At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 360

Neo looked in amazement at the severely wounded Old Man Xiong who was unconscious on the grass, his severed limb wounded and blood already soaking the dirt and grass beneath him.

Neo could not understand how he had come here and how Elder Xiong had appeared here.

However, at this point, there was no longer any mind to think about that.

“Elder Xiong!”

Neo called out for a long time.

Xiong Si Guang finally, slowly opened his eyes.

At first, he still looked a little dazed, his eyes dull and listless.

Until he saw Neo.

A kind of surprise and divine glow appeared abruptly in Xiong SiGuang’s eyes.

“Third Young Master, you’re not dead!” Xiong Siguang’s face, which had long been pale without a trace of blood due to blood loss, suddenly erupted with a kind of delighted light!

He struggled laboriously and tried hard to sit up.

However, the heavy injuries on his body prevented him from moving.

“Elder Xiong, don’t move! You’re injured! It’s very serious!” Neo looked at Elder Xiong’s severed limb with anxiety and heartache.

“I’m fine, Third Young Master!” But Elder Xiong seemed not to care at all about the broken hand, instead his face revealed a joy, a joy of victory, “Hahahahaha! Murong Ruolan, you failed, the Third Young Master is not dead, haha!”

He laughed so happily, so gratefully, as if a heavy burden that had been carried in his psyche for a long time had finally been put down.

Yes, if it wasn’t for Murong Ruolan, he wouldn’t have left the Lu family, nor would he have regained his Dragon Soul identity, nor would he have dropped everything just to investigate Murong Ruolan’s whereabouts.

When he left the Lu family, he was ready to spend his life fighting against Murong Ruo Lan.

Now that it was finally over, he could take a break.

“Murong Ruo Lan?” Neo froze, hadn’t Murong Ruo Lan spared himself when he was in the restaurant.

“Yes, Third Young Master.” Xiong Lao said, “Murong Ruo Lan has been holding a grudge because you once refused the Murong family’s marriage alliance, she felt that it was an insult to the Murong family, so she took it out on you and has been trying to get at you, tracking you from Tiandao to Jincheng, in order to stop her, I also came to Jincheng.”

“But Jincheng is too big, and Murong Ruo Lan’s whereabouts are secretive, I checked for a long time, but I couldn’t find out her whereabouts. Then it occurred to me that the passage from Jincheng to the Murong clan in Shu Mountain must pass through here, and Murong Ruo Lan’s entourage must also pass through here if they return to the clan. I had planned to wait here for two of Murong Ruo Lan’s entourage and catch them to inquire about Murong Ruo Lan’s whereabouts, but who knows, I just happened to see Murong Ruo Lan laying hands on you here!”

Elder Xiong then went on to tell Neo all about the fight he had with Murong Ruo Lan.

“Murong Ruo Lan, fell off a cliff and died?”

Hearing the news of Murong Ruo’s death, Neo’s heart, surprisingly, did not feel much joy, to be honest, it was a bit perverse, after all, Murong Ruo Lan was his enemy.

But, in his heart, Neo really did not feel very happy, and even had an indefinable feeling of emotion and sentimentality.

Anyway, he had been with Murong Ruo Lan for the past few days, and when he suddenly heard that Murong Ruo Lan had died, his heart always felt a bit indescribable.

The fact that Murong Ruo Lan and Zhou Yun were both related by blood in the end made Neo’s heart feel indefinitely sad.

“She still doesn’t intend to let me go, then it seems that the helicopter explosion, should also be an accident caused by her.” Neo couldn’t help but sigh, it seemed that Murong Ruo Lan was really going to kill herself.

“It’s just that I don’t understand why she suddenly pushed me up when she was falling off the cliff.” Xiong Lao said, “At that time, the bullet on her body was about to explode, if I was with her, even if I couldn’t afford to fall off the cliff, the power of that bomb would have been enough to blow me to pieces as well.”

“Maybe at her last moment, her conscience got the better of her, she thought it was better for one person to die than both, she was trying to save your life, wasn’t she, Elder Xiong.”

