injustice, haha, that’s right, it really is a narrow path of injustice, there is a way in heaven for you not to go, there is no door in hell for you to barge in.

My luck, Hyun-Ah Jung, in this life, is really too good.

Thinking, she smiled faintly, “Hello, Li Luoluo.”


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