At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 366

The helicopter hovered and landed slowly on the beach.

“Brother Neo!”

Lu Wan darted towards the helicopter, she ran under the blue sky and sunshine, she ran on the white sandy beach, her face was overflowing with excitement and happiness, at this moment, all her previous worries and unhappiness, all left her in a flash.

It turns out that in the world, there really is such a thing as a momentary explosion of emotions.

Just, is this the last time in her, life that she feels happy ……

“Brother Tianzhi, you’re back!”

At this moment, Lu Tianzhi took Zhou Yun with him and got off the helicopter.

“Wow, Brother Tianzhi, this is your new girlfriend?”

Lu Wan was in a good mood and was talking more, she looked at Zhou Yun, “Not bad, Brother Tianzhi, your taste has improved, this girlfriend is much better than the previous ones! Hm, you went to the island to see me last year, look at all those women around you, they all look like goblins in the red light district, they all caused me to be ridiculed by my good friends.”

“Brother Neo, Brother Neo!”

Lu Wan shouted, her mind, of course, still focused on Neo, her gaze, again, moving eagerly towards the helicopter gangway.

Hoo hoo hoo!

However, she watched as the helicopter’s rotors spun and slowly, slowly, flew back into the air.

All that was left was a white, empty stretch of beach.

“Where’s brother Neo!”

Lu Wan was instantly anxious, stamping her foot and glaring at Lu Tianzhi, depressed to the core, “Brother Tianzhi, where’s brother Neo! Did you leave him behind ……”

Lu Wan’s words, only got halfway through before she stopped speaking.

Because, she saw the glint of tears in Lu Tianzhi’s gaze.

“Sister Wan’er, Third Brother he ……”

Lu Tianzhi’s heart became even sadder when he saw Lu Wan’s eager look just now.

Yes, of course he knew about the brother-sister relationship between Neo and Lu Wan, and of course he knew that Lu Wan must have been looking forward to Neo’s return for a long time.

He also understood Lu Wan’s urgency.

The more he understood, the more he would feel sorry for Neo.

“Third brother he’s gone ……”

Lu Tianzhi said here, and with a wow sound, he cried out once again.

He had said this sentence twice already.

The first time he said it to Zhou Yun, he cried.

Now when he said it to Lu Wan, he cried again.

There were some sorrows that might be slowly hidden, but once they were touched, they would still fall like tears in a flash.

“…… Third brother, because the helicopter exploded, so ……” Lu Tianci sobbed and told the story.

Lu Wan was instantly dumbfounded.

Her whole body froze numbly there.

It was as if a bucket of ice water had been poured on her head.

“I don’t believe you, I don’t believe you! Lu Tianzhi, you’re lying to me again, aren’t you! You are deliberately fooling me again! Are you, are you telling me! Brother Neo will be here soon, won’t he! Tell me, tell me!”

Lu Wan shouted loudly at Lu Tianzhi, but her gaze was already shining with tears.

Seeing Lu Wan like this, Lu Tianzhi’s heart was sad to the core.

Yes, if Third Brother was still alive, how wonderful it would be!

The three of them, together with Zhou Yun, on this heavenly island, enjoying the waves and the beach, telling about their respective lives for so many years, how wonderful it would be!

How much Lu Tianzhi wished he could suddenly smile badly and tell Lu Wan that it was all a lie.

But, it was true, really!

“Sister Wan’er, Third Brother really ……” Lu Tianzhi couldn’t go on.

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, you’re lying, you’re lying to me!” Lu Wan suddenly covered her ears hard and shook her head desperately.

“You’re lying, Lu Tianzhi, big liar, I’m going to tell grandpa! Grandpa will scold you!”

Lu Wan fiercely turned and ran towards the manor behind her, a string of teardrops flung down, reflecting colourful light in the sunlight.

Lu Tianzhi and Zhou Yun looked at Lu Wan’s stumbling back, and the two of them had even more tears hanging on their faces.

In the Lu family’s manor garden.

“Lord Shang Xiong, the Murong family, how did the whole clan get wiped out?” Lu Bei Ke looked at Shang Xi Xiong.

