At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 370


Neo froze at once.

“Feng Ling, what are you talking about? Why can’t I understand it.” Neo was really confused and didn’t understand Feng Ling’s meaning at all.

However, seeing the seriousness on Feng Ling’s face just now, Neo also knew that there must be a misunderstanding here.

It was just that, what was going on here?

With a dumbfounded look on his face, he looked at Feng Ling.

“Neo, can you please respect me for a moment?” Seeing Neo’s confused look, Feng Ling instead felt even more depressed, “It’s already like this, do you still think you can muddle through and conceal it? Is it that the image I’ve always had in your heart is that I’m so deceitful!”

At the end of the sentence, Feng Ling looked as if she was about to cry, that kind of aggression and bitterness, as if she had been holding it in her heart for a long time and couldn’t let it out.

“Of course not!”

Neo hurriedly said.

To be honest, the level of depression in Neo’s heart at this moment was not less than Feng Ling’s. Because he was really confused.

Because he was really confused, he really didn’t understand what Feng Ling was talking about.

However, when he saw Feng Ling’s sudden reaction, he felt a bit of pain in his heart, so even though he was depressed, he saw that Feng Ling was also depressed, so he had to hide his depression and rush to comfort Feng Ling first.

Of course, this kind of heartache was only a friend-like heartache.

After all, back in the days of Jinling University, Feng Ling was also the girl who had given him respect and compassion.

“Then why are you still acting like you did just now, like I’m wronging you and you don’t know anything?” Feng Ling’s gaze, looking straight at Neo, “Do you know that almost everyone in your whole school knows about this! How dare you try to pretend you don’t know!”


The whole university knows about it?

Neo had basically not paid any attention to the news of Jinling University since he had left the university.

Now the whole university thought that he had done something like that?

This is obviously a rumour!

But who, then, would have such a deep hatred towards himself that he would want to slander himself like that?

“So, who did you hear that from?” Neo said.

“It was Dye who told me.”

“Bai Dye?” Neo was stunned.

It was her?

How could it be her?

It shouldn’t be, although Bai Dye had always looked down on himself before, but later on, because of Zheng Yue and Bao Hao, Bai Dye should have understood his identity.

Since she knew that she was a second-generation rich girl, how could she dare to spread rumours about herself?

According to Bai Dye’s dislike for the poor and the rich, she should not only not start rumours about herself, but even take the initiative to defend herself if there are bad rumours about her.

But this was clearly a rumour, so why did she say it to Feng Ling?

“That time when you sent me back to school, after we separated, you said then that you wanted to find me to play tennis, but I waited for a long time, but I didn’t wait for your call.”

Feng Ling looked at Neo slyly, “I waited for a month and you still hadn’t heard anything, I was really depressed in my heart you know, having promised a girl, did I just leave it behind?”

“I’m sorry.” Neo said, he naturally also remembered this incident.

It wasn’t just a casual remark at that time either. It was just that who would have known that so many things had happened afterwards.

“I wanted to call you to ask about it, but I was too embarrassed, after all, we had just met a few days back then, so I called Dyeing to ask about you.”

“When Dyeing heard me say that at the time, she looked a bit stammered and said that it was best for me not to hang out with you anymore. I was wondering in my mind, so I pressed her, and she said that although you had a bad family and seemed quite honest, you were actually a very scummy boy.”

“I continued to press her, and then she told me that you knocked up a girl, and, by force.” As Feng Ling said this, her gaze glared at Neo.

In that gaze, there was more or less a feeling of hatred.

“Impossible!” When Neo heard this, it was as if he had been suddenly bitten, and he couldn’t help but shout.

Yes, it was something that wasn’t there in the first place!

“Yes, at first, I didn’t think it was possible either.” Feng Ling said, “So I immediately went to your school to look for you, yet when I arrived, I realised that you weren’t even in school anymore.”

Yes, that was right, Neo nodded.

At that time, he should have already gone to Wujiang City to look for Zhou Yun, so of course he wasn’t in school.

“But in your school, a lot of people knew about it, and everyone said that you ran away in fear of the crime because you did that kind of bad thing, so you didn’t dare to come back.” Windy Listening said.

“That’s not true!” Neo was so anxious that he was jumping up and down.

“That’s right, although so many people were rumouring about this, I still felt suspicious, and I still believed you at that time because I thought you were never that kind of person.” Wind Lover continued, “So, I just wanted to wait for you to come back and ask for clarification, but I waited for a long time and still no news from you, just like that, I waited until the graduation season and you still didn’t come back.”

“That day was the first of July, our school and your school both had their graduation ceremonies at the same time, I gave up the opportunity to attend our school’s graduation ceremony and ran to your school’s auditorium just so I could wait for you, but what happened was that you still didn’t come back.” Windy Listening said.

“Yes, I had something going on at that time, but I really didn’t ……” Neo knew that at that time, he was in Jincheng.

“But instead, I met someone at the graduation ceremony!” Wind Linger said, “And then, I never trusted you again!”


Neo froze.

“Hyunya Jung.” Feng Ling’s gaze, fixed on Neo, “This girl, do you still remember?”

Zheng Hyunya?

Hearing this name, his body instantly shook.

So Feng Ling was talking about her!

He himself was about to forget about her, so of course he couldn’t remember just now.

However, now that he heard Hyunya Jung again, the events of the past came back to Neo’s mind all of a sudden.

The night when Zhou Yun disappeared, he and she were in the hotel ……

The exact details Neo really couldn’t remember.

