At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 373

Yes, this woman is none other than Hyun-Ah Jung.

Hyun-Ah Jung had been waiting for a chance.

She had been looking to inquire about Neo’s whereabouts. She found out that the owner of the central villa in Teng Wang Ge was also Neo, so she would often come here to squat and wait for the day when Neo would return.

She waited for a long time, giving up countless times, but picking up again countless times.

But she never waited.

She thought she would never meet Neo again, but she never knew that she would find Lu Tianzhi.

Lu Tianzhi didn’t remember her much, but she remembered Lu Tianzhi.

Women like Zheng Hyun Ah generally have a very special ability, that is, they will remember every rich boy they have met, even if they have been severely beaten by this rich boy.

Because this kind of woman is living off the rich second generation, this is their survival skill.

Therefore, when Lu Tianzhi appeared, Zheng Hyunya was so excited that she was about to jump up and down.

How many days of waiting and patience, wasn’t it for this?

“Jung Hyun-Ah?” Lu Tianzhi frowned, from memory, it seemed like Third Brother had never mentioned this character before, right?

“You’re really pregnant with Third Brother’s child?” Lu Tianzhi looked at Zheng Hyunya suspiciously and said coldly, “How come Third Brother has never mentioned you? Besides, you’re not even the type that Third Brother likes, Third Brother keeps his body like a charm, how would he have an affair with someone like you, if you want to climb into our Lu family in this way, then you’re wrong! Moreover, you should understand that cheating on the gentry will end up much more miserable than you can imagine!”

After saying that, Lu Tianzhi’s gaze swept majestically over Zheng Hyunya’s face.

Lu Tianzhi could be sure that if Zheng Hyun Ah was cheating, she would be nervous, and as soon as she changed her expression a little, he could immediately expose her!


Zheng Hyun Ah, however, let out a cold laugh and looked at Lu Tian Chi with contempt, “Are all the rich second generation so smug? You say that I’m not Neo’s type, but you don’t know that Neo isn’t my type either! Do you think I had s*x with Neo voluntarily? Sorry, you’re wrong, I, Zheng Hyun Ah, am not that lowly!”

“What do you mean!” Lu Tianzhi froze.

“What do you mean?” Zheng Hyun Ah’s gaze became even colder and more contemptuous, and her face even showed a sad and angry expression, “What else can I mean, I didn’t have s*x voluntarily at all, it was that bastard Neo, who raped me! Do you understand? Do you think I want to, I don’t want to, but I’m just an ordinary girl, how can I resist the bestiality of you top rich kids!”

“What?!” Lu Tianzhi’s body shook, almost stunned, “Impossible, Third Brother is never this kind of person!”

“Oh, how much do you know about Neo, he coerced me into a hotel room and forcibly possessed me when he was drunk.” Zheng Hyun Ah looked at Lu Tian Chi with contempt, “I know, you and he are brothers, of course you defend him, but if you but have to have a conscience, please don’t say things like he’s not this kind of person! Because I know best whether he is such a person or not! Because I’m the only one who’s been hurt by what he’s done to me, I’m the victim! Only I am qualified to say these things, all of you, are not qualified!”

At the end of her sentence, Jung Hyun-ah almost roared out.

Lu Tianzhi was completely frozen.

Impossible, Third Brother was absolutely impossible, how could it be possible? Yes, Third Brother would never be such a person, rape? Oh, even if all the men in the world did this kind of thing, Third Brother would never do it!

However, seeing the painful tears in Hyunya’s eyes and the anguish on her face, Lu Tianzhi was a little shaken.

At this moment, Lu Tianzhi was simply going crazy.

His head was aching sharply.

The sudden appearance of Zheng Hyun-ah, and the series of news that Zheng Hyun-ah brought, simply left him at a loss as to how to tell the truth from the falsehood.

If Third Brother was still alive, all this would have been simple, all he needed to do was to find Third Brother and prove it against him.

However, it happened that this happened at a time when Third Brother happened to be gone.