His heart was still in deep shock at this moment.

“Well.” Shang Xiong’s gaze flickered, “The Murong Family colluded with the Demon Clan, pretending to resist the Demon Clan on the surface, but actually preparing to act as an inside man for the Demon Clan, fortunately, our other four families noticed it in time, our four families pretended to cooperate with the Murong Clan to resist the Demon Clan, and then by surprise, wiped out the Murong Clan and their remaining remnants in one go.”

Lu Bei Ke’s gaze lingered on Shang Xiong’s face for a moment and nodded.

“Haha, let’s not talk about that.” Shang Xiong suddenly laughed out loud, as if he was deliberately trying to digress, “Dangjia Lu, that grandson of yours who broke away from the family, it’s already this hour, he should have arrived on the island by now.”

Lu Bei Ke also frowned, yes, it was almost noon, Lu Ling and Neo should have come back as well.

These young people, did they forget the business again because they were overplaying?

At this moment, a servant, suddenly came to Lu Beique’s side in a hurry and whispered a few words in Lu Beique’s ear.


Lu Beique’s gaze suddenly shook greatly and his body trembled, hurriedly holding his hand on the table next to him before he could stand his body.

“This, this is true?!” Lu Bei Ke’s hand, tightly pressing the servant’s shoulder, his fingers, unusually twisted due to his emotional excitement.

“Young Master Lu Ling said this, he said he doesn’t dare to see you yet, but, things are true, Third Young Master ……” The servant’s words didn’t go on.

It was no longer necessary to say any further.

“Impossible, this is not possible!”

Lu Beique almost spat out these words from his teeth, and his face, which had always only been calm, looked twisted at this moment due to the sharp fluctuation of his mood.


With a crunching sound, the solid wood case board, surprisingly, was bent off a piece by him hard.

“No, this can’t be ……”

Lu Beique’s body was trembling as he shook his head, absolutely not believing this fact.

“No, never ……”

His words suddenly came to a screeching halt.

A young girl, her face covered in tears and panting, stood in front of him.

“Grandpa ……”

Lu Wan ran from the entrance of the manor, all the way to Lu Bei Ke.

She wanted to find her grandfather, to find him, to tell him that Lu Tianzhi had cheated, that Lu Tianzhi had teased people, for him to punish Lu Tianzhi, for him to call Brother Neo back immediately!

All along the way, her heart had been silently chanting that it would be good to see her grandfather, that it would be good to see him, that he would tell her that what Lu Tianzhi had said was all false.

However, at this moment, Lu Wan was standing in front of Lu Bei Ke.

She was, however, unable to say a word.

It was because, she had seen what grandpa looked like.

Grandpa was no longer the grandpa who always had a calm face.

The panic, nervousness, disillusionment and shock on his face no longer needed to be spoken for Lu Wan to understand.

Lu Bei Ke also saw Lu Wan.

His words were cut off hard by himself as well.

He saw the tear marks on Lu Wan’s face, and in that moment, he too understood.


Lu Wan cried out in a loud wail and flung herself into Lu Bei Ke’s arms.

In that moment, it was like she was hollowed out, no longer having the strength to hold on.

No more explanations, no more explanations.

Lu Bei Ke stroked Lu Wan’s hair, and tears filled his eyes.

“Brother Neo, oooh, Wan Er misses you so much!” Lu Wan cried as her body rose and fell, her voice hoarse.

“Neo’er, grandfather is sorry for you.” Lu Bei Ke was also unable to control his emotions, “I’m sorry, Neo’er, the Lu family is sorry for you! You were born into our Lu family, but you haven’t had a single good day.”

Yes, when he thought of this, Lu Bei Ke’s heart really felt as if it was cut by a knife.

Of his own one or two hundred grandchildren, the most miserable was Neo.

Forced out of the family by Murong Ruo Lan, he had lived so many hard days, running around everywhere, and just when he could return to the family, he was killed in an accident.

The whole courtyard was solemn and silent.

The members of the Lu family, the Lu family’s cooks, workers, nannies, housekeepers and guardians ……

All of them, stood with their hands down, in silence.

