At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 379

And asking what Grandpa Sword Fairy’s master looks like, who do you think you are! What do you want! Is it hard to believe that you’ve even seen it before?” Jiang Yi continued to angrily dislike Neo.


Jiang Yufeng couldn’t help but glare at his daughter, not only because of her domineering personality, but also because this was in front of the Sword Immortal and it was unseemly for her to do so.

“Second Miss, don’t be angry.”

After the Sword Immortal had enlightened Jiang Yi, he looked at Neo again, “Little brother, my master ancestor was in his thirties at that time, wearing a white robe and looking similar to a gentleman who teaches.”

Neo’s face moved slightly as he listened.

In his heart, he already had an answer.

Yes, when the Sword Fairy was talking about those things just now, Neo had already taken notice, and now when the Sword Fairy described it like that, if it wasn’t Zhu Ce, who else could it be?

Especially when he heard that Zhu Ce was surrounded by a group of enemies and did not use his own divine skill, Neo’s heart, it was very unpleasant.

Wasn’t that what he had told Zhang Jiu and the three of them back then, that they must not use their abilities and be an ordinary person in peace and quiet.

I really didn’t expect that they would follow it so strictly.

Thinking of this, Neo’s heart, again, felt a little bit of guilt and self-reproach.

Just because of those rules he had back then, he had almost killed Zhu Ce ah.

And hadn’t they all gone through many crises in these 30,000 years or so, and they couldn’t use their abilities, which, was really sorry for them.

“What, you’re satisfied now that you know? What’s the point of you asking this? Looking for a sense of existence?” Jiang Yi grunted in dissatisfaction.

Neo had something on his mind, so he ignored her.

“In the end, then, you don’t know what Feng Liang, in the end, was killed by, Sword Immortal.” Jiang Yufeng sighed and looked at Feng Liang’s remains again, “He was killed on his way to my house anyways, I have to take some responsibility in the end, it’s just that although Feng Liang is the number one expert in the Dragon Tiger Ranking and has recently gained great fame in Neon City, his origins are rather mysterious and I can’t find the person behind him, otherwise, I could go ahead and apologize for the compensation ……”

As he was talking, suddenly, someone beside him pointed at Feng Liang’s remains, “Huh, what’s this?”

Jiang Yufeng followed the pointing finger and sure enough, at Feng Liang’s waist, something brown was faintly revealed, and he reached out and pulled it off.

It was something like a waist plate.

It was a brown piece of wood, a little hard and heavy to the touch, and it was not clear what kind of wood it was made of.

There were designs carved on it.

Jiang Yufeng carefully examined the piece of wood, and suddenly, his face changed, “This, could this be ……”

The crowd was also all taken aback when they saw Jiang Yufeng’s appearance.

They were all a bit confused when they saw Jiang Yufeng’s panicked demeanor earlier and thought what was on the wood, but it turned out that there was just a flower painted on it.

“Mr Jiang, it’s just a flower, what can it mean?” Someone said.

Jiang Yufeng’s face at this time but did not ease in the slightest, “Don’t you know that there are five other hidden families in the world that exist, each of which uses a flower to represent the family’s mark ……”

Seeing that the crowd was all dumbfounded, Jiang Yufeng had to look at the Sword Immortal, “Master Sword Immortal, you have seen a lot, you should know about the five hidden families!”

At this point, the Sword Immortal’s expression also changed slightly as he took the waist plate Jiang Yufeng handed up.

“This is the Plum Blossom.”

The Sword Fairy stared at the design on the waist plate, “This is the mark of the Southern Arts Clan ……”

“Could it be, Feng Liang is from the Southern Arts family?!” Jiang Yufeng looked at Feng Liang’s remains in disbelief, “Someone from the Nan Yi family, died in Neon City, this ……”

Before he could finish his words, he heard a bang, the courtyard door behind him, was suddenly jolted away, dust rising from the door.

Before the crowd could react, the two men were at their heels in an instant.

“You are ……”

Seeing the two men arrive from the door almost instantly, Jiang Yufeng couldn’t help but be shocked.

Moreover, this was the backyard of the Jiang family, and it was not that easy for ordinary people to think of coming here, and since these two had both arrived at the backyard without even receiving a report themselves, it was evident that these two were indeed not simple.

These two men, neither of them was very old, they were only in their twenties, but both of them had a maturity and coldness on their faces that did not match their age.

“Jiang Yufeng, you are the one who killed our South Arts family.” One of them stared at Jiang Yufeng and said coldly.


Jiang Yufeng was so scared that he almost sat on the ground.

“Gentlemen, are you?”

Jiang Yufeng’s heart was beating a drum at this point, but he was also the head of the Jiang family after all, so at this point he couldn’t help but steady his mind and speak.

“Oh, and I can’t let you die for nothing, so I’ll tell you, I’m a third-grade son of the Nan Yi family, Nan Yi Lei.”

“Jiang Yufeng, remember, I am Nan Yikun.”

“Now the one you killed is the one who came to Neon City with us, also a third level son of the Nan Yi family, Nan Yi Liang, alias Feng Liang!”

Jiang Yufeng was even more shocked when he heard this.

Although he had only heard of the Nan Yi family, it was one of the Five Great Families of the Hidden Secret!

The status of a third-ranked scion was already very high.

