At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 358

Between the hills, two figures are flying shoulder to shoulder.

A man and a woman, both very young.

“Where’s the lord of the village, why isn’t he here?!” The female asked.

“The Zhuang Master told us to go to the passage station first and wait for her, she will come right after she finishes her business!” The male said, he was the same henchman who had followed Murong Ruolan all the way to Jincheng.

The female, on the other hand, was Xiao Yun, the servant girl who had once gone to Heavenly Island with Murong Ruolan.

“What has happened to the clan that they have issued an Eagle level recall order!” Xiao Yun couldn’t hide a few moments of panic in her gaze.

“With the strength of the clan, there is no rival in the Valley Continent, and even if the Upper Opera Clan united with the other three clans, they would not be able to resist the strength of our Murong Clan!” The manservant had a confident look on his face, “So, I think that this recall order should be a good thing, for example, maybe it’s to say that maybe the family has found a marriage for the Village Master, after all, the Village Master has been in the Original Continent for a few months now, and the union still hasn’t made any progress, the family must be planning to give up.”

Here, the manservant sighed, “That Lu family brat, really thought that the Zhuang master had taken a fancy to him, he has instead pretended to be a dish, how dare he refuse the Zhuang master, he doesn’t even know that the Zhuang master is only for a political marriage, this brat has angered the Zhuang master, he really deserves it, I think, the Zhuang master must have punished that brat severely before he left! ”

“If you really think that, then you’re wrong.” Xiao Yun shook her head, “I do think that the Village Master seems to like that Third Young Master of the Lu Family quite a lot.”

“Are you joking?” The manservant said in shock, “The Zhuang Master has been hunting for that boy and has long said that he would kill him.”

“And did the lord of the house really slaughter him?” Xiao Yun asked rhetorically.

“That.” At once, the manservant was speechless for a moment.

Although since arriving in Jincheng, Murong Ruolan had let him move freely, so the manservant hadn’t been by Murong Ruolan’s side all the time, but from the looks of it, it seemed like the Village Master really hadn’t slaughtered that brat, and had even taken that brat to the restaurant for dinner.

Even when he himself said he was going to kill that boy, the dealer gave himself a slap.

“Also, you came to Jincheng with the Zhuang Master, and when you got off the bus the Zhuang Master let you go free, why didn’t he take you with him to that third young master of the Lu family, have you thought about it?” Xiao Yun added.

“This, the dealer is afraid that when he captures that boy, I will be in the way?”

“Cut, that third young master of the Lu family is just a rookie with no fighting ability, not a master of anything, how could the dealership master be afraid of you getting in the way, let me tell you, the dealership master didn’t let you follow her because she didn’t want you to see that the dealership master liked that third young master of the Lu family, so the dealership master actually detached you and then she enjoyed her two person world with the third young master of the Lu family. ” Xiao Yun covered her mouth and laughed.

“That can’t be right!” The manservant exclaimed.

“How is it impossible, don’t you know that Zhuangzhuang’s character, if she didn’t like this man, she wouldn’t even care about it, but now Zhuangzhuang has been nagging at that third young master, which means that she is moved, only that Zhuangzhuang will always repress herself when it comes to her feelings, and this repression will be annoying when it shows to the extreme, that’s why she showed her hatred for Third Young Master of the Lu Family’s hatred.” Xiao Yun said.


Having been told this by Xiao Yun, the manservant also seemed to look a bit dazed.

“This is what the Zhuang Master told you?” The manservant asked.

“How is it possible!” Xiao Yun brushed aside her mouth, “This is the kind of thing that the Village Master would never talk to anyone about, it’s just that I’ve served beside the Village Master for so long, so of course I understand her feelings more or less.”

“But the Zhuang Master is like this, obviously liking someone but never saying anything either, this is too painful!” The manservant finished and frowned again, “Besides, that Lu’s boy, I don’t see anything good about him.”

“So, I’m wondering if I should find an opportunity to tell that third young master of the Lu family what’s on the mind of the owner, after all, it’s not a good idea for the owner to keep it bottled up in his heart. It’s just that I don’t dare, alas, I’m afraid that Zhuangzhu will be angry.”

“Then you mustn’t take it upon yourself to tell that Lu Clan boy, the Village Master must have her own plans.” The manservant said.

“I know!”

The two of them just chatted all the way up the mountain road.

Suddenly they came to a halt.

“Here it is.”

In front of them, it seemed to suddenly become flat, and not far away, a dark, opposing gate, as if made of basalt iron, was carved with ancient dark patterns, and the sunlight shone on the patterns of the basalt iron gate, showing a mysterious light.

The gate is very tall, at least ten metres high.

In the mountains, which were filled with the scent of nature, the sudden appearance of a Xuan Iron Gate seemed a little odd.

“Why hasn’t the Zhuang Master come yet?” The two waited for a while, but Murong Ruo Lan never appeared, and they were secretly anxious in their hearts.

