At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 357

The strength of the bullet was extremely strong, and it was obviously a modified large calibre.

The kinetic energy brought by the extremely fast bullet was also extremely powerful, and this shot made Murong Ruo Lan’s body couldn’t help but sway a few times, almost falling on her back.


In the middle of the dense forest, there was another extremely fast when the air fluctuated.

However, this time Murong Ruo Lan was already prepared, despite being extremely weak and suffering from the first bullet wound, Murong Ruo Lan still mentioned her body, as if she was undulating in the water with silky grace, avoiding the bullet.


The bullet flew past the hem of Murong Ruolan’s skirt and instantly concentrated on a pine branch at the edge of the cliff behind her.

There was a dazzling fire and explosion, and the bowl-thick pine branch was sent flying straight away, with wood chips and pine needles, fluttering and rustling onto the surrounding grass.

Murong Ruo Lan frowned, the other party obviously came from a bad place, could it be the same group that detonated the helicopter?

Is it the same group that detonated the helicopter? Is it the same group that chased Neo here?

Then he was saving Neo, obviously this group of people would also think that he and Neo were together, so they were also after him.

Thinking of this, Murong Ruo Lan also felt a secret panic in her heart, if it was usual, she would not be afraid of any gun-like weapons at all.

However now she had just lost most of her own energy and her ability had dropped a lot.

Of course, even with her reduced abilities, she could still defend herself, but Neo!

They were all targets if it was Neo.

She glanced at Neo out of the corner of her eye, her mind already made up, and as soon as she landed, one hand had already rolled up the Neo on the ground, 36 plans, walking is the best plan!

“Stand still!”

A violent shout came out from the dense forest.

Immediately afterwards, a sturdy figure, jumped out from the dense forest.

Suddenly seeing this figure, Murong Ruolan first froze and almost didn’t recognise it.

But after recognising it, her heart, which she had been carrying just now, fell at once.

It was this person, so she was relieved.

Because this person, would never hurt Neo.

Yes, this person, was none other than Xiong Si Guang.

Old Xiong was dressed in dark yellow camouflage, and his tanned face was also smeared with camouflage.

His trademark white hair and white beard had all been shaved off, so it was no wonder that Murong Ruolan had barely recognised him at first glance.

“Xiong Siguang, you’re still alive?”

Murong Ruolan’s face revealed a kind of fake surprise as she looked at Elder Xiong in surprise.

Of course she knew that Elder Xiong was not dead.

It was just that she had to act surprised.

She could not let this old man know that she had released him on purpose.

In fact, from the day Murong Ruo Lan released Xiong Si Guang, she knew that she would definitely run into Old Man Xiong again, so she had also thought long ago that when she ran into Old Man Xiong again, she must act surprised and astonished.

Now, she had indeed bumped into Elder Xiong once again.

She had also acted surprised.

However, in all seriousness, Murong Ruolan felt that the surprise she showed at this time when she saw Xiong Siguang was much weaker than she had imagined.

She had thought that when she saw Xiong Lao again, at that time, she would have been with Neo, and at that time, she would have been in a happy mood.

At that time, when she saw Elder Xiong again, she would deliberately act surprised and astonished before telling him her true psychology when she had tortured Elder Xiong to ask about Neo’s whereabouts, so that everyone would see her complicated daughter’s mind and marvel at it.

At that time, she would have been very, very happy, a joy that had released all her emotions.

The present situation, however, was different from what she had imagined.

She did not expect her relationship with Neo to develop so hard, and until now, Neo still did not know that she actually liked him.

Nor did she expect that the family would now issue an Eagle-level recall order and that she would have to leave Neo to return to the Valley Continent.

What’s more, I didn’t expect that Neo would suffer such a misfortune and that I would use up almost all of my energy to save him.

All sorts of things made it difficult for Murong Ruo Lan to bear.

It also made her feel, at this moment, very sad.

A sadness that could not be described clearly.

It was as if many things were being gradually lost.

Therefore, at this time, when Murong Ruolan saw Elder Xiong again, her mood was actually very low.

She no longer had that mood of making a very exaggerated surprise.

“What have you done to the Third Young Master!”

Elder Xiong’s attention was obviously focused on Neo, and he looked at Neo in Murong Ruo Lan’s hands in disbelief, his soft, sagging arms swinging as if they were a dead log.

