At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 372

Give me two big slaps on the ear?”

Lu Tianzhi was finally amused, he looked back at the Taobao model who spoke and said.

“What are you looking at? Try looking again!”

Teacher tony, with a head of seaweed, arrogantly rubbed himself in front of Lu Tianzhi, “Yan’er is right, if you don’t get lost, I’ll reward you with two slaps!”


Lu Tianzhi didn’t spoil him at all, and directly smashed a slap on the root of the long-haired man’s ear.


Another kick!

Right in the chest!

The long-haired man instantly went red in the face and fell to his knees covering his chest.

“Fuck him, f*ck this kid! Damn it!”

“How dare you hit Brother Long Hair, damn it, let this fool eat his words today!”

In an instant, several other people rushed towards Lu Tianzhi, the Taobao models, also took off their high heels and ran towards Lu Tianzhi heavily, cursing and swearing, “Stinking idiot, even Brother Long Hair is something you dare to hit, brainless thing, don’t understand the darkness of society! You still think you’re so powerful!”

Bang, bang!


How could these few people possibly touch Lu Tianzhi’s body.

They all barely reacted before several black-clothed men rushed over directly and put them all down cleanly, even the female models, who were all pinned to the ground by the black-clothed men, their white and tender faces, were rubbed directly on the grass, unable to move a muscle.

Yes, no one took pity on the women.

After all, in the eyes of the combatants, the family members had the highest priority!

Everyone else, young or old, male or female, is considered a threat!

In their eyes, there was no such thing as a woman!

“You, you guys ……” Teacher Tony was still unconvinced, and his mouth was still trying to bb.

Lu Tianzhi was impatient and gave a swing of his head.


A shot rang out!

Teacher tony then heard a deafening sound in his ears, followed by a numbness in his ears, followed by a sharp pain beyond compare.

Before he could react to what was happening, he saw half of his ear fall to the ground out of the corner of his eye!

At the same time, the bullet that had clipped half of his ear also hit the ground beside his face, splashing up dirt that pounced directly on Mr Tony’s face and neck.

Crap, a gun!

They were too stupid and arrogant to say anything, but they understood what it meant to have a gun and dare to shoot in the city.

How big of a background did this have to be?

“Smash all their stuff for me!”

Lu Tianzhi gave an order, and the men in black ping-ponged, and smashed all the tens of thousands of dollars of SLRs, all kinds of flashlights and such.

Lu Tianzhi, at this time, also left them behind and also arrived in front of the main gate of the central villa.

He turned his head and looked around at the dozen or so teams, large and small, who were photographing and taking pictures in front of the villa.

His tone was arrogant and awe-inspiring, “Damn it, I’m going in for a few minutes, when I come out, whoever f*cking dares to appear within ten metres of my villa, don’t blame me for not being polite!”

After saying that, Lu Tianzhi took out the key, opened the gate and entered the villa.

When the crowd saw that Lu Tianzhi had actually opened the villa’s gate, they were even more stunned, the original, so he was the owner of the villa!

In the central villa, there was no sign that there had been any life, except that the dried roses that covered the villa, in time, a dude like Lu Tianzhi, who had various means of chasing women, was also dumbfounded.

He understood that this must have been given to Zhou Yun by Neo, such a big gesture, not even Lu Tianzhi had ever done that.

It was just that, looking at this room full of dried roses, Lu Tianzhi’s heart, too, felt a deep sorrow.

The dried up roses were like San who had passed away forever.

After staying in the villa for ten minutes or so in silence, Lu Tianzhi walked out of the villa with an inexplicable sadness in his heart.

The entrance, which had been very lively a moment ago, was now cold and clear.

There was not a single person in sight.

Lu Tianzhi laughed coldly in his heart, “Fuck, they are really a bunch of bullies who are afraid of hard people.

Thinking, he was just about to leave.


Just at this moment, a woman’s voice came from behind him.

Lu Tianzhi subconsciously turned back.

Behind him, there was indeed a woman standing, quite pretty, but Lu Tianzhi had seen too many women, so he could tell at a glance that this woman’s temperament belonged to the quite flirtatious kind.

She was also holding a micro-sheet in her hand, and seemed to be taking pictures.

The woman was looking at herself.

“Damn you, what I just said, take it as a deaf ear? Who told you to still linger here!” Lu Tianzhi was instantly furious.

