At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 374

It was just that, in her heart, Zheng Hyun Ah also felt very strange at this moment.

She was not a high class celebrity, and in Lu Tianzhi’s eyes, she should just be an ordinary woman who had been stiffed by Neo and happened to be pregnant.

According to the general rule, shouldn’t he give himself some benefits as hush money, and then let himself abort the baby, and that would be the end of it.

How come this Lu Tianzhi, unexpectedly gave himself such a big benefit, and even took himself to that what heavenly island, this, this treatment, how does it feel as if he really became the daughter-in-law of a luxurious family?

“Oh, whatever, just go to the Heavenly Island, I don’t care, what I want is actually just a justice anyway, and don’t care how you guys compensate!”

Although Jung Hyun Ah was cheering in her heart, her face still looked cold and doubly aggravated.

As she said that, Jung Hyun Ah pretended again, her body flung violently, “Let go of me! Don’t touch my body!”

Originally Lu Tianzhi was pulling her, but now Zheng Hyunya violently threw away Lu Tianzhi with excessive force and caught herself off guard, plus she was originally carrying a large belly, and all of a sudden she fell forward on her own, looking like she was about to fall on the stone steps at the entrance of the Plum Forest Small Building.


It was too late, just at the moment when Hyunya Zheng was about to fall, Lu Tianzhi held her up.

“Damn, can you be more stable, is everything okay in your stomach!” Lu Tianzhi’s face turned white with fear, yes, it was a small matter if this woman fell to her death, but if the baby in her arms fell, then it would be a real big deal!

This is the only orphan in the world!

Zheng Hyun Ah didn’t say anything, but her eyes moved slightly, and her heart, too, moved a little.

Is it because of the baby in my belly?

Yes, he was completely fooled by me and really thought that the child in my belly was Neo’s, that’s why he was so nice to me.

It’s just that, why do you care so much about the child in my belly?

Zheng Hyunya didn’t understand, yes, even if Lu Tianzhi really believed that the child in his belly was Neo’s, he shouldn’t have been so careful, after all, compared to Neo, she was inferior, and the child she was carrying was destined to be aborted and aborted.

However, looking at it now, Lu Tianzhi seemed to care too much about the child in his stomach.

“Let’s go, you two, watch her, don’t give her a fall.” Lu Tianzhi didn’t dare to be careless anymore, beckoning two of his men to come over and watch Hyunya Zheng, taking her to the car.

Then the ten Penske’s followed behind, all the way to the Lu family’s private heliport in Jinling.

When Hyunya Jung saw dozens of identical helicopters parked on the airport, her eyes dropped out.

Normally it was already impressive for any luxury family to have one helicopter, but now there were even a dozen helicopters at once.

“Go up.”

Lu Tianzhi had someone help Hyunya Zheng, get into the helicopter and fly towards the sky island.

Sitting in the helicopter, Zheng Hyun Ah’s heart, excited beyond herself, to be able to ride in a helicopter in this life, it was also really unexpected!

Especially when the helicopter flew over the ocean, Jung Hyun Ah was too busy with her eyes, all the way, she was looking around.

A few hours later.

In front of the helicopter, a small island finally appeared.

The entire island was shrouded in green, with white manor buildings that looked stately and clean.

As she watched a flock of white seagulls flying over the island and a few sailboats hovering in the distance near the island’s harbour, Hyun-ah’s mouth opened into an O-shape.

And when she stepped out of the helicopter and onto the fine, warm white sand, she was in awe, it was like a dream, it was amazing!

This place was out of this world!

Jung Hyun Ah had secretly made up her mind that she would stay here.

But, so far, there was still one thing in her mind that worried her, and that was Neo.

After all, Neo was the one in question, and if she couldn’t handle him, everything would be for nothing.

If she couldn’t handle Neo, she wouldn’t be able to stay on Tiandao.

To be honest, at the beginning, Zheng Hyun-ah’s plan was just to blackmail Neo for a sum of money, so he deliberately spread the news that Neo had raped himself, just to force Neo to show up, and at the same time, to further create the illusion that Neo and herself had had a relationship.

However, she did not expect that Lu Tianzhi would bring herself to Tiandao.