“Murong Ruo Lan, you are too vicious!”

Old Xiong’s gaze shot out in abrupt grief and anger, “The Third Young Master merely refused your marriage alliance, you forced him to withdraw from his clan, this is already too much, and now you are even chasing the Third Young Master to his death all the way across half of China!”


Murong Ruolan’s gaze lowered as she looked at the sleeping-like Neo in her arms, the sadness in her heart grew a few points heavier.

Character determines destiny, this phrase suddenly popped up in her mind.

“Xiong Siguang, you don’t understand.” Murong Ruolan said.

“The Third Young Master is such a kind person, how dare you be so cruel to him!” Xiong Lao was overwhelmed with anger and hatred at this moment, and brushed up the gun in his hand

“Murong Ruo Lan, put down the third young master!”

“Xiong Siguang, put down the gun first.” Murong Ruo Lan took a deep breath, “You must know that you have offended me, and also the Lu family, you don’t want to implicate the Lu family.”

“You’re wrong! Murong Ruo Lan! I’ve already quit the Lu family! What I, Xiong Siguang, have done has nothing to do with the Lu family anymore! The wrongs I committed and the people I killed also have nothing to do with the Lu Family, nothing to do with the Lu Family, and the Lu Family doesn’t need to bear any responsibility or consequences for me!”

“You, quit the Lu Family? Why?” Murong Ruolan said in disbelief.

Yes, the Lu Family was the number one family in the original continent, and Xiong Siguang had actually withdrawn from the clan.

“For what? To protect the Third Young Master and to kill you!” Xiong Siguang said coldly, “I know that if I was still with the Lu family, I wouldn’t be able to protect the Third Young Master, and I wouldn’t be able to kill you, but I quit the clan, I’m a free man, I’m a Dragon Soul! I am responsible for the things I do, and I am responsible for them alone!”

“You withdrew from the clan to protect Neo.” Murong Ruolan understood, and for a moment, her heart, surprisingly, was also a little more happy.

Happy for Neo, who was protected by someone as loyal as Xiong Siguang.

“Xiong Siguang, Neo is not dead.”

Murong Ruolan carefully put down Neo in her arms, in another hour, Neo should have woken up.

Now that Xiong Siguang was here, Murong Ruo Lan could also leave Neo in his hands with confidence.

“When he wakes up, I want you to tell him that it was me who saved him.” In her heart, Murong Ruo Lan also knew that it was time to leave.

“Oh, Murong Ruolan, do you take me for a three-year-old child? I saw you kill the third young master with a dagger with my own eyes!” Xiong Si Guang was furious, this Murong Ruo Lan, her heart was really vicious enough, she had obviously killed the third young master, but she still said that she had saved the third young master, and even said it so calmly, she really had a heart, deep enough!

“This time, I will take revenge for the third young master!”

As soon as Xiong Si Guang’s words fell, bang!

Another shot was fired!

With this shot, Murong Ruolan was caught off guard, and even though she dodged, the bullet still grazed her flesh.

She felt her heart beating faster and faster, her breathing more and more rapid, and her body, the heavier it turned out to be.

Obviously, she was already physically exhausted.

“Xiong Siguang, don’t force me!” Murong Ruolan’s eyes were suddenly cold and cold as she flashed the dagger in her hand, and there was a bit of coldness in her voice.

Xiong Siguang did not have any response.

It was as if he hadn’t heard any of Murong Ruolan’s words.

His hand held the gun, still aiming at Murong Ruo Lan.

“Get lost!” Murong Ruolan let out a loud shout.


Murong Ruolan raised her hand, the dagger was as fast as a bullet, and a cold aura was seen, driving straight at Elder Xiong.


There was a sound of cutting through flesh, like a burning hot knife, cutting through tofu.

A wrist, then, flew into the sky.

It was Elder Xiong’s wrist, with blood that waved like ink, staining half of the sky red.

Murong Ruolan couldn’t believe it as she looked at Elder Xiong.

“You, you didn’t even dodge?!” Looking at Elder Xiong’s severed wrist, Murong Ruolan was all stunned.

Yes, she did not really have the idea of killing Elder Xiong, nor did she even think of chopping off one of Elder Xiong’s arms at all, she was just scaring Elder Xiong.

