At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 381

The entrance to the Jiang Mansion.

“I am Jiang Yufeng, I heard you were looking for me?”

Jiang Yufeng was quicker on his feet and had already reached the entrance before anyone else at this point, looking at the old man in front of him with a goatee and shrewd eyes, Jiang Yufeng frowned, he hadn’t seen this person before.

“That’s right!”

Although the old man was not well dressed, he was not the least bit timid when facing the family in charge of the first Neko family, “But it’s not you I’m looking for either, I’ve heard that there’s a quite powerful person in your house, known as the Sword Immortal, isn’t it?”

“You’re looking for Master Sword Immortal, who are you to him?” Jiang Yufeng looked at the old man suspiciously.


The old man was still a bit hung over, but at this moment his face straightened, “I’m his senior uncle!”

“Nonsense!” Jiang Yufeng’s face sank as well.

Just at that moment.

“He’s not wrong, he is indeed.”

A voice came from behind Jiang Yufeng.

Neo brought the Sword Immortal with him, followed by the others behind him, and together they all walked out.

“Young, young master?”

The old man was shocked and delighted when he saw Neo.

Yes, this old man was Zhang Jiu.

At this moment, when he saw Neo, Zhang Jiu didn’t care about anything and fell back to worship.

“Get up, Zhang Jiu, I didn’t expect to find you so easily, I thought it would take a lot of work.” Neo helped Zhang Jiu up, and a stone fell from his heart.

All the people were quiet at this moment, their eyes were looking at Neo and Zhang Jiu.

The crowd was especially stunned when Zhang Jiu gave a mouthful of Young Master and knelt down in public.

“Dad, do you think they are colluding and deliberately coming to trick us.” Jiang Yi said quietly to Jiang Yufeng.

“Impossible, it’s not like you didn’t see what happened just now, a single move subdued the South Arts family.” Jiang Yufeng shook his head, gesturing for his daughter to keep her mouth shut.

“You, you guys ……”

At this moment, the Sword Fairy looked at the two of them, Neo and Zhang Jiu, not knowing what to say for a moment.

“Little Li Zi! You’re Little Li Zi, right!”

Zhang Jiu patted the Sword Immortal’s shoulder as if he was an elder, “I didn’t expect that after that Shu Sheng guy only taught you three sword techniques, you have even become a Sword Immortal, haha, if Shu Sheng knew that his disciple had achieved so much, I wonder what kind of expression he would have.”

The Sword Immortal’s body shook at once.

Little Li Zi, that was what the Master Ancestor had called himself those three days.

No one had ever called himself Little Li Zi except for the master ancestor.

And since he had reached the age of twenty and had practiced these three sword techniques to perfection, others had slowly started to call themselves Sword Immortal, not to mention the name Little Li Zi, and had almost forgotten his own name.

At this moment, suddenly hearing this name from his memory in the past again, he looked at Zhang Jiu in disbelief, “You, you really ……”

“Then there is still false ah! The scholar came back and told us all, he said he wanted to go to the village to ask for directions, but ended up seeing the village after it was massacred, you were the only survivor in the village at that time, right, the scholar said, he buried everyone in the village, looking at you poorly, and it was right after the July 7 Incident, the world would soon be in chaos, so he taught you a little swordplay so you could have skills to defend yourself. ”

“It’s just that you have rather average qualifications, and it took you three days to learn three moves.” Zhang Jiu didn’t speak politely at all, but of course, given his status, he didn’t need to be polite.

“Then you met a group of Japanese soldiers at the market again, the scholar had bad luck and was surrounded by Japanese soldiers, he told me later that he almost thought he was dead there at the time, but luckily you saved him again, hehehe, it seems that the scholar is really a good man who gets good rewards too …… ”

“Master uncle is above, accept Little Li Zi’s obeisance!” The Sword Immortal didn’t wait for Zhang Jiu to finish speaking and immediately knelt on the ground.

At this time, not only the Sword Immortal, everyone believed it.

Yes, how could they not believe it, that part of the Sword Immortal’s past had only just been told to the crowd, and those who heard it were only a few of them, no one else could possibly know about it.

And now Zhang Jiu could actually say it completely!

“What senior uncle, no need to be so awkward, you can just call him senior uncle in a big way. That guy Booker also told me that he didn’t ask you to acknowledge him as Master, so you just call him Master Ancestor right, no no need, you just call him Master and call me Master Uncle.” Zhang Jiu said.

“This ……” The Sword Fairy didn’t dare to accept it for a moment, “Would this be bad if the master ancestor isn’t here.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine if I say it’s fine.” Neo said.

“See, the young master has said it.” Zhang Jiu patted the Sword Fairy again, “Why don’t you hurry up and salute the Young Master, your master and I, we are both in the Young Master’s entourage.”

Only then did the Sword Immortal understand that Neo had not lied to him at all.

He didn’t think any more, “Young master!” With that, the Sword Immortal flung himself down on his knees for Neo again.

Neo hurriedly stopped him.

Although it was reasonable to kneel, the Sword Immortal was after all so old, even older than his grandfather’s age.

“Young master, it’s wonderful to meet you, it’s not too late, we need to find a place to talk in detail!” Zhang Jiu pulled Neo and was about to leave.

Neo saw that the Sword Fairy’s gaze had been one of expectation, and he understood what the Sword Fairy meant, it seemed that he wanted to follow him.

“Little Li, just follow us, when we find Zhu Ce, you master and disciple can also reunite for a while.” Neo said.