But of course he remembered waking up naked in bed, the wretched bed, an equally naked Hyunya Jung, the blood on the bed, and later that test report on Hyunya Jung.

It already said it all.

Could it be that, that night, he had really used forcible means?

Neo really couldn’t think of anything else.

Maybe it was really possible that he was in too much pain that day because Zhou Yun had disappeared, that he had drunk too much, that he had gotten drunk and acted like a beast to Jung Hyun Ah.

After all, he and Jung Hyun Ah weren’t very familiar with each other either, and it was impossible to have a natural relationship.

So, he really did force himself, and as a result, caused Jung Hyun Ah to get pregnant!

Just thinking about it, Neo felt cold sweat beading on his forehead.

Seriously, this was something he had almost forgotten about.

Who would have thought that not only had it not passed, but it would have caused such a huge problem!

“You really do remember. Surely it was you.” Feng Ling shook her head painfully, even if Neo didn’t say a word, she could see everything from Neo’s face.

“Feng Ling, I ……”

Neo subconsciously wanted to explain, but he couldn’t say a word.

Yes, what to say?

“You don’t have to say anything, Neo.” Feng Ling interrupted Neo’s words and looked at him disappointedly, “I really didn’t expect you to do such a thing, do you know that when I saw that girl named Zheng Hyun Ah in the auditorium of your school, when I saw her struggling with her belly, when I saw that pitiful look when she gave out leaflets to the crowd telling them about her rape encounter by you, when I saw the crowd condemning you I’m afraid you don’t know how I felt at that time, I was really at the bottom of my life.”

Neo listened in a daze, in his heart he really, didn’t know what to say.

Hyun-Ah Jung is still promoting this in the school, what is she doing this for?

“Neo, I really don’t understand why you’re doing this!” Seeing that Neo didn’t say anything, Feng Ling added, “You obviously promised to ask me to play tennis with you, yet you turned around and went and did that kind of thing, why ah, Neo, I really can’t figure it out, because I think, you are not this kind of person!”

Neo shook his head, he didn’t know what to say, the whole thing was too complicated to be explained in a few words.

What’s more, he really couldn’t remember.

However, at least one thing was correct, that was that he did have s*x with Jung Hyun Ah and, moreover, had gotten Jung Hyun Ah pregnant.

And if what Jung Hyun Ah said was correct, then he really did force himself on her.

It was all true, so what else could one say?

Even Neo himself wanted to slap himself twice.

“Say something, can you give me an explanation?” When Feng Ling finished, her eyes were full of expectation again as she looked at Neo.

However, she was, in the end, disappointed.

“Neo, I really didn’t expect that you, in fact, were this kind of person.” Feng Ling sighed deeply, “I still remember the first time I saw you, although you were dressed very average, although many people were laughing at you, but the feeling you gave me was so warm and reassuring. You were always smiling, your smile, so modest, as if it was a light breeze, at that time, you were sitting next to the tennis court, the sun shone down from the shadows of the trees and jumped onto your body, you sat so quietly, like the white boy in the comic, you always had an aura that looked like a cowardly tolerance, but in fact, you didn’t care about it, I really, really wanted to at that time, wanted to ……”

Wind Linger said here, hesitated for a moment, and then added, “wanted so much, to have you teach me to play tennis …… and then we would be together ……”

“But, I really didn’t think that you would do something like that, Neo, it’s not like you to do that at all ah, why did you ah, why did you ruin my imagination of you ……”

“I’m sorry.”

Seeing Feng Ling like this, although Neo’s heart was not good either, but there was nothing he could say.

“Neo, why do you want to go to Neon City, is it because you know that Neon City is a sin city that will allow you to do your work?” Wind Lover suddenly raised his head and asked again.

“No.” Of course not.

“Then why is it?”

“I’m going to find someone.” Neo said.

“Looking for what kind of person?” Wind Lover asked, hot on his heels.

“I can’t understand it with you.” Neo sighed in his heart, yes, he was going to look for Zhang Jiu, how could this be made clear.

“You’re lying to me again.” Feng Ling said and burst into tears.

“Feng Ling, why are you crying?”

Just then, that Li Chu ran over again and shook his fist at Neo, “You lecherous man, are you bullying Feng Ling again, stay away from her or eat my fist!”

Neo sighed inwardly, got up, and walked towards the head of the carriage.

Just as he got up, Neo suddenly felt dizzy again, and he felt a little dazed.

In that one moment, he suddenly realised.

His own life, it no longer belonged to him.

So, one was destined to lose something.

Some people, too, were destined, just to pass by each other in a hurry.

Whether it’s a misunderstanding or a miss, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Because, you will never cross paths again, you will only get further and further away from each other.

At this moment, the sky island.

“Grandpa, what are you doing?”

In a room that looked like a children’s room, an old man, sitting cross-legged on the floor, was gently wiping a windmill toy in his hand with a deerskin flannel.

The young girl gently approached and quietly, almost silently, sat down beside the old man.

“Hara’s childhood toy.” The old man looked at the immaculately wiped windmill in his hand, squinted and surveyed it, then lifted it up and blew gently as it spun lazily.

“You’re thinking of Brother Hara again.” The young girl leaned against the old man’s arm, looking at the spinning windmill, tears streaming down her face, “Wan’er misses it too, this windmill, brother Neo made it for me, when I didn’t want it ……”

The old man stroked the young girl’s hair and looked at the windmill in his hand, there was a deep regret in his gaze, “If Neo’er had a child, that would be good, I would give what I gave to Neo’er, all to that child.”


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