Or rather, she just threw the dagger to force Elder Xiong back, and then took the opportunity to leave.

She had already saved Neo, she had to go back to the clan, she didn’t have much energy left, she was weak, so she had to be quick, and now that Xiong Si Guang had arrived, she was relieved to have someone to look after Neo.

As for Xiong Siguang’s misunderstanding, she didn’t have time to explain more, when Neo woke up, Xiong Siguang would know that he was mistaken.

Therefore, the speed with which she threw the dagger was not the fastest.

According to her estimation of Xiong Siguang’s ability, Xiong Siguang could definitely dodge it.

And as long as she took advantage of Xiong Siguang’s lack of time when he dodged, she could leave herself.

However, Murong Ruo Lan would never have thought that Xiong Lao had not dodged.

So, she was really taken aback.

After all, she didn’t want to hurt Elder Xiong, she already knew how loyal he was to Neo, and she still needed him to protect him.


Suddenly, the severed limb, which was in the air, unexpectedly pulled the trigger.

A searing light, like lightning, rushed towards Murong Ruo Lan.

Murong Ruo Lan was completely frozen, she only saw one ray of light before her eyes, and in an instant, it exploded again, turning into six rays of light!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Murong Ruolan suddenly felt a pain in her body and limbs.

Immediately afterwards, it was as if several thousand pounds had been pressed into her body, and she could no longer move.

When Murong Ruo Lan was shot, the gun that was attached to the severed limb in the air, it only flopped down to the ground with a thud.

“This, how is this possible!” Murong Ruolan muttered, the severed limb that had already been severed, could still pull the trigger.

“Murong Ruo Lan, you didn’t expect that! Did you think I would dodge? No, I won’t, I said I would avenge the Third Young Master, I will do it!”

“Even if you are from the Murong family, so what, even if your Murong family is powerful, no matter how powerful you are, as long as you kill the third young master, I, Xiong Si Guang, will still bite you even if I die!”

Elder Xiong’s face had gone completely pale by now.

It was also true that, after all, one of his wrists had been cut off directly and hard, if it were anyone else, I’m afraid he would have fainted long ago.

But Elder Xiong remained firm.

But even so, he was already pale from the loss of blood and the severe pain.

“Are you wondering why I was shot? I am a five-star special forces soldier of Dragon Soul, even though my severed limb was detached from my torso, in that short moment, strong conviction would still guide the nerve to make the action of pulling the trigger!” Elder Xiong was obviously a bit out of breath even as he spoke, his tone however carried a bit of pride.

Murong Ruo Lan’s heart could not help but be shaken by Xiong Si Guang once again.

This old man was so loyal!

It turned out that he had just seen that he could have dodged the dagger.

Yet, he chose not to dodge!

Because he knew that this was the best chance to kill himself!

So, he preferred to be killed by the dagger himself, rather than give up this opportunity.

He was literally trading his life for his life.

He faced the flying dagger straight on and his brain gave the command to pull the trigger.

That is, in a fraction of a second, the command reached his finger, while at the same time, the dagger severed his wrist.

His powerful mental energy, however, still played a role in the severed limb.

So, even as the severed limb flew into the air, the trigger was pulled.


Murong Ruolan spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

She only felt her brain dizzy.

It was over.

Was she going to die here?

Not only that, I’m afraid Xiong Siguang wouldn’t survive either, he had broken his wrist and had lost too much blood, the last time he had lost blood he was able to wake up because he had had someone inject him with a potion.

Murong Ruolan suddenly felt like laughing, bitterly.

How could this happen?

What kind of crummy ending was this?

“Xiong Siguang, I, I want to tell you, actually ……”

Murong Ruo Lan finally put down her stance for the first time, she was going to tell Xiong Si Guang.

Tell him the true side of herself.

“Murong Ruolan, save your breath.” Xiong Siguang said coldly, “Let me tell you, what I just fired was the last bullet, the sub-bullet, which will fracture into six bullets while in the air, all of which hit your body, moreover, each bullet, will also explode inside you, as long as one of them explodes inside you, the poison inside the bullet will enter your bloodstream, and you will be completely dead! Do you regret it now! Regret that you were so vicious to the Third Young Master!”

