At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 362

Let’s go, sister-in-law, you have suffered too much, from today onwards, our Lu family will do our best to give you everything to make up for it, for the first half of this life, what you have lost, our Lu family will give you twice as much!”

“Sister-in-law, you can choose any place in the world to live, you like metropolis, Paris, Tokyo, New York, you can choose any set of your own one-storey building, you like quiet, any island in the world villa manor at your choice, your clothes, we will have the world’s top designers personally go to measure and make for you, there will be the best top We will have the best top chefs and butlers to serve you, you want to travel, the private jet will take you to any place in the world, Bali, Maldives, Hawaii, as long as you like, we will charter the whole beach for you, as long as you like, any new product appears in the fashion world, you will get it before any queen, any princess, any celebrity.”

Lu Tianzhi looked at Zhou Yun and said.

The group of women, including Lu Xiang, next to him, listened with straightened eyes.

One had to know that although Lu Xiang and the others were usually so bullish, having to fight this and beat that, and wearing a dress that was several thousand, they were actually just marginal characters in the metropolis of Jincheng.

They are low in education, short-sighted, vain and competitive.

The only way to make a name for yourself is to hang out with some of the lower class people.

The women are all so greedy that their eyes are going to fall out.

Now, when they heard Lu Tianzhi’s words, they said in their hearts, “Isn’t this exactly the life I aspire to, and it’s a thousand times better than the life I aspire to.

The gazes of all of them were filled with an extreme envy as they looked at Zhou Yun.

It was unbelievable.

This Zhou Yun, the day before, was still living like himself, in this dilapidated quadrangle, without air conditioning, in a hot, watery rental room, eating a few dollars of fried rice and fried noodles on the roadside, listening to the parents of the poor neighbours around him, settling for a few dollars, and living a life where he could not see the future at a glance.

But now, they are going to enjoy such a life that they would not dare to imagine even if they could!

While they were envious, how could they not feel a sense of regret that made them want to slap their faces.

If they had known that Neo was a top-notch rich kid living in a poor area, if they had treated him better, had had an affair with him, or had even conceived a child, at least they would have gotten a villa and a sports car, even if they could not have been promoted to the sky like Zhou Yun!

When they thought of this, their intestines turned blue with regret.

What a great opportunity!

Maybe there would never be such an opportunity again.

This was the only chance they had to get up close and personal with the super rich.

“Sister-in-law, if you want to marry someone, we won’t stop you, because the person who can be liked by you, that must also be a gentle and humble person in the world like Third Brother.”

“Moreover, Third Brother loves you so much, if you want to marry someone, I think Third Brother he is also willing to do so.”

Lu Tianzhi said with difficulty.

Honestly, these few words were very difficult for him to say, because in his eyes, Neo and Zhou Yun, were a really suitable pair, they were like green mountains and water, like moonlight and starlight, when together, they looked so harmonious, so perfect, one could not be without the other.

However, one cannot help but say that, after all, sister-in-law has her own freedom after all!

After saying this, he was already in tears.

Zhou Yun and how not, she has long been in tears, “I will not, I will not ……”

She shook her head and murmured, “I won’t marry someone.”

“Tianchi, on Tiandao, are there any traces of Neo’s life as a child, any toys he played with as a child, any trees he climbed, any grass he chased and fought on?”

Zhou Yun’s tears filled her eyes and she added.


Lu Tianzhi steepled, understood what Zhou Yun meant, and with tears in his eyes, nodded his head forcefully!

That said, Zhou Yun’s words, and how not to stir up the past in Lu Tianzhi’s heart, yes, the sky island, childhood life, himself and third brother, in the sky island together climbing trees to catch birds, together to go to the sea to touch lobster wonderful!

At that time, Lu Nan had always been a bully and Lu Tianzhi lived in boundless gloom.

But when he had his third brother by his side, Lu Tianzhi felt that heaven and earth were filled with sunshine.

By the way, on Sky Island, there were two trees!

One was planted by himself, and the other was planted by Third Brother!

The tree that Third Brother planted, it was still on the island.

Thinking of this, Lu Tianci’s heart was abruptly filled with a desire to take a look at that tree right away, because it was something left behind by Third Brother, and with Third Brother gone, that tree, it was as if it was Third Brother.

“Sister-in-law, there! There is a tree planted by Sango on the island! I’ll show you!”

“Good, good ……” Zhou Yun held back her tears of grief and stood up.

But then he knelt down in front of Aunt Xiu Hua and Zhao Jisheng, “Aunt Xiu Hua, Uncle Zhao, thank you for having helped our family so much and for taking in Neo and I. I’m leaving, take care of yourselves, I’ll come to visit you later.”

He said, kowtowing a few times in respectful gratitude.

“Son, you go, you go.” Aunt Xiu Hua hugged Zhou Yun, and tears flowed from her face.

Half of these tears were because she was heartbroken because Neo was gone, and the other half, also because she was heartbroken for Zhou Yun, and also because she had a sense of relief to see that Zhou Yun could lead a good life.

“Let’s go, Tianzhi.”

Zhou Yun stood up, ready to leave.

“Wait a minute, sister-in-law.” Lu Tianzhi’s gaze, however, was once again cast on Lu Xiang and the others all, saying coldly, “You all treated me like that just now, my sister-in-law lives here, she hasn’t been bullied by you guys much!”

“My sister-in-law is a precious woman, she is loved by my third brother, even if she loses a single hair, my third brother is very distressed, what are you guys?

“I’m sorry, young Lu, please spare us!”

Lu Xiang and the others trembled in fear and prostrated themselves at Lu Tianzhi’s feet, begging endlessly.

“Sister Zhou Yun, I’m sorry, we’re really dog-eyed, we deserve to die for offending you, please, Sister Zhou Yun, spare us once!”