“Thank you, Young Master!”

The Sword Fairy finally revealed a comforting smile.

He came back to Jiang Yufeng and the others and said goodbye one by one.

“Master Jiang, after so many years of harassing you, thank you for your generous treatment, today I finally ran into my senior uncle and the young master, and I am going to follow the young master, so I will say goodbye, and I hope that one day, I will be able to meet again!”

“Master Sword Immortal, take care!” Jiang Yufeng was, at this moment, completely shocked by what was happening in front of him.

Although he couldn’t let go of the Sword Immortal, he knew that it was impossible.

What’s more, he wanted to sell Neo a favour too.

After all, this youth’s identity was too deep and mysterious, right!

“Second Miss, goodbye, you have a good foundation, practice your martial arts well, you will have some success in the future. It’s just that you’re a bit impatient, I hope you can be a bit more calm.” The Sword Fairy said goodbye to Jiang Yi again before

Then he left with Neo.

Jiang Yufeng and the others’ gazes kept following the three of them as Neo left, none of them speaking.

On everyone’s face was an indefinable shock and complexity.

And Jiang Yi kept looking at Neo, the emotions in his gaze, even more complicated.

At this moment, on Sky Island.

One by one, helicopters were parked on the lawn outside the Sky Island estate.

This place had been turned into a temporary tarmac.

The helicopters were all different, even colorful, black, white, red, yellow, floral, with patterns ……

Some have various painted words and patterns on them.

At a glance, you could tell that none of them were from the same family.

And inside the estate, there was a burst of music and laughter.

In the courtyard, tables have been set up and waiters are wandering about with trays.

A party was being held here.

A study at the far end of the estate, the quietest part of the estate, where the laughter from the courtyard outside is largely silent.

The door to the study was suddenly thrown open.

A young man, furious, walked in.


“What’s wrong, Tianzhi?” Lu Beike was sitting in front of the desk in the study, holding a book in his hand and reading it with what seemed like relish.

“That gang of up-playing barbarians is just too abominable, even if they live in our Lu Family, they are even having a party on our Lu Family’s Heavenly Island and inviting people from all the big clans!”

“Tian Chi, watch your name.” Lu Bei Ke said with a stern expression.

Yes, name calling was important, the saying that woe comes from the mouth was clear to Lu Beique.

“The Upper Opera Family is an ancient family, since they are coming to the Original Continent, of course they have to inform all the big and small families in the world, there is nothing to say about that.”

Saying that, Lu Beique continued to look at the book in his hand again.

“But, grandpa, if they do this, how will other families look at our Lu family?” The indignation on Lu Tianzhi’s face didn’t diminish at all, “So many helicopters parked on our Lu family lawn, yet the people coming down from the helicopters are here to pay their respects to the up-playing families, they occupy most of the estate, our chefs and bankers serve their parties, they use our grounds, they use our personnel, they drink the wine from our winery, right under our noses! There are even some families who would not have been qualified to come to Sky Island, but the Shang Opera family invited them, and when they do, it is not our Lu family that is grateful, but the Shang Opera family!”

The more Lu Tianzhi spoke, the angrier he became, “The most f*cked up thing is that they still don’t allow our Lu Family people to show up and make our people avoid them!”

“Not all the clans that came were the old clans of the Shang Opera Family in the Original Continent, and to put it bluntly, it was an internal gathering of theirs, and we didn’t need to attend.”

Lu Beike said indifferently, but also barely drew attention to himself as he sighed and turned back to look at the book in his hand.

“Grandpa, what are you reading? Is it that good?” Lu Tianzhi stretched his head over in depression and took a glance, “The Complete Book of Baby Care?”

“Yes, Neo’er’s baby will be born soon too.” Lu Bei Ke murmured.

Lu Tianzhi was at once, and his expression slowly became eased, “Yes, third brother’s child ……”

Saying this, Lu Tianzhi frowned again, “Ugh, it would be good if it was sister-in-law’s pregnancy, that Zheng Hyunya, really not a good person, she has only been here for a few days? She has beaten up several of the servants serving her! This woman, on the basis that she’s carrying Sango’s child in her belly, is too domineering! When she gives birth, I’ll teach her a lesson!”


Lu Beique suddenly picked up the book and gave Lu Tianzhi a heavy knock on the head.

“Unrestrained, Tianzhi, what are you talking about!” Lu Bei Ke glared, “Hyun Ah may have a bad temper, but she is, anyhow, the mother of your third brother’s child in the future, and if she wants to in the future, she is even a member of our Lu family! If not, we will send her to Jinling and settle her down properly, and treat her as half of our Lu family. What’s more, she is still by your third brother ……”

Lu Beique didn’t say anything further.

“I’m sorry, grandpa.” Lu Tianzhi mumbled, rubbing his head and said.

At this moment, the manor house.

A woman holding her stomach, holding the latest model Apple XS+512G mobile phone in her hand, walking in the manor, constantly posing for selfies, carefully followed by two maid-like ones beside her, one holding an umbrella in her hand, giving her an umbrella, the other, holding a fruit plate in her hand, following behind the woman.

“Hee hee, the sky island is wonderful! This tree, it’s the world’s only precious species of fragrant redwood tree, take a picture and send it to your circle of friends to pretend.” The woman said as she took a selfie.

“What’s that? When was the party held? How come I wasn’t even informed!” When the woman heard the laughter and music in front of her, a look of displeasure appeared on her face and she walked straight ahead.


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