“You, surnamed Lu?” The woman was surprisingly unafraid of Lu Tianzhi.

It also completely ignored Lu Tianzhi’s anger and questioning, instead, it even asked Lu Tianzhi about himself.

“Fuck you, get the hell out of my way!”

Lu Tianzhi pointed at the woman and glanced at the woman’s stomach, “I’m telling you, don’t think that because you’re pregnant, I won’t dare to hit you, I’ll give you three seconds to get the hell out of my way right now!”

In fact, this kind of woman Lu Tianzhi did not even bother to talk more, it is not a class at all, this kind of woman, is to get a few dead, Lu Tianzhi did not even have anything.

“You kick it.”

Who would have expected that even after Lu Tianzhi had done so, the woman did not look scared at all.

On the contrary, with her belly outstretched, she even took a step closer to Lu Tianzhi.

“You f*cking ……” Lu Tianzhi didn’t expect the woman to react like this, and he was a bit confused.

“Do you know that this child in my belly is also surnamed Lu?” The woman seemed to have been prepared for this, and was not at all flustered at this point, “If you have the ability, you can kick it.”

“What?” Lu Tianzhi wasn’t stupid, he was slightly stunned. After taking a closer look at the woman in front of him, he suddenly slapped his head, “Fuck, no wonder you look familiar to me, so you’re a b*tch I’ve played with. I’m sorry, but I’ve been a woman for a long time and I don’t remember who you are, but remember, I’ve played with you, but if you dare to blackmail me with a child, then you’re wrong, I’ll kill you!”

Saying that, Lu Tianci took out dozens of banknotes from his pocket and smashed them directly onto the woman’s face with a clatter, “Take it to get an abortion! If you dare not listen, just wait for the consequences!”


The woman surprisingly didn’t bother to pick up the money, she still looked at Lu Tianzhi, apparently not feeling scared at all, “Sorry, you’re not qualified to sleep with me yet.”

“What?” Lu Tianzhi froze again, “You b*tch, what the hell are you trying to say!”

“The child in my stomach is surnamed Lu, but it doesn’t have much to do with you.” The woman said calmly.

“Then you’re f*cking sick to find me, get lost!” Lu Tianzhi was really angry and kicked her directly!

“The father of the child in my belly ……” The woman surprisingly did not dodge and continued, “It’s Neo.”


Lu Tianzhi was shocked, the kick had already been kicked out, there was no way to retract it, Lu Tianzhi hurriedly used all his strength to deflect, the kick was empty.

Lu Tianzhi was unable to retract the kick, so he fell directly onto the grass.

When the woman saw him like this, her eyes finally showed her satisfaction.

She also breathed a sigh of relief in her heart, this bet was right.

“What did you say?” Lu Tianzhi did not care about the pain on his body and hurriedly leapt to the woman’s side, “You, the child in your stomach, is Neo’s? Which Neo?”

“Oh, who else could it be? Of course it’s that poor kid from Jinling University, Neo.”

“It’s Third Brother ……,” Lu Tianzhi was shocked beyond words, staring at the woman’s belly, “In your belly, you’re carrying Third Brother’s child!”

“But, but, how is this possible?”

Lu Tianzhi couldn’t believe it, yes, he knew very well how Third Brother was, he would never have a casual relationship with a woman, even after knowing Zhou Yun for so long, experiencing so many things, and living together, he hadn’t crossed the thunderbolt.

And now, this woman was even having Sango’s child?

What’s more, this woman didn’t look like the type that Third Brother liked, either.

However, although Lu Tianzhi’s heart felt that all this was impossible.

But, in his heart, how could he not hope that it was true?

Third brother’s departure was so sad that Lu Tianzhi could not even believe that Neo was gone at night sometimes now, if Third brother had a after ……

What’s more, that day on Tiandao, Lu Tianzhi also saw his grandfather with his own eyes, holding Zhou Yun’s hand and nervously asking if Zhou Yun was pregnant.

And when Zhou Yun said no, grandfather’s face, again, was so a kind of indescribable despondency and disappointment.

How could Lu Tianzhi not understand his grandfather’s mind?

However, now that Third Brother really had a child?

“You, what’s your name?” Lu Tianzhi looked at the woman and couldn’t help but ask.

“Zheng Hyunya.” The woman said with a calm face.

Only, who could see her, at this moment, beating wildly inside.


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