At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 359

When Neo opened his eyes, he found himself lying in the water grass at the edge of the water.

Subconsciously, he sat up slowly and looked around him, he was in a thin white mist.

The mist was light and thin, as if it were a wisp of willow-like white clouds in the blue sky on a clear day, or as if it were the distant haze of an ink-splashed landscape painting.

Nearby, the water ripples slightly, and the ripples are as light as a lover’s clothes and eyebrows.

In the distance, there are faint rows and rows of trees, outlined in a cloud of grey in the mist, but it is not very clear.

A flock of grey birds is in the distance, gently flapping their wings as they fly past and fade into the distant mists.

The surroundings seemed quiet and long.

Clang, clang ……

A sound attracted Neo’s attention.

Not far ahead, by the water’s edge, there was a pavilion. In the pavilion, a man was constantly waving a knife in his hand, which landed on the one-person high Chinese white jade marble in front of him, as if he was carving something.

The man had red hair and was of almost the same height as himself.

“What are you doing?” Neo couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m carving her.” The redhead said without looking back.

“Who?” Neo said.

The redhead didn’t answer, but just raised his hand and pointed ahead.

Following the direction of his finger, Neo looked up carelessly, and at once, he froze.

In front of him, on the banks of the misty water, stood dozens of women in different poses!

Some were standing at the water’s edge, some in the middle of the water, some on the grass tinges in the water, and some beside the reeds.

These women, although all in different postures, each posture was elegant and modest, as if they were nymphs, each with a devilish figure with slender, watery waists and voluptuous, curvy hips, yet so regal.

“This …… is the statue …… that you carved ……,” Neo murmured.

Yes, at first he really thought these were all living big beauties, and it was only after a while that he noticed that these were all statues, all statues of beauties carved in Chinese white jade.

The lifelike statues were simply like works of art.

“Hmm.” The redhead nodded, his attention seemingly focused on the unfinished half-finished piece in front of him, the knife in his hand flying up and down, each slash so just right, a marble shard flying out with each swing.

“Who is this?” Neo couldn’t help but ask.

His gaze couldn’t help but rest on top of these beautiful statues in front of him.

Yes, no man would shy away from such perfect women, and Neo, was no exception.

“Caiwei.” The redhead said a name and didn’t continue.

“Caiwei? Which one is Caiwei?”

“All of them.” The redhead said.


Neo’s heart shook as he stared blankly at the dozens of statues of women in front of him.

Yes, that was right, although these dozens of statues had different postures, the figures, the long hair, were all the same, it was the same person.

It was all carved by the redhead.

This guy, carving the same woman all the time?

This woman, who was she to him? What was it that made him keep carving and carving?

These dozens of statues, each with such an elegant and natural posture, could not have been carved so evocatively if they hadn’t seen the real person.

Neo looked in awe at the different postures of Caiwei’s statue in front of him, dozens of postures, showing almost the full range of this woman’s figure.

How much one must love a woman, how much one holds a woman in one’s heart, to carve such realism out of thin air.

He must have memorised all of this woman’s looks.

Suddenly, Neo’s heart fluttered, what about himself, did he also have a woman he liked, had he also seen every pose of the woman he liked?

Did he remember what that woman looked like?

When he thought of this, Neo only felt a sense of dizziness, a feeling as if he had a dream, and when he woke up, he could only remember the feelings of the dream, but could not think of the content of the dream.

“Can I see what Caiwei looked like?” Neo did not know why he was saying this, but it had come out of his mouth.

Yes, there were dozens of statues in front of him, but each one, with its back turned to Neo.

Only the back of the statue could be seen.

The redhead’s throat twitched as if he wanted to say something.

But, in the end, he didn’t say anything.

Neither did he say yes nor no.

But Neo didn’t care what he thought, he took a step towards the statues in the water.

The water splashed around his calves and it was hard to walk in the water, but Neo stumbled and ran quickly towards the statues.

Closer and closer to the statues, they swayed in his vision because of his swaying and stumbling, as if they were alive and moving.

Neo’s heart beat faster too.

Finally, he reached out his hand, all but touching the nearest statue of Caiwei.

He felt his heart, almost beating out of his own chest.

Slowly, slowly, with an indescribable emotion, he walked around to the front of the statue.

Then, he froze.

Completely frozen.

What, how could this be?

Neo was simply stunned.

He couldn’t help but look again at the redhead in the distant pavilion, his gaze, with doubt, with surprise.