The faces of many of them, too, were covered with tear stains.

“The third young master was killed in the explosion!”

The news, on Sky Island, had spread.

The third young master called Neo, the one who would take the initiative to greet the servants, the one who would smile and be polite, the one who had been forced out of the family and wandered for most of the year, had left forever just when he could return to the family.

Some of the servants secretly wiped their tears.

A solemn and sorrowful mood filled the courtyard.

Only the sound of the wind that seemed to whimper.


A sound of laughter.

In the courtyard, however, there was a sudden sound of laughter, giggles and loud shouts.

It was the group from the Upper Theatre family.

They were sitting cross-legged on the grass in the courtyard at the moment, sitting under a tree, in a circle, and in the middle of the circle were the lamb chops and fruit they had taken from the case, the lobster and wine ……

The group sat in a group around, eating and drinking, the floor littered with scraps and empty bottles of wine.

They were drunk, paddling, bickering, hooking up, shouting and laughing loudly.

Ignoring everything.

Their laughter and shouting, so clearly audible in this courtyard, seemed so much more abrupt and raucous.

Some of the people of the Lu family had already clenched their fists, and some, with their eyes lowered, showed a glow of anger.


Lu Bei Ke suddenly bellowed!

Yes, he finally couldn’t hold back!

At this point, how can one still hold back?!

This cry was really effective, and at once, those people from the Upper Drama Family, indeed, quieted down as well.

Only, this group of people just didn’t expect Lu Bei Ke to suddenly shout, and although they quieted down, their eyes looked at Lu Bei Ke sullenly.

It was as if Lu Bei Ke had spoiled their good deeds.

“Everyone, this is the end of the day, please also go back to the guest room to rest, there will be special personnel to take you there.” Lu Bei Ke held back his inner grief, and still managed to be polite in his attitude towards that group of people from the Shang opera family.

“I say, Lu Dangjia, this is your fault, we have come a long way, we are guests, and now we haven’t had enough wine or food, and you are rushing us to rest, huh, you are the most courteous host I have ever seen.”

Lady Jubilee said coldly.

“Madam Jubilee, something has happened to the family, forgive us for not being able to entertain here now, please also go back and rest first, don’t worry, you are guests, we will never be negligent in following up.” Lu Bei Ke said.

“Oh, what’s happened, it’s just a dead grandson, or a grandson who was driven out of the family, and at a glance he must be a useless grandson too.” Mrs. Jubilee indifferently then sneered, “Lu Dangjia, you have a couple of hundred grandchildren, it doesn’t matter if one or two of them die, let alone a useless …… one.”

“That’s right, we haven’t had enough, f*ck, who wants to drive us away!”

The crowd of the Upper Theatre family was also agitated.

Someone swiped out a knife and plunged it into the grass.

Brush, brush, brush!

More people drew their knives.

“What the hell, not even a mouthful of water and you want to drive people away!”

“Can’t even spare a bit of food? Don’t forget, we are the family that defends against the demons! Without us, where would you be in peace!”

“Master Lu, do as you see fit!” Lady Jubilee still smiled coldly, only in her gaze, there was an indefinable sense of provocation, a test that seemed as if she could take her place.

“Come on!”

Inside the crowd of the Upper Drama Family, a fierce and strong man suddenly stepped out.

The strong man was bald, with only a tuft of black hair on the top of his head, and his face was full of cross flesh, he was carrying a bottle of Flying Moutai in his hand, shouting as he collapsed step by step towards Lu Beique, until he reached the middle of the grass, then his feet shook violently and he glared at Lu Beique, “I am here to drink at Shangxiu Guang, drive me away if you dare!”

With those words, the strong man raised the bottle of wine high in the air and poured it into his mouth.

Behind him, a series of deep footprints, strikingly sunken deep into the grass, each of them, half a metre deep!

When the Lu family’s guards saw this, they were all in shock!

They were all practising martial artists, and they were all practising masters in their own right, but to step on the grass half a metre deep was simply appalling!

Seeing the shock of the crowd, the strong man laughed loudly in triumph.

