At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 365

Sky Island.

A young girl was running at a fast pace.

She is biting her lips tightly, her beautiful eyebrows counting backwards as if there is anger hidden inside.

Her long, slender legs were running as fast as they could, as she passed through the forest of flowers, the rustling branches showering her with endless petals, which fell from the sky on her hair and on her snow-white dress.

Yet the maiden, irritated, tore the petals from her body and dropped them hard on the ground.

She kept running and running.

“Miss Wan Er!”

In the courtyard, the cooks suddenly stirred.

When they saw Lu Wan rushing in, they also expected something and their faces, too, looked very sad.

Lu Wan suddenly came to a violent stop and looked at the cake that had long been chopped up in front of her.

She covered her mouth in pain and shook her head with a look of disbelief.

She squatted on the floor, looking at the cream, jam and fruit all over the floor, looking at her heart and soul, which had been destroyed.

Two little figures, made of cream, had fallen on the grass, and although their bodies and faces had been deformed by the fall, they could still be seen as a little boy pulling a little girl.

The cooks next to them, also sad and unwilling to see more, turned away.

Only they knew how long it had taken Miss Wan Er to consult them and practise framing the cake over and over again to make it.

When it came to making the cake, Miss Wan’er didn’t let anyone else do it, she did it all by herself.

All the chefs knew how much work Lu Wan had put into this cake.

That was why that chef had stood in front of the cake even though his legs were trembling.

The servants of the Lu family were full of gratitude to the Lu family in their hearts.

Lu Wan’s gaze filled with tears, she clenched her showy fist tightly and stood up violently, trembling all over as she walked towards the up-playing Fei Long.

She knew who had done it.

The maid had told her.

Upplay Fai-lone looked so special, and he was covered in cream.

Lu Wan did just that, her eyes glaring at Shang Xi Fei Long as she slowly made her way to him.

Shangxiu Fei Long was sitting on the counter, one leg hanging down and the other resting leisurely on the counter, and was slowly slicing a fan of lamb chops with a dagger in his hand.

His movements were skilful, each slice plunging in with great precision close to the sheep’s bones, then picking up a piece of lamb half the size of his fist with the tip of the knife and sending it into his mouth.

When Lu Wan came towards him.

His gaze also looked at Lu Wan, his face expressionless, without any expression, without fierceness, without provocation, much less fear, without awe.

It was just his eyes, which were originally stern and fierce, and his eyebrows were coarsely placed, giving a few moments of terror when he looked at them.

He just watched calmly as Lu Wan walked towards him, his gaze, all the time, locked with Lu Wan.

All the time until Lu Wan walked up to him.

His dagger was sent out.

Along with the mutton on the tip of the dagger.

Shang Xi Fei Long just sat there, looking at Lu Wan, holding up the mutton on the dagger in his hand, until he handed it to Lu Wan where his chest was, seeing that Lu Wan didn’t take it, Shang Xi Fei Long’s wrist even picked it, as if gesturing.

Lu Wan’s eyes were filled with anger as she opened the dagger with one palm, followed by a punch to Shangxu Feilong.

Shangxu Fei Long grunted disdainfully and with a flick of his shoulder, he completely avoided Lu Wan.

Lu Wan, due to inertia, flung herself directly onto the counter, she grabbed a boning knife and turned straight around to swing at Shangxiu Feilong again.

Shang Xiu Fei Long smiled coldly, and the dagger in his hand, gently tapped on the boning knife.

At once, Lu Wan felt her wrist tremble, and with an unsteady grip, she dropped the boning knife directly to the ground.

“Stop it, Wan’er.”

Lu Beique hurriedly walked over and grabbed Lu Wan.

“Lu Bei Ke, where is this wild girl from, how dare she assassinate my son! What do you mean by that! Did you order this!”

At that moment, a woman chided and came over.

This woman, in her forties, was draped in gold jewellery and had a condescending expression on her face.

She hurriedly rushed to the side of the up-playing Fei Long, as if she was a mother hen protecting her cubs.

“Sorry, Madam Jubilee, this is my granddaughter Lu Wan, how could she have assassinated Shang Xiu Fei Long.”

This woman, Lady Xi, the wife of Shangxiu Xiong, Lu Beique was not happy with her tone in his heart, but of course he could not show it.

“Oh, just now my son saw her coming and offered to give her some mutton to eat, but not only did she not appreciate it, she even hurt someone with a knife. Mrs. Jubilee said with a cold smile.

Lu Bei Ke frowned.

Although he understood Lu Wan’s feelings.

After all, he certainly knew how good Lu Wan and Neo were, and he also knew that Lu Wan had not seen Neo for three years, until Lu Wan had prepared so much for Neo.

But this matter seemed, after all, to be Lu Wan’s fault.

“Wan’er, apologise to Duke Fei Long.” Lu Bei Ke sighed inwardly and said.

“Grandpa, why should I apologise to him!” Lu Wan cried, “He broke the cake I gave to brother Neo, he destroyed something so important, why should I apologize to him!”

“A cake, huh? Is a piece of cake as important as my son!” Mrs. Jubilee sneered, “You little girl, I really don’t know what kind of heart you have, in your heart, a piece of cake is even more important than a human life!”

“It is important!” Lu Wan cried again, exasperated by Mrs. Jubilee, “I don’t know you, it was a group of you who barged into our Lu’s house, you are like a group of robbers, coming to our Lu’s house to cause havoc, breaking my cake, the cake I made for brother Neo, I didn’t invite you, I didn’t mess with you, and you made it like this! You are barbarians, you don’t know anything, you don’t know what’s important or anything at all! Do you know what that cake means, do you know what affection is! You think it’s a cake? It’s a gift from me to Hara! It’s my heart for brother Neo!”