Then, he saw the redhead, who was also looking at himself steadily.

Although the redhead was looking at himself, it was as if a cloud of unreadable mist was covering his gaze.

Tears, as if they were running water, flowed from the redhead’s eyes and all over his cheeks.


Neo ran towards the redhead in an almost frantic manner again.

“Why!” Neo looked at the redhead’s tear-filled face as if he had gone through the saddest time in the world, and he couldn’t help but feel an indescribable extreme heartache in his heart, it was as if a successful man suddenly saw a picture of himself in poverty and suddenly felt heartache for himself at that time.

Yes, an intense pain of heartache for himself welled up in Neo that he could not bear, “Why, how could this happen?!”

“I… I forgot what Cai Wei looked like.”

The redhead’s tearful gaze was so sad and desperate, “I can’t remember what Caiwei looked like, I forgot what she looked like, I lost my Caiwei, I forgot what she looked like too ……”

The red hair looked at Neo with tears in his eyes like an endless river filling his eyes.

And the knife in his hand was still flying on that Chinese white jade.

Each slash, so elegant.

Each slash, so superbly carved.

Neo watched all this in awe, watching the redhead carving so skillfully that he didn’t even need to look at the movements of his hands, watching the statue of Caiwei in his hand, as if it was a blurred image in focus, slowly and gradually appearing.

The statue of Caiwei is just as graceful as the dozens of statues in the waterfront, with the same slender waist, the same long river-like hair and the same rounded hips.

They also have the same faceless faces.

All the statues, all without faces.

“I only remember her posture, I remember her style, I remember how she made me feel, and I can’t remember her anymore.”

“I’ve lost my Caiwei forever.”

Abruptly, Neo also suddenly felt a great sadness well up inside him, an ocean-like, boundless sadness.

Yes, himself and the redhead were sometimes connected, he must have experienced what he was feeling.

“What, how could this happen?”

Neo muttered.

What in the world could be worse than this?

Remembering a person’s gesture a person’s style, remembering every single thing you did with her, remembering the feeling of a hug, only to lose her again and forget what she looked like at the same time.

“Because of you.”

The redhead’s gaze finally took on a few moments of truth as he looked at Neo and said, “Because of you.”

“Because of me?” Neo was stunned.

“Because of you, because of your awakening, which brought me here from 35,000 years ago, you made me travel 35,000 years.”

“But what does that have to do with you forgetting what Caiwei looked like?”

“Because of the year you made me travel.” The redhead took a deep breath, “That year, I hadn’t met Caiwei yet.”

“What?” Neo froze again.

“I am the real me.” The red hair looked at Neo, his voice was slow, “I came from thirty-five thousand years ago, that year was the third year of Queen Rose, that year, I penetrated the power of the Star Wilderness for the first time, that year, I carried thirteen heads of the Ancient Jedi and joined the Demon Race, that year, I became the first day of the Demon Race’s ancient history, that year, I had not yet met Cai Wei, that year, I was hardened by you from the history stripped away and adsorbed into your body.”

“What?” Neo was still frozen.

“Because I didn’t meet Caiwei that year, so technically speaking, I don’t even know Caiwei as a person now! That’s why I don’t remember what she looks like!” The redhead said.


Neo couldn’t figure it out, “But you still remember the name Caiwei, you remember her posture, you remember her style, you remember what it was like to be with her ……”

“This is because it is my destiny to be with her, when I use an instant to travel through 35,000 years of time, I am also the equivalent of spending 35,000 years in an instant, and those things that didn’t happen will be vaguely engraved in my mind!”

The redhead looked at Neo, “That’s why I knew I would die in the Great War, that’s why I knew you were my regeneration, that’s why I knew Cai Wei. But I couldn’t know what she looked like because she and I hadn’t met yet, so I carved her body over and over again, hoping I could recall her with my hands, I hardly needed to go through my head, my hands could automatically carve her in a thousand forms, but I, always stop at the end, never knowing how to carve again… …”

Neo looked down at the red-haired hand with the knife, at a loss for words on the face of the statue of Cai Wei, the hand that had been so skilled in carving, was now like a lone leaf under a storm, swaying from side to side, with nowhere to fall.

For a moment, Neo’s heart, too, was unaccountably sad.

“Why did I attach the you from 35,000 years ago to my body?” Neo muttered.

“Because at the moment you awakened at the Ascension Platform, you were in too much pain! Your pain had surpassed everything in this world, and at that moment, you instinctively summoned all of yourself to guard yourself, and your power was too powerful, so powerful that the me of thirty-five thousand years ago was unable to resist!”

