At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 376

With a drinking cry, Neo then felt a force coming along the ropes and he was involuntarily dragged along the ground in a sliding motion.

In the darkness, he had not yet seen the other party.

He felt a fragrant breeze hit him, and then, “Get some sleep first!”

The woman’s voice drank again.

Neo’s neck was suddenly smashed with someone’s hand, and with a sudden soreness and pain, he knew nothing more.

I don’t know what time it was, but Neo woke up leisurely.

“What’s going on, why did you catch another person back?”

“What’s wrong, this isn’t another city, this is Neon, what’s wrong with arresting someone? It’s not like other cities where there are police to control us, besides, who would dare to control our Jiang family.”

“Alas, even so, but this is inhumane after all.”

“What’s inhumane about it? This guy is a foreigner, he’s alone, he doesn’t look like a serious tourist, and I saw that he’s going to the filthy Silver Wing Lane. ”

“You say you, a young lady, a girl, every day you have to train slaves to fight and kill, what is the decency of it?”

“What’s wrong with that? I’m not the only one who does that. Now Ling Ling and Xuan Xuan have several powerful slaves under them, and those slaves have won them a lot of honours. …”

“You, you, are still envious, the number one in the Dragon Tiger Ranking, will soon be your fiance, and you are still envious of someone else’s hundredth place.”

“Aiya, you stop saying that! Sister! Dad is really, I haven’t even seen anything yet and he wants to betroth me to that Feng Liang, how can you marry your daughter like that, what is this!”

“Oh, a beautiful woman matches a hero, besides, he’s number one in the Dragon Tiger Ranking, which is the most authoritative ranking for fighting in Neon City, and dad’s aim in setting you two up is probably to draw him in too. After all, from what dad said, China has been very unstable lately, and it seems to be changing, so it’s important to prepare early and pull in as many masters as possible ……”

“No matter how much you prepare, you can’t take your daughter’s life events, right? Humph, that Feng Liang, how is he treating me, I don’t even know yet, he is the number one expert in the Dragon and Tiger Ranking, will he be proud and disdainful of me again, so, I want to test him.”

“How to test?”

“Just test it with this kid!”

As they spoke, the two women in the room, came next to Neo.

Neo’s heart twitched and he hurriedly closed his eyes again and continued to pretend to be dead in the past.

“Test with him? What do you mean?”

“Hee hee, sister, I have it all planned out, later on, that number one expert of the Dragon Tiger Ranking, won’t he come to our house, when the time comes, I will let this kid go and work for us as a waiter, then I will deliberately fall on this kid, then, I will shout molestation, if that Feng Liang really likes me, he will definitely make a move, just see how far Feng Liang beats up this kid. We’ll know how much he likes me.”

“That’s not good, Feng Liang is number one on the Dragon Tiger list, this guy is just an ordinary guy, Feng Liang might beat him to death, besides, you’re setting him up.”

“Oh, what frame-up, I’ve told you, this kid is definitely not a good guy, he probably committed rape outside and escaped to us in Neon, I’m not accusing him wrongly at all. Besides, this will test how Feng Liang really treats me, won’t it? Is your sister’s happiness important, or is this kid fighting for his life important?”

When Neo heard this, he shuddered, there was that word rape again!

It was because of this that Feng Ling and himself had created the current situation to this point.

Thinking of this, Neo’s fist, can’t help but clench!

“This …… alas, forget it, whatever, but, the two of us talking, he won’t hear it!”

“Don’t worry about it, sister, I’m not a fool, I knocked him out, according to my force, he will be unconscious for at least a few hours, that’s it, I’ll wake him up now, that Feng Liang will be here in a while, he should be here too.”

“To be honest, I really don’t approve of you doing that.”

“Alright, sister, you go and get busy!”

Although Neo had his eyes closed, he also felt someone walking out of the house.


He suddenly felt another pain in his neck and understood in his heart that it was the woman who had grabbed him over and untied himself.

So, he too simply pretended to wake up leisurely.

“This, where is this?” Neo said as if he didn’t know anything, “You, who are you?”

He looked at the woman in front of him.

To be exact, it was just a teenage girl.

Probably in her early twenties, she was pretty and at that moment, was staring at herself, and in that gaze, there was a feeling of condescension.

“Listen carefully.”

The young girl said, “This is the Jiang family, the number one family in Neon City, I am Jiang Yi, the thousand-year-old girl of the Jiang family, from now on, you are my slave, you will do whatever I tell you to do, do you understand!”


Neo casually responded.

The purpose of his visit to Neon City was to find Zhang Jiu, so he did not want to cause any trouble, and this Jiang Yi in front of him was obviously not a good person to talk to, so Neo, for the time being, decided to go along with her, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble, and then find an opportunity to slip away.

“Later, our family will hold a party, you will come out to serve tea and water, do some service, if you do a good job, I will have a reward, understand?”

With those words, Jiang Yi threw over a waiter’s suit, “Put it on.”

Neo frowned, he thought of the conversation between Jiang Yi and her sister when he pretended to be unconscious just now.

It seemed that this woman wanted her to waitress at her engagement party with that number one expert of the Dragon Tiger Ranking, and then she took the opportunity to falsely accuse herself of molestation in order to test that Feng Liang, so that he could teach herself a lesson?

Thinking of this, Neo’s heart was suddenly extremely upset!

Molestation, molestation again!

Hearing these two words now made Neo very unhappy!

But he couldn’t help it, this woman was quite powerful, she caught herself with a rope and knocked herself out with a slap, so he should be honest for the time being.

