At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 369

Neo could only admit it.

He couldn’t disown it because, well, he was going to Neon.

He had to go!

He would do anything to go to Neko!

Because, he knew the responsibility he was carrying.

He could feel Wind-Listen’s disappointment and his heart, too, had an indefinable pain.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know that Feng Ling was quite good to him, yet, now he had let Feng Ling down.

Neo also felt guilty and sad in his heart.

“How about it, little girl, this kind of person must be kept away. He looks like a handsome young man, but who knows he’s such a sleazebag at heart. Let’s go, kid, in front of the special police, with the previous experience, you still dare to do it, come on, you also come with us to Neon City!”

One of the SWAT officers gave Neo a heavy slap on the head.

In his heart, Neo finally sighed with relief.

Although he had let Feng Ling misunderstand him, at last, he could go to Neon City.

“Old Hu, it’s not possible.” Another special police officer scratched his head, “This kid can’t be taken to Neon City.”


“We already have two criminals on our hands, taking this kid there again would be too much for the two of us, to manage.”

“That’s right, then forget it, it’s cheaper for this kid, let’s call one of our brothers to come over, take this kid away and just lock him up in the guardhouse in Jincheng.”

Saying that, the two took out their walkie-talkies.

When Neo heard this, his heart immediately went into a frenzy.

“Let me go, let me go!” Neo immediately became anxious and hurriedly shouted, “I didn’t molest you, I touched you on purpose!”

“Brat, I’ve never seen you so stupid, just because you touched it on purpose, we’re arresting you, understand?” The special police officers were speechless when they heard Neo’s words.

Neo’s heart was really depressed, this, what the hell is going on!

“Ahem, comrade officer, why are you arresting him? What’s wrong with him?” At this moment, suddenly, the woman who had just called Neo a rascal, spoke up.


The officer was also stunned, “Comrade woman, this kid is a hooligan, he just molested you, didn’t you just shout to, you also want us to catch him, right?”

“Who said he molested me?” The woman said instead.

The SWAT officer was even more dumbfounded, “Comrade woman, it was clearly you who said that this boy had touched you fiercely!”

“That’s right, I was the one who shouted.”

“Then that’s not it?”

“But I didn’t say he was molesting, I just blamed him for not doing anything else.” The woman was a young lady in her forties, just the right age to be demure, but at that moment her eyes suddenly flashed and she said in a delicate voice.

“Huh?” The two special police officers were instantly, their eyes were about to glare out!

“Since I volunteered, then he’s not considered an indecent assault, so you guys should let him go.” The woman said.

The two special police officers were really speechless, but since the woman had said so, they had no choice but to let Neo go, plus they were both on official business, so they hurriedly left.

“Big sister?” Neo froze and looked at the lady in her forties, his heart was surprised and happy, he didn’t know what to say for a moment.

But the heart thanked that is for sure, after all, if this is locked up in the detention center, then it will be the end.

“Young man, young people, who have not made mistakes.” The woman said, took Neo’s hand, and then took Feng Ling’s hand, and then put them together, “You two, were you once a couple, and separated again, ah, sister I was young too, know that kind of feeling, really do not want you to meet so easily, but because of this thing I separated, hope you two can get along well.”

After saying that, the woman drifted away.

Neo froze.

“Young man, look at that big sister just now, how good her character is, she was molested by you, but she took the initiative to relieve you, it’s really rare!”

“Young man, cherish the help of good people, otherwise, you will have to go to the bureau, I just saw clearly, you are molesting people!”

“Yes, I saw it too, you touched her with both hands and pressed her so hard that she was deformed. That lady was really nice and gave you a chance to be a new person!”

“Be nice and stop thinking about all that nasty stuff in your head all day!”

The crowd chattered, and gradually they all slowly walked away.

“Feng Ling, I’m really not ……” Neo’s heart, really egg on his face.

After half a day, he still didn’t get anything, and there was still no way to go to Neon City.

Instead, he still left such an impression in Wind Linger’s heart.

“Alright, Neo, you don’t have to say anything.”

The disappointment and an indescribable sadness on Wind-Listening’s face made Neo look, depressed in his heart.

“Hey, Feng Ling!”

Just at this time, suddenly, another shout from a girl came from the side.

A few boys and girls, running this way.

There were five of them in total, three boys and two girls, and in the blink of an eye, they had arrived at the front.

“Windy Listening, who is he? You two, why are you still ……” One of the girls, her eyes glanced at Neo twice, a hint of contempt floating at the corner of her mouth.

“Ah ……”

Feng Ling let out a soft cry and hurriedly pulled her hand back from Neo’s hand.

Yes, although her face was disappointed and sad, her hand, however, was still being held by Neo.

“Hey, kid, get out of my way!”

Suddenly, a tall boy, in a flash, blocked in front of Feng Ling and glared viciously at Neo, “Don’t think I don’t know what you are, I’ve just heard people say that you kid is a lecherous man!”

“Li Chu, don’t say that.”

When Feng Ling heard the boy say that, he couldn’t help but frown and pointed at Neo, “He’s a friend of mine from before, Neo, from Jinling University.”

“No way, Feng Ling, your former friend is actually a hooligan ah, and was almost taken away by the police.”

“That’s right, Feng Ling, how could you know such a person, this kind of person is really disgusting, if it were me, I would have blacklisted him long ago.”

“Look at him all ragged and tattered, with a broken bag on his back, this look, he’s even from Jinling University, I’m afraid he’s just lost on some construction site!”

“Kid, if you dare to hit on Feng Ling, don’t blame me for not being polite! I’ve practiced boxing, just with your physique, I can make you cry out with one punch!”