“Lu Beike, listen! Calling us barbarians, calling us robbers!” Lady Jubilee’s face turned white with anger.

“Wan’er, apologise to Duke Fei Long!”

Lu Bei Ke’s face also sank.

“I won’t!” Lu Wan cried.

“Lu Wan!” Lu Bei Ke raised his voice, and his face was clouded with gloom.

Of course his heart ached for his granddaughter, but there were some things that he really couldn’t say indiscriminately, they could easily become a handle.

“Grandpa ……”

Lu Wan cried, aggrieved.

When she heard Lu Bei Ke start calling herself by her full name, she knew that her grandfather was not playing around.

She also knew that it was useless to say anything, and she trudged over to Shangxiang Fei Long: “I’m sorry.”

“No sincerity at all! Can’t even bow!” Lady Jubilee said.

“I’m sorry!”

Lu Wan trembled, bowed, and after apologizing to Shang Xi Fei Long, she covered her face and ran away crying.

“Hahahaha, Lu Dangjia, children’s jostling, it’s okay.”

Shangxiu Xiong finally walked up at this time.

When those things happened just now, he had been watching from the side, neither going up to stop nor speaking, he just kept watching.

It was only when Lu Wan ran away in tears that he walked up.

Lu Bei Ke could only force a smile.

He certainly did not smile as brightly as Shang Xiong.

In his gaze, that apprehension was there again.

An indefinable apprehension.

“Hehehe, I can see that Long’er likes your granddaughter.” Shang Xiong said again.

Lu Beique’s body shook and his heart was shocked, so he couldn’t help but blurt out, “Why do you think so.”

“Just now, when your granddaughter walked past, Long’er he took the initiative to give your granddaughter lamb chops to eat. And when your granddaughter stabbed Long’er with a knife, Long’er didn’t get angry either. But he didn’t, and even gave your granddaughter lamb chops to eat, which shows that he has a good feeling for your granddaughter, haha!”

He was laughing, but Lu Beique really didn’t laugh at all.

In his heart, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of foreboding.

“I heard that today, is the day that your grandson who broke away from the clan returned to the clan?” Shang Xiong added.

“Yes! This is really thanks to Lord Shangxiu, if it wasn’t for Lu Ling and your grandson’s engagement and marriage, if it wasn’t for the support of your Shangxiu family, I’m afraid I really wouldn’t be able to get past the Murong family.”

Hearing this, Lu Bei Ke was in a much better mood.

Yes, no matter how one said it, this matter of Neo returning to his clan was all due to the Shangxu family.

“However, if the Murong family were to blame when the time comes, I still hope that Lord Shangxiu can give a few more good words.” Lu Beique said with a bit of worry again.

It was also true, after all, the Murong family was too powerful, and Lu Beique was worried that if Murong Ruo Lan really made a mess out of it and made a big deal out of it, then it would be bad.

That temper of Murong Ruo Lan, Lu Bei Ke had also been taught, and knew that she was, very stubborn.


Shang Xiong laughed loudly, that laugh was filled with an inexpressible relief and happiness, as if all the depression of many years had been swept away at once.

Lu Beique was unsure and froze for a moment, not knowing what Shang Xiong was up to.

“Lu Dangjia, I tell you, from now on, in the world, there is no more Murong!” Shang Xiong said smugly.

“No more Murong?”

When Lu Beique heard this, he could not help but feel a great shock in his heart.

“Yes, so, your grandson’s return to the clan will never be interfered with, this matter, you can relax a hundred times, you can definitely see your grandson today, and, there will never be an accident, why, now, are you relieved?” Shang Xiong’s gaze was suddenly fixed on Lu Bei Ke’s face.


Lu Beique said.

Only, at this moment, his heart was taken over by a bigger and more appalling worry from the heart.

Yes, although Murong Ruo Lan had driven away Neo, Murong Ruo Lan seemed to be an evil person.

But the Murong family, as Lu Beiq knew, was a truly principled and storied family of ancient nobility.

This family had pride and honour.

It had principles and commitment because of its honour.

Suddenly such a family was gone, Lu Beique’s heart, was panic.

And at that moment, by the island of Sky Island.

In front of the sandy beach, under the coconut trees.

A young girl sat and looked at the sea in front of her.

Tears were brimming like sea water.

“Oooh, why, why do I have to apologise to that barbarian, oooh, it’s obvious that he broke the cake I made with my own hands, they are so bad and barbaric, why did grandpa still let them in and let them bully Wan Er.”

Lu Wan remembered what had just happened in the courtyard and her heart was sad.

Yes, besides, she was also the eldest Miss of the Lu family, so why had she ever suffered such a loss before.

It was obvious that her things had been broken and the other party had not punished her at all and had to apologise.

“If it was Brother Neo who was here, he would not have let anyone bully Wan’er.” In front of Lu Wan’s eyes, the thin, ever-smiling figure suddenly appeared, “Brother Neo, woo woo woo, you should come soon, Wan’er misses you so much, Wan’er doesn’t understand, but Wan’er knows that no matter what happens, when Wan’er sees you, her mood will be at ease, she won’t be afraid, and she won’t be sad!”

“Brother Neo, just how long will it take for you to come back ……”

Lu Wan was murmuring.

Suddenly, the sound of a rumbling helicopter came from the clouds in the sky above the sea.

Lu Wan’s ears twitched and she raised her head to look at the black spot in the sky, her face not yet dry from tears, but already broken into tears and smiles.

“Brother Neo, you’ve finally come back!”


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