At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 368

Sorry.” The ticket agent at the window, with that usual cold look on her face, “Can’t sell you a ticket.”

“Ah, why?” Neo froze at once.

“Because of the law.”

“The law?” Neo was even more confused.

“Our transportation laws, Chapter 33, have a peculiar provision that no rail or road tickets to Neon City shall be sold to a single individual.”


Neo froze.

Immediately afterwards, he was moved in his heart.

Yes, come to think of it, his grandfather did tell him about this matter when he was a child.

It probably meant that the Lu Family was the number one family on Earth and had a strong presence in any city in the world.

Only, however, there was only one city that did not.

That was Neon City.

“Never go to Neon City alone.” Grandpa stroked the top of Neo’s head at that time and slowly added, “Never, ever go there either.”

“Just sell me one! I’m really in a hurry.”

Neo was a little anxious about how he had forgotten about this.

But how was it possible to get yourself another person to ride with?

“No, that’s the rule.”

The ticket clerk coldly surveyed Neo, a kind of contempt gradually appeared in her gaze, “Since you want to go so much, then you can just walk, it’s not like there are no desperadoes who have done this before.”

After saying that, she muttered, “I really don’t get it, young with hands and feet, what can’t you do to live, you have to go to Neon City, really scum.”

Walking, huh, from Jincheng to Neon, at least a few thousand kilometres.

By the time we walked to Neon, I’m afraid it would be too late for anything.

Seeing that the conductor at the window was ignoring him at this point, Neo was really impatient in his heart.

Just then.

“I can see it, I can see it!”

Suddenly, an abrupt voice came out sharply, appearing extremely harsh and eye-catching in the quiet ticket hall.

There weren’t many people in the hall; after all, it was a working day, not a holiday.

But the sparse passengers, still startled by the sudden sound, looked over their shoulders.

“I see it, I see it!”

With the sound, a man, in an odd posture, ran into the ticket hall.

He was wearing a white, baggy shirt with S13 printed on it.

His face was full of whiskers and his hands were dancing around, making him look very strange.

“I saw them! They’re coming!”

He continued to shout as he jumped, and at that moment the eyes of everyone in the hall, were focused on him, “They rode black horses, a thick white mist rushed out of their nostrils, their swords flashed with the light of death, their eyes were cold and their muscles were like rocks, and when they swung their swords in their hands, a field of heads fell to the ground!”

“They have killed everyone in the village!”

“They’re coming, they’ll find you and they’ll kill you!” When the S13 man said the last ‘kill you’, he suddenly pointed at a little girl and shouted.

Wow, the little girl was instantly scared and cried out.

“Kill you …… kill you ……”

The S13 man, not at all deterred by the little girl’s loud cries, continued to point at one passenger after another, running and screaming down the hall as if he were crazy.

The crowd was looking at the man like a psychopath at this point, and only Neo, looked at the man thoughtfully.

“Catch him!”

At this moment, suddenly two more people rushed in from the hall.

Both of them were wearing uniforms, with the words “Special Police” prominently displayed on the back, and with a gust of wind, they directly pounced on the man who was shouting on the ground.

The man’s hands were cut back and handcuffed.

“I’m sorry, you passengers are in shock.” Seeing that the crowd were all looking puzzled, the special police officer escorted the s13 man towards the ticket window while explaining to the crowd, “This is a mental patient, he has just injured some employees and ran away from the Maling Mountain Sanatorium, those words of his are all the beliefs of a mental patient, there is no need to be alarmed, we will send him to the right place. ”

With those words, the special police officer went to the ticket window, “Please issue three tickets to Neon City.”

Inside the window, the ticket agent, who had a cold face, had long since changed into a smile of service once she saw the SWAT officers, “Okay.”

In the blink of an eye, three tickets were punched.

Neo’s heart suddenly moved and he seemed to have an idea.

Only, pretending to be crazy and foolish, this was really not something ordinary people could do, what’s more, this conductor also knew that he was not mentally ill.

“Ah, pervert!” Just then, inside the passengers in the hall, a woman suddenly shouted.

The crowd hurriedly looked over and saw the woman with one hand covering her chest, pointing at a lecherous-looking man in his fifties in front of her, “He, he touched my fierce part!”

