At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 375

Well then, how much for the six of us?” Wind Lover said, opening the bag he had with him.

“Six people? Feng Ling, aren’t there five of us?” The girl who was with her said.

“That’s right, Feng Ling, you’re not counting him too ……” Another girl also tugged at Feng Ling’s lapel and pointed at Neo and whispered.

“Don’t forget what he did at Jincheng Station ah, indecent assault and harassment, and didn’t that friend of yours Bai Dye say last time that he was also a fugitive QJ offender ……”

“It’s so scary to be with such a person, Feng Ling, aren’t we looking for a guide to prevent us from meeting bad people, and now being with him is the equivalent of having a bad person right next to you.”

“Yeah, you were good enough to him in the car, you even bought him a lunch box, besides, if it wasn’t for us, he wouldn’t have been able to come here, now that we’re in Neon, it’s time to go our own way.”

A few companions said something to each other.

However, Feng Ling did not say anything, she silently, or still opened her bag, took out the six people’s money, and prepared to hand it to the guide.

Even though she had decided in her heart at this time that Neo had done that kind of thing to Zheng Hyun Ah, and had also seen with her own eyes the indecent thing Neo had done to that female passenger at Jincheng Station.

However, in her heart, she always, still felt that Neo was so different from others.

When she looked at Neo, she still could not feel the same disdain and disgust for the QJ offender in her heart.

Not only that, she even had a slight feeling of wanting to get closer.

Just like the first time she saw Neo in Jinling, she saw him sitting quietly by the tennis court picking up balls for others, seeing him dressed in shabby clothes, being shouted at by others, but with no inferiority complex or irritation on his face, only a quietness, a comfort, a leisurely way of enjoying life.

The feeling of seeing Neo at that time instantly stirred up the teenage feelings in Feng Ling’s heart.

Yes, there is a word for it, it is called being right in the heart.

Even the most indifferent girl has her favourite model. Don’t accuse any girl of being too indifferent and never accepting advances, it’s just that she hasn’t met a boy she can impress.

The young man does not need to be tall, nor long, nor rich, nor has to have a face. He didn’t need to be a man of words, nor did he need to be full of talent.

He, just needs to be himself.

Give the young girl the feeling she wants.

So maybe Feng Ling is disappointed in Neo’s heart, maybe she won’t be as forthcoming and obvious as she used to be, won’t go for that too-blunt and intimate act like wiping wounds.

But she would still care about Neo. She will still care about Neo. She will treat him well from the perspective of an ordinary friend.

But just as she was about to hand the money to the guide, a hand suddenly reached out and stopped her.

“Feng Ling, there’s no need.” It was Neo.

Pressing Feng Ling’s hand and looking at him, Neo shook his head gently, “I, let’s just say goodbye here.”

Feng Ling was stunned and looked up at Neo.

She didn’t say anything, but in that gaze, there was clearly a question.


“I, am going over there.” Neo pointed to that Silver Wing alley the guide had just mentioned.

Yes, the guide had just said that it was where the three religions and nine streams converged, and if Zhang Jiu was in Neon, he would most likely also make a living as a fortune teller and traveling doctor, so if he wanted to find Zhang Jiu, that was the most likely place to go.


“There? The guide just now said that you know what it is there, so you still want to go there?” Feng Ling looked at Neo, and there was a sense of hatred in his gaze.

“Well, I definitely want to go there.” Neo nodded, he had no choice, he had to find Zhang Jiu.

“What if I were to say that you should not go?” Feng Ling suddenly grabbed Neo’s hand, she stared into Neo’s eyes, her words, she didn’t say it too bluntly, but the meaning of her words, anyone could hear it.

It was a kind of retention.

“No, I must go.” Neo shook his head, he could also see the meaning in Feng Ling’s gaze, but this matter, which concerned many people, even the world, could not be shaken because of Feng Ling alone.

“Neo, you have changed.” When he saw that he was all like this, Neo still refused, Feng Ling’s heart, all of a sudden, sank.