Suddenly he threw the bottle of Maotai wine in his hand towards the sky.


He shouted!


The bottle of wine in the air actually exploded straight away!

Puffing and rustling!

Countless glass remnants hit the grass and leaves with a brush.

The crowd was even more shocked, this kung fu was really unheard of!

Lu Bei Ke’s gaze suddenly contracted.

You came to my manor and robbed me of the wine and food I prepared to welcome Neo’er, I can tolerate it.

You broke the cake that Wan’er had prepared for her brother’s meditation, I can put up with that.

I could put up with you pulling knives in my manor in front of my family and my guests.

But for you all to be laughing here when news of Neo’er’s death came, I can never put up with that!

“Mo Da!”

Lu Beique bellowed!

As soon as the words fell, a grey silhouette, almost instantly, swept past the crowd’s eyes, and before anyone could see anything clearly, a grey-robed, tall, thin man stood in front of Lu Bei Ke.

His face, blocked inside a wide grey hood, could not be seen except for those eyes that occasionally flashed with a fine light.

At once, even Lady Jubilee was a little stunned.

She probably hadn’t even thought that there was such an expert in the Lu family.

“Master Zhuang!”

Mo Da’s voice, under his robes, seemed a little eerie, but the attitude was indeed very respectful.

“Send this guest of the Shang Opera Family to the guest room to rest.”

“Yes, Master Zhuang!”

The man in grey said, and with a flash of his body, without anyone seeing clearly, he arrived in front of Shangxiu Guang at a strange speed, while the grass and leaves were still swaying in the same way where he had just stood.

Shang Xiaguang’s heart was startled, a sudden pressure that made him involuntarily take a step back.

“Misunderstanding, it’s all a misunderstanding!”

It was also at this time that Shang Xiong suddenly spoke, “Dangjia Lu, we are deeply sorry for the accident that happened to your family, and we have been here for too long, so we will go and rest first.”

As soon as Shang Xiong spoke, the people of the Shang Xiu family, too, did not say anything else.

The group, as a group, gradually left the courtyard.

At this moment, outside the manor, by the pool.

The pool looked old and deserted, without water, the bottom of the pool was also full of weeds, and the trees on the side of the pool, were also growing extremely luxuriantly.

“Sister-in-law, look, this is the pool I told you about.”

Lu Tianzhi sat by the pool, looking at it, and murmured, “When I was a child with Sango, we played in this pool, at that time, many of our cousins, loved to play here, competing in swimming and stuff, Sango swam the fastest, every time he was first, at that time, I couldn’t swim, so I could only watch from the shore and cheer him on ……”

Speaking of this, Lu Tianzhi’s face, which was still lined with tears, seemed to show a hint of a reminiscent smile.

“Back then, when Lu Nan bullied me, he would get behind me and secretly push me into the water, watching me flop in the water, and he would laugh extra hard. Every time I fell into the water, San would be the first to go down and save me whenever he saw it, do you see this ……” Lu Tianci said, jumping down from the pool and poking a small hole in the wall at the edge of the pool, “This is where San secretly dug out to, he stole Lu Nan’s things come and put it in this little hole, Lu Nan will never find it, haha!”

“In fact, San is not a thief, he is just out for me, but now ……”

When Lu Nan said this, her heart ached, her voice choked up and she couldn’t say any more.

Zhou Yun also jumped down, standing at the bottom of this pool, she gently closed her eyes, as if she also saw many years ago, a boy playing and playing with water here.

She gently stroked the hole in the wall, imagining the boy hiding bad boys’ things here, and a small smile rose to the corners of her mouth.

In the corner of her eye, however, a teardrop rolled down.

“And this ……”

Lu Tianzhi led Zhou Yun, through the overgrown trees next to the pool, until he came to a grassy area.


In front of a mound of dirt, Lu Tianzhi sat down and gently stroked the rumbling mound that had been covered with grass.

“This is the dog that San had when he was a child, San especially liked it, it’s just a pity that it died because it ate something bad, San was especially sad, so he buried it here.” Lu Tianzhi murmured.