Lu Tianzhi felt his head was about to explode. He suddenly grabbed Zheng Hyunya’s lapel and pulled her to him, staring at her fiercely, “If you dare to mix a single false word in your words, if you are deliberately slandering my third brother, I swear, this meadow in front of the villa will grow more luxuriant than other places in the future, and you will be credited for it! ”

Seeing Lu Tianzhi suddenly like this, Zheng Hyunya couldn’t help but shiver too.

But soon, she recovered, “Good, this matter, many people know about it, not only many people in our school know about it, those few men of your family, also know about it! You can investigate if you don’t believe me!”

“Our family men?”

“That’s the boss in your family’s Mei Lin Xiaozhu!”

“Zhu Dayou?” Lu Tianzhi frowned and suddenly grabbed Zheng Hyunya, “Good, you come with me and confront him on the spot!”

Mei Lin Xiaozhu, the parlour.

Zheng Hyun Ah was leaning on the wall, with a kind of indifferent sneer on her face, ever since she came to Plum Grove Xiaozhu, she had always had such an expression on her face.

A mockery, a contempt, a condescension, a lack of care.

Yes, she needed to show this contempt and condescension, because she was, after all, a woman who had been raped by someone else, she was a victim.

“Young Master Tianzhi.”

Zhu Dayou stood respectfully in front of Lu Tianzhi, his face unprecedentedly haggard for a man who had always been very tactful.

It was also true that the news of Neo’s death had also long since reached Jiangnan Institute, and during this period of time, none of them, Jiang Chunnan Zhu Dayou Shen Wan Guan, had a good time.

“Zhu Dayou, is this true?!” Lu Tianzhi was anxious.

“This ……” Zhu Dayou clenched his lips and looked at Zheng Hyunya with hatred, “…… is, is true. ”

In his heart, even though he didn’t want to admit it for the millionth time, but as a subordinate of the Lu family, he had to make sure that what he said to Lu Tianzhi was all true.

That time, during the days when Zhou Yun disappeared, Neo was directing the people to search for him in the Plum Grove Small House, and it was Zhu Dayou who had captured Zheng Hyun Ah.

It was here that Jung Hyun-ah told the story of their relationship in front of everyone.

Moreover, Zhu Dayou had seen it, and Neo was really speechless at that moment.

Although he didn’t want to believe it, he could see that Neo had admitted it.

Originally, Zhu Dayou thought that the matter had already passed.

But never would he have expected that after a few months, Zheng Hyunya would appear here again in this way.

“Really, really?!”

Even though Lu Tianzhi had already prepared himself, he still couldn’t help but be shocked.

Surprisingly, it was actually true?!

There was no way that Zhu Dayou would lie, and this was something that Lu Tianzhi knew very well, after all, those who could make it to the core management of Jiangnan Institute had been tested heavily by the family.

The company’s reputation is not only a good one, but also a good one.

If they could uphold Third Brother’s reputation, these few people would definitely fight to the death to do so, yet in this case, Zhu Dayou had admitted it, so it seemed that it must be true.

“Young Master Tianzhi, you just asked us to poke around the school, and we have investigated.” At this moment, a few more B-rank combatants came in at the door, “There is indeed a rumour circulating in the school that a girl was forcibly possessed by a hanger-on boy surnamed Lu, that girl was very pitiful and suffered a lot, she had wanted to seek justice from that boy, but the boy fled in fear of the crime and never returned to the school until the graduation ceremony, the girl has been sending out leaflets for help, but although there is this news, but can not be sure that the boy is necessarily the third young master ……”

“Okay, that’s enough.”

Lu Tianzhi suddenly interrupted the combatants and waved his hand, letting them go out.

“How about that, now you believe it!”

Hyunya Jung sneered and looked at Lu Tianzhi, “If you still don’t believe it, take a look at this!”

With that, Jung Hyun Ah fiercely raised her hand and a stack of papers hit the table in front of Lu Tian Chi, it was a body test report, yes, it was the same report from that time when Jung Hyun Ah went to the hospital to have her lower body checked.