“What did the Zhuang Master tell you?” Xiao Yun’s face was all the more anxious.

“The dealership master just told me to wait for her at the passage station first, and she will come right away, but ……” the manservant was also anxious.

“This is the family’s eagle level recall order, good or bad, we have to get back as soon as possible! Since the owner has something to delay, we’ll go back first! It’s good to explain to the clan when we get back, lest the clan blame the Village Master!” Xiao Yun said eagerly.

“Hm!” The manservant also nodded, “Then you can open the passage!”

Without further ado, Xiao Yun fished out a circular mirrored compass the size of her palm from her waist, which was the compass to open the passage door.

She took the compass and, shoulder to shoulder with the manservant, walked towards the metaphysical iron gate.

One step, one step.

Closer and closer.

Suddenly, the metaphysical iron door made a heavy clicking sound as if it were a mechanism, and then, slowly, it opened to both sides.

At once, both Xiao Yun and the manservant froze.

“What’s going on!” The manservant stared at the open basalt doors with wide eyes and a look of disbelief.

Xiao Yun was also completely frozen.

This, how was this possible!

One needed to place the compass in one’s hand on the basaltic iron door before it would open.

And now, with the compass still in her hand, how could the Xuan Iron Door open automatically.

Click, click, click!

The basalt iron door continued to move and finally, it opened completely.

In front of the two of them, Xiao Yun and the manservant revealed a passage that was roughly the width of four cars running parallel to each other.

The passage was incomparably dark, pitch black as thick ink.

It was impossible to tell how long the passage was and what it looked like inside.

And the weirdest thing was that the sunlight could not enter the passage at all.

Originally, the sunlight could shine on the basalt doors, and now that the doors were open, the sunlight could have shone a little bit into the passage, but now, it was completely blocked from the outside.

It was as if the inside of the passage had absorbed all the sunlight.

It felt as if the passage did not belong to this world.

Quiet, everything was so quiet.

The passage opened up so quietly, a black hole with not a single ray of light, as if it was waiting for something.

However, both Xiao Yun and the manservant stopped.

Even though they were all familiar with the passage, yet today, for some reason, it was suddenly so strange, why did it open of its own accord?

Ta, ta, ta ……

A soft sound came.

It was as if it was the sound of a horse’s hoof on the green stone floor.

It came from inside the passage.

Ta-da ……

The sound came closer.

Xiao Yun and the manservant, both of whom were abruptly nervous, opened their eyes wide and looked at the passage.

However, they could not see anything, as the sunlight could not shine into the passage at all.

Da ……

The sound had reached the mouth of the passage.

Of course, they still could not see anything.

Ta-da ……

Finally, something appeared from the mouth of the passage.

A horse’s head!

With that, the front half of the horse’s body appeared.

But that was it, they could only see the front half of the horse’s body, not the back half of the horse’s body, which was still inside the mouth of the passage.

“Master Tie Zhuang!”

Xiao Yun finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s Master Tie Zhuang!” The manservant also breathed a sigh of relief.

Yes, seeing that horse, they recognised it, it was none other than Murong Tie’s mount.

“Servant girl Xiao Yun, pay my respects to Master Tie Zhuang!”

Xiao Yun fell her head and was about to pay her respects.

However, the very moment she knelt down, her face suddenly changed.

The horses had all come out of the passage entrance.

The person on the horse, however, was not Murong Tie.

Not only was it not Murong Tie, it was by no means any member of the Murong family either.

The man on the horse was extremely fierce and tall, with inverted triangular almond eyes, long greasy hair, and a broad-backed machete on his back.

“Get on the show …… Xiong ……”

Xiao Yun had long been terrified to death at this point.

What, what’s going on?

At the entrance of the Murong family’s passageway, it was someone from the Upper Opera family who stepped out?

On the back of Lord Tie Zhuang’s horse, it was actually Shangxiu Xiong?

One must know that the Murong Family and the Shang Opera Family had always existed as enemies.

What’s more, how could the Tie Zhuang master’s most beloved horse be casually given to someone else to ride?

“Murong’s remaining party?”

Shang Xiong laughed heatedly, suddenly his arm moved, and his broad-backed sword, which weighed hundreds of pounds, abruptly cut out a harsh gale!

The powerful gale pressed down on both Xiao Yun and the manservant, both unable to move or dodge at all!


One slash!

Just one slash.

The two blood spattered out instantly, cutting the last colours of their lives in the sunlight.

Pound, pound, pound.

Two men fall to the ground.

Ta-da, ta-da, ta-da.

Inside the passage, the sound of horses’ hooves increased.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of followers had gathered behind Shang Xiong.

Shang Xiong squinted his eyes against the sunlight and surveyed every blade of grass and tree around him as he took a deep breath, “Hahahaha, good, very good, the Continent of Origin is really good! This rivers and mountains, I want it!”


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