“Save me?” Elder Xiong was slightly stunned, then a bitter smile appeared on his face, “Third Young Master, I won’t survive.”

“Huh?” Neo was stunned, “Elder Xiong, I’ll carry you down the mountain to the hospital, you won’t die.”

“Third Young Master, I really can’t make it, I’ve lost too much blood.” On Elder Xiong’s face, an extremely tired look appeared abruptly, and his gaze was also much darker all of a sudden.

“No, Elder Xiong, you won’t die! You were in such high spirits talking to me just now, let’s go down the mountain now!” Neo was instantly anxious, standing up and about to help Old Man Xiong onto his back.

“No, Third Young Master, I just saw that you were still alive and was holding on to the last ounce of strength in my heart.” Elder Xiong lay on the ground, his voice gradually fading, “Now that this strength has been used up, it’s time for me to go.”

“No, Elder Xiong, no, I will carry you down the mountain now, quick!”

“No, Third Young Master, listen to me.” Elder Xiong waved his hand, and with his other intact hand, shaking and fumbling, he fished out of his bosom, a round metal medallion.

“Third Young Master, this is my identity medallion in Dragon Soul, can you keep it for me, and one day, if possible, Third Young Master, you can help me return it to the Dragon Soul organisation.”

Neo seemed to understand what Elder Xiong was up to now, and with tears in his eyes, he took the metal medallion.

When Elder Xiong finished, he reached into his arms again, and this time, felt out a small parcel.

The parcel was wrapped in greaseproof paper and looked very old.

Elder Xiong slowly opened the parcel.

Inside, as it were, was a strand of green silk and a palm-length five-hole shakuhachi.

Elder Xiong gently stroked the strand of hair, his face revealed a reminiscent colour, and a strange light surprisingly surfaced on his face which had already lost its glow.

“Ah Chu …… your hair, it’s still so soft ……,” Xiong Lao murmured.

After a long while, he handed the package in his hand, to Neo, “Third young master, this thing, please keep it for me, okay?”

“Elder Xiong ……” Neo took the parcel in a daze.

“Third Young Master, this is the hair of a girl I liked when I was young, I only know that she was originally from the Valley Continent, because of greed and curiosity, she mistakenly entered the continental passage and was transported to the artillery line of the border war back then, when the two armies were exchanging fire, suddenly a beautiful girl dressed in gorgeous clothes appeared out of nowhere in the position, shells exploded around her, bullets It was a dangerous situation and I rushed to her rescue. We just couldn’t be together for many reasons, and when she was leaving, she gave me this bundle of hair and this shakuhachi. If one day, Third Young Master, you can meet a girl called Ah Chu ……”

Speaking of this, Xiong Lao suddenly smiled heartily, “In fact, you should call her Granny Ah Chu now …… However, in my heart, she will always be Miss Ah Chu ……”

“Third young master, if you can meet her in the future, can you help me give these to her, just tell her that Big Bear has always remembered her, tell her that since she left, there has never been anyone else in Big Bear’s heart, tell her that every year she puts flowers under the tree, Big Bear has seen them, the flowers are beautiful… …”

“Good, Old Bear, don’t worry, I, Neo, swear that I will find Miss Chu, and I will definitely give her this, with my own hands, and I will tell her your words, with my own mouth ……”

Neo held Elder Xiong’s hand, hazy with tears.

At this time, he could already feel that Xiong Lao’s breath was weakening a little, and felt that, little by little, Xiong Lao was leaving this world.

Neo’s tears became even more exuberant.

Once upon a time, that old Xiong who had always taken care of himself, that old Xiong whose body was as broad and thick as a tarzan, whose energy and stamina were always so vigorous, that old Xiong who never seemed to be associated with death, was leaving today ……

“Elder Xiong, I, I’m sorry, if it wasn’t for me ……” Neo’s tears, dripping down on the back of Elder Xiong’s hand.