While pleading with Lu Tianzhi, he knelt on the ground again, using his knees as his feet, crawling to Zhou Yun and begging.

“Forget it, Tianzhi, let’s, let’s go.” Zhou Yun, on the one hand, was not the vengeful type in the first place, and on the other hand, Zhou Yun had no desire to go over other things now.

“Count yourselves lucky!”

Lu Tianzhi kicked over Lu Xiang and followed Zhou Yun, getting into the Maserati outside.

Although Zhang Ying was a first-rate star in the car, she knew how to read people’s minds and hid in a corner, not daring to say a word.

After Lu Tianzhi and Zhou Yun left, the courtyard was silent.

The courtyard was silent.

Aunt Xiu Hua and Zhao Jisheng followed them out the door, and only returned in silence when they saw that the Maserati was gone.

They looked at each other and saw an indefinable shock in each other’s eyes.

Yes, they were just the older generation from the countryside who had never seen much of the world. At this time, when they saw how awesome Lu Tianzhi was and realized Neo’s identity, they were of course dumbfounded in their hearts.

“Alas, Little Yun will finally have a good life, it’s just a pity, Little Lu.” Aunt Xiu Hua let out a long sigh and secretly wiped her tears.

Next to her, Lu Xiang, at this moment, also finally dared to raise her head and get up from the ground.

However, their faces still had that frightened as rabbits look on them.

At that moment, another car pulled up at the gate with a brushing sound.

As soon as the car was parked, a few men in black suits came down.

These men, all over 1.8 metres tall, were sharp and tough, with a serious look on their faces that made people scared.

These men were holding two boxes in their hands.

They came straight up to the crowd.

Aunt Xiu Hua and Zhao Jisheng both looked a bit scared, and Lu Xiang and the others couldn’t help but retreat backwards.

Yes, where had such a person come from in such a place?

“Who is Wang Xiuhua?” The man in black at the head of the group looked around the crowd.

Although Aunt Xiu Hua was scared in her heart, she had to stiffen her head at this point and walk forward.

“This is for you from Miss Zhou.” The man in black handed the box in his hand to Aunt Xiu Hua.

When Aunt Xiu Hua heard that it was from Zhou Yun, she didn’t know what it was and hesitantly opened it.

With a start, inside were two keys.

“These two keys, one is the key to the house in the upscale neighbourhood and the other is the key to the facade on Jinli Street, the house you can live in or rent out if you still want to live with the village, and the facade you can use to sell ravioli and never need to set up a stall outside in the wind and rain again.” The man in black said.

“Xiao Yun ……”

Aunt Xiu Hua and Zhao Jisheng, both of them, looked at the two keys and were so moved that they didn’t know what to say.

This gift was too valuable, after all, according to their income, they were afraid that they would not be able to afford a house in Jincheng in their lifetime, and now they got a house and a storefront house at once.

“This is from Young Master Tianzhi.”

The man in black threw another box in his hand, tossing it to Lu Xiang and the others, and then left straight away.

They moved swiftly and swiftly, and were gone clean in a flash, as if they had never been here before.

Lv Xiang and the others looked at the box in their hands with excitement.

It was not that they hadn’t seen the box that Aunt Xiu Hua had just given them, but it contained two houses!

It must be a farewell gift from Zhou Yun and Lu Shao on their way out!

What kind of farewell gift would they give themselves?

With an excited heart, Lu Xiang finally, opened the box.


The crowd let out a shout and all fled in fear, and Lu Xiang was so scared that she sat straight down on the ground, and the contents of the box fell out.

A severed arm.

“This, this is Brother Long’s arm! The tattoo on it!”

A bolder one, stammered.

Lu Xiang froze, staring blankly at the tattoo of the naked woman on her arm, so familiar, and sure enough, wasn’t it exactly Brother Long’s.

For a moment, her heart beat wildly.

A deep fear gripped her whole body.

This was Lu’s punishment!

It hadn’t even been half an hour before Brother Long was found by Lu Shao and the severed limb was sent here, so it was clear how strong Lu Shao’s background was!

Because of Zhou Yun’s generosity, Lu Shao had spared himself.

But he poured out his anger on Lung.

If it wasn’t for Zhou Yun, this severed limb, I’m afraid, would have been his own!

And at that moment, Mount Shu, the top of the mountain!

Under the ancient pine, a mound made of fresh earth was standing.

From now on, this mound will carry all the clouds, snow and rain from the top of Mount Shu.

In front of the mound stood a simple tombstone, “Ryanb of Xiong Si Guang!”

“Old Xiong, according to your last words, I will bury you at the top of this Shu Mountain, this place where you and Miss Ah Chu parted, here the morning dew is clear, the pine wind is ten thousand ravines, Old Xiong you rest well here, one day I will find Miss Ah Chu, hand this strand of hair and shakuhachi to her hands, and tell your story, your spirit, your love for her, all of them will be told to Miss Ah Chu ……”

Neo knelt in front of Elder Xiong’s tomb, his eyes slightly red, and kowtowed four heads respectfully.

Then he stood up.

Standing on the top of this Shu Mountain, a breeze blew, causing his clothes to flutter.

Neo stood in front of Elder Xiong’s lonely grave, looking at the sea of clouds on Mount Shu in front of him, his heart suddenly ached again, an indefinable power, as if it had taken root in his body and could no longer be pulled out.

Who was it that paid with his life.

In exchange for his own awakening?

At this moment, in front of him was a sea of clouds on Mount Shu, rolling for a thousand miles, with pale clouds and mountains in the distance, and ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains in the distance.

Neo’s heart was abruptly kind of stirred.

“The continent of the original, indeed the scenery is infinite, this rivers and mountains, how can it fall into the hands of thieves.”


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