At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 380

Boy, what did you say?” Nan Yikun froze at once.

All the people froze.

No one had expected Neo to come out on top.

They all thought that Neo was just a junior follower of Jiang Yi.

No one put Neo in their eyes.

As for Jiang Yi, she didn’t even put Neo in her eyes, after all, this guy had been captured by herself with ease.

However, now Neo dared to stand in front of Nan Yikun.

Jiang Yi felt that Neo had a problem with his brain.

However, Neo didn’t pay any more attention to Nan Yikun.

He turned to look at the Sword Immortal, and looked at this old man in his eighties with a pale beard in front of him.

It was hard to imagine this old man in his teens, when he met Zhu Ce and Zhu Ce taught him swordplay.

After all, Zhu Ce had always been an image of a well-mannered man in his thirties in Neo’s heart.

“Little brother, thank you for your courage.” The Sword Immortal said, and then his face straightened again, “But I hope that little brother, don’t make fun of the master ancestor. Not only did my master ancestor save me and influence my life, he is also the person I respect the most in my life.”

After saying that, the Sword Fairy gently pushed Neo away.

Looking at Nan Yikun indifferently, “This little brother and I have no relatives, and this matter has nothing to do with him, so don’t make things difficult for him. Only you want to kill me, it’s not that easy, back then, my master ancestor taught me three sword techniques, and I’ve only just used one move, watch the moves ……”

With those words, the Sword Immortal flipped his wrist and sword light slowly flowed.

“Leaving man sword!” The Sword Immortal suddenly shouted lowly under his breath.

The crowd felt a flash of sword light before their eyes, the Sword Immortal’s body suddenly had moved, and in that moment, it was as if the sky was rice paper, being flung with a brush in a quick and dashing stroke.

The Sword Fairy held his sword in both hands, his body almost becoming one with the sword, only a shadow could be seen, swiftly rushing towards Nan Yikun.

The air seemed to be torn apart.

Nan Yikun, however, laughed heatedly and suddenly pulled out a thick-backed long sword from his waist as well.

“I have long said that your lack of Xuan Power is all just a flowery display in front of me!” With those words, Nan Yikun gripped the long blade with both hands and slashed downwards fiercely!

The force of this slash.

Instead of a sword, it was more like a giant bushel fan.

The Sword Fairy was like a fledgling swallow in a gale that was hastily trying to return to its nest, the force of its wings, unable to resist in the raging gale, was directly and viciously dropped to the ground.


The Sword Fairy flew backwards and kept crashing into the trees in the courtyard.

He fell to the ground.

A few traces of blood surfaced from the corners of his mouth.

“Grandpa Sword Immortal!”

“Master Sword Immortal!”

When Jiang Yi and the crowd saw the Sword Immortal like this, their hearts went cold while they were grieving.

Even the Sword Immortal was like this, so who was still a match for these two from the Southern Arts Clan?

“Hahahaha, old man, who did you learn this rubbish sword technique from, what the hell.” Nan Yi Kun looked at the Sword Immortal mockingly, “I thought how powerful it was, I’m afraid that whatever master ancestor of yours is just a charlatan, casually fooling you twice and you believe it, how pathetic.”

“Don’t insult my master ancestor!” Hearing Nan Yikun’s disrespectful words, the Sword Fairy was really angry.

But then, a kind of pathos and helplessness also appeared on his face, “It’s because I’m not a good learner, unable to learn a ten-thousandth of what my master ancestor did, or else I wouldn’t be able to let you guys be arrogant here.”

At the end of the sentence, the Sword Immortal’s face was truly sad.

He had met his master ancestor when he was a child, saved him and taught him swordplay, and in his mind, he had long since turned his gratitude into a kind of faith.

However, at this moment, being sarcastic by Nan Yikun here, his heart was really sad and bitter.

“One more sword, look at the sword, fall ……”

The Sword Fairy said, bracing himself to stand up.

Even though he already knew at this point that he was no match for Nan Yikun, he still had to use his last sword.

Because his master had taught himself three swords back then, he must use the last sword, which was also a sign of respect to his master.

Only, his hand holding the sword was already trembling at this moment.

“Falling Rain Sword.”

Just at this time, a voice suddenly came.

It was Neo.

At once, the Sword Immortal’s face changed and he looked at Neo in disbelief, “Little, little brother, what did you say?”