Yes, it was all my own fault, I had caused Elder Xiong.

If it wasn’t for protecting himself, how could Elder Xiong have fought Murong Ruolan to death?

“Third Young Master, don’t say that.” Tears fell from the corners of Xiong Lao’s eyes, steeply, too, “It is an honour for me, Xiong Si Guang, to die for the Lu family, for the captain, for you… Third Young Master, you know, I really hope that you can be with Miss Zhou, that you are happy and joyful, just like I was with Miss Ah Chu back then… Third Young Master, promise me that you will be with Miss Zhou… …”

Neo’s face was full of tears and he nodded vigorously.

“Third Young Master, I am leaving ……” Xiong Lao’s voice became weaker and his eyes began to lax, “Third Young Master, after I die, you can bury me at the foot of Shu Mountain, that is where I parted from Ah Chu, if Chu comes to the Continent of Origin, I think she will definitely go there, Chu ……”

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew through, and it seemed as if a layer of gloom had fallen over heaven and earth.

The weeds around them, in the wind, danced wildly with the wind.

At the top of the empty hill, Neo knelt by the remains of Old Man Xiong.

A cry was sent to the sky by the fierce wind.

The fire rose steeply.

Neo stood with his hands down, watching the flames devour Old Man Xiong’s remains a little.

That year, he was twenty-two years old.

Carefully carrying the parcel containing Elder Xiong’s ashes, Neo slowly walked out of the mountain.

He had to bury Elder Xiong’s ashes first, and then he had to go to Neon City to look for Zhang Jiu, as the redhead had said.

Zhang Jiu, was he, really, still in the Original Continent?

But, wait, there was someone else.

Neo’s heart suddenly fluctuated, yes, in the courtyard of Jincheng City, there was another person, my future.

At this moment, the city of Jincheng, the courtyard.

“Xiao Yun, don’t worry, Xiao Lu will be fine.” In the courtyard, Aunt Xihua was sitting with Zhou Yun.

Although she was comforting Zhou Yun, her face also looked anxious and upset at this time.

Yes, it had been the fourth day since Neo had disappeared, and there was still no news at all.

For the past few days, Zhou Yun had been searching like crazy.

She had practically trodden all over Jincheng with both feet, but had found nothing.

She didn’t dare to call the police because when she took a bus from Wujiang City to Jincheng with Neo that time, Xiong Lao told her that there was a very powerful person who was tracking down Neo.

But for some reason, Zhou Yun suddenly didn’t go out looking for him today.

Since the morning, she had been sitting in the courtyard.

There was also an indefinable expression on her face, as if she was confused, as if she was in a state of meditation.

Aunt Xiu Hua saw that Zhou Yun was rather unusual today and was worried, so she sat here with Zhou Yun.

As she was talking, the door suddenly rattled.

Aunt Xiu Hua’s heart stirred and she hurriedly looked over.

It was Zhao Jisheng who came in.

Only, once she saw Zhao Jisheng’s downcast look, Aunt Xiu Hua was instantly discouraged.

“No news?” Aunt Xiu Hua asked, still reluctant.

“I’ve been searching all morning, but I still haven’t found any news of Xiao Lu.” Zhao Jisheng stretched out his hands with a helpless look on his face.

“You’re useless!” Aunt Xiu Hua said in annoyance.

But obviously, she also knew that the old man had tried his best, it was just that she was really distressed by the way Zhou Yundu looked and also worried about Neo, so she couldn’t help but vent her anger with Zhao Jisheng.

Zhao Jisheng obviously understood and sighed, hanging his head in defeat as he sat down to the side.

Then, he looked at Zhou Yun.

A little stunned, he asked, “Wife, what’s going on, what’s wrong with her, Little Yoon?”

“I don’t know, Little Yoon has been like this for most of the day. She hasn’t even eaten breakfast, I guess, it could be because she’s worried about Xiao Lu and is too upset, she’s gone into a demon.” Aunt Xiu Hua said, secretly touching a handful of tears.