It was only when she arrived in a helicopter from Jinling to Tiandao, a paradise hidden in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, that Zheng Hyunya truly appreciated the superiority of a top family.

So, the plan in her head changed from simple blackmail to entering the Lu family.

Yes, compared to status and identity, what is money?

Even if the Lu family compensated her for the villa and sports car, so what, she would still be the old Hyun-Ah Jung.

But if she enters the Lu family, she will really be different from before, and from then on she will really soar to the sky.

“I’m asking you, where’s Neo! I want to see him!” Zheng Hyunya said.

Lu Tianzhi frowned, he really didn’t want to tell Zheng Hyunya, but, now that Zheng Hyunya had come to the island, it would be at least several months until she gave birth to the baby.

During this period of time, Zheng Hyun Ah would definitely stay on the island all the time, and this matter, she would know about it sooner or later.

“You won’t be able to see him, Third Brother is not around anymore.” Lu Tianzhi said, letting someone help Hyunya Zheng into an electric convertible from the manor, “You now, come with me to see grandpa.”


Jung Hyun Ah’s heart couldn’t help but stare.

Neo wasn’t there anymore? Could it be?

Suddenly, her heart stirred with understanding!

No wonder Lu Tianci was so concerned about the child in her belly.

Zheng Hyun Ah had heard that the more powerful the family was, the more importance they attached to their children and grandchildren.

Especially now that Neo had died, the child in her belly was the only bloodline left behind by Neo, so it was even more precious!

A mother’s son is a treasure!

Hyun-Ah Jung’s heart was thrilled to the core for a moment.

Fate had been so kind to her that she had been given such a wonderful opportunity!

She must make good use of this opportunity and make herself truly enter the gentry as well!

“Okay, let’s go see grandpa.” Zheng Hyun Ah lifted her head and smiled slightly.

At this moment, on the train from Jincheng to Neon City.

Neo was sitting alone in his seat, with a train fast food in front of him, which was bought for him by Feng Ling.

But Feng Ling had gone, pulled away by Li Chu.

The group of them were several rows away from Neo, and there were not many people in the carriage. The sound of their laughter, far away but clear, reached Neo’s ears, but Neo did not hear Feng Ling’s voice, and presumably Feng Ling was not in a good mood either, and did not even want to talk.

Suddenly, in the carriage, a series of shouts erupted violently.

“Oh my god! What a miracle!”

“It’s spectacular!”

With the shouts of astonishment, many people leaned over to the window and looked out.

Neo couldn’t help but feel a twitch in his heart and also cast his gaze outside the car window.

At once, his body shook and a shock, as if an electric current, filled his whole body.

At this moment, outside the window of the train, was a vast flat land, and on the flat land, a towering city wall rose from the ground, the dark city wall, as if it was a border, stood on the plain, looking so abrupt, yet so harmonious, this dark city wall, as if it was symbiotic with the heaven and earth, standing leisurely for tens of thousands of years, looking so pale and vast, making people feel, as if the sky and earth are separated, it is existed there.

“It’s the ancient city wall of Neon City, it’s so majestic!” Someone shouted.

Yes, this is the city wall of Neon City, who knows in what era it was built, but Neon City is surrounded by this tall city wall.

This has created a style that is unique to Neon City in China.

Finally, the train arrives at the station.

Neon City, it was here.

“A few of you are visiting Neon City, so let me be your guide.”

There were quite a few people at the exit, crowding around the passengers leaving the station to sell themselves.

At this moment, Neo Feng Liao and the others, were being pestered by a man who claimed to be a tour guide.

“Neon City is very special and has many unique things that all other cities in China don’t have.” The guide said, “However, Neon City is chaotic, more chaotic than any other city in China, so you must have someone with you or it will be dangerous because you, tourists, do not know where you can and cannot go, which streets you can and cannot go …… ”

With that, the guide pointed to a long and winding looking alley in front of the station, “See that alley, that alley is called Silver Wing Alley, that alley is filled with thieves, robbers, murderers, prostitutes, traveling doctors, fortune tellers, jianghu warlocks, all kinds of people from all three religions.”


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