“Xiong Siguang, you are an idiot!”

Hearing Elder Xiong’s last words, Murong Ruolan suddenly felt a tightness of breath in her chest.

The kind of stuffiness that was clogged in the heart.

Why should I, Murong Ruolan, be wronged by all of you!

She sat up violently, suddenly took a deep breath, and then let out a delicate cry!


A cracking sound, a bullet, suddenly burst out from her wound.


The bullet left Murong Ruolan’s torso and shot towards a nearby tree.


Sure enough, the tree was blown apart by the bullet, and green compressed venom erupted from the bullet as well. The venom scattered on the leaves of the tree, and instantly the green leaves appeared in withered yellow spots, as if they had been eaten by locusts.


Another cracking sound, another bullet burst out from Murong Ruolan’s torso.

Her face was getting ugly and sweat was cascading down her forehead.

She was using her Qi to force all the bullets out of her body!

“Murong Ruo Lan, don’t you dare!”

A figure, suddenly lunged!

A huge impact hit Murong Ruo Lan’s body viciously.

Old Xiong’s body was as if he was a bear.

This lunge contained a determination and courage of determination and certain death!

He carried Murong Ruolan and rushed straight down the cliff.

Falling, falling into a cliff draped in white mist, bottomless!

The moment he fell into the cliff.

Two drops of tears, too, fell into the cliff at the same time.

One drop of tears from the old Xiong, Third Young Master, I, at last, have taken revenge for you, and I have no regrets in dying.

The other drop, was Murong Ruolan’s tear.

This drop, contains endless stifled grievances and a sad knack that can never be uttered!


“Murong Ruo Lan, you understand now! Even if your family is powerful, there are some people in the world you can’t afford to mess with! Because if you mess with him, even if you chase him to the ends of the earth, someone will still take revenge for them!”

Xiong Si Guang tightly grabbed Murong Ruo Lan’s body, and the two of them fell down towards the bottom of the cliff as quickly as an arrow.

Yes, there were still four bullets in Murong Ruo Lan’s body now, and with himself holding her tightly now, there was no way for her to force out the bullets in her body.

At the cost of her own life, she would never let go of the enemy who killed the Third Young Master!

“Well said! Xiong Siguang, you are a good man, you go up to me!”

Murong Ruolan suddenly let out a violent shout, and in that instant, her voice echoed throughout the valley and the clouds, and countless flying birds were startled away from the jungle in an instant.

The entire sky was half obscured by the flock of birds!

Xiong Siguang then suddenly felt a tremendous force, which suddenly ripped him and Murong Ruo Lan apart hard, and then with a tremendous force, threw him up!


By the time Elder Xiong reacted, he had unexpectedly landed on top of the mountain.



Bang! Bang!

Also at that moment, four consecutive blasting sounds came from far below the cliff.

The birds returned to the jungle and the scattered clouds gathered again.

Everything, as if it had never happened.

“Mother …… the flowers have fallen ……”

At this time, somewhere in the manor.

A young boy, five or six years old, suddenly pointed forward with his hand and shouted.

Beside him a young woman in her thirties, was originally bowing her head, hands clasped against her chest, her mouth whispering, seemed to be praying something devoutly.

At the sound of her words her heart gave a sudden shock and she looked up hastily.

In front of her was a vast forest of peach blossoms.

The expanse almost reflected half of the sky.

The pink peach blossoms were as if they were all over the sky.

However, at this moment, on one of the tallest peach branches, a delicate and upright peach blossom suddenly seemed to be blown by a gale, and its petals scattered, one by one, slowly drifting down and fading ……

The petals fell into the pool of water beneath the peach blossom forest and turned into falling red.

“Is it war?” The young woman murmured, suddenly she covered her face and cried out in grief, “The first Murong family member has been martyred ……”

There were cries that joined in.

More and more, and finally, mixed into a raging and running river of weeping ……

Thousands of young children, women and old people, sat under the peach blossom forest clinging to each other, each with a tense and uneasy face, with grief and sorrow.

At this time, the Black Earth Plain.

The plains were silent, as if not a single rabbit had been seen.

Tens of thousands of men were standing in square formation on the plain, each one as upright and straight as if he were a spear.

Tens of thousands of men, without a sound.