“Heavy bleeding, lacerated, open your eyes wide and see the beastly things that your third brother did to me! Looking at the notes on the report, you can guess how much I was tortured at that time!” Hyun-ah Jung said.

The veins on Lu Tianzhi’s neck were rippling with anger.

He really wanted to give Jung Hyun Ah a slap, after all, there had never been a woman who dared to speak to him like that.

Only, looking at the report in front of him, Lu Tianzhi also knew that he was at a disadvantage.

“Fine, tell me, what compensation do you want.” Lu Tianzhi raised his head and stared at Zheng Hyunya, “You’ve been looking for Third Brother, isn’t that why you’re looking for compensation, so tell me! What do you want, a house? A car?”

“Compensation?! Oh! I pooh!” But Jung Hyun Ah laughed coldly, “I, Jung Hyun Ah, don’t care about your Lu family’s crappy money! Do you think that whatever it is, it can be settled with money! I’m telling you, I, Zheng Hyun Ah, am looking for justice from Neo! I just want Neo to apologise to me, to come out and apologise to me!”

“An apology is out of the question.” Lu Tianzhi frowned, he didn’t want to tell Zheng Hyunya about Neo just yet, this woman didn’t deserve to know about Third Brother’s death!

“Fine, then don’t blame me for stirring this up to the news media! We’ll see about that! I will definitely let the whole world know about Neo’s disgusting deeds!” With that, Zheng Hyun Ah actually turned around and left.

Lu Tianzhi was instantly stunned again.

Although he still couldn’t figure out why Neo would do such a thing.

However, since it had already been done, and the child in this woman’s arms was Third Brother’s, then Third Brother would have a child! This must be preserved!

Even though the child’s mother, was someone like Jung Hyun-ah, but after all, that was San-go’s bloodline!

“Stop right there!”

Thinking of this, without saying a word, Lu Tianzhi rushed out and yanked Zheng Hyunya with one hand.

By now, Zheng Hyunya had already walked out of Plum Grove Xiaozhu, and when she heard Lu Tianzhi’s voice ringing out behind her, the corner of her mouth, floated up with a smug smile.

Yes, the other party had really entered her own fiddling trap step by step.

She certainly wasn’t asking for Neo’s apology.

How could it be that Jung Hyun-ah wasn’t doing it for the money? It was all about money, all about profit for her.

And just now Lu Tianzhi wanted to give her a house, to give her a car, the reason why she didn’t want it was just a tactic of lust.

She deliberately wanted to leave, just to continue to increase her bargaining chips so that she could gain greater benefits.

After all, if Lu Tianci had offered compensation the first time and agreed to it herself, the most that would have been offered would have been an ordinary one or two million dollar commercial house and a few hundred thousand dollar car.

But one had refused the first time, and now Lu Tianzhi was chasing out again.

Then, this time, the compensation he gave himself would definitely be increased, only more than the first time.

This time, he would give himself a villa and a car of one or two million dollars.

Thinking of this, Zheng Hyun Ah’s heart was already bursting with joy.

“Oh, what else do you want, let me tell you, don’t think that being rich is great, I, Zheng Hyun Ah, don’t want anything, I just want Neo to give me an apology!”

Zheng Hyun Ah said coldly.

“Go to Tiandao, you can go live on Tiandao.” Lu Tianzhi took a deep breath and said.

“Heavenly Island, what is it?” Zheng Hyunya’s heart suddenly jumped violently, she had a happy premonition now.

“Our family’s main island, the centre of the Pacific Ocean.”


Even if Jung Hyun Ah tried to pretend, at this moment, she was simply going crazy with joy when she heard this.

Really or not?!

One merely wanted a villa and a million-dollar car, yet the other party actually gave her the opportunity to go to the Lu family’s main island?!

This was like buying a lottery ticket to win a small prize for a pack of sanitary napkins, only to win the top prize!

The Pacific Ocean, the Sky Island, these legendary lives of the top luxury families are finally going to happen to me, Hyun Ah Jung!


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