Li Chu waved his fist and glared at Neo fiercely.


Neo laughed bitterly in his heart.

At this moment, he also knew that it was useless to explain himself.

If he stayed any longer, he would only drag Feng Ling down with him and get ridiculed by her companions.

It was better to leave.

The train was out of the question, and so was the car.

Then, even if she had to walk, she would have to walk to Neon City!

“Feng Ling, it’s really quite nice to see you.” Neo looked at Feng Ling, this statement, he really is the truth, “Then, goodbye.”

After saying that, Neo took one last look at Feng Ling, turned around and left.

He left decisively, after all, his own goal was Neon City! He had more important things to do!

At that glance when he turned around, Neo did not see retention in Feng Ling’s gaze, he only saw the sadness in his gaze.

“See you again …… ……”

Feng Ling looked at Neo’s back and murmured.

After saying that, Feng Ling’s heart, too, was lost.

Because in the moment when Neo turned around, she only saw decisiveness in Neo’s gaze, not Neo’s reluctance.

Her arm, faintly swayed.

It was very light, very light, as if she was trying to pull Neo, only, just a slight wiggle that no one noticed.

“Come on, Feng Ling, this guy looks like a hanger-on and so lewd, how could you know someone like that, let’s go, let’s hurry up and buy tickets, I can’t wait to go to Neon City! Hurry up, everyone!”

A girl, urging the crowd on, made her way to the ticket window.

What? Neon?

And that was the moment.

“Feng Ling, I’ll, I’ll join you!” A boy, suddenly popping up again, was none other than Neo.

“Hey, why are you still back!” The other two girls, who obviously just didn’t treat Neo well, immediately said nonchalantly.

“That’s right, we went to Neon City for a trip, what are you doing there? With your outfit, do you have money for travelling? Isn’t it good to move bricks properly?”

“Look at him, he’s not going to Neon City to make a living, is he?” Another girl said, “Didn’t it say on the internet that a lot of those who can’t make a living, or those bad guys, like to go to Neon City, it’s the city with the highest crime rate in our country!”

“It sure is!”

“He just molested someone, this kind of person is a social hot chicken, wind lover, it’s better to stay away! Ignore him!”

“I thought he was leaving just now, why is he suddenly coming back and joining us?

The crowd said one thing and then another.

Feng Ling was at a loss as to what to do.

She didn’t know what Neo meant, because she didn’t know that he was going to Neon City, that he was going to all this trouble to get to Neon City!

Why was Neo following herself?

Why was he going to Neon?

He definitely wasn’t going on a trip, Feng Ling knew Neo’s background, after all, before, on the tennis court, Feng Ling had heard a lot about Neo and knew that Neo’s family was poor, so travelling was basically impossible.

Could it be that it was really like what the internet said, going to hang out in Neon?


However, Feng Ling still nodded his head.

When the crowd saw that Feng Ling had nodded, they complained, but there was nothing they could do about it.

The ticket agent rolled his eyes and had no choice but to give Neo a ticket.

On the train.

Outside the window, the scenery flew by.

There were not many people on the train.

One carriage, a dozen people.

In order to avoid suspicion, Neo also knew that his image in Feng Ling’s heart had already been lost, not to mention that Feng Ling’s friends, who had been looking at him in a bad light.

So, Neo simply left them far away and found an empty seat where no one was around and sat down.

Outside the window, the scenery swept by and he suddenly felt a dizziness in his brain, as if he was going to lose consciousness all of a sudden.

Neo hurriedly steadied his mind, a little agitated in his heart.

This situation had been there ever since that time when he woke up on the cliff.

From time to time, the dizziness would arise, even more strongly than once.

Neo didn’t know what was wrong, so he had to go to look for Zhang Jiu anyway, and when he found him, he could just ask him to take a look at him.

Just at that moment.

Neo suddenly felt a fragrant breeze, and when he reacted, Feng Ling was already sitting opposite him.

“Feng Ling.”

Neo did not expect her to come to his place.

After all, in his heart, Neo was thinking that Feng Ling must not want to pay attention to himself anymore, and that she had agreed to come along with him only for the sake of knowing each other before.

It was just that Neo did not know what Feng Ling was doing here.


Feng Ling looked at Neo and asked directly.

“Huh?” Neo froze.

Mentally, he sighed, another thing in the ticket hall?

Neo really wanted to explain, but, this kind of thing, even if he explained it, I’m afraid it would be hard to make people believe it.

“Alright.” Neo took a deep breath, “I’ll tell you the truth, Feng Ling, believe it or not, it’s up to you.”

As Neo said that, he told Feng Ling everything about how he wanted to go to Neon City, but couldn’t, and what happened afterwards.

Of course, the more secretive things, such as going to Neon to find Zhang Jiu and so on, would definitely not be told.

“Do you believe it?” After saying that, Neo watched Wind Lover’s reaction with a bit of expectation.

However, he was disappointed.

The sadness on Feng Ling’s face didn’t seem to get any better.


Feng Ling didn’t seem to be listening to Neo’s words at all.

She looked at Neo with the kind of sadness that entered her eyes, a gaze that was mixed with hatred and grief that made Neo’s heart tremble, “Why?”

She asked again.

Neo froze.

Frozen too.

Not knowing what Feng Ling meant.

Nor did he know, why Feng Ling was looking at himself with such a look.

“Why, Neo, why did you rape that girl?” Feng Ling looked at Neo with that extreme disappointment in his eyes that made Neo not even dare to look, “Why did you do such a thing! And make someone pregnant with a child!”


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