The redhead said, gazing at Neo in a daze, “Do you remember, what made you suffer so much?”

“What was it?” Neo muttered, “What was it?”

Suddenly, his face looked a little pained and struggling, “I, I can’t remember ……”

“It was a girl.” The redhead looked at Neo’s pained face and showed a bit of pathos in his gaze, “Only that girl deep inside you would cause you so much pain.”

“Yes ……,” Neo’s eyes suddenly brightened up.

However, the pathos still did not fade from the redhead’s gaze, “Then do you remember what she looked like?”


Neo was stunned, then it was as if he was struck by lightning, instantly his whole body froze, his face, almost unanimously, showed the pain the redhead had just felt, “I remember her posture, I remember her style, I remember the depth in her eyes, I remember all the nobility in her face, I remember the disdain in her lips, I remember the joy in my heart when she looked at me, but I, I don’t remember what she looked like. ……”

Neo said, and as he said it, tears suddenly rushed out and flowed along the banks of the river.

“That’s because, you’ve never really met her at all, you haven’t really met her.” The redhead’s gaze was filled with a sadness that had been there for the last ten thousand years, “Do you also remember that you and she have been splitting up, do you remember that you have never been able to be together properly? Yes, it’s because, you never really met, she’s not your present, she’s your future.”

Neo was completely dumbfounded, his gaze was empty, so empty that he couldn’t even let the sadness flow.

In the world, is there such a girl.

She is beautiful and she lights up your heart.

She gave you joy and gave you hope for life.

You miss her, she was the girl who would always smile at you.

She has always been there, wandering in your long memory.

Yet, one day, will you suddenly be awakened and finally realise that it was all just your fantasy.

“Hey, wake up, punk!” The redhead tapped Neo’s cheek with the back of her hand, “Why aren’t you talking? I’m enjoying this game of question and answer. I’ve just said so many heartfelt things to you, but you’re not responding, are you deliberately pretending to be harmless, but in fact you’re secretly laughing at me?

Despite saying so, the redhead’s eyes still had traces of tears from earlier.

“What should I do? Will I ever find her? I don’t even remember what she looked like.” Neo asked as he came to his senses, the first thing he said.

“Yes, of course you can!” The redhead said, “Don’t forget, as I said, she is your future. Shouldn’t a person work hard for the future?”

“Hm!” Neo nodded his head.

So what if it’s not the present, so what if it’s the future, I’ll grasp the future!

“So, are you ready to work hard, now?” The redhead said.

“Yes!” Neo nodded even harder.

“Well, then, let me tell you something.”


“As you know, I was pulled over by you from 35,000 years ago, three years of the Queen of Roses to be exact, that year, I used the heads of thirteen ancient Jedi as a meeting gift, thus entering the Demon Race, and that year, just after entering the Demon Race, I was awarded the position of Heavenly Xuan, and it was also in that year that I was scorned and cursed by the world day after day and night after night. ”

But no one in the world knew that one of the most important purposes of my entry into the Demon Race was to control the Demon Race so that they would stay in the Shadowlands of Yaxia and thus would not invade the Continent of the Valley, because this purpose was so daring and so thrilling that it was absolutely confidential, and no one in the world knew about it except me and the thirteen Ancient Jedi who voluntarily offered their heads. no one else knows.”

“We sacrificed so much, using the lives of the thirteen Ancient Jedi in exchange for my entry into the Demon Race. But everything went smoothly, I had just entered the Demon Clan and was awarded the position of Heavenly Mystic, and was just about to make a big splash when I happened to be brought here by you, who had awakened on the Heavenly Ascension Platform ……”

“Ah?” Neo froze.

“So, originally, everything was supposed to go smoothly, I controlled the Demons so that they would not enter the Continent of the Valley for generations, but, as you can see, now that I am here, the Demons’ control plan has failed, and I guess that in 35,000 years, they will come back with a vengeance, and if my calculations are correct, the Demons should be coming from the Land of the Shadow of Acha this year and set out to invade the Black Earth Plains of the Continent of the Valley!”

“If the Valley Continent is invaded by the Demons, the war will soon burn to the Original Continent. When that happens, all the pale beings under the sky will be enslaved by the Demons and none will be spared.” The redhead said and looked at Neo.

“Then, what then!” When Neo heard this, his body shook and he raised his head sharply.

