At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 361

How dare you f*cking hit me!” Lu Xiang was used to being rude in this courtyard because he was covered by Brother Long and because he knew social people.

Seeing that Lu Tianzhi was dressed in rags, she actually made a move on herself without saying a word.

She was really going mad.

“You dare to hit me, if I don’t make you cry out to your mother today, I’ll write my surname backwards!” Lu Xiang climbed up, and there were five fingerprints on her face.

Yes, Lu Tianzhi really wanted to hit someone, of course he would not show mercy.

“Where’s that wild bastard from? Sister Xiang called Brother Long and told him to bring a guy to bleed this kid properly.”

“He’s just a stupid idiot, he dares to make a move on Sister Xiang, he’s not thinking straight.”

“You don’t even know what you’re made of, sisters, Sister Xiang has called Brother Long, don’t let this idiot get away!”

Lu Xiang’s group of people blocked Lu Tianzhi’s way at once, just as if they were afraid that Lu Tianzhi would run away.

Over there, Lu Xiang was about to call her brother Long.

At this time, at the entrance of the courtyard, the low sound of a rumbling engine came again.

“Wow, a Maserati!”

“This, this is a Maserati ……”

At this moment, the courtyard gate was open and the front of a pink Maserati, with its iconic gills and forks, just appeared at the entrance, still very recognisable.

The attention of the crowd was instantly all focused on this multi-million dollar luxury car.

After all, this was a courtyard, this was a poor village in Jincheng, and usually even ordinary cars were rarely seen, not to mention luxury cars of millions of dollars.

The presence of such a luxury car in this place was not only surprising, but also rather bizarre.

At this moment, all the women’s attention was focused on the luxury car.

Even Lu Xiang was, involuntarily, pushing up her chest and ruffling her hair, as if she felt that by doing so, she could attract the limousine owner’s attention.

For many women, when they saw a luxury car of this level, their legs automatically parted.

What’s more, although these women are all dangling in front of people like Aunt Xiu Hua and Zhao Jisheng, in the end they are just hanging out with some low-level punks.

They can only go to the nail salon on the roadside to get a cheap ten dollar manicure package, and if they want to go for a ride, they can only sit on the back of a punk’s motorbike and pretend to be chic.

For people like them, the bigwigs who can afford to drive million-dollar luxury cars won’t even look at them.

So, at this moment, this Maserati suddenly appeared at the entrance of the courtyard, and for a moment, the women were all excited.

The door of the car was pushed open.

The women all stared at once.

Down came a woman.

This woman was tall and elegant, with a creamy white sleeveless butterfly trimmed top, and underneath she wore high-class grey wide-legged nine-quarter trousers and diamond-encrusted high-heeled sandals.

This woman was beautiful and delicate looking, and when she came down, she immediately looked like Lu Xiang and the others had become ugly ducklings.

“Zhang, Zhang Ying!”

Suddenly, someone stammered.

“It’s really the big star Zhang Ying! Zhang Ying!”

As soon as this someone reminded them, all of the women shouted in excitement.

However, even though all these women were excited, no one dared to go forward.

After all, that was a big star that could only be seen on TV, and the aura and status were all on display.

Only, in their hearts, they all wondered, what was Zhang Ying doing here all of a sudden?

“Young Lu, Young Lu!”

When Zhang Ying got out of the car, she went straight to Lu Tianzhi.

Just seeing that the quadrangle was in shambles and decay everywhere, and seeing Lu Xiang and the other women covered in nine-dollar and nine-nine dollar ground-floor goods and cheap makeup, she couldn’t help but frown.

Yes, for such a noble body of herself to come to such a place, it gave her an indescribable hard feeling.

Only when she saw Lu Tianzhi, her face immediately displayed a pleasing smile.

Lu Tianzhi ignored her.

But Zhang Ying was like a pet dog seeing its master, taking three steps forward and two steps back, she hurriedly came to Lu Tianzhi’s side and tightly held on to Lu Tianzhi’s arm.

She clung to Lu Tianzhi’s body, not feeling the least bit that Lu Tianzhi’s clothes were dirty and torn.

At this scene, Lu Xiang and the others all looked dumbfounded.

This, what was the situation?

Looking at this, it was as if Zhang Ying was this hangman’s girlfriend?

How is this possible?!

Those who could pick up a girl like Zhang Ying must be powerful bosses with high social status and money, right?

But why was he dressed like this?