“Falling Rain Sword, the name of the third stance your master taught you, isn’t it?” Neo said, gently helping the Sword Immortal up.

Yes, Neo knew.

It was because Zhu Ce had once told him, back in Wujiang, Zhu Ce had told Neo about his sword technique, and even though Neo had little interest in listening to it at the time, he remembered some of it.

Wuji Sword Intent, Li Ren Sword, and Falling Rain Sword.

These three stances were the most basic three strokes.

“Ah ……” The Sword Immortal looked at Neo and muttered, unable to speak.

This little brother, how could he possibly know his three sword stances?

You know, the Sword Immortal hadn’t used the Leaving Man Sword and the Falling Rain Sword for thirty years, because no one was worthy of his last two strokes, and generally speaking, if he had to, the Infinite Sword Intent would solve all problems.

“Your master ancestor, is his name Zhu Ce?” Neo said again.

This time, even more shocked, the Sword Immortal could not speak.

“You, you ……” He seemed to have forgotten everything around him at this point, and only looked at Neo, his face was an indefinable expression of shock, but also a few touches and excitement.

What an amazing feeling it is to hear the name of a master ancestor from someone else’s mouth.

“I’ve just said it all.” Neo looked at the Sword Immortal and was a little touched in his heart, he was wounded but still had to use his last sword, just so as not to disgrace Zhu Ce’s reputation, how could he himself let Zhu Ce’s disciple, suffer such an indignity.

“Zhu Ce is under me.” Neo said indifferently.

The Sword Immortal, this time his eyes widened, and a kind of sound came out of his throat that wanted to speak but didn’t know what to say.

Just at that moment.

“Kid, you didn’t get lost when I told you to, you brought this on yourself!”

Behind him, there was a sudden gust of wind!

Nan Yikun’s sword was already slashing at Neo’s back!

His man had leapt into the air, and his sword was in the air, as if it had fallen from the sky, slashing at Neo!

The wind of the sword was like the might of heaven!

The weeds under Neo’s feet, at this moment, were all bent, as if they had been washed by water.

“Falling Rain Sword!”

The Sword Immortal couldn’t think much longer, as he waved his hand and was about to make a blocking move.

However, he still didn’t strike his sword.

His hand, was gently pressed by Neo.

Neo was still looking at him, “Don’t worry, I’ll deal with him.”

As Neo spoke, his back was still turned to Nan Yikun, as if he didn’t have him in mind at all.

The Sword Immortal looked at Neo in shock, he tried to raise his hand, but he couldn’t, as if he was being suppressed by a huge force.

He watched as Nan Yikun’s sword slashed straight towards Neo’s head.

The crowd’s eyes were all focused on Neo’s body at this moment, all stunned.

Even Jiang Yi’s heart could not help but flash a hint of regret.

This kid was dead, anyhow, because of himself, right?

After all, he was brought in by himself.

“This is my domain!” Suddenly, Neo spoke, his voice, low and majestic, “In my realm, everything, is mine!”

“I can, do anything!”

He had just finished his words.

At this moment, Nan Yikun was as if he was standing on a chair and suddenly the chair was jerked off from underneath.

He went straight up vertically and fell down from the air.


Nan Yikun fell to the ground.

He looked at Neo in disbelief.

He didn’t understand what had happened, for an instant, it was as if all the strength he had, had left his body.

He couldn’t stand up even if he wanted to

“This domain, it’s mine. I can want everything I want.” Neo finally turned around, and he murmured, as if he was remembering.

As he spoke, a sword suddenly appeared in his hand, out of thin air.

In that one moment, he felt as if he was the red hair in the pavilion.

Whatever he wanted, he would have.

Because, this was his domain, his world.

Neo pointed his sword at Nan Yikun.

“Get out!”

Neo said.

Where did Nan Yikun and Nan Yilei dare to say anything and hurriedly slipped away.

“You, you really ……” The Sword Immortal looked at Neo and muttered.

He hadn’t finished his words.

Someone suddenly came in at the door and rushed to Jiang Yufeng, “Mr. Jiang, there’s a man at the door who wants to see you. He has a very rude attitude!”

“Huh.” Neo was instantly amused as he picked up the Sword Fairy, “You still don’t believe me? Coincidentally, the person who should be here is also here, I’ll take you to meet him and you’ll definitely believe it.”


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