“Alas, this child, it’s so pitiful.” Zhao Jisheng also had red eyes.

“Yes, Little Yun hasn’t had a good life since he was a child.” Aunt Xiu Hua said with tears in her eyes, “She had no father since she was born, and she followed Ah Lian to live a hard life and grew up easily. But who knows, alas ……”

Aunt Xiu Hua said here, could not say anymore.

Her gaze, heartbroken, was placed on Zhou Yun’s face.

At this moment, Zhou Yun’s gaze seemed to be unfocused, just looking ahead in a dazed manner.

“Little Yun, say something, auntie is afraid of you like this.” Aunt Xiu Hua was really anxious in her heart, after all, Zhou Yun had been like this for most of the day, how could this be like a lost soul?

Just then.

Suddenly, Aunt Xiu Hua saw Zhou Yun’s eyes suddenly burst into tears.

They brushed as if they were water that had broken the bank.

“Little Yun, Little Yun, what’s wrong with you, don’t cry, what’s wrong with you.” Aunt Xiu Hua panicked even more and hurriedly used a handkerchief to wipe Zhou Yun’s tears.

However, how could she wipe them clean?

Zhou Yun’s tears were literally flowing like rain.

“Aunt Xiu Hua, I, I don’t have any relatives anymore, I don’t have any relatives anymore, woo woo woo!” Abruptly, Zhou Yun cried even louder.

She cried loudly, with the kind of endless grief that even made Aunt Xiu Hua and Zhao Jisheng, both feel a deep shock.

It even both infected them, causing them to shed tears as well.

“Woooooooo, I have no family left, I’m the only one left, woooooooooo …… only me, they’re all gone, they’re all gone ……”

Zhou Yun still cried out, her tears falling in droves.

The whole courtyard, it seemed, was shrouded in a kind of sadness.

Aunt Xiu Hua and Zhao Jisheng, were completely terrified by Zhou Yun.

Looking at Zhou Yun so sad, it was as if she had come home from outside, and when she pushed open the door with great joy, she found all her family members lying on the ground, never to wake up again ……

“Yoon, you, don’t be sad, I know, I know, good girl.” Aunt Xiu Hua came to her senses and she hurriedly wrapped Zhou Yun in her arms, comforting him over and over again.

As she comforted Zhou Yun, the tears in her eyes were crackling down like yellow beans.

“Xiaoyun don’t cry, auntie understands, auntie understands your suffering ……” Aunt Xiuhua cried, how could she not understand, Xiaoyun was a poor baby in itself.

She had only one mother to depend on, and she had passed away.

In the world, she was the only one left.

She has no family left.

“No, Aunt Xiu Hua, you don’t understand, you don’t understand!” Zhou Yun wrapped her arms around Aunt Xiu Hua and bawled her eyes out, crying in true grief.

The kind of misery and sadness that would simply move any person.

“You don’t understand, Aunt Xiu Hua, you don’t understand ……” Zhou Yun cried out, hoarse.

Yes, no one understands.

Not a single person understood.

Not even she herself could say, but suddenly, that tragic feeling of grief, that deep sorrow of her heart that was weighing her down, as if the river above the nine heavens had rushed steeply down, completely leaving Zhou Yun, for an instant, with no more emotion but to cry bitterly.

Yes, she had been unable to help herself since the morning, and there was a very distant and hazy call in her heart.

So, she did not go to Neo today, she sat in the courtyard in a daze.

The call went on for a long, long time, as if it was a rope from a thick fog, and Zhou Yun could not see where it was coming from, and wanted to find it, but could not.

Finally, the call disappeared.

But then that endless sadness hit her, so sad that she could not control herself.

“Yoon is right, Aunt Xihua doesn’t understand, Aunt Xihua doesn’t understand.” Aunt Xihua was also in tears, echoing Zhou Yun’s words.

Zhao Jisheng also snapped and dropped his tears.


Just at this time, suddenly, a slipper, from some window upstairs, was thrown straight out.

