At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 378

That’s not necessarily true, as Zun’s master ancestor is so capable, he must not be a mortal, and it should be normal for him to live for more than a hundred years.” Jiang Yufeng said.

The Sword Immortal nodded, “But even if his senior ancestor is still in the world now, this matter was never done by him, after all, firstly, the weapon his senior used was a sword, and the second thing is that his senior told me that he also had a code, because of this code, so I dare to conclude that this person, was never killed by him.”

“Ah, what code?” The crowd was instantly extremely curious, and their bodies all leaned forward.

“The Master told me at the time that although he possessed great skills, in this life, he could only live like an ordinary person and must not use his divine skills.” The Sword Fairy said.

“Ah, that can’t be right!”

The crowd couldn’t help but be amazed.

“If that’s true, then it’s too bad.”

Yes, what was the point of having such a great skill and just casually pointing it out to teach an expert of the level of the Sword Immortal, but not being able to use the divine skill yourself.

“Why would it be like that?” Someone asked.

“The master ancestor he didn’t tell me.” The Sword Immortal shook his head and said.

“Grandpa Sword Immortal! I think your master ancestor must have lied to you!” Suddenly, Jiang Yi, who was sitting at the outermost edge of the room, said loudly, her voice ringing out, “Think about it, how could a person that powerful, with such great skills, not use his divine skills, and what if he was bullied by others, would he not use them either? Grandpa Sword Fairy, you’re too simple, haha, I think your master ancestor must be pretending to be mysterious, just to make people interested in him and shroud himself in a layer of mystery, haha!”

“Second Miss is very clever.” The Sword Immortal nodded, his gaze looking at Jiang Yi approvingly.

However, the approval in his gaze was more or less polite.

He wasn’t angry at Jiang Yi’s cheeky impoliteness either, and it clearly seemed that he and Jiang Yi were still quite familiar with each other.

“However, the master ancestor he does value this code.”

The Sword Immortal said, his gaze becoming a little distant, “I still remember when I first met the Master, the year, was 1937 AD.”

He recalled the past.

“I grew up in a small northern village in southern Lu, a quiet peaceful village where the people lived a life of farming at sunrise, eating coarse and mixed food but feeling very blessed. It happened almost overnight, the day the village went to bed early in the evening but was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of gunfire and shouting, fires began to burn all over the village, chickens and dogs scampered around the village, doors of sleeping houses were kicked open, people were dragged from their blankets, the whole village was gathered on the threshing floor, the enemy came on their high horses and more than their shining bayonets, we were We were more afraid of their faces, reflected in the firelight, with their excitement and evil.”

“No one dared to speak, but I could feel the panic of the adults, my mother clutched my hand, she herself was trembling with fear, everyone was trembling, and the air, very quiet.”

“However, there were always accidents, the neighbour, Aunt Wang Er’s grandson, who had just turned one year old, suddenly cried out and was caught out and dropped dead, Aunt Wang’s family went mad and rushed out and all were bayoneted to death in front of the haystack, some fainted from fear, some cried, some were too frightened to stand up, until they took all the women to the other side and then started shooting at the rest, the men, the old people, the children, fell like the harvesting of a crop, I saw with my own eyes half of my brother’s face shot off, and the longing in his eyes for protection when he saw me, the last ‘brother’ that came out of his mouth, before he could even say it, the man fell.”

“I fell too, but fortunately I was crushed by the fall of the adults in front of me, I didn’t die, I stayed in the pile of the dead and didn’t dare to move until the enemies left, the next day I woke up in the early morning mist of the village, the fire had gone out but the smoke was still filling the air, the village, which would normally be noisy in the morning, was quiet as if it was a graveyard, there was no sound at all , and I was standing in the pile of corpses of the whole village, trembling with fear.”

“It was at this time that the Master appeared, he came out of the mist and looked at the corpses on the threshing floor for a long time, then that day he kept digging graves in silence until he had buried all the people who had died, he took me with him and stood in front of the graves of the whole village and said a lot of things to himself.”

“I was still young and couldn’t understand much, I only heard lamentations like the living souls were in chaos and the life of the gods was extinguished, then he said that the world was in chaos and he didn’t know how much longer it would be in chaos, he taught me a set of sword techniques to protect myself, he didn’t have a sword and I didn’t have one either, so he broke two branches and taught the sword techniques in the deserted village, I had average qualifications and it took me three days to learn three moves. ”

“I was worried, worried that he would blame me, but my master touched my head and said softly that it was enough, then on the fourth day he took me to the nearest marketplace, treated me to a full meal and then gave me some coins, then he said those words to me, that although he had taught me swordplay, I was not to call him master, and although I had only learnt three strokes But it was enough to live on in this chaotic world.”

“I was sad to know that I was going to be separated from him, and at that moment, suddenly there was a riot in the marketplace, and the group of people who had looted our village appeared again on horses waving bayonets in their hands, and then I saw my mother and the women of the village, tied up in bunches, following those enemies, and I saw that their clothes were in tatters .”