Zhou Yun squatted down and gently stroked the mound of earth, “Tianzhi, did the puppy have a name?”

“Gris, Third Brother named it, Gris.”

“Gris.” Zhou Yun murmured, as if he had heard the name somewhere.

“There’s another place.” Lu Tianzhi said, “The two animal sculptures that Third Brother and I made from the sandy soil by the sea, that Third Brother made with his own hands.”

Saying that, Lu Tianzhi led Zhou Yun and turned around the woods again.

“That’s under the banyan tree up ahead.”

Lu Tianzhi had just finished speaking when he suddenly heard the sound of playfulness coming from the front.

Lu Tianzhi was stunned as he hurriedly led Zhou Yun around the woods. The sight in front of him made him burst into flames.

Two teenage boys, both dark and tanned, with braided hair, were riding on two animal sculptures under a banyan tree, swinging around and playing there.

The two animals, both lions and tigers made of sand and clay.

Not very sturdy, they were being ridden and played with by two bear children at the moment, with their ears and tails broken off.

“Where are you silly bear children from, get out of my way! Get lost!”

Lu Tianzhi was furious and rushed up.

The two boys, with a fierce glint in their eyes, didn’t seem to be too afraid of Lu Tianzhi either, but they also knew that they were children and were no match for Lu Tianzhi, and glared at Lu Tianzhi, and seemed to be cursing something in their mouths before they walked away.

“This is made of sand and earth by the third brother.”

These two sculptures, one was a lion and the other was a tiger.

Both looked quite childish, and at a glance, they were made by children.

Zhou Yun looked at them, but a few tender feelings steeped up in her heart as she gently stroked the sculptures, feeling the lines of them as she closed her eyes.

It was as if a picture had appeared in front of her eyes.

It was as if she herself was standing next to it, watching the young Neo, who was building the sculpture little by little with sand and earth.

He was so serious, and he was beside himself, watching him without blinking his eyes.

“Here, sister-in-law, here, and ……” Lu Tianzhi said, “and here, a present for you from third brother ……”


Zhou Yun asked softly.

A gift from Neo to himself?

“It’s here.”

Lu Tianzhi led Zhou Yun, to another patch of grass, “Look.”

Zhou Yun looked up.

In front of him were two trees, almost identical trees.

The only difference was that one tree had lush leaves and the other tree had almost no leaves at all.

“This is?”

Zhou Yun muttered.

“This is the lover’s tree.” Lu Tianzhi said, “This is the one I planted here when we were kids, me and Third Brother, one each.”

Lu Tianzhi said, and came to one of the lover trees that didn’t have many leaves and said.

“This one, was planted by Third Brother.” Lu Tianzhi pointed to another one, full of leaves, and said.

“Look, the leaves of the lover tree are heart-shaped, just like a heart.”

Lu Tianzhi said, pointing at the leaves.

Sure enough, Zhou Yun gazed at it and saw that the leaves, as if they were hearts, grew all over the tree, and when the wind blew, it looked very beautiful.

“When Third Brother and I were young, after we planted the lover’s tree, at that time, the two of us, each of us made a vow that when we met a girl we liked in the future, we would give her a leaf from the lover’s tree as a gift.” Lu Tianci said here, pointing to the tree Neo had planted, “Sister-in-law, look, this tree of Third Brother, not a single leaf was removed, he didn’t love any other person except you, ah.”

Zhou Yun’s heart shook abruptly.

She looked up at the lover’s tree, full of loving leaves, and for a moment, her heart was suddenly filled with an indescribable tenderness.

Tears, flowing over both cheeks.

Just at that moment.

Suddenly, a breeze blew in.

There was a clatter.

The lover tree swayed against the wind and the leaves suddenly fell in droves.

They fell on Zhou Yun. Countless leaves, falling from the sky, surrounded Zhou Yun tightly, those leaves, as if they were protecting her, as if they were guarding her, fluttering around her, surrounding her.

In the midst of the leaves that filled the sky, Zhou Yun’s tears had long since fallen like rain.

Neo, I know, it’s you, this is you…


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