With that in mind, Neo also changed his clothes and followed Jiang Yi, to the hall outside.

At this moment, the Jiang family had quite a few guests.

The whole hall was full of people.

From the way they were dressed, they were all rich and famous people, and the tables were decorated with Lafite wines, Flying Maotai and other things that showed the wealth of the Jiang family.

Neo, like the other waiters, was just running errands inside.

“Mr Jiang, congratulations!”

“Congratulations, Mr. Jiang!”

At a table in the middle of the hall, there were some older people sitting there, all of whom looked dignified and should be leaders or something like that.

In the middle of the table was a middle-aged man in his fifties, who had an extraordinary bearing and a joyful look on his face, and as people at the table kept congratulating him, he happily returned the compliments and thanked them.

This middle-aged man was, naturally, the head of the Jiang family, Jiang Yufeng, Jiang Yi’s father.

“Mr Jiang, recently Feng Liang’s reputation is very loud, he has made a big splash in Neon City, defeating the Dragon Tiger Ranking experts in a row, in less than three months, he has become the number one expert on the Dragon Tiger Ranking from a nobody, his future is unlimited!”

“Yes, not only that, I’ve watched every one of Feng Liang’s fights, he completely crushed his opponents, almost every one of them was unsuspecting, he’s really too strong.”

“Feng Liang must have a very strong background, otherwise he couldn’t have been at the top as soon as he started out!”

“Mr. Jiang, if Second Miss can get engaged to Feng Liang, then Mr. Jiang will have an extremely powerful force.”

The crowd all said one after another.

These people had all been invited by Jiang Yufeng to this engagement party, and at this point, the topic of conversation was naturally focused on Jiang Yi and Feng Liang.

But to be honest, in recent times, Feng Liang had indeed become the hot topic of conversation in Neon City as well.

It was still the same, simply because Feng Liang was too strong.

“It’s just, Mr Jiang, not that I’m talking too much, it’s just that, although that Feng Liang is powerful, he’s also from unknown origins, so I wonder why Mr Jiang is in a hurry to rope him in?” Someone else also said.

“Well.” Jiang Yufeng looked at the crowd and lowered his voice a little, “I’ve heard that the outside world is about to change, it seems, a more powerful force has appeared, I’ve gotten quite a lot of news, it’s said that the Lu family’s control over the world is weakening.”

“How is that possible?”

“It’s true, in the past, all over the world, in various industries, there were many requests for approval from the Lu family every day, and the Lu family’s response was quick, but now, the Lu family’s response has been much slower, often the request goes up in response, and no reply is received for a long time, all these signs point to a problem within the core of the Lu family.”

“This, it can’t be, the Lu family is the number one family on earth, no family can threaten their position, could it be that there is infighting in the family?”

“Infighting is impossible, the core of the Lu family is very cohesive and unique in their training of their offspring, it is said that many of the Lu family’s sons and daughters are educated in poverty ……”

“Poor upbringing? The Lu family is crazy, such a big family, there is a need for this, besides, the sons and daughters of the Lu family, all of them are human beings, well brought up, they shouldn’t be able to stand it!”

“This is not necessarily, I heard that the Lu family has a son, from junior high school began to control the financial, to the university, but also directly cut off the financial supply, almost let him self-reliance, that son seems to kinda enjoy this, really four years of university, really never asked the family for a penny …… ”

“It’s so cruel! A son should be born like that!” The crowd listened and couldn’t help but feel, after all they were all parents, naturally they knew that it was really rare for a child to have this kind of self-control.

“So it’s impossible for the Lu family to be imploding, the only reason for this is that a more powerful force has appeared, fluctuating the core of the Lu family, and that’s what caused the delay in the Lu family’s request for instructions from all over the world.”

“If the Lu family is all affected, then we ……”

“Yes, if it continues, Neon City will definitely be affected as well, so it is important to prepare for a rainy day.” Jiang Yufeng said, “This is, why I want Yiyi and Feng Liang to get engaged.”

“Mr. Jiang, you have a great opinion! Feng Liang’s strength is much more than simply being number one on the Dragon and Tiger list, I think he is one of the best in the world, not to mention, the mysterious power behind him is certainly not to be underestimated!”

Hearing all the compliments from the crowd, Jiang Yufeng’s face, too, showed a smug smile.

“By the way, Feng Liang should be here by now, right?” Someone asked.

“Well, I sent someone to invite him two hours ago, he should have arrived a long time ago.” Jiang Yufeng frowned and said.

On the other hand, Jiang Yi looked at Neo for a moment, and then at the door, thinking in his mind how Feng Liang hadn’t come yet.

It was at this time that the door suddenly opened.

A human figure, walked in.

Jiang Yi’s heart twitched, finally he was here!

Here was the chance to test herself!

As she thought, she suddenly went to Neo’s side, then her body went limp and she fell into Neo’s arms!

And the figure, at that moment, also arrived in front of Jiang Yufeng and the others.

“Little Li, where is Feng Liang?” Jiang Yufeng frowned, this person in front of him, was not Feng Liang, but one of Feng Liang’s followers, called Xiao Li.

“Mr. Jiang, young Feng, he, something has happened to him!”

“Ah, what happened?”

“Young Feng is dead!” Xiao Li said.

“What?!” At once, Jiang Yufeng and the rest of the table all stood up at once, Feng Liang was dead, this, how was this possible!

“How did he die?!”

“Well, it seems that he was smashed to death by a rock.”


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