In a family, the son of the family head’s eldest son was a first-ranked direct descendant, and the sons of the other sons were all considered second-ranked direct descendants.

The rest, like the sons of the family head’s brother’s sons, are third degree sons.

Now that a third-grade son of the Nan Yi family had died and was even involved with his own family, Jiang Yufeng’s head was all over the place when he thought about it.

The Southern Arts Family, he didn’t even dare to mess with one of their little fingers.

“Two, you guys misunderstood, actually the situation is that I want my little daughter Jiang Yi to get acquainted with young Liang ……,” Jiang Yufeng didn’t dare to be slow and hurriedly told both of them all the ins and outs of the matter.

“Oh, Jiang Yufeng, do you think we will believe it?” The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. ”

“That’s right, don’t be pretentious! Jiang Yufeng, it was clearly these natives of your Neon City who saw that Brother Liang, a foreigner, had taken the number one spot on the Dragon Tiger Ranking in a short period of time, and your hearts were not convinced, so you proceeded to use the marriage alliance as an excuse to trick Brother Liang into coming to your mansion, and then lay hands on him!” Nan Yikun also said coldly.

“It’s time, to show you all what our Nan Yi family is capable of!” Nan Yilei coldly swept his eyes at the crowd, “Those who kill my Nan Yi family will be killed without amnesty!”

Although he was not old, the stern and murderous tone of his voice made Jiang Yufeng and the others, their hearts flinch and they inexplicably felt a sense of fear.

“Hey, are you guys being reasonable, I’ve told you all, the death of that Nan Yi Liang or Feng Liang has nothing to do with us at all, why are you guys still being so unreasonable? Is the Nan Yiliang clan so great?”

Jiang Yi’s character was originally unable to take losses, and she herself had also practiced boxing and kicking, at this time, when she saw Nan Yilei and Nan Yikun being so domineering, of course, she couldn’t stand it anymore.

As she said that, her hand, then touched the soft whip at her waist.

She had practiced this soft whip for many years and had already perfected it. When she caught Neo near Silver Wing Lane before, she used this soft whip.


Before she could react, the soft whip was directly grabbed by Nan Yilai through the air.

Jiang Yi immediately felt an empty hand.

This change of events caused her to be stunned.

As soon as she reached Nan Yilei’s side, she was swept over by Nan Yilei’s hand.

Jiang Yi was furious.

Someone else had subdued her with her best attacking move and was now straddling her, how could she stand it, but there was nothing she could do in this situation.


Jiang Yufeng saw that his daughter was all caught up and knew that the other party was coming for real.

He had kept many guards of his own.

However, at this moment, when they called, none of them came.

“Jiang Yufeng, just save your breath, your men, all of them have been put down by us, don’t believe me, go out and take a look.” Nan Yilei said.

Jiang Yufeng smiled and hurriedly ran out of the courtyard, and when he saw the people who had fallen on the ground in the front courtyard, he immediately, sat down on the ground in dismay.

It was over.

No, at this point, there was one more person.

All eyes, all at once, were focused on the Sword Immortal.

This was the last hope.

“Release the Second Miss.”

The Sword Immortal said, and with a flick of his hand, an extra sword had instantly emerged.

With a brush, the sword had been sheathed.

At once, the air seemed to be like waves of water, and the crowd felt a chill that spread from their faces to their backs and swept away again.

“Old man, you may be the number one expert in this continent, but you will never know how big the gap between the two continents is!” Nan Yikun struck out.

As if he was a hawk falcon, with little preparation, he charged at the Sword Immortal in an instant.

“Infinite Sword Intent!”

The Sword Immortal’s hand moved, and in an instant, as if he too had turned into a sharp blade, he met Nan Yikun.

The two were like two swallows, swiping through lightly, meeting, and then separating again.

Only as they swept past, a line of blood, cutting a cruel curve in the air, pounced, splashed down on the ground and dried up instantly, looking so eye-catching.

“Old man, how true.”

A crimson wound had appeared on Nan Yikun’s waist.

“Grandpa Sword Immortal, fantastic!” Despite still being grabbed by Nan Yilei, Jiang Yi shouted excitedly.

Jiang Yufeng and the others also had a look of surprise on their faces.

However, the Sword Immortal, who was standing steady at this moment, stumbled a few more steps and nearly collapsed.

“Hehe, old man, although your sword technique is exquisite, you are after all from the Continent of Origin, and without the impetus of Xuan Power, you are destined to only wound me superficially and cannot move my foundation. But I’m afraid you won’t be able to withstand that strike I just made!” Nan Yikun said with a cold smile.

“Master Sword Immortal.”

The hearts of the crowd all, at once, sank again.

Jiang Yi also looked at the staggering Sword Immortal in shock, the excitement he had just felt had vanished.

“Brother Kun, this old man has two tricks up his sleeve, finish him off, lest we leave a scourge!” Nan Yilei said.

“Okay.” With that, Nan Yikun walked towards the Sword Fairy.

Jiang Yufeng was just about to rush over to help when Nan Yikun struck him with a palm strike and sent him flying straight away.

Just at that moment.

“Stop.” A human figure finally stood in the way of the Sword Fairy.

The crowd looked at the figure in surprise, for, it was none other than Neo.

“Kid, what do you want?” Nan Yikun looked at Neo like he was an idiot.

“You guys can’t kill him.” Neo said.


“It’s simple, because he’s my little brother’s disciple.”


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