Only the huge banner, which was more than ten metres long, was chattering in the wind.

On the banner, the peach branch, a symbol of the family, loomed in the wind.

At the front of the formation are two fully-clothed war horses, side by side.

On top of one of the horses sat a middle-aged man in his forties, with an extremely sturdy body, eyes like stars and a resolute look on his face.

The man’s face, however, also looked a little anxious.

Another fast horse suddenly came from afar.

The middle-aged man’s face suddenly showed some hope.

“Report to the master!” The fast horse came to the middle-aged man’s side in an instant.

“Has Master Ruo Lan returned?” The middle-aged man asked eagerly.

When he saw the visitor shake his head, the hope in the middle-aged man’s gaze subsided in an instant.

“Big brother, Ruo Lan has not returned, we have less strong fighting force!” The man next to him said in a low voice.

“I know.” The middle-aged man sighed and waved his hand.

Suddenly, he mentioned the reins.

Grey Grey recovered!

The war horse under his crotch abruptly raised its legs high and screamed.

At that moment, the middle-aged man lifted the reins of his horse, and a power reignited in his gaze!

“All of you!”

He gave a loud shout.

At once, the square formation of tens of thousands of people in front of him straightened even more!

“We, the Murong Clan, have never been the number one force in defending against the Demons! We have trained for thousands of years as a family, for decades, just for today!”

“Today, the Demons are close at hand, but we have no fear! This is a real test, but we will shine in it and be invincible!”

Before them, all the fighting men of Muyong, let out a mountainous shout!

“Gentlemen! Behind us are our loved ones, our homes, we are their first barrier, but we will also be a barrier that the enemy will never be able to surmount! If the enemy tries to strike a stone with an egg, we will make it impossible for them to return!”

The shouts rang out across the plain.

“Gentlemen! We are the Murong Clan and the vanguard, the Southern Arts Clan, the Chuan Yin Clan, and the Shang Opera Clan will be on the left, right and behind, waiting to aid us! The Northern Shadow Family is on its way, their family is fading, but they are not backing down either!”

“We, the vanguard, must deliver the most powerful blow to the enemy! Make them remember it for the rest of their lives, so that when those demons think of us, they will tremble back out of fear! We, the Murong clan, are the elite of the elite, we are an example to all clans! What we do today will be passed down from generation to generation in the Valley Continent! It will be told in the Continent of Origin, in the Continent of Wind, as a legend!”

Shouts and roars!

“The enemy is fierce, but we are stronger! Let us, if possible, use our bodies to hold back the evil of our enemies and bury them together in the plains beneath the vast white clouds! Let us be the bright stars that the continent looks up to in tomorrow’s sky!”

“Long live the Murong family!”

A burst of hot blood gushed out in the bodies of every Murong son and daughter on the plains.

Riding on his war horse, Murong Tie also trembled from the words he had just spoken.

His gaze, tightly fixed on the front.

Ahead of him was a cliff with two walls like a thousand feet, appearing abruptly on the plain, appearing to have an indescribable pale and bizarre appearance.

The two cliffs, which merged into a wedge-shaped exit.

Suddenly, out of the exit, a black shadow swayed.

Immediately afterwards, countless armies of devils poured out of the wedge-shaped exit, black and squashed as if there were no bounds, while the exit behind them, was still flowing!

“Long live the Murong clan!”

“Long live the Murong family!”

“Long live the Murong Family!”

“Long live the Murong family!”

Muyong Tie waved the long sword in his hand, stomped on his spurs and was the first to charge towards the Demons.

Behind them, the Murong Clan, too, swarmed towards the Demon Race.

On the endless grassland, the two forces, gradually approached.

However, at that very moment, behind the Murong Family, three forces, swiftly rushed towards them from behind, to the left, and to the right!

“Master Zhuang! The Upper Theatre, Southern Arts, and Chuanyin Clans have mutinied!”

“Master, we are surrounded!”

“ZhuangLord, we’ve been trapped!”


At this moment, the Murong family estate.

Tens of thousands of young and old, weak and disabled, suddenly all stopped crying.

All of them opened their eyes wide and looked in disbelief in front of them.

Countless peach blossoms, one after another, floated down.

The entire heaven and earth, in that instant, seemed to rain an endless rain of peach blossoms ……


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