“Fuck you, don’t even let me sleep, you’re crying your mother! I have to work at night, I really do not know ah!”


“It’s you again, you little b*tch!”

The woman pointed at Zhou Yun and scolded, “The first day you came here, you made me unable to sleep, I knew you weren’t a good person. What, now you’re crying and whining? Where’s your cement-resistant man? He’s had enough of you and dumped you?”

This woman, the one called Lu Xiang.

“Lv Xiang, watch what you say!” Aunt Xiu Hua stood up in annoyance.


Lv Xiang pushed with both hands, pushing Aunt Xiu Hua down in one go.

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong, you old woman still want to fight with me, do you know that I am Brother Long’s woman?

Lv Xiang took a step forward, and her strength was overwhelming.

This time, both Aunt Xiu Hua and Zhao Jisheng did not dare to speak.

After all, they were both honest people from the countryside, so how could they dare to mess with the punks in the big city?

“Sister Lu Xiang, you have to be careful. You forgot, someone said that this Zhou Yun’s boyfriend, seems to be a rich second generation.”

At this time, slowly, there were quite a few idle people in the courtyard who had gathered to see what was going on.

A few women, who usually played with Lv Xiang a lot, were the same group of people who worked in the massage room, and all gathered behind Lv Xiang as well.

“Oh, if her boyfriend is a rich kid, I’m a f*cking American princess!” Lv Xiang coldly snorted in disbelief, “You believe the words of Zhao Yan and her group? Can their words be trusted?”

“That’s right, that Ai Zilong is a very powerful person, I heard that he was the number one bully in Jinling back then, even the ordinary rich kids are very scared of him, how could such a person kneel down for that Neo? It must be Zhao Yan and the others who are bragging.”

“Yes, I heard that Zhao Yan has a handle in Zhou Yun’s hand, the matter of teacher Teng’s death seems to be related to Zhao Yan, Zhou Yun holds the evidence, that’s why Zhao Yan said that on purpose, deliberately to please Zhou Yun.”

“That’s not true, if he was really a rich kid, how could he live here?” Another person said.

“Haha, did you guys see, that boyfriend of this little b*tch, he seems to have disappeared recently too, guess what’s going on?” Lu Xiang laughed, “If I had to guess, it must be the rumour that Ai Zilong knelt down to that hanger-on Neo, the rumour spread so much that it really reached Ai Zilong’s ears, so when Ai Zilong got angry, he must have sent someone to arrest that kid, maybe ah, that kid was killed and split up by Ai Zilong long ago!”

“Yes, that must be the case! Otherwise, why has it taken so long to find him?”

“So that’s the price of bragging, who can you use to brag, you have to use a big guy like Ai Zilong to brag, now, you’ve blown yourself in.”

The crowd looked at Zhou Yun and taunted.

“No way, Neo won’t.” Zhou Yun shook her head sadly, that endless sadness in her heart was still going on, the kind of sadness that had no cure.

But there was only one person who could ease her, who could give her true comfort!

Neo, where are you?

“By the way, I say little b*tch, the last time you stole my dress, the one you returned to me as a result, seems to be a fake, you’re quite cunning!”

Lu Xiang’s eyes suddenly turned and grabbed Zhou Yundu by the collar, “Today, you have to compensate me for a real one! Or else, I’ll let you little b*tch know that you are, today, crying early!”

“Sister Xiang, give her a few slaps, she’ll know what to do!”

“That’s right, I’m sick of seeing this little b*tch’s face, better give it a splash.”

As the crowd was talking, there was a sudden clatter from the doorway.

Immediately afterwards, a young man with tattered clothes walked in.

“Let her go!”

The youth came straight up to Lu Xiang.

“Fuck, which f*cking hanger-on are you, dare to talk to me in that tone, believe it or not I’ll have Brother Long ……”


Before Christina Lu could finish her sentence, the youth directly smashed a slap on her ear.

“Listen carefully, my name is Lu Tianzhi!”


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