“The group of enemies, surrounding the Master, they rode around him playfully, their sharp knife points, forcing him to go nowhere. Their circle grew smaller and smaller, and the tips of the swords came closer and closer to the Master.”

“I was scared in my heart, but not very worried yet, because I knew that Shifu was very strong, and I was hoping in my heart that Shifu would kill them all. But Master didn’t fight, he was just dodging, the group however, obviously, didn’t want to let him go, their bayonets were forcing Master, and Master was cornered by them, I saw with my own eyes one enemy run his bayonet through Master’s thigh, the other enemy’s bayonets, all aimed at Master ……”

All the people were listening to the Sword Fairy at this time, listening to the heart pounding at the same time.

The heart is also all amazed.

Why did the Sword Fairy’s master ancestor, not make a move?

“I was trembling as I watched, my heart aching with hatred and pain, and I forgot my fear as I grabbed the branch in my hand and rushed up! I had learned three sword strokes at that time, but I had never experienced real combat before, and in my heart I didn’t know exactly what the outcome would be, but seeing my Sifu injured, I could never stand by and do nothing.”

“The result, however, was unexpected. I didn’t expect that I, a ten-year-old child, using only a branch as a sword, and with only three days of swordplay taught to me by my master, would beat those enemies to death!”

“On the spot, I killed eight people in a row, and the remaining enemies, in fear, fled. At that time, I was too excited to describe, a child, with a branch, killed eight bad guys, that feeling, it was as if I had mastered the truth of the world, I knelt down, kowtowed to my master, begged him not to go, because I didn’t know why my master didn’t resist those people, even when those people had cornered him and were about to kill him, he didn’t even resist, so I hoped that my master wouldn’t go, I would protect him from now on .”

“But Shifu just rubbed my head in relief, and he still said he was leaving, he said he had two friends waiting for him. In the end, Shifu left anyway.”

When he said this, the Sword Fairy’s face showed a bit of despondency, as if he was back in that year again, watching his master, at the fair, slowly walking away.

“Those bad people were killed back by me, they didn’t even have time to take away mum and the women of the village, they were all saved, mum hugged me and cried, the aunts and sisters hugged me and cried too, for a long time, I told them not to be afraid anymore, I could protect them, because the Master had taught me swordplay, they listened and cried again for a long time, I saw mum smiling, mum said they were hungry They were hungry, and asked me to go and buy some burritos to eat, I ran as fast as I could, ran through two streets, found a burrito stall, and with the copper coins my master gave me, bought a bunch of burritos, and ran back in a hurry …… However, when I got back to the same place, I found, found that mum and the girls, had committed suicide… …”

Speaking of this, the sword fairy’s face, can’t help but shed tears, “I didn’t know why then, didn’t understand, now, I do, I understand.”

When the crowd heard this, they all looked slightly moved.

“The wicked invaders, they are the ones who scourged those poor people, although they were saved, they were scourged and felt ashamed to meet others, so they committed suicide, how pitiful.” Jiang Yi’s eyes were also red from listening, “I wish I could go back in time and kill those bad people!”

The crowd remained silent for a long time, no one said anything.

After all, it was a very sad story.

“Well, I’m sorry for making everyone listen to me ramble on for so long.” Finally, the Sword Fairy regained his composure and steadied himself, “The reason I’ve given you all so much to say is really just to tell you that even if my Master Ancestor lived to this day, even if he had monstrous divine skills, he wouldn’t have laid a hand on this man.”

“Yes, Zun’s master ancestor’s divine skills were unparalleled, but back then, he was surrounded by so many bad guys, all of whom were hit by bayonets, and he still didn’t resist, so it’s obvious that he really adhered strictly to that code, which is admirable, just, I don’t know what the reason is, alas.” Jiang Yufeng could not help but be moved as well, with a few moments of admiration on his face.

A person, who could achieve that level of code, no matter what the reason was, was already admirable enough, after all, surely no one could achieve that level.

“I’m sorry, Grandpa Sword Immortal, it was all my fault just now, I shouldn’t have presumed to judge Grandpa Sword Immortal your master’s character on my own, I apologize to you!” Jiang Yi also said respectfully, her voice was quite loud as she was sitting at the end with Neo.

“There is no need to be so apologetic, Second Miss.” The Sword Fairy nodded and said.

“But then, now, who would be the person who could kill Feng Liang with a single blow?” Jiang Yufeng looked at Feng Liang’s remains in front of him and couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his spine.

The Sword Immortal hadn’t spoken yet.

“Old Grandpa Sword Immortal, can I ask you, the person who taught you the sword art, what exactly did he look like?”

Just at that moment, another voice came from the very outside.

When the crowd heard the voice was rather unfamiliar, they all couldn’t help but turn around and look, and found that the one who spoke was a strange young man sitting next to Jiang Yi.

Not bad, it was none other than Neo.

“Who told you to speak! Is this a place for you to speak!”

Seeing that Neo had opened his mouth privately, and on this occasion, and interrupted her father’s question, Jiang Yi was furious and slapped Neo directly on the head.


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