“Well ……”

Neo, with difficulty, let out a slurred response.

Yes, he had changed, and Neo knew it.

One could not be as carefree as before.

When he was in the realm of consciousness, by the water, in the pavilion, when he had that conversation with the young lord of the demon race of 35,000 years, Neo already felt that he had changed.

He had a responsibility, he needed to defend himself against the demon race to conquer the world.

And when he woke up on Mount Shu, that heartache evoked in him, deep inside, that consciousness that he had been born with, vague but firm.

That belief, elusive, but guiding him.

“You …… even admitted it to yourself ……” Feng Ling’s heart suddenly felt as if it had been hit, a feeling of shattering, and in this one moment, her heart, surprisingly, even the feeling of disappointment There is no more.

There is, is dead silence.

If it was said that on the train before, although Neo admitted that he had done those things to Zheng Hyunya, at that time, Feng Ling’s heart thought that Neo was just confused for a moment, and still thought that Neo could still be saved, after all, she was not willing to give up just like that.

Now, however, Neo is going to that alley full of sin and filth, even admitting to himself that he has changed and that he is no longer the same Neo.

This struck Windy Hearts hard.

“Could it be that you really came to Neon City just to go there?” Feng Ling murmured.

“Hmm.” Neo nodded his head with difficulty.

He had already seen the last glimmer of light extinguished in Feng Ling’s gaze, and he also felt the last of the enthusiasm dissipating from Feng Ling’s body.

However, he could only nod his head.

He had come to Neon to find Zhang Jiu.

“Feng Ling, you heard it, haven’t you seen this guy’s character yet, he didn’t come to Neon City to travel at all, but to throw himself at this place!”

“Yeah, Wind-Listening, hasn’t it been said on the internet that Neon City is a mecca for criminals, many people who have committed crimes and fled, choose to go into exile in Neon City, and it’s also their paradise! I think that’s why he’s coming to Neon City!”

“Let it go, Wind Lover, this kind of trash, it’s not worth it!”

A few of his companions started talking to you and me again.

“Goodbye, Wind-Listening.” A few moments of sadness rose in Neo’s heart, too.

He was grateful to Wind-Listening and was very reluctant to be like this, but this was life.

Sometimes, you have to say goodbye to what you want.

Sometimes you have to hurt those who care about you, because fate is so powerful that it leaves no one with any room to resist.

Feng Ling’s hand, slowly, loosened.

Neo took one last look at her, a girl he hadn’t spent more than twelve hours with since he met her.

He turned around without a second thought and walked towards the alley in the distance.

Feng Ling just stared at Neo’s back in a daze, slowly moving away.

By now, it was slowly getting dark, mists and dark shadows, shrouding the end of the road, slowly, concealing Neo, that lonely figure, a lone figure walking towards a distant world of sin.

“Neo, you remember!”

The voice came from far behind.

“I will never forget, that teenager on the tennis court!”

“He died in this world, but he will always live on in me in my heart!”

Neo didn’t turn back, not even his speed slowed down, his shoulders didn’t even shake.

Just, a clear tear, a soft drop that fell on the stone slab he walked on, a tear that no one would see, a tear that dried in an instant.

Neo did not stop, never stopped.

He walked far, far away, until he knew that the wind lover would never see him again, and then he stopped.



Neo hit the ground hard with the stone in his hand, once, once.

He was in pain, not because Feng Ling didn’t like him anymore.

He was in pain because he had hurt a girl, because he had hurt the beautiful imagination of a girl, because he had killed her imagination of himself!

How many more people would he hurt as a result?

Neo did not know.

But all of this sin, all of it, had to be counted against the demons, didn’t it?

Thinking of this, Neo stood up sharply and threw the stone in his hand, fiercely, into the endless darkness in front of him!

Come on, one day, I will make you all pay!

I will make you pay for the damage you have done!

At that moment, a sudden gust of wind came from the darkness.

Before Neo could react, there was a pain in the neck of his foot, and a rope was already wrapped around him.

“Come here!”

In the darkness, someone drank.


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