“Young Lu, you move really fast, just heard from Liang Xue that that Neo is here, you didn’t even have time to take off your clothes for filming, and you rushed here.”

Zhang Ying daintily hugged Lu Tianzhi, “By the way, Young Lu, that Neo is also surnamed Lu, is he a distant relative of your Lu family?”

“He’s my third brother! He’s the real third young master of the Lu family! He’s in a much higher position than me, understand!”


Zhang Ying was instantly frozen, “No, not really ……”

Zhang Ying was shocked, truly shocked, just that civilian worker carrying cement bags was actually the third young master of the Lu family, even higher in status than Lu Tianzhi Lu Shao?!

The first time I thought of it, I did not care to look down on Neo’s attitude, and even mocked him, Zhang Ying’s heart, in addition to a deep fear, there is an indefinable regret and regret.

After all, she had clearly seen Lu Tianzhi’s status in her eyes.

At that time, the crew was filming a scene.

Suddenly, a helicopter landed directly inside the set, and on the shell of that helicopter, there were also three variant big letters of ‘Lu Tianci’ printed on it, proclaiming Lu Tianci’s identity and wealth everywhere.

Then, under the escort of several burly bodyguards, Lu Tianzhi disembarked from the helicopter.

The investor, Hua Guoqiang, not only rushed forward, but even knelt down directly after meeting Lu Tianzhi.

All the respect on Hua Guoqiang’s face was something Zhang Ying had never seen before.

Never had he seen such a respectful expression on Hua Guoqiang’s face.

Soon, Zhang Ying knew Lu Tianzhi’s identity.

Knew that he was the young master from the mysterious number one family, the Lu family.

After all, living in the top suite, with the entertainment industry’s top bigwig Hua Guoqiang following behind him like a little brother and acting in a high profile and open manner, it would be difficult not to know Lu Tianzhi’s identity.

So, on a gentle moonlit night, Zhang Ying knocked on Lu Tianzhi’s room door.

Lu Tianzhi had actually come to the set to have fun, because to be honest, he had basically played with everything that should be played with, and had had all the fun that should be played with. So he came up with a sudden idea to come and shoot a scene himself and have some fun as an actor.

Wasn’t that easy?

Immediately, Hua Guoqiang decided to fire Wang Chao and let Lu Tianzhi play the lead role.

And today, Lu Tianzhi was acting, so he changed into a ragged costume that was down and out.

When he heard Liang Xue occasionally talking about Neo next to him, Lu Tianzhi was as mad as hell, chasing out the address of Neo’s residence from Liang Xue’s mouth, and then immediately rushed over.

“Then, what about the third young master?” At this moment, Zhang Ying, in his heart, was somehow afraid of seeing Neo and wanted to see him at the same time.

“Get your f*cking ass back in the car!” Hearing Zhang Ying ask this, Lu Tianzhi suddenly became angry.

Zhang Ying dared not listen and immediately went back to the Maserati and stayed there.

Seeing this scene, Lu Xiang’s men’s faces turned white.

This was too dangling, calling out to a superstar, what kind of status was this!

“Sister-in-law, you and Third Brother, you live in a place like this.” Lu Tianzhi couldn’t help but have wet eyes when he saw the dilapidated courtyard, “Sister-in-law, I’ve come to pick you up, let’s go.”

“Where’s Neo, where is he? Has he been with you all this time, that’s why he hasn’t come home.” Zhou Yun asked eagerly.

“Sister-in-law.” Lu Tianzhi cried out with a wah, “Third brother is gone!”

Yes, when that helicopter exploded, everyone thought that Neo was dead.

Lu Tianzhi was in the middle of filming when he suddenly received a call from his second brother, and over the phone, Lu Ling almost sobbed uncontrollably as he told him about the incident.

At that time, Lu Tianzhi was dumbfounded.

When Lu Tianzhi was confused, the scene could not be filmed, so Liang Xue and Zhang Ying did not dare to say anything, so they chatted next to each other.

At this moment, Lu Tianzhi suddenly went crazy and grabbed Liang Xue to ask her about Neo’s place of residence.

How dare Liang Xue not tell?

“What?!” Zhou Yun was instantly dumbfounded.

“Sister-in-law, let’s go, come back to Tiandao with me, from now on, our Lu family will definitely treat you well, grandpa will treat you like his own granddaughter, from now on, you are our Lu family, our Lu family will protect you and take care of you, just like third brother protected you and took care of you.”


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