At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 364

Hey, hey, Lu Dangjia.”

Yes, this brawny middle-aged man was Shang Xiong, the current head of the Shang Xiu family.

“You guys quickly retreat!” Lu Bei Ke hurriedly barked at the courtiers.

“Dangjia Lu, why do you need to move your mouth when ordering your subordinates, let me give you a hand.” As Shang Xiong spoke, his shoulders shook, and suddenly Lu Bei Ke felt a strong wind sweep across his face, and almost at the same time, a scattering of sounds came from behind him.

The dozen or so guards behind him seemed to be paper figures under the gale, blowing and falling in all directions, crushing fences and trees and lying on the ground, the terror in each one’s eyes was unparalleled.

Lu Bei Ke’s gaze twitched slightly and he swallowed his saliva, his heart also in great shock.

“Hey, hey, Lu Dangjia, you won’t blame me, will you?”

“How could I, these people are short-sighted, they have offended the Lord of the Upper Opera just now, please forgive me.” Lu Bei Ke bowed slightly, his face not showing a hint of displeasure, “Master Shang Xiu Chuang, please come in.”

“There is no hurry. I have heard that the Lu Dangjia is warm and hospitable, I wonder if everyone from my Shangxiu family will be warmly welcomed by the Lu family when they come?”

“Of course.” Lu Beique said hastily.


Shangxiu Xiong laughed and steeply shouted, “Come out all!”

Before Lu Beique could understand, he saw a group of people suddenly come out from the beach of the island outside the manor, a group of people in black, men and women, adults and children, at least a few hundred people.

“This ……” Lu Beike looked in front of him in surprise.

“This is the core members of our Shangxiu family.” Shangxiu Xiong smiled broadly and narrowed his eyes as he looked up to survey the magnificent undulating Lu family manor in front of him, “I’ve long heard that the Lu family’s Heavenly Island Manor is huge, there shouldn’t be any major problems in accommodating these hundreds of people from our Shangxiu family!”

“No, no problem, please come in.”

Lu Bei Ke looked at the group of black pressed crowd in front of him and murmured, only in his heart, he always felt a few vague uneasiness.

“Wow, haha, Lu Dangjia, you knew we were coming and specially prepared to greet us, right, hahaha!”

When the crowd arrived at the inner courtyard, they saw a table that had long been set up in the courtyard, plates of finished and exquisite dishes on the tabletops, various delicacies on the grill, and the aroma steaming from the cook’s pot on the stove.

Shang Xiong said, reaching down to remove a leg of deer from the rack that had not yet been roasted, taking out his dagger and cutting off a large piece, still bloody, and sending it to his mouth.

These men had travelled all the way from the Valley Continent to this place and had been hungry for a long time.

At this time, when they saw Shang Xiong doing it, they didn’t even need to be ordered early on, so they took their own food.

This group of people had no modern dining etiquette at all.

No plates, no napkins, no tables, no chairs.

Many of them did not use cutlery or knives and forks, but simply used the daggers they carried with them to cut the meat.

The soup and vegetable juices were spilled all over the floor and there was a mess everywhere.

The cooks watched in disbelief as they wolfed down the meat, wondering how such a group of people, who looked like a primitive tribe, could have been invited by the Grand Master.

Besides, the Third Young Master had not even returned yet, so how could he eat up in advance.

But seeing that Lu Bei Ke didn’t say anything, of course they were even less likely to say anything.

“This can’t be eaten!”

Suddenly, a cook of modest age blocked a cake with his body.

In front of the cook, stood a youth from the Shang Opera family.

This youth, not a very strong-looking kind, but appeared very tough, with dark skin, stern and fierce eyes, a head of savagely grown hair, tied into a thick, bubbling braid, his upper body wrapped in only a few random pieces of sackcloth, and a scar on his face that made people’s hearts flinch at the sight.

At his waist, there is also a fast, glittering knife slung at his side.

The knife was a weapon.

His person, however, was like a weapon.

To be honest, the chef’s body trembled slightly even as he looked at the young man from the Shang Opera family in front of him.

Yes, a few moments of fear actually rose up in his heart.

This should not be, one should know that he was the special chef of the Lu family, even if any of the world’s dignitaries any of the rich and famous stood in front of him, he might be respectful, but, would never be afraid.

However, now, looking at this dark young man in front of him, the chef could not help but feel a kind of trembling.

However, despite the fear he involuntarily felt inside, he still stood with his chest out in front of the youth, blocking the front of that cake shop.

Perhaps it was because he felt that, as the cook of the Lu family, he should not be afraid of the other side.

Perhaps, he felt that he had to uphold the dignity of the Lu family.

Yes, he was the chef of the first family on earth, and the other party looked like a barbarian, so he shouldn’t be afraid of the other party anyhow.

“Get lost!”