“Take him away!”

A special police officer flew straight in and with a click, cuffed the lewd man as well, “How dare you, you dare to do something bad in front of us, people like you don’t look like good people, come with us to Neon City too!”

At that, the special police asked the ticket agent for another ticket to Neon City, and directly took the lecherous man and the mental patient together, one escorted by the other, both ready to be taken away.

Neo’s heart twitched as his heart beat faster and his gaze wavered between hesitation and decision.

It was the last chance!

To do or not to do!

He couldn’t pretend to be a psychopath, but at least he could pretend to be a bad guy!

Neo couldn’t think too much about it, an indefinable conviction in his head urged him to find Zhang Jiu and the truth as soon as possible.

He had to save the world, restore the original order of things, and then he could really be with the person he loved!

For this goal, one can do anything!

No matter how many hardships and dangers, he could step on them all!

Neo’s eyes suddenly shone brightly!

In that instant, he, struck out.

“Ah! Rascal!”


Another woman screamed and, at the same time, gave Neo a vicious slap!

“He, he touched me fiercely!” The woman pointed at Neo.

“Damn, this kid is really bold, he still dares to act against the wind!” The two SWAT officers were really mad, and they directly pounced on Neo.

In an instant, they had Neo at the bottom of their bodies and took out their handcuffs.

“A nice young man, why did you do such a disgraceful thing?”

“Really, looking civilized, I didn’t expect to be a hooligan, how disgusting.”

“How many years have you been single? You’re too thirsty, you’re just a hanger-on who doesn’t have a woman, you’re suffocating.”

The crowd was filled with righteous indignation.

Neo was crouched on the ground, his hands were clipped backwards behind his back and controlled.

He didn’t have the heart to look up, but the corners of his mouth rose with a smile of relief.

The ticket, in hand.


Just at this time, but next to him, suddenly, came a familiar voice.

“You …… are Neo?” The girl’s voice, so clear and agile, as if it was of a lotus flower in summer.

Neo’s heart shook.

How is it her?

“Feng Ling ……” Neo knew there was no way to hide, so he had to lift his head and look at the young girl in front of him.

Yes, it really was Feng Ling.

She was the same as before, quietly pretty, as if she were the girl smiling against the sun in the sugar water piece, the girl standing under the cherry blossoms, in the apricot blossoms, next to the rosebuds, keeping a cat, reading a poem, telling a daughter’s heart.

Wearing a short beige skirt and slender calves, she looks as good as if she were a work of art.

“Neo, you ……”

Feng Ling’s gaze, and Neo’s gaze touched together.

Her gaze just shrank slightly, as if she had been pricked, and moved away.

The corners of her mouth still wore a smile.

But Neo felt a little strange, a little polite.

It wasn’t like the kind of smile that came from the heart.

Not like, that time on the tennis court, when she first met her, her smile.

Moreover, there was a slight sense of detachment in her eyes.

Somehow, seeing Feng Ling like this, Neo felt a slight pain in his heart.

After all, back then, the way Feng Ling had treated him on the tennis court and smiled at him had made Neo feel a sense of beauty.

Now, however, he felt that Feng Ling’s gaze seemed to have changed.

“This girl, you know him?” The special police officer looked at Feng Ling, “Little girl, you seem to be quite nice, but you have to recognise people clearly, this kid was just molesting and playing a hooligan!”

“I just now, saw that too.”

Feng Ling looked a little embarrassed as she looked at Neo again, that sense of detachment, it seemed, a little deeper.

She looked at Neo, her gaze gradually becoming sad and disappointed, “Neo, tell me, what you did just now, was it really what you wanted to do?”


Neo froze.

Of course he could see the disappointment in Feng Ling’s gaze.

He could also see that behind Feng Ling’s disappointed gaze, there was a faint expectation.

Yes, she was, expecting herself to say no.

She expected that she wasn’t the kind of person she thought she was or that she had just seen.

“Yes, yes.”

Neo lowered his head and said with difficulty.

After saying those two words, it was as if he felt as if he had spat out two teeth and there was an empty feeling of loss in his mouth, in his heart, and in his heart.


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