“So, you will rise up, you will resist the demons, you will save all of this, you will, restore order to this world.” The red hair looked at Neo, his voice filled with a kind of deepness, as if he was an old man in time.

“I… How can I?” Neo muttered.

“How is that impossible!” The red hair’s voice raised violently, “You are the only young master of the devil race in heaven and on earth, the strongest First Heavenly Xuan in ten thousand years, you are the strongest king of the Three Realms Continent, you are the shuffler of the chaotic order, you are the breaker of the laws of the universe!”

“Your power, unparalleled! You have slept for 35,000 years, it is time for your power to explode! Use your power to weed out the demonic forces of the continent and use your power to create legends of your own!”

“I, I really can’t ……,” Neo muttered.

“Don’t forget that when the black dark clouds of the demon army drift over the entire continent, your beloved girl, too, will not be spared!”


In that instant, Neo seemed to jolt awake, his pupils, suddenly contracting!

“So, be good and do as you’re told, old brother. Er, congratulations, I can’t believe I’m not calling you trash and calling you old brother anymore, haha.” Seeing Neo as if he had been awakened, a hint of satisfaction surfaced on the redhead’s face.

“I finally understand, you bastard, after talking for most of the day, you’re actually asking me to wipe your ass!” Neo suddenly jumped up and put his hands around the redhead’s neck, saying indignantly.

“You are also responsible for it, if it wasn’t for you punk to adsorb me over …… Huh, punk didn’t you eat, why are you as strong as a pussy ……”

“Shut up! I curse you to never find Caiwei for the rest of your life!”

“Hey, don’t forget, cursing me is cursing yourself.”

“Shut up!”

The two wrestled and tumbled around the pavilion.

At last, both exhausted and huffing and puffing, they lay on their backs, looking up at the sky and huffing and puffing.

“Okay, punk, time for me to send you out.” Finally, the redhead took a deep breath and said slowly, his voice, a little heavy, as if it were the separation of Jing Ke and Gao Jianli by the Yi Shui River.

“By the way, where is this?” Neo suddenly realised something.

Yes, this was his own mind, but, obviously, it was different from the previous one.

Before, it was all white and nothing.

How come now there was a river, and a pavilion, and birds of prey, and woods, and all this white jade, and a sword in the redhead’s hand ……

Where the hell is this?

“This is my world, and in my world I can make everything.” The redhead said, casually throwing the knife in his hand into the river.

The knife made a splash and sank.

The next second, in the redhead’s hand, another knife appeared, exactly the same as the one from earlier, even the notch on top of the knife was exactly the same.

Neo froze.

The redhead waved his hand again.

Neo then felt that everything in front of him suddenly disappeared, he was originally lying in a pavilion, but now he was lying on a soft dragon bed, and underneath the dragon bed, dozens of flowery palace maids were dancing underneath in their veils, their beautiful skin appearing.


The redhead next to him smiled slightly, and then his gaze became despondent again, “I can make everything I want in this world, but I can’t make her like ……”

Neo’s heart ached abruptly.

There was a sense of the redhead and a feeling of his own.

“Send me up!” Neo bit his lips tightly and there was a determination in his gaze, “Don’t worry, I will listen to you and fight for my future, and then the day I win my future will be the day you meet Cai Wei!”


The redhead steepled, and hot tears fell from her gaze.

“Hold on tight!”

The redhead said.

Just then, steeply, there was a sudden flash in the sky, and a meteor streaked past, quickly disappearing at the end of the sky.

Neo’s heart shook violently!

A strong feeling kept stirring his brain.

It was as if he had experienced this feeling before, yes, in the library of Wujiang University, he had experienced it himself!

“A woman who loved you left.” The redhead murmured, “Let me walk you up.”

“No need, I’ll go up by myself!” Neo steepled, a kind of sadness in his heart but blossomed into a powerful to strength, he let out a loud shout and the man instantly disappeared into the mist.

“Right, what should I do when I go out!” In the mists, Neo’s voice came from far away.

“Zhang Jiu, find Zhang Jiu, he will tell you everything!”

“Zhang Jiu …… where is he?”

“Neon City!”

Ah ……!

In the middle of the mountain forest, a loud shout!

At once, the entire valley almost felt like it was shaken down, and all the birds and beasts in the entire mountain forest were startled.

Neo sat up violently from the grass.

Panting heavily, his whole body was soaked with sweat.

“Bear, Old Bear?!”

Neo’s gaze focused abruptly on a man beside him.


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