The youth’s fierce gaze, steeply tightened, and spat out a word from his teeth.

“No, this isn’t not for you to eat!” The chef’s voice, which couldn’t help but tremble a little, still didn’t move at all.


The youth suddenly threw out a slap, he struck out strangely fast, as if it was a lightning stroke.

Before the chef knew it, he received a heavy slap on the face.


“No food!”

The chef, however, immediately endured the pain again and quickly got up from the ground.

At that moment, the youth had already walked over to the cake and stretched out his black hand to grab it.


The chef was so desperate that, against all odds, he lunged at the youth!

The youth was also caught off guard, and was again hit on the side, and also tumbled out.

But he reacted surprisingly fast, just as he was knocked out, the man had already adjusted his stance and rolled gently on the grass, having completely removed the force.

“Damn it, you’re looking for death!”

The youth leapt up in a heap, his face suddenly rising even more in fury.

As he leapt up, the scimitar at his waist was instantly sheathed!

The sharp blade was so bright and dazzling that it seemed as if the mere light could hurt someone!


A violent shout suddenly came out.

A human figure appeared almost instantly in front of the youth.

The sword light stopped abruptly!

A large hand tightly gripped that youth’s wrist.

“Alright, Dragon’s son, this is the Lu family, we are guests, don’t make a scene!” Shang Xiong shouted in a low voice, only there was no anger in that gaze.

The muscles on the youth’s face were still trembling incessantly, obviously still furious to the extreme.

His gaze was glowing with gloomy ferocity as he glared fiercely at the cook.

But his wrist had been gripped by Shang Qiu Xiong, and he had been told so.

With a sudden grunt from his nose, he flung his hand away from Shang Xiong.

From the look of him, it was clear that he was not at all convinced.

He shook off Shang Xiong, grunted in anger and walked over to that cake, and suddenly with the machete in his hand, he chopped on top of it with a slash!

Brush, brush, brush!

He moved so fast that the crowd barely reacted, and the whole cake was instantly chopped up in a mess.

Each stroke was so fierce that even the five-centimetre-thick oak slab table underneath the cake was cut off in one stroke!

Wood chips and cream splattered down.

In an instant, there was already a mess.

Only then did the youth turn around and glare at the chef, making a throat-slitting gesture with his hand on his neck.

Then with a flick of his wrist, he retrieved the scimitar with a clean flick.

“Xiao Lin, is everything alright. You should go and rest for a while.” Lu Beique’s face was calm as he helped up the chef from earlier and patted him to comfort him.

At this moment, that chef, his face was white, his legs were trembling involuntarily, and his face had long since lost its human colour.

Yes, it was really the first time he had seen such a savage person.

Moreover, it was also the first time he had seen one who dared to show his weapon in the Lu family.

He was already too frightened to walk and was helped away by two men.

Lu Bei Ke looked at the leaving chef, and although his face was calm, only in his gaze, there was a few more moments of contemplative apprehension.

“Hahahaha! Lu Dangjia, I’m really sorry about that just now, that boy is my son Shangxiu Feilong.” Shang Xiong looked at the chef who was being carried away, but his face was a kind of cool smugness, “That kid has a fiery personality, you mustn’t mind, but isn’t that kid also very powerful, look at how scared that chef was just now, hahaha!”

The words were full of admiration for the up-playing Flying Dragon just now.

“It’s not in the way, it’s not in the way.”

Lu Beique waved his hand, his face still calm, only deep in his eyes, an indefinable worry.

He looked at the cake that had been hacked to pieces and sighed.

And at that moment, the room upstairs, full of girlishness, was pink everywhere, everything was custom-made in pink.

The walls were pink, the furniture was pink pink pink, the macbook was pink custom made, the piano was pink, the dior lipstick was pink, the mirror was pink ……


The young girl, dressed in a white dress, stood in front of the mirror and spun around happily, the room echoing with her happy laughter.

She spun and spun and spun.

Coming to the window with the pink hanging tent.

With a flick of her snow-white wrist, the covers on the bed were lifted by her in one swift movement.

Beneath the covers, three beautiful gift boxes were revealed.

“It’s been three years, every year on my brother Hara’s birthday, I buy him a present, I don’t want to send it to him, I just want to give it to him in person, and now, finally, I can give it to him.”

The young girl gently stroked the gift, there was a slight smile in her gaze and a sense of longing, “I wonder if Brother Neo will compliment me when he sees the gifts I’ve given him? These were all carefully chosen by Wan Er when she was at school on the island.”

“I really want to see how Brother Hara looks when he receives the gifts from Wan’er, he must be very touched, if only after seeing Wan’er’s hand-made ……”

The young girl had just said this.

A panicked voice came from the doorway of the room, “Miss Wan’er, the cake you made for